g The Girls' Guide to Deekerianism


(formerly titled “The Girls Guide to Diapering Boys")


Revised July 20, 2008


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The following is an ongoing work that is subject to frequent updates, revisions and additions. At times some material may be deleted. Please be sure to refer to this document often to look for new or changed information.


While the information contained in this document is a serious work and all of the ideas expressed in it are a genuine reflection my true feelings about the roles Girls should play in the lives of diaper-wearing boys, it is not expected for anyone who reads this information to actually put all or any of these ideas contained herein into practice. Many of these ideas would require considerable expense and parental approval, and would likely represent significant changes to a family’s lifestyle. The ideas presented here would be best implemented by families with an existing infrastructure that allows for the use of diapers by the boys in such families.


The ideas expressed in this document are a product of my view of how I would like to have experienced my boyhood in hopes that other boys could enjoy the same experiences.


This document makes frequent references to “Deekerianism”. A forthcoming detailed article on Deekerianism will be published (no projected completion date, so don’t ask). For now, it is important to understand that “Deekerianism” is NOT a religion or cult, nor is it by any means an attempt to establish a religion, cult or any sort of societal unit. I am not setting out to make money off of or to exploit a group of gullible followers. I am not a god by any means and I certainly do not expect or even wish to be worshipped as one. I am a God-fearing mere mortal like everyone else.


To understand what Deekerianism is, it is nothing more than a fictional universe. It is a representation of a worldview as I would like to see it. Some of my friends have referred to it as “The Deekerverse”. In the Deekerverse, a select group of boys live their lives such that they are completely indulgent of their diapers with the aid of their Sisters, who in turn indulge in the sight of their diapered brothers and in the handling of their diapers, including changing their diapers, washing, drying and folding them. These boys and their Sisters are completely immersed in these pleasures. The Deekerian worldview is portrayed in the Stories and the Drawings that I have created.


The reason I say that the Deekerverse only applies to “select boys” is because I recognize that if all boys went around in diapers all the time then they would not be recognized as being different or special from the ordinary boys. Only an arbitrarily small percentage of boys and their Sisters in the Deekerverse are recognized as Deekerians by their continuous devotion to their diapers. The rest of the world sees them as freaks, but they do not care.


The original title of this document was “The Girls Guide to Diapering Boys”. The title was changed because this article covers more than just diapering boys. It covers the other aspects of how the ideal Deekerian Sister should behave and act in the presence of her brother and how she should handle other matters as they pertain to her brother, her family members, her friends and others whom she comes in contact with,


This document has undergone a significant re-write since its original creation back in January of 2002, remaining unchanged since this time. Having taken another look at it, I realized it was sorely in need of several revisions. In addition to adding new ideas that have developed since then, I took out the previous introduction on why boys should wear diapers and why Girls should be the ones to keep them in diapers. While some of this information was based on cited facts, a lot of this information was admittedly propagandistic and it read more like a crazed zealot’s manifesto more than anything else. The information was presented as if to be factual, but in reality was based on nothing more than my own personal notions.


This is not to say that I reject these notions. I still ardently hold them true to my heart, and when I write the forthcoming article on Deekerianism I will present this information again, but only in a form that reflects it as my own philosophies. The original document was written in the midst of my excitement over having recently at the time established contact with a family whose ideals and practices are nearly 100% Deekerian.


Target Audience


While anyone is welcome to read this article (not that I could really stop anyone from doing so anyway). It is intended for Girls ages 8 and up. Some of the words used in this article may be beyond the vocabulary level of a young Girl (or boy), but this is how young readers build their vocabularies, after all. There are some sexual references that some may find to be inappropriate for such a readership, but these remarks have been kept to a level that I feel is acceptable for a prepubescent reader as many children at this age at least have some vague notions of sexuality that will further come into focus in the coming formidable years of their young lives.


You should read this article in its entirety if you are the following:


  • A Girl* with at least one brother (younger or older) who wears diapers for any reason (medical, fetish, punishment), wishes he wore diapers, or should wear diapers but does not as a means to discipline/punish him and/or to contain his bladder and bowel accidents.
  • A Girl who knows of another Girl with at least one brother (younger or older) who meets the aforementioned criteria.
  • A Girl who knows of a boy who meets the aforementioned criteria with at least one Sister (older or younger) who does NOT wear diapers and has no need or desire to do so.
  • A boy who meets the aforementioned criteria with at least one Sister (older or younger) who does NOT wear diapers and has no need or desire to do so.
  • A boy who knows of another Girl with at least one brother (younger or older) who meets the aforementioned criteria.
  • A boy who knows of a boy who meets the aforementioned criteria with at least one Sister (older or younger) who does NOT wear diapers and has no need or desire to do so.


