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Revised June 23, 2001

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This Site's Theme

Welcome to Deeker's Diaper Page. The theme of this web site is based on boys who wear diapers. It is geared more towards diaper lovers than adult babies, though the latter group is certainly welcome and is likely to find material that suits their particular interests. The distinction I make between diaper lovers and adult babies is that diaper lovers generally just enjoy wearing and using diapers. While they may entertain themselves with fantasies about wearing diapers in their youth, they don't act like babies or use paraphernalia for babies, such as high chairs, cribs, bottles, pacifiers, etc., or if they do, it isn't a key component of their activities. Adult babies, on the other hand, are more involved with their diapers and will use many of the aforementioned items that are usually only used by babies. They act as if to be completely dependent upon another person, usually a significant other who plays the role of "mommy" or "daddy" to take care of their every need, including, of course, diaper changes. Diaper lovers usually go about their business independently.

While this web site leans more towards the interests of diaper lovers over the interests of adult babies, it also places emphasis on how others in the family perceive the use of diapers when said others don't wear diapers themselves, namely girls who have brothers who wear diapers. Female cousins, babysitters and female friends of boys who wear diapers also fall into this category. Non-diaper-wearing boys such as brothers, male cousins, male babysitters, friends and other kids at school, are also included in this focus.

Statement of Purpose

My original purpose for creating this web site was for me to have a place where I could share my own feelings that I have had about diapers ever since I was a little boy. More information on how this very strong interest I have had in diapers all my life had developed, can be found in an article entitled About Me. It details the history of my difficult toilet training, how I continued to have several pooping accidents in the years following the dubious declaration of my being toilet trained, how these accidents were dealt with, how my two older sisters responded to my recurring situation, and how their reactions formed my extreme fondness towards situations described where boys are conspicuously diapered in the presence of their sisters. I have explored many fantasies involving "what could have been" through several stories that I have written, all of them about boys who are not only kept in diapers and diapered very heavily while their sisters look on with delight and pride in themselves and all of girlhood, but who also enforce their brother's use of diapers and are put in charge of diaper changes.

I started out with a handful of original stories, which then led to the writing of other original stories. As my web site gained an increasing presence on the then-more flourishing Internet and was recognized by more people whose interests in diapers were similar to mine, my site evolved to include stories written by others. While many of the stories have themes which are similar to my stories in that they include dominant sisters, many of the other stories have themes of their own which don't involve sisters or girls at all. The main qualifier for these contributed stories has always been that the stories are about boys who wear diapers. A more detailed account of the history of this site is also posted.

While my original purpose for this site still remains, the purpose has expanded to create a web site for boys and adult males who have similar feelings about diapers. I have received countless emails from people over the years who have told me that they appreciate my having this site. They have told me how it has helped them to come to terms with their need and/or desire for wearing diapers. It as helped them to feel at ease in knowing that they are not the only person among billions on this planet who likes to wear diapers. It has given them a place to share feelings they once had to keep a secret from everyone around them. It has given them a gateway to forming friendships with others who are just like them. I myself, have made many fun and fascinating friends through this site.

If You Don't Feel You Belong Here

It is assumed that you are here either because you were already aware of this site, you performed a search for web sites such as this one, or you linked into this site for the first time from another web site. If you stumbled upon this site unintentionally or were expecting to see something different, please at least take the time to read this page in order to gain an understanding for this site's purpose. For those of you who feel you may have been misdirected to this site by your search criteria but were searching for other information on diapers, toilet training, bedwetting, raising boys in general, etc., I have prepared another page on this site with the interests of parents in mind, as I feel that parents are the most likely group of "outsiders" to reach this web site.

Important Notes About This Site

Several important notes should be made about this site:

