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Summary: I consider this story to be a "fictional autobiography." That is, I've written it as a fictional account of my childhood, retaining all original names and places wherever possible. This story is based on an actual boy with whom I was only vaguely acquainted in 1983, the year I was in the eighth grade. I have set the story to take place in the seventh grade, however. John, the boy whom I write about in this story, exhibited very similar interests to mine at the time as far as diapers were concerned. He acted on these feelings in the same way that I did, namely that he would put on several pairs of underpants and poop in them like a diaper. Just like I had done at home in the privacy of my bedroom, I observed John in the P.E. locker room at school wearing multiple pairs of white underpants worn together to simulate a diaper, which is something that I would have never done. This story will explore what might have happened, as well as other possibilities, had my life taken the direction in which I write about it in the following story.

A list of drawings of boys in multiple underpants as diapers is shown here.

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