Please also feel free to share this information with your parents as you will need their help to supply you with the necessary resources for providing your brother with the Deekerian Diaper Boy Experience.


*It is assumed that you, the Girl do NOT wear diapers yourself and you have absolutely no need or desire to do so, and neither do any of the Girls to whom you provide this information.




  • This article will mostly refer to your “brother” in the singular, but if you have more than one brother, then pluralize the word accordingly.
  • “You” assumes that you are a Girl.
  • References to “you” do not necessarily mean you in particular, but your family as well.
  • All references to “using diapers” will always assume that you are using them on your brother.
  • The reasons for your brother to wear diapers do not need to be qualified in any way. If there is a need for him to wear diapers, this information is for you.
  • The information presented in this article is for the extremist and not for the average family, so don’t be surprised by the extremes to which some of the measures are to be taken.
  • Fun fact: the word “diaper” (including this one) appears 495 times in this article.


Your Brother’s Diapers


For your brother to be diapered in a truly Deekerian sense, Cloth diapers are very strongly recommended as they offer a multitude of advantages over disposable diapers:


  • They are much thicker than most of today’s disposable diapers
  • They can be worn in multiples and there is no real absolute limit to how many diapers can be used at a time. While disposable diapers can also be applied in multiples, doing so would be mostly for show. Multiple cloth diapers provide additional absorbency capacity as well as make for a more conspicuous diaper that prevents the wearing of pants or other clothes over the diapers.
  • Cloth diapers use diaper pins, which are a significant accessory to your brother’s Deekerian diaper experience as well as a way to enforce the use of his diapers. You can use as many pins you have the time and money for using. Several dozen diaper pins can be applied to just one diaper!
  • Cloth diapers are used with plastic pants, which are also an important accessory that your brother will associate with his diapers. Like the diapers, these can and should also be used in multiples.
  • Because they can be washed, cloth diapers are reusable. If your brother is supplied with disposable diapers, he may get the impression that his diapers are only short-term or temporary and that, unless replenished, he won’t have a non-stop supply of diapers. Cloth diapers will give him a greater sense that he will be wearing his diapers indefinitely, especially if he knows how much the diapers cost and how much time and trouble it takes to wash, dry and fold them. His diaper supply, provided that the laundry is maintained, is self-replenishing and nonstop. His supply of cloth diapers should occupy a significant amount of space in his drawers or closets.
  • Disposable diapers, especially those made for babies and toddlers, are often printed with designs and other patterns on them. It’s hard to find a plain white disposable diaper these days, which is important as you will read below.


You might be reluctant to use cloth diapers because of concerns involving laundry and the hassles associated with washing, folding, pinning, to say nothing of the smells generated by keeping such diapers around the house waiting to be washed. This is understandable. This can be used to your advantage as well if you use a clothes line that is conspicuous to neighbors and passersby. Also, let the foul smell be a constant reminder to your brother that he is the one that made them stinky.


You also may be unfamiliar with how to fold cloth diapers. They are many ways a cloth diaper can be folded. Some are even prefolded or made in a contour fashion. If you use flat diapers that require folding, a simple Google search will yield dozens of hits to useful web sites. Disregard the fact that most of the sites you visit will assume that you are diapering a baby. These instructions work just as well on your brother, no matter how big he is. The only difference is scale. Feel free to experiment with different folding methods and use the one that looks the best on your brother and is also the most effective.


Diaper Color


In a word: WHITE! Say it out loud with feeling several times. While diapers come in several colors and patterns and they may look cute on your brother, nothing screams "DIAPERS!" louder and more prominently than a plain white-as-snow diaper wrapped thickly around a boy's butt. When you see your brother bending over to take a big dump in his diapers, there is no mistaking all that thick white fabric on his butt for diapers. Colors other than white tend to detract from the basic essence of a diaper's function and from a distance could possibly be mistaken for shorts or swimwear (which is why Little Swimmers are frowned upon in the Deekerian world). Furthermore, your brother will get the idea that he has any sort of choice when it comes to the appearance of his diapers. The same thing goes for plastic pants. They should be made of a frosty-white translucent material. Colors are not necessary here, either.


