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Updated on  04/18/10

Welcome to Deeker’s Diaper Surveys 4.0! Please take a moment to read the responses submitted from others and then submit your own. Most of these surveys are long, so please allow yourself the extra time needed. If you have a full-time Internet connection you can keep the form page open for as long as necessary. If possible, you might want to print out or save a plain-text copy of the form so that you can look over the questions and think about the answers and perhaps even draft out your fill-in-the=blank responses in Notepad or whatever text editor suits you best. Take your time, be honest and as accurate with your responses as you can be. If you are unsure about how to answer a question or just want to know more about a question and the reasons for its inclusion in the survey, take a moment to consult the guide.

There are several other key points to keep in mind when participating in the surveys:

Deeker Diaper Boy Recognition Award Winners
Survey responses marked with a star icon in the listings are recognized as outstanding examples of Deekerian diaper-wearing practices and are thus given the Deeker's Diaper Boy Recognition Award. Please view the document's preamble for more information.

Survey Name
(link on survey name leads to a detailed guide on each survey.)
Gender Ages Survey Form Index Summary Responses
From To New Total
Adult Diaper Boys (18 and Over)
This survey is for adult males who wore diapers extensively throughout their boyhood years and may continue to wear diapers in adult years. While some of the questions are also geared specifically towards adults, most questions will pertain to boyhood years (prior to age 18). This survey is based primarily on the Pre-Teen/Teen survey, which is listed below.
18 80 Survey Form Index Summary 10 100
Babysitters of Diapered Boys
This survey is for babysitters (paid, unpaid or voluntary) who have looked after boys up to age 14 who wear diapers or wore diapers at the time. The emphasis of the survey questions is on what the babysitter has observed of the boys who wear diapers with a focus on details such as the characteristics of the diapers worn by the boys, why the boys wear diapers, how the boys wearing diapers affect the boys’ behaviors and also the behaviors of their siblings. While babysitters of all ages and both genders are welcome to participate, the questions are geared towards and written with preteen and teen girl babysitters in mind.

6 80 Survey Form Index Summary 1 71
Brothers of Diaper Boys
This survey is for boys who have at least one brother at least four years of age who wears diapers for any reason. The survey taker does not necessarily have to be a diaper wear himself, but the questions are written with a diaper-wearer in mind. Some questions also pertain to how sisters in the family react to seeing their brothers in diapers. All ages are welcome to participate, though the questions are written with preteen and teen boys in mind (hence the “21 and over” cap on the age scale.)
6 21+ Survey Form Index Summary 6 49
Diaper Changer
This survey is designed for diaper wearers (boys and adult males of all ages) to rate how well (or how poorly) the people who change their diapers do the job. Various criteria such as speed, attentiveness, etc. are included. The changer may be a male or female of any age. A score based on how the diaper changer’s skills will be posted with the weekly updates. Because of the fact that the people who are surveyed (rated) are of different ages, genders and relationships to the survey taker, a summary page was deemed to be meaningless and therefore is not included.
6 21+ Survey Form Index   7 96
Diaper Punishment
This survey is for boys who are currently being punished in diapers or have been punished in diapers, along with adult males who were punished in diapers during boyhood years. The questions focus on the extremes to which diapering is taken for punishment purposes along with how such diapers and their usage call attention to themselves and embarrass the wearer. Questions concerning the diaper wearer’s feelings and reactions to being punished in diapers are also included along with a section on spanking and sections on siblings’ reactions (especially sisters).

This survey was formerly called the “Diaper Discipline Survey” in its previous incarnation (version 2.0). The word “punishment” was chosen in favor of “discipline” to place a greater emphasis on the consequences of negative reinforcement that arise from misbehavior that results in the use of diapers as a punitive measure. The word “discipline” was deemed to connote a sense of “conditioning” with the intent to attain a particular objective, and also because the realm of “discipline” also includes praise and positive recognition and enforcement.

6 80 Survey Form Index Summary 7 100
Multiple White Boys' Underpants
This survey is specially geared for boys and adult males who have worn plain white boys’ briefs in multiples (several at a time to increase thickness, minimum of 6 pairs) to function as diapers in both appearance and in bodily waste containment. This survey compares the similarities between boys’ plain white briefs and diapers and also gathers information on how siblings (especially sisters) react to seeing boys in several pairs of white underwear. Because whiteness is a significant element of Deekerianism, only those whose multiple underpants (briefs only) worn are plain white should participate.
6 80 Survey Form Index Summary 9 31
Pre-teen and teen Diaper Boys (17 and Under)
This survey is specifically for preteen and teen boys who wear diapers for any reason and is limited to participants of up to and including age 17. This is a general survey that focuses on Deekerian principles (white diapers, cloth diapers, pantslessness, sisters and their behaviors, observations and other assumed roles to their diaper- wearing brothers). It is geared towards boys whose diapers are a significant part and a central focus of their daily lives. Questions regarding siblings’ reactions (especially sisters) are also included.
6 17 Survey Form Index Summary 8 100
Sisters of Diaper Boys
This survey is exclusively for girls whose brothers ages 4 and older wear diapers for any reason. It is especially geared towards girls whose brothers’ daily lives and activities are dominated by their diapers. It is for girls who are highly motivated towards and deeply involved in making detailed observations about their brothers and their diapers and using this information to support the ideal that diapers are for boys and boys only, and that only girls deserve to wear pants and use the toilet due to their superior cleanliness, hygiene skills and overall maturity. Girls who exploit their brothers’ diaper situations are strongly encouraged to participate in this survey as it focuses heavily on Deekerian principles (super thick, high-rising plain white diapers (cloth preferred) worn in high multiple layers, extended times of pantslessness, and involved diaper changes etc.) All ages are welcome to participate, though the questions are written with preteen and teen girls in mind (hence the “21 and over” cap on the age scale.)
6 21+ Survey Form Index Summary 6 74
Girls Who Wear Thongs Around Their Diapered Brothers
This survey is for girls who wear thongs (extremely skimpy underwear for girls) in the presence of their brothers who voluntarily or involuntarily wear their much thicker and bulkier diapers in the presence of such girls. This survey is primarily intended for girls who conspicuously and purposefully wear their thongs in the presence of their diaper-wearing brothers to make a statement to their brothers about the cleanliness and the sex appeal of their bodies and how these characteristics contrast starkly against the boys’ super thick white diapers. The boys’ diapers, by their forced conspicuousness, call attention to the smells and messes that boys are forced to make in their diapers and how their state of near nudity, unlike the sexual display of a girl clad in a thong, is a highly embarrassing experience for the boy. This survey is open to all female participants of any age but is geared towards preteen, teen and young adult females.
6 21+ Survey Form Index Summary 5 64
Girls Whose Brothers Wear (Multiple) Tighty Whities
This survey is for girls whose brothers wear plain white briefs (tighty whities) as their primary type of underwear. It is especially intended for girls whose brothers wear their plain white boys’ briefs out in the open and is doubly especially intended for girls whose brothers wear such underwear in multiples to increase their thickness and thus serve as diapers, both in terms of appearance and function. Many of the questions pertain to the specific features that are unique to boys’ (and men’s) plain white briefs (waistbands, fly fronts, etc.). This survey is open to all female participants of any age but is geared towards preteen, teen and young adult females.
6 21+ Survey Form Index Summary 2 25

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