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Misterpoll Poll List

Updated on March 1, 2009

There's a GREAT web site called Misterpoll, where, among other things, are several polls about diapers. The following are selected links to polls on Misterpoll that are either directly or indirectly related to wearing diapers. Not all diaper-related polls found on Misterpoll are listed (mainly those which pertain to topics outside the scope of this web site and diaper-related polls initiated by and/or intended for girls). If you start a new poll of your own or find a poll that would be relevant to this web site, please use the special form to have the link included in this list. Likewise, if a link becomes inactive, please use the form to let me know.

Poll Index
My Polls
Boys' Polls (Diapers)
Boys' Polls (Underwear)
Girls' Polls

My Polls

Boys' White Briefs Poll
Girls Who Diaper Boys
Girls: How do you feel about boys wearing tighty whities?
How do you handle teasing for wearing diapers in school?
Underwear punishment poll for boys
Wiping/Skidmarks Poll For Boys

Boys' Polls- Diapers

ABDL Diaper Poll
Accidents happen!
Adults and Diapers
All about peeing and pooping
Another poll about diapers
Are you a TB / DL / AB
Are you a TB / DL / AB 
Baby Punishment
Babysitting and diapers
Bedwetter Treatments 
Bedwetting and Diapers
Bedwetting and diapers or pul-ups too old for a diaper
Being Diaper Punished
Boys Accidentally Wetting Pants
boys diapered by girls
Boys Diapering Other Boys
boys doing a poo at school
Boys humiliated by girls
boys in diapers
boys in dipers
Boys pooping your pants on purpose
Boys Underpants Diapers Poll
boys wearing diapers at night
Boys Wearing Diapers to School
BOYS: Pee your pants with other boys
Camp Accidents
Childish behaviour
childish treatment
children in diapers
Choose my Bedwetting / Diaper punishment
Choose my Sons Diaper Punishment
Dad dressing me in diapers
Dads who Diaper-Punish Sons
Dans Diapering
Decide my diaper punishment
diaper accidents
Diaper ans spanking punishment
diaper bet
Diaper Desires Poll
Diaper In Public
diaper lovers
Diaper Lovers and Adult Babies
diaper on trip
diaper prank
Diaper punishing my son
diaper punishment
diaper punishment
Diaper Punishment
diaper punishment
Diaper Punishment 
Diaper Punishment Am I Right
diaper punishments (tb/dl) 
diaper questions
diaper rash (have u ever been put in a diaper)
diaper secrets
diaper stories
Diaper Use
Diaper wearers
Diaper/Baby Punishment
Diaper/Baby Punishment Follow-Up
diaper/nappy cp
Diapered and Embarrassed at school
Diapering Poll
DiaperNappy Questionnaire
diapers / nappies for bedwetting
Diapers at sleepover
Diapers for Fun
Diapers instead of toilet
Diapers on a Long Trip for Teens
Diapers on a trip
Diapers, a poll for young men
Diapers, to wear or not to wear
Disability and Diapers
Disabled children and toilet accidents
Discipline for young boys
Do you like spankings and diaper punishment?
Do you wear diapers for something?
Do your friends know you wet the bed?  
Dressed in diapers (punishment)
Embarrasing Incidents (boys)
Embarrassing Accidents (wetting or otherwise)
Embarrassing Accidents-BOYS ONLY
embarrassing punishments
Embarrassing things that happened when we were boys
force diapering
gay boys 12-25: adult babies and diaper lovers
general diaper questions
Girls changing boys 
Guys who would wear or like diapers
Have U Got A Smelly Bottom?
Have you babysit child who had accident
Have you been made to wear nappies(diapers)
have you been seen naked? (boys only)
Have you ever pooped your pants at school
Have you ever went and bought Diapers just to try them out?
Have you ever worn a diaper as an adult or teenager?
How long should my son wear diapers
How should I be diaper humiliated?
how to make a teen diaper?
Humiliation and Diapers
I Like Diapers
If Toilets hadn't been invented, what would you do ?
In Diapers
Infantilism & Regression
Infantilism: Does your diaper smell?
Infantilism: My New Story
Kids and diapers
kinds of punishments (for teens only)
little brother diaper punishment
locking punishment panties
masturbation by diapered toddlers
men who wear diapers and mess in them
messed pants
Middle school diaper use
multiple diapers
My Diaper Punishment
My Punishment
My wife and I disagree on how to raise our 3 sons.
Need the Toilet
Parents: Kids not potty trained
Pee/poop accidents
Pee/poop accidents in pants
Pee/Poop-ing Pants At School
peeing/pooing pants in front of people 
Poop in Pants
Pooped Pants
Pooping and/or Peeing Acidents While Playing Sports
pooping on purpose
pooping pants ACCIDENTALLY
Pooping your pants 
Pooping/Wetting your pants(teen BOYS ONLY)
Potty Training
public accidents
put back in diapers
raising badbehaving boy
School Diapers 
Sons clothing/ hygene rules
sons diaper punishment
sons punishment
Spanked/diapered kids
Spanking & Diaper Punishment
spanking and diapers
spanking diapered toddlers
Spanking my 9 yr old son
swimming in diapers
Teen Babysitters
Teen Boys in Diapers and Pull-ups
teen diaper dicipline
teen diapers hiders.
Teen/pre-teen Bedwetting
Teenage accidents
Teenage Guys in Diapers
Teen-babies: wearing diapers/nappies
teens in diapers
Teens Pooping in Your Pants
Teens Who Wear Diapers (Teens Only)
The Bathroom Accident Survey
the way you punish your kid(adults only)
Travel in Diapers
wearing a diaper in school
Wearing Diapers 
wet pants/diapers
Wetting accidents in teenage boys
Wetting and messing 
wetting and messing your pants
Wetting On a Trip
Wetting or Messing On Purpose
Wetting or messing your pants
Wetting/Dirtying Bed While Dreaming of Peeing/Pooing
wetting/messing yourself on car trips 
Wetting/pooping pants
What age is acceptable for Children to have Accidents
What age is acceptable to have Daytime Accidents 
What boys wear at home
What brands of diapers do you wear?
what do you do in diapers
What Do You Think of Cloth Diapers?
what do you use your diapers for
where children under your care do there wast
Who has to wear the diapers?#1
why do you wear diapers 
Why do you wear diapers?
why should I tell that I wear diapers?