If You Must Use Disposable Diapers


If the cost and the trouble of obtaining and handling cloth diapers is not for you and you would rather use disposable diapers, don’t despair. The Deekerian world understands that the majority of diapers used today are disposables. Disposable diapers are perfectly acceptable in Deekerianism, so long as they are:


  • Pure white (no designs or colors of any kind);
  • Worn in multiples.


Plastic pants worn with disposable diapers are optional, but are recommended.


Disposable diapers are more effective when worn in multiples if you take the time to poke holes in the exterior of the diaper’s surface. These holes should run the entire length of the diaper from front to back.


It is also recommended that disposable diapers (at least the outermost diaper) be secured with clear, wide mailing tape, wrapped all the way around the boy’s body at least three times, with each pass covering a different portion of the diapers with minimal overlap and optimum surface coverage.


A Word on Goodnites


Simply put, Goodnites (and similar products) are not recognized as diapers in Deekerianism. As they are marketed as such, they are only intended to be worn as relatively thin, inconspicuous undergarments that “disappear under pajamas”. They are only intended for bedwetting and, according to several reports from this site’s Diaper Ratings, they are not designed for and not suited for containing bowel movements. Their purpose and design violate several Deekerian tenets. They barely passed for diapers by Deekerian standards back when they were plain white. They are not suitable for use in multiples, and the range of sizes available and the design of the garment do not adequately allow for multiples to be worn. Now that they come with designs printed on them and even come in a boxer shorts variety, they are completely off the list as far as diapers are concerned and are not at all recommended for Deekerian diapering.


10 Reasons for Using Bigger, Thicker, High-Rising Multiple Diapers


In addition to whiteness, there are four other essential requirements for a diaper boy's diapers: BIG, THICK, HIGH-RISING, AND MULTIPLE! The goal of diapering your boy, among other things, is to make them as absolutely as big and thick as you possibly can. Discreetness is certainly not the goal here, quite the opposite, in fact. This is achieved by using multiple diapers made from thick materials and folding them into many layers. How many diapers you use is limited only by the amount that you can get to fit on him. As a minimum, six diapers should be used, but much more than this is what is encouraged. You should have diapers available in several larger sizes that you can fit over the smaller (but still big) diapers he has on underneath. Larger diapers that rise up high on your brother's body are a must, too, both for their added conspicuousness and for their added capacity. It’s not like your brother is going to be concerned about his diapers showing above his pants (he won’t be wearing any, more on this below) Listed below are ten reasons for why a diaper boy's diapers should always be so big and thick:


(1)     Bigger, thicker, high-rising multiple diapers stand out very prominently. You don't want him to be able to hide his diapers from view. No matter how he sits, stands lies down, or whatever, you should always be able to see his diapers. His diapers should remain fully visible at all times! This is so that every time you look at him, you will undoubtedly notice his diapers first thing. You will immediately be reminded of what he uses his diapers for and most of all, it will make you all the more glad that, as a Girl, you do not have to wear diapers or deal with the messes and the smells that diaper boys must deal with. Unlike him, you will be able to ruminate upon all the freedoms and choices that you still have by not wearing diapers yourself. You will certainly enjoy gazing at his nonstop diapered state and find him to be look quite cute in his diapers. Over time, you will automatically associate your brother and by extension, all boys in general, with diapers, especially if you are a young Girl (10 or under) and more highly impressionable.

(2)     Bigger, thicker, high-rising multiple diapers draw even more attention to themselves (and the parts of the body they cover) and, of course, the purposes for which they are worn. When you look at your brother, you want to note his torso first thing if you are looking at him from the front, or his butt if you are looking at him from behind. Making his diapers thicker makes these areas of his body stand out even more and impossible to ignore. Likewise, they call further attention to the functions that his body performs in these areas, and you will want to be constantly reminded of this as well.

(3)     Bigger, thicker, high-rising multiple diapers prohibit the use of pants, in which their absence helps to fulfill the first two purposes. Pants are strictly forbidden in Deekerianism (except where and when absolutely needed, at which times such provisions are to be absolutely minimal) and the use of thicker diapers conveniently makes them impossible for a diaper boy to wear.

(4)     Bigger, thicker, high-rising multiple diapers have a greater capacity so they can hold more pee and poop and be worn for longer periods of time. This is especially true for diapers that rise up higher on the boy’s body.

