Deeker’s Diaper Page- Information for Girls


Thank you for visiting Deeker’s Diaper Page. While this web site caters to boys of all ages (up to 17) who wear diapers for any reason and adult males who wore diapers throughout their boyhood years, you, being a girl or perhaps an adult woman, are also invited and encouraged to peruse this web site and familiarize yourself with its contents, and more importantly, its purpose.


Before going further, it needs to be said right now that this site does NOT cater to girls or adult females who wear diapers. If you came here expecting to find stories or other content about girls wearing diapers, you will find sparsely little as such submissions are strongly discouraged and are usually rejected or edited to exclude or at least minimize the presence of such content. This is not to say that I do not recognize that there are girls and women who wear diapers for the same reasons that boys wear them. I am just not interested in such material.


What I AM interested in are stories and other submissions from girls whose brothers and only whose brothers wear diapers, or from girls such as babysitters who know boys (past toddler-age) who wear diapers. This is where you, the girls to whom this writing is addressed, are invited and strongly encouraged to participate in the various surveys and to read the stories and view the artwork posted on this site. These key sections with their accompanying links are listed below. Your role to your diaper-wearing brother (or other boys) is what makes a Deekerian Diaper Boy a true Deekerian Diaper Boy.


There are abundant resources on this site to help you to gain a greater understanding of what diapers mean to a boy who wears them out of medical need, desire (especially a sexual fetish), punishment, or any combination of these reasons. It is my sincere hope that you will at the very least gain valuable and useful knowledge from this site about the profoundly significant effects diapers have on the minds and bodies of the boys who wear them. Most of all, it is my goal that you will implement the ideas expressed on this site as they pertain to the role of a sister of a Deekerian Diaper Boy.


What is a Deekerian Diaper Boy? Since there is no way to succinctly summarize the tenets of Deekerianism, I first highly advise that you thoroughly read and become intimately familiar with the ideas and suggestions outlined in The Girls Guide to Deekerianism.


If you are a young female visitor (under age 12) I would especially like to welcome you to this web site. You are at a highly formative and impressionable age in which you are more apt to formulate strong opinions and perceptions towards diapered boys. Much of the focus on Deeker's Diaper Page is to point out and emphasize the need for all boys to remain conspicuously and amply diapered at all times; in stark contrast to their similarly-aged female counterparts who blatantly flaunt the fact that they do not need or want to wear diapers and do so by wearing pants, shorts, skimpy panties or (black) thongs in the presence of smelly, immature, pantsless, bare-legged, thickly and conspicuously white-diapered boys.


If the preceding paragraph impressed and/or amused you then you are going to greatly enjoy this web site and the material contained in the links below. Please be aware that as this site obviously is about diapers and all the topics that come with the territory, there exists a great deal of vulgarity in reference to pee, poop, farts, butts, balls (testicles), penises and offensive bodily odors. If you have a brother who wears diapers (especially if he is past toddler age) chances are very high you have seen his naked genitals (most likely with an erection) and his naked butt (perhaps covered in poop) and have long since recognized the anatomical differences between him as a representative of boys, and yourself as a girl. You have probably changed his diapers many times. You are also likely old enough to at least understand some of the basics of sexual development in boys. If you are not, please do not be afraid to ask your parents or a trusted adult, older sister, etc. Therefore, I feel that all of the materials pertaining to young teen boys and younger are appropriate for girls of any age who can read and understand the material presented. There is nothing here that even a pre-teen girl has not likely already heard, seen, read about or perhaps personally observed or experienced via her own brothers and/or other boys she has had the pleasure of diapering or at least seeing in diapers.


To further aid your understanding of Deekerian philosophies I strongly urge you to visit the following links:
















Once you have looked over at least some of these materials please feel free to drop me a line at [email protected] and give me your comments, suggestions and other ideas in which I can improve the site to cater to Sisters of Deekerian Diaper Boys. In the meantime please be sure to share this site with your friends and any other girls who would understand and appreciate the content presented here.




Updated 08/30/09