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Updated on October 26, 2008

Official "Diaper Boy" Certificate of Recognition

Unsuccessful potty training is an important accomplishment for every Diaper Boy, so be sure to mark it with a special celebration. Print out this official Diaper Boy Certificate and put it in a special place for all to see. You can even frame it!

Alterations performed by Jeffy, [email protected]. The original document is copyrighted by Kimberly Clark Corportation. This is meant as a parody only.

Got Diapers?

Just Say No to Toilets

What This Page Is All About

Even the people at know a couple things about toilet training.

(Item #1 in particular)

This appeared in the March 14, 2001 online edition

Just One More Reason Little Boys Should Not Use The Toilet And Wear Diapers Instead

What Happens when Snowmen Pee?

Crapped-In Underpants

Crapped-In Underpants

Diaper Calculator Program (33K ZIP file)

A program that calculates the right size of diaper for a child based on age (2-16), gender and weight. View the readme file for more details (readme is included in the .zip file).

Change Tommy's Diaper (241K zip file, extracts to 5.5 MB executable)

A visitor of this site took the Tommy picture on the main page (the picture of the kid wearing a diaper and a top) and made a program where you can put on and take off his top, pants, and diaper. It's quite fun to play when you're bored. I don't know what the system requirements are other than that it runs on Windows (it ran just fine on my own Windows 2000 machine). It's a pretty simple program and it should run on any system made within the last five years. If you encounter any technical problems running the program please me and I will forward your comments to the creator of this program.

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