(5)     Bigger, thicker, high-rising multiple diapers have a greater capacity allow for fewer diaper changes, but when diaper changes are performed, they last longer. You won’t be inconvenienced by having to change your brother’s diapers several times a day. When it does come time to change his diapers, it will take longer and your brother will be able to savor it better. It will take more time for you to remove all the diaper pins (or tape) and all the diapers you put on him. You will spend more time cleaning up the larger mess that he has left for you. This means that he will be treated to more wiping of his butt and balls, which he will likely enjoy very much. He will (eventually, if not now) love watching you put diaper after diaper after diaper on him, along with each diaper pin that you add to his increasingly thick diapers.

(6)     Bigger, thicker, high-rising multiple diapers offer some degree of odor control by being thicker and keeping smells contained. While no amount of diapers can completely trap in the noxious and inevitable odors of pee and poop, at least when he has more diapers on there is more material to absorb these odors. Such diapers also muffle his farts and absorb the gas.

(7)     Bigger, thicker, high-rising multiple diapers lessen the chances for unsightly and messy leakage to occur. Your brother is going to sit in the same places you also sit, such as the couch or the kitchen table. You might even share the same bed with him. You want to be assured that no matter where he goes, you won’t end up getting any of his pee or poop on your clothes. Also, you’d rather look at his thickly padded rump without having to look at the brown, poopy mess that lies so securely beneath all that thick white diaper material. You might enjoy the mystery of wondering whether or not his diapers are clean, but never knowing because his diapers are too thick to allow for any visual detection.

(8)     Bigger, thicker, high-rising multiple diapers further reinforce his use of diapers. The more diapers he has on, the more difficult it is going to be for him to get them all off if, for any reason, especially in the early stages of his permanently diapered state, he decides to attempt using the toilet. This reason works well when you combine it with the use of excessive diaper pins, which is covered down below.

(9)     Bigger, thicker, high-rising multiple diapers open up new possibilities for having fun with your brother. You can challenge yourself to seeing just how many diapers you can get your brother to wear. You can determine how long he can go without a diaper change and test other limits of his extreme diapers. If you have more than one diaper boy, you can engage them in contests to see which one of them stays in his diapers the longest without a change.

(10) Bigger, thicker, high-rising multiple diapers will force your brother to waddle. You will certainly enjoy observing how difficult it will be for your brother to walk in a normal fashion. He may even resort to crawling. Also, you will notice that every time he sits he has to keep his legs wide apart and keep his diapered crotch in view. He will not be able to bring his knees together to attempt hiding his diapers.


Some Disadvantages to Using Multiple Diapers on Your Diaper Boy


As with most things in life, with the advantages come disadvantages, and admittedly, there are some such disadvantages to using multiple diapers on your brother. They are listed here to bring your awareness to them and so that you can hopefully overcome them.


(1)     Longer, less frequent diaper changes: Some Girls enjoy performing frequent diaper changes on their brothers and may be put off by having to spend so much time removing several diapers and diaper pins and then putting them back on again.

(2)     Hiding evidence of diaper usage: Some Girls like to see when a boy has peed and pooped his diapers, either for practical purposes, for her amusement, or both.

(3)     Additional expense/storage space: Obviously, having to use more diapers means having to keep a greater supply of diapers available. The idea of using multiple diapers may not sit well with families on tight budgets. Even if cost is not an issue, storage space might be.

(4)     Hiding erections: Some Girls like to see when their brothers are sexually aroused in their diapers (knowing that most often it’s the diapers themselves that cause these erections). Extra thick diapers obscure the most aroused erections of even the most well-endowed post-pubescent boys.


Diaper Pins


You should always use as many diaper pins as possible on your brother and you should have a very abundant supply of them. The more pins you use the tighter you can make his diapers. More diaper pins will make it more difficult for him to remove his diapers should he decide to try taking them off so he can use the toilet. Please note that larger diapers that go up higher can accommodate more diaper pins, too. Each diaper used should be pinned up as much as possible. At the very least, the outermost diaper should contain the most diaper pins. At least six diaper pins on each side makes a pretty strong statement about how much you want your brother to remain in his diapers. You can even use diaper pins with his shirt, which is explained farther down. Diaper pins with either metallic or plain white heads are recommended for the same reasons that white diapers are recommended. Lastly, get the largest diaper pins you can find. Larger diaper pins will be able to penetrate thicker diapers more easily.


