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Updated on February 7, 2010

TitleDate posted
About Deeker's Diaper Page08/09/09
About the Diaper Boy Drawings07/22/07
PDF The Age of Attaining Bladder Control (.pdf document, 1,970K)10/10/04
Baby Johnny's Poetry 
Briefs- the Other White Diapers07/22/07
Calculation of Amount of Urine in a Diaper08/05/01
PDF Childhood Enuresis (.pdf document, 134K)10/10/04
Deeker's Diaper History08/09/09
Deeker's Diaper Page FAQ06/18/02
Deeker's Writing Rants11/02/08
Diaper Boy Songs09/02/01
Diapering Techniques for Double Diapering07/08/01
Diapering Techniques for Stubborn Teens07/08/01
Diapering Methods for Teenage Boys07/08/01
Disney World & Orlando Unofficial Guide09/03/06
D.R.I. Bedwetting Management System 06/22/08
Diaper Song Lyrics 02/07/10
Diaper Poetry08/05/01
Discreet Ways of Disposing Disposable Diapers09/17/06
The Girls' Guide to Deekerianism
(Formerly titled "The Girls Guide to Diapering Boys")
Goodnites Sales- Boys Vs. Girls03/20/05
How Not to Get Caught01/31/10
How to Become Incontinent02/23/03
How to Create a Diaper05/04/03
How to Create a Makeshift Diaper03/19/06
How To Make A Makeshift Diaper Without Your Parents Finding Out09/30/07
How to Simulate a Baby Diaper10/09/05
Hypnosis Script12/25/05
PDF Impact of Nocturnal Enuresis on Children (.pdf document, 134K)10/10/04
Essay: Understanding Infantilism08/04/99
Information for Girls10/21/07
History of Deeker's Diaper Page04/21/02
How to Create a Disposable Makeshift Diaper- A Temporary Solution for TB/DLs09/03/06
Instructions for the Well-Diapered Adult Child02/09/02
Japan Messes Up With Potty Training
PDFPDF version
Letter to Parents10/06/02
More Rules for Diaper Boys02/08/09
One Store's Sales Report on Pull-Ups and Goodnites03/18/01
Pedophilia Versus AB/DL and How Society Mislabels05/31/09
Rules for Diaper Boys02/08/09
Silencing the Bulk and Such 01/19/03
There's Nothing Wrong With Wearing Diapers08/05/01
Things Taught By My Sisters05/14/06
The Twelve-Month Diaper Training Program PDF04/02/06
Using Boys' White Briefs as Diapers- A Guide for Parents and Sisters08/30/09
Why Is This Website About Boys Who Wear Diapers (and the Girls Who Diaper Them)?08/09/09

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