  • First and foremost, this is not-- repeat, NOT-- a web site that is designed to exploit children. It is NOT a child porn site! Many outsiders who hear about those of us who enjoy wearing diapers and acting out childhood fantasies while wearing diapers are quick to judge us as pedophiles. This is, at best, a false and undeserved accusation. The vast majority of us do not in any way involve actual children in what we do with wearing diapers. Many of us experienced wearing diapers to at least some degree beyond our baby/toddler years and wore diapers during our pre-teens and/or teens. The result of these experiences in our formative years as children is a lifelong desire to wear diapers. Many of us did not choose these desires nor the circumstances in which these desires manifest themselves, much in that most homosexuals did not choose their sexual orientation.
  • While this web site does not exploit children nor condone the involvement of children in carrying out diaper fantasies, much of the content here does pertain to sexual feelings often experienced in childhood from wearing diapers and acting upon these feelings. There are explicit descriptions of solo and mutual masturbation as well as scenes where boys are attracted to one another because they wear diapers. There are many instances mentioned where boys are sexually aroused by diapers themselves. For boys who experience wearing diapers or at least have desires to wear diapers, such feelings are normal. Because most of these boys are aware of and understand their sexual feelings around the time puberty sets in, I feel there should be no reason to recommend a minimum age for viewing the content of this site. If a boy knows that diapers elicit such feelings and urges, he is likely old enough to understand what he seeks to read on this site.
  • This is a web site designed for boys and men males who are diaper lovers, teen/adult babies, and any male who has a fetish for diapers or at least a medical or an emotional need for wearing diapers. This site primarily contains true and fictional stories about boys in their post-toddler, pre-teen and early teen years who wear diapers for a variety of reasons, including medical and disciplinary, or just have a desire to wear diapers.
  • This site also contains surveys for boys who wear diapers and for adult males who wore diapers throughout their childhood years. There are also separate surveys for girls and boys who have brothers who wear diapers, but don't necessarily wear diapers themselves. These surveys are intended to measure their feelings about having a brother who wears diapers and how this affects their own self-perceptions, and in the case of girls, their perceptions about members of their own gender compared to boys as it relates to boys wearing diapers.
  • Other features, such as a listing of public sightings and other reports of unexpectedly seeing older boys wearing diapers, and a section devoted to drawings of diapered boys, are found on this site. Several articles and other items of interest to boys who wear diapers are also found throughout the site. There are, however, very few photographs of diapered boys on the site, and such photos only occur incidentally. Due to the controversial nature of such photos being falsely construed as a form of child pornography, there is no section on this site which features such photos.
  • As many of the stories and other materials within this site obviously pertain to wearing and using diapers-- oftentimes but not necessarily always accompanied by sexual arousal-- there are numerous explicit descriptions of the (male) anatomy most often associated with diapers as well as the elimination of bodily wastes. As each of these concepts carries with it a vast array of vulgar terms to describe them, they will be found throughout this site.
  • Not all stories or other materials on this site have a sexual theme in them nor are intended to produce sexual arousal. Some visitors to this site are here for support because they either have to wear diapers for medical reasons or experienced difficulties in their childhood with issues such as potty training, bedwetting, being diaper-disciplined, etc. This support extends to those who had previously felt that there was nobody else who also enjoys wearing diapers.
  • While females are welcome to visit this site, its content is geared only for boys and men who wear diapers and thus caters to its established target audience. The stories, surveys and other submittable materials only pertain to boys, so there is likely to be nothing of interest to anyone looking for stories exclusively involving girls who wear diapers. Girls who play a dominant role, such as those who have brothers who wear diapers but do not wear diapers themselves, or female babysitters who look after older boys who wear diapers, are especially welcome as some of the stories and surveys are targeted towards them.
  • It is very important to note that while this site reflects my personal preferences in that it clearly excludes materials where girls wearing diapers are described, this is not to say that I feel that girls should not wear diapers. I do not intend to offend anyone who objects to the lack of stories and other materials where girls are described as being on the receiving end of diapers. I am aware that I risk offending people outside of the target audience of this site and I accept the fact that some people resent the limitations on what is accepted here. However, as I have identified and established a sufficient target audience for this web site based on its exclusivity to diaper-wearing boys, the site will continue to be maintained with this theme in place. In fairness, I do recognize that there are girls who wear diapers either out of need and/or for enjoyment. I do acknowledge that there are girls who have had experiences with diapers that are similar to what is described about boys on this site. There are plenty of other websites which cater to those who are seeking such stories and other materials.
  • As this site only accepts stories and other submissions about boys, it likewise excludes any and all materials where boys are described as being treated in a girl-like fashion. This primarily includes the use of dresses, pink clothing or anything that is patently feminine, but worn by boys and accompanied by the use of diapers. Just as I recognize that there are natural-born girls who wear diapers for the same reasons as boys do, I also recognize that there are natural-born boys whose experiences and/or feelings about diapers cross over the boundaries of what is appropriate to their own gender. While such materials not only fail to interest me, I am personally disturbed that there are boys who have had such experiences and are treated in such a manner because they exhibit an inability to contain their bodily wastes. This flagrantly violates many of my deeply-rooted philosophies about diapers as they relate to gender differences. Moreover, the notion that boys who have difficulties with retaining their wastes are to be treated in an effeminate manner, is factually inaccurate, as it is boys who are in the majority of such difficulties such as bedwetting, late toilet training and especially encopresis.

Closing Comments

By now you should have a very clear idea of what this site is about and what it isn't about. I have enjoyed maintaining it since its humble inception on May 4, 1996. I am proud of what has become of it since that particular date. I am impressed with its evolution in the growing library of stories and the addition of surveys and diaper sighting reports. I invite you to explore this site. If you have any experiences from your childhood that you wish to share or if you have a fantasy that you would like others to also enjoy, or if you just like diapers and feel that boys are the most appropriate subject for wearing them, I welcome to you sit back, relax and stay awhile as you navigate the various sections and offerings of the site. It really makes me feel like I have made a worthy contribution to the world by making this web site. As I am not one to gloat, however, I cannot take the credit alone. This web site evolved largely through the contributions of others. It is they who deserve credit as well. I doubt this site would be where it is without the efforts of those of you who have helped to build it. Thank you all.