Your Brother’s Other Clothes (or What Not to Wear)


Pants and Shorts


Three words: NO! NO! NO! One of the first and foremost privileges that your brother should never, ever have is the choice to wear pants or shorts! Not wearing pants over diapers is one of the fundamental tenets of Deekerianism. If he is the type of boy who likes to wear the latest labels and brands of jeans, he should especially not be entitled to this privilege. A diaper boy should have no fashion conscience at all. To him, his sense of fashion should be strictly limited to how he looks in his diapers, period. No Levi's, no Dockers, no Old Navy, nothing! Diapers generally do not distinguish themselves from one another by their brands. If your brother does have a preference for a certain brand of diaper, however, allow him to wear it so long as it meets the criteria stated above.


At the same time, your brother will always know that any time you see him, you see his diapers, too. He knows that any attempt to cover himself will be utterly futile and quickly learns to accept letting you see him in his diapers. He knows that his diapers are inseparably integrated with his identity as himself and as a representative of all boykind. He knows that you will always think of diapers synonymously when you think of him. He knows that he cannot escape from the fact you associate him with the way he has to release his bodily wastes into his diapers where they will all remain and accumulate, reeking of foul odors, until his diapers are changed by you! Most of all, he learns to accept the fact that he, as a boy, should remain in diapers. He will likely learn to enjoy this most significant and wholly exclusive aspect of his boyhood. As a Girl, it gives you plenty of reasons to feel good about yourself as well as you gain complete control over your brother.


But in order for all of the principles stated above to become more effective, with your brother, you must eliminate his pants completely! Letting him wear pants or even shorts masks his diapers and, more significantly, his identity with diapers. Since you wear pants and likely wear shorts, too, you don't want his available choices of attire to blend with yours in any way at all. His diapers and your pants are to be as distinct as night and day. You don't wear diapers; he doesn't wear pants. The relationship between the two is to be perfectly mutually exclusive.


While shorts (at least the older styles that boys used to wear) provide for more leg exposure-— an important characteristic of Deekerian diaper boys— they still cover up the diapers, and you want the diapers to show. Completely. For a boy who does wear pants (any boy, not your brother), when you look at him you likely do not think about how he eliminates his wastes and you probably don’t give much thought to what he is wearing in general unless he has had an accident in his pants (which is common for boys) you don't anticipate that he will smell bad, either, and the thought may not even cross your mind in this instance.


Now, if you look at a boy in diapers, the principles stated above will likely immediately and prominently come to the forefront of your mind and all at once you will be reminded of all the things that you have learned to associate with your brother. You look at his diapers and, upon immediately recognizing that he is in diapers, (it bears repeating) you cannot help but to think about what he is forced to do in his diapers. As a specific example, it is impossible to look at a boy's white thickly diapered-up butt and not also think about him pooping in them along with the foul odors that his pooping inevitably produces. This is the very thought process that you want to establish when you look at your brother.


Fortunately, prohibiting your brother from wearing any pants is easy to enforce. Simply put enough diapers on him to make them too thick for any pants to fit. Making his diapers extra thick serve many other purposes, too, all of which were explained in detail above.


If the circumstances are such that your brother is no longer going to ever need pants again, especially if he is going to be home-schooled, for example, you have several options for disposing of them entirely, and in this case, you should. If you think his soon-to-no-longer-be-his pants might fit you and he hasn’t tainted them with his pee and poop or his excessive flatulence, go ahead and claim them as your own. While Girls' fashions do not reciprocate for boys, boys' apparel, however, can also be worn by Girls and look just as fashionable. Perhaps your Sisters, Girl cousins, or your friends could use them.


DON'T GIVE THEM TO ANY BOYS! You don't want your brother to see that his old pants are going to one of his fellow young males. If you are unable to dispense of his pants in this manner, you can always donate them to Goodwill, the Salvation Army or some other charitable organization. Granted, you run at least a 50% risk of his old pants going to a boy, but at least your brother will never know what becomes of what were once his pants.


The above suggestion assumes that his old pants are clean enough for you or another Girl to wear. Often times, however, a boy has had many accidents in his pants and has left behind indelible pee and poop stains. It would be far beneath a Girl's dignity for her to be seen wearing such soiled pants or for her to carry suspicious odors from wearing pants that have evidence of one's inability to retain bodily wastes until such a time a toilet was available. Such pants need to be destroyed at once! Either burn them or mutilate them beyond wearability as your brother may later try to retrieve them from the trash.