Boys' Polls- Underwear

another boys underwear poll 
Boys & Mens Briefs
Boys Underpants Diapers Poll
Boys Underwear
boys underwear
Boys Underwear Evolution(only boys [=18 years)
Boy's underwear/wedgie poll
Boy's underwear/wedgie poll 
Boys' White Briefs Poll
Boys Who Enjoy Going Around In Underwear
Childrens Underwear (Pre-teens)
Embarrassing underwear incidents
Kids underwear
kids underwear/your opinion
Little kid Undies.
Made fun of for your underwear
Male freedom in his underwear
Male poll: white underwear
should boys sleep in briefs only?
Skid Marks in underwear
Teen Boys Required to Wear Briefs
Tighty Whities (underwear): cool or not?
Type of Boy's Underwear at School
Underpants: Were/Are You Teased at School?
underwear accidents
Underwear Discipline
underwear humiliation
Underwear punishment
Underwear punishment poll for boys
underwear, bedwetting, etc.
wearing white tighties???
What to wear (Boys Only) 
When did you start to wear underpants in bed?

Girls' Polls

age to start wearing string/thong
At what age should girls start wearing thongs?
boys diapered by girls
Boys humiliated by girls
Do You Like Thongs
From what age have you worn thongs?
Girls -] Panties or Thongs?
Girls Babysitting Boys
Girls changing boys 
Girls in thongs
Girls should boys/men be made to change Diapers/Nappys?
Girls sitting on boys
Girls Wearing Thongs
Girls Who Diaper Boys
Girls With Brothers
Girls, where do your brothers pee around the house?
Girls: How do you feel about boys wearing tighty whities?
How young for a thong
Kids wearing thongs
Panties for school
Punishing boys in front of girls
Sexy Thongs (girls)
Sisters farting on brothers
Sisters Farting On Brothers
teen girls in thongs
teen thongs
Teen Thongs?
Teens and Thongs
thong or panties (girls only)
Thong Thong Thong (girls only)
Thongs- (Girls respond)
thongs and g's (girls)
thongs for girls
torturing boys
walking around the house in your panties
what age should u b wearing thongs?
What age shud girls start wearing thongs
What Underwear should my sons use

Miscellaneous Polls

Family Nudity
Nudity and Family
Pants off or on at home?
Sharing a bedroom - brothers

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