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Updated on 03/01/09

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Diaper Vendors
Footed PJs

Some of these pages may contain material inappropriate for those who are under 18. Please use discretion when visiting these sites.

Pre-Teen/Teen Pages

5 Million Friends
A Life in Sunny Livings
A Life in Sunny Livings Forums
Abnormal Psychology Services (AB/TB/DL Psychology Counseling Sessions)
accidents happen
AOL Hometown- Listing of directory: /robbiebayb/images/
Art by Luca
Baby Sammy's Baby Summers
Bed wetters advice
Bedwetting Support Board
Blogspot- Diaper Photos
Cinard Rua's DL and TB Playring
Coastline AB/DL site
David's AB/DL Page
DBZ in Diapers
Diaper Boys (Greatboard)
Diaper City
Diaper Discipline
Diaper Story Blog
Diaper-boys Network
Diapered Boys Blog (German)
Diapered World
Diaperfriends24 (Blogspot) 
Diapers in Public
Diapertest (German)
Digimon in Diapers
DPF Teen Page
Eric's Diaper Stories
Friends. You are not alone. Information and Chat
Gay Boy Diaper Stories
Gay Boy Diaper Stories(Formerly Eric's Diaper Stories and my Google group) 
German Diaper Boy Community
German Diaper Storys (Blog) 
I Like Diapers
Incontinence Blog (German)
MySpace (Chad)
Myspace- James
pampered kids
Robby Still Wears Diapers
Support for Bedwetters
Teen Baby Bunch
Teen Baby City
Teen in Diaper
Teenbaby Jumpstation
Teenbaby Media
Teenbaby Net (.org)
The Diaper Chat Network
The Playpen
Toons In Diapers
Wilier WindelTests (Blog- German) 
Williers Diaper Tests
Windel2000 (German/English)
Windelfragen (German) 
Young Diaper Boys Only Group

Adult Pages

A boy's Life - The Ongoing Diaper Adventures of Daddy and boy ricky
AB Creations Adult Baby Harnesses
AB DL Community
AB Kingdom 
AB/DL/IC Support Community
Adult Baby Comforts 
Adult Baby Magazine
Adult Baby World
Adult Child (German)
adultbabys world
Adultbabys World (Blog- German) 
Amateur Diaper
Baby Ben's Playpen
Baby Care Services
Baby Cody
Baby Cody
Baby Haribo & Mummy Jo's Secret World
Baby Junior's Nappy Page
Baby Matt
Baby Powder Room
Baby Stirling's Corner
Bedwetting AB/DL Page
Ben's Diaper Blog
Big Baby Fun
Blogspot- Diaper Photos
Blogspot- Diaper Videos
Blogspot- Diaperboy Tommy
Blogspot- Diapered Boys
Bunny Acres
Burrr's Nursery
CSI: AB episode
Daily Diapers
Diaper City
Diaper DJ
Diaper Lover Town 
Diaper Pizazz
Diaper-BOIS -- A Community For Gay Boys Into Diapers
Diaperboy Tommy (Blog- German) 
DPF (Diaper Pail Friends)
Erika Y Arturo (Blogspot) 
Gay Baby Diaper Hangout
Happy 2 Nappy Nursery
I *Heart* Diapers
ILuvdiapers 2
Infantilismo World
Jerry Berry's Coloring Book
Karma's Bedwetting And Diaper Page
Luierjongens (dutch)
Mister Piss 
Mommy Madeline of Chicago 
Moonlight Regression
Mr. Webster's DL/TB Page
My ABSpace
Myspace (babyytj1)
Myspace Diapered OneInTheBox
Nappy Uncovered
New England Diapered Friends
OZNL's Nappy Fetish Site
Park Place Crib
Pee Pants Boys
Phone A Mommy
Southern California AB Page
Space Baby Bob's Nursery (password protected)
Talk Hard
Toddler Alan's Playpen
Toplist Germany
Tuuv's Lil Aby Site
Ty & Cait's
Vermont Diaper Party 
Windel Studio (German)
Windeljunge (German w. English translation)
Windelnet (German)
Windeltest (German Diapertest Blog)