If you do burn, shred or otherwise destroy his pants, make a formal ceremony of it. Have everyone in the family present. Invite friends as well. Gather up all of your brother’s pants, and be sure to also get his shorts, swimming trunks, underwear (white briefs excepted, the reasons why will be explained later on) and pajama bottoms, and carry them in a bag to the intended location for their destruction. Do not let your brother carry his own pants; you and/or one of your Sisters should have this honor instead. Decide ahead of time how the pants will be destroyed. If they are to be incinerated, have a designated fuel bearer carry the fuel and maybe have this same person apply this accelerant. If a stick or torch is used, have one ready to go ahead of time. Bring cameras and be sure to get photographs and video shots (which can be posted to Youtube).


When Your Brother Needs to Wear Pants


In a perfect Deekerian world, a diaper boy would never wear pants. In fact, he would never even own a pair of pants. Everywhere he went— school, church, the mall, the airport, doctor appointments, the supermarket, even formal events such as weddings and funerals— he would be in his diapers only. Weather would not be a factor, and if it was too cold he’d have to remain indoors. Such is the life of a diaper boy.


Since Deekerianism recognizes that such a scenario is not realistic, it concedes that a need for a diaper boy to wear pants is at times inevitable. These times, however, can and should be kept to an absolute barely provisional minimum.


At the very least you should lock your brother’s pants away in a trunk or other receptacle. Use a padlock (use two or more locks for good measure if possible), and make sure he can never get a hold of the key. As a good gesture to your brother, have on some tight-fitting jeans. Let him see you tuck the key deep down into your back pocket. Push it down all the way. As he is watching you do this, he will be staring at your tight pants and decidedly diaperless derriere and this will further remind him of what makes you, a Girl, different from him. By seeing where the key is, this will relieve him of the temptation to look for it, but at the same time will also let him know that since it is on you, he will have no way of ever getting it. When you go to bed and change into your nightwear, be sure to remove the key from your pants pocket unless and put it in a safe location so that at night he cannot sneak into your room and take it. Better yet, if you can lock your bedroom door and don’t share the same bedroom with him, then do so. When you change pants, always be sure to take the key out of the pocket of the dirty pair and transfer it to the clean pair. Again, let your brother watch you do this.


Even if your brother has a minimal need for wearing pants, he may not need to have any pants of his own. He can borrow your pants if (with his diapers on) they will fit him and aren’t too Girlish for him to wear. Don’t worry about him getting pee and poop in your pants, as he will be diapered. He will, however, likely have to wear thinner diapers to allow pants to fit. Since his diapers will at best be partially exposed, there’s no need to go to the trouble to make them extra thick. They may show over the top of his pants, out the leg opening of his shorts and produce a pronounced bulge (make sure his diapers are visible in these ways when he has pants on).


If it isn’t practical or acceptable to you to have your brother wear your pants, then you should keep the following in mind with any pants that are designated for him to wear:


Do not buy him new pants. When he needs a pair of pants go to thrift shops and secondhand stores. There is absolutely no need for him to wear the latest fashions. Don’t even by him off-brand new pants, The pants he wears don’t even need to look good, so don’t be concerned about fading, holes, tears, rips, or other defects. Remember that he is only wearing pants because it’s what society expects him to wear when he is out in public.


Keeping His Pants Minimal


In most if not all civilized societies, wearing decent clothes is the expected social norm. Unless your brother is going to spend absolutely one hundred percent of his time at home, he is going to need to wear pants when he goes to school, the supermarket, the dentist or the barbershop. Perhaps some relatives would have a difficult time with your brother wearing just his diapers, so pants may be needed when visiting Grandma.


These are the only times he should ever have to wear pants. If he is home or out of public view he should be pantsless as much as possible. This can be achieved by following these guidelines:


  • Provide your brother with one and only one pair of pants. As rarely as he will wear them, there is no need for more than one pair. If you live in a year-round warm climate, a single pair of shorts may be sufficient.
  • Have your brother take off his pants the very second he enters the house once he gets home from school. He should never be more than three feet from the front door and still have his pants on while in the house. Have him remove his pants upon coming in the front door. Have him start unfastening his pants before he opens the door. If possible, have him remove his shoes, too, before entering. Conversely, he should not put his pants on before leaving for school until just before going out the door.
  • If your brother will not be going into any stores or other places he does not need to put any pants on. The people working the drive-thru at McDonald’s won’t likely see your brother in his diapers.
  • If possible, don’t have your brother put his pants on when getting in the car. If your family parks the car in the garage this is entirely doable. If you have enough privacy or know that the neighbors, if any, won’t care, have your brother enter the car in just his diapers and only put his pants on upon leaving the car. When going out at night, this allows for more times for your brother to go without his pants until and unless he needs to wear them.
  • If it is cold outside your brother should remain indoors at all times, even when there is snow on the ground. If he insists on playing in the snow, monitor his play time.
  • There is no reason at all for your brother to wear pants indoors during cold weather. Most homes can be comfortably heated to allow for pantslessness even in the dead of winter in Minnesota. At night he can use extra blankets or an electric blanket to keep warm.




