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Diaper Stories for Boys and Boys at Heart

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Deeker's Stories
My original diaper stories.
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16 Stories 03/08/09
deeker.zipDownload- 3,724K
Contributed Stories
Stories from other authors specially written for inclusion on this page. If you would like to contribute a story, please read the Guidelines for information on what I will accept on this page.
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752 Stories
4 New Stories
04/18/10 contrib.zipDownload- 20,032K
Discontinued Stories
Contributed Stories which have not been updated within the past 180 days (approximately 6 months) and are presumed to no longer be updated.
538 Stories
(2 additions)
04/18/10 discontinued.zipDownload- 7,588K
True Accounts
True accounts of people's diaper experiences.
More information
684 Accounts
1 New True Accounts
1 Updated True Accounts
04/18/10 true.zipDownload- 3,790K
Archived Stories
Stories obtained from other online sources, mainly web pages and newsgroups. Not all stories listed are complete.
More information
366 Stories 03/23/03 archive.zipDownload- 2,615K
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Story Ideas Want to write a story but need some ideas? Here are a few ideas offered by Survey participants. Please feel free to submit your own ideas for listing here, or use the form which is linked below.
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