Diaper Vendors

AB Outfitter
AB Shopping
AB Universe
AB/DL Pride Buttons, 99 cents each
AC Medical Supplies
Adult Baby Blankets
Adult Baby Boutique
Adult Baby Comforts 
Adult Medical Supply
Al's Health Care Products
Angel Fluff Diaper Co.
At Home Comforts
Attends Delivered
B.Coole Designs
B4NS (Best for Nursing Supplies)
Bambino Diapers
Bedwetting Child (Real Corporation
Big Baby Auction
Big Baby Zone 
Butter Frog Babies
Caregiver Partnership 
Changing Times Diaper Company 
Classic Comfort Diapers
Clothing for Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers
Comco Manufacturing, LLC
Comfort Supplies
Connetquot West Medical
Continence Connection
Cosy n' DryTM
Cuddlz Uk & European AB Diapers & Plastic Pants 
Diaper Bag Boutique
Diaper Brand Information
Diapers for U
Diapers R Us
Dignity With Diapers
Dry Nites
Duraline Medical Products
Edult Diapers 
EzChange Table 
Fancypants Diapers
Forever a Kid
France Incontinence
Genie's Lamp Hypnotic MP3s and CDs
Grandview Medical Supply
Home Delivery Incontinent Supplies (HDIS)
KCK Medical
La Petite Boutique AS/DL (french)
Lifestyles Emporium
LL Medico
Loving Comfort
Magic Medical
Maree Medical Webshop
Medical Delivered
Mommie's Diaper Fresh Scent
Mountain View Adult Diapers
My Lil' Miracle Inc.
Northshore Care Supply
Peej's Bedwetter Pants
Personally Delivered Incontinence Products
Privatina (Adult Baby fashions)
Secure Personal Care Products
Special Clothes
Subtlety Shirts
Symphony Medical Supply 
Synrein Plastics Ltd
TFAC Personal Care Products
The AB Monitor
The Diaper Station
The Diaper Super Store
The Little AB/DL Shop for America (Diapers, bibs, sleepwear ...)
Tiger Underwear Store, featuring double-seat training briefs
VI Products, Inc.
Warp My Mind (Hypnosis services) Diaper/ AB/ TB Shop
Woodbury Products 
XP Medical

Footed PJs

AB Outfitter
Big Feet Pajama Co.
Footed Pajamas for Adults 
Forever a Kid
Jumpin Jammerz
Papabear Pajamas
Snuggle Bug Pajamas
Vermont Country Store
Warmth Wear


AB/DL Board
ABDL Hosted by
ABDL Story Forum
ABDL Story Forum (old link)
ABKingdom - Diaper World Links 
ageplayrp � Ageplay RP
Bedwet Day Wet Support 
Bedwetting and Enuresis Information
Dark War's Area
Diaper Furries (MSN group)
Diaper World
Diapered Anime
Enuresis - Einn�ssen bei Kindern und Jugendlichen (German/Deutsch)
Experience Project (I Love to Wet My Pants) 
Fox Tales Times
Gerber Adult Plastic Pants Petition
How To Make a Diaper (video link)
Incontinence Support Center
Karis' Playground
Naruto & Friends Diapered!
O Weidlich Express
Pee Story Board
Pokemon and Digimon That Like Diapers
Quizilla- What Sort of Diaper Story Character Are You?
Robby's Diaper Forums
Soaked Jeans
The Playpen
Understanding Infantilism
War Babies
War Babies (1932)- IMDB link


There's a GREAT web site called Misterpoll, where, among other things, are several polls about diapers. I have created a list of selected links to polls on Misterpoll that are either directly or indirectly related to wearing diapers. Not all diaper-related polls found on Misterpoll are listed (mainly those which pertain to topics outside the scope of this web site and diaper-related polls initiated by and/or intended for girls). Please feel invited to participate in my two polls created thus far: *Based on 05/02/04 QOTW

Be sure to leave a message in the Message sections of each poll while you're there!


Youtube is a web site that features video clips of all topics, many from amateur/home videos, and of course there are many videos that show diapers (though many of them are not fitting for this site). Unfortunately the videos can only be viewed online and not saved (unless someone figures out a way to download them and convert them to MPEGs.) The following are selected links to videos on Youtube that are related to wearing diapers. Not all diaper-related videos found on Youtube are listed (in fact, many of them aren't). If you start create a video of your own or find a video that would be relevant to this web site, please use the special form to have the link included in this list. Likewise, if a link becomes inactive, please use the form on the page to let me know.

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