Your brother is in nothing but diapers 24/7/365 (366 days if it's a leap year). Since he is in only diapers all throughout the daytime, it makes absolutely no sense at all to allow him to wear anything over his diapers at night, either. Pajamas simply are not necessary, period. You may allow your brother to keep his pajama tops, but the bottoms must be done away with for the same reasons listed above in the "Pants" section. Like with pants, if your brother is diapered extra thickly, his bottoms will not stand a chance of fitting and will thus be completely useless to him. Since you or your Sisters likely have no use for them, either (they may have a fly front, after all), you might as well either destroy them or donate them to charity.


For some boys, sleepers may be used in place of pajamas. While sleepers may serve well to inhibit the boy's access to his diapers, there are other methods you can use to make his diapers more difficult for him to remove and keep his diapers fully conspicuous. Some diaper boys may wear sleepers to keep warm in the wintertime. Likewise, there are other ways you can ensure that your brother keeps warm in his bed. You can let him use an electric blanket or use more covers. Since you can probably keep your house at a comfortable temperature during even the coldest of weather which allows less clothing to be worn, there is no reason that your brother should have to wear anything more than his diapers. Sleepers, like pants, hide the diapers from view and are thus strongly discouraged from use.




Socks are optional, and their use and their absence each have an advantage. On one hand, they reduce the amount of leg exposure that the diapers otherwise provide. On the other hand, socks make a nice accessory to the appearance of your brother. If you let him wear socks, it is recommended that he wear the type that comes to just below the knee and have colored stripes on him.




Shirts, like socks, are optional, but their use is recommended. There are some advantages, however, to having your brother go shirtless. By not having him wear a shirt, this allows for 100% exposure of his diapers. You can enjoy seeing how high up over his stomach and up his back his diapers go.


On the other hand, shirts do offer several advantages. Shirts draw more attention to the fact that your brother has no pants on, but can still wear his shirt. It's as if he has gotten dressed as much as he can, and once he has his shirt on, that's it. If you do allow your brother to wear a shirt, here are a few guidelines:


(1)     Make sure that it is a very short shirt so that it leaves as much of his diapers exposed as possible. You may even want to consider getting him some cheap shirts that you can trim up so that they just meet his diapers at the shirttail.

(2)     Just plain ordinary T-shirts will do here. Don't buy anything with buttons, collars, pockets or anything extra. There is no need for expensive shirts or whatever the current fad is. Just like with pants, your brother isn't putting on a fashion show for his shirt, either, just his diapers.

(3)     Plain white undershirts are the least expensive. colored shirts, however, offer a greater contrast against his white diapers, so black shirts would work well here.

(4)     Shirts can be used to help reinforce your brother's diapers. By using several diaper pins, you can stick them into the shirttail and fasten them to the top of his diapers. The more pins you use the better. It is especially recommended that you use a greater concentration of diaper pins in the rear where they are out of his reach. This also gives you an excuse to spend more time back there to enjoy the view of his diapered butt. If his shirt is too long you can roll up the excess shirttail to increase his diaper exposure. Also the extra material in the rolled-up shirttail will further reinforce the hold of the diaper pins.

(5)     Shirts can be used to display messages to express your brother's need to be in diapers. You can have a custom T-shirt designer make shirts with any message you want on it. You can also purchase iron-on lettering and do the job yourself. If you have a computer and a color printer, there are kits available in computer and office supply stores with which you can print up your own T-shirt transfers. You can print anything from photos you have taken of your brother to any number of logos or other graphics. The possibilities are endless. Use your imagination!




Don’t throw it out just yet! That’s right! Just because your brother is going to be in his diapers from now on doesn’t mean you have to get rid of his underwear (provided it is plain white with a fly front). His existing supply of underwear can still come in handy for diapering purposes. The next section will explain the reasons for holding on to his underwear.


For this section, “underwear” refers specifically to full-rise plain white boy’s fly-front briefs, or tighty whities. All other styles of boys’ underwear (mainly boxers and bikini-style or “speedo” briefs) are not acceptable in Deekerianism and should be cast out at once. Colored and cartoon-print briefs should be supplanted with plain white briefs if they are going to be used.


Boys’ Underwear as Diapers


Cloth diapers usually aren’t readily available if you are just starting out with turning your brother, boy cousin, babysit-ee boy, etc. into your brother. You may wish to get him started right on his diapers away, but you don’t have any diapers for him. Fortunately. all hope is not lost here. His existing supply of underwear (see above for the definition of “underwear”) can easily be adapted to serve as his diapers until such time you get him some real diapers. Just have him wear several pairs together. You may enjoy using this method of “diapering” him anyway. Think of the multiplicity factor that comes into play here. There is something very satisfying about your brother wearing several dozen pairs of underwear! Think about how he’d be wearing more underwear at one time than you wear in over a month’s time. It’s more underwear than you probably have in your entire underwear drawer.


Boys’ Underwear vs. Girls’ Underwear- A Brief Comparison


Let’s take a moment to compare boys’ underwear (in its original style, as  God intended) to Girls’ panties. When you compare this style of boys’ briefs to Girls’ panties, the boys’ briefs clearly have features that make them more adaptable to serve as diapers when worn in multiples, features that Girls’ panties do not have. The original style for boys’ underwear is plain white briefs with a fly front and a wide waistband usually with stripes running around it, all of these features being exclusive to boys’ underwear. Until the mid 1970’s, most boys’ underwear even had a second layer in the seat. This was a nice (and necessary) feature of boys’ underwear that should be brought back. As was discussed at the beginning of this article, boys are poor wipers, and this second layer helped to absorb the fecal matter that he left behind. It also hides the resulting stains from view, and lastly, the seams that ran up each side of his seat made this second panel stand out, and by extension, the reasons for its placement. These seats, when multiplied over the use of several pairs of underwear, could really make a boy’s butt stand out! In addition to the higher rise and the fact that they are white, boys’ underwear also has a wider crotch and is made from a thicker material.


By comparison, Girls’ panties, both then and now, come in a variety of colors and patterns, are made from a thinner material, are narrower in the crotch, do not come up nearly as high and do not have a wide, striped waistband. These would perform poorly as diapers if worn in multiples, and Girls don’t need to and definitely should never wear their underwear like this anyway. Girls rarely even let their underwear show (except for thongs) as their pants come up high enough to cover it. For most boys who wear the style of underwear that was meant for boys in the first place, you could usually count on seeing it show.


They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To


Unfortunately things have changed and boys now have lots more choices when it comes to underwear. Perhaps these choices evolved because of the fact that boys became fashion conscious with their underwear and wanted choices beyond plain white. Perhaps some boys felt that the original styles of boys’ underwear resembled diapers because they were white and the general fit on the body was the same, add to this the extra layer in the seat. Boys’ underwear has evolved since the late 1970’s in such a way that it has produced other choices that are less diaper-like than the original white briefs, and this is unfortunate, because boys need to be reminded in one way or another that they belong in diapers of some sort, even if it involves the use of their existing underwear. It all started when Underoos were introduced. These were colored briefs which accompanied a T-shirt with a superhero’s emblem printed on it. Later on the T-shirts were eliminated and the superhero’s likeness was screen printed onto the briefs themselves. Hanes makes these kinds of briefs as Showtoons and Fruit of the Loom makes them as Fun Pals. Either these briefs are designed in patterns that are repeated throughout the fabric or they are a single print placed prominently on the seat of the garment. Other “enhancements” which deviate these types of briefs from their original diaper-like predecessors include solid-color waistbands and fly-front seams. They don’t seem to come up quite as high on boys as they used to, either.


Deviating even further away from the diaper-esque appearance of the original boys’ white briefs are the ones which do not even have a fly front and are cut very low. These usually come in exotic colors and designs, too, which, combined with the other missing features of the original style of boys’ underwear, makes them too much like Girls’ panties. In no way are these types of boys’ underpants suitable to serve as diapers. The greatest blasphemy of all against the original design of boys’ underwear is the current trend with boxer shorts! These are not at all like the preceding types of underwear. They will not serve as diapers at all. One can only hope that the trend will pass and boys will once again return to wearing plain white underwear. Fortunately for now, plain white boys’ underwear is still widely available in stores, which is what you will likely be buying for your brother if you choose to not use real diapers on him, either for now or at all. Just as only white diapers should be used, it follows that only white briefs should be used if this is how your brother will be diapered.


How to “Diaper” Your Diaper Boy in His Underwear


The overall premise here is pretty basic, just use lots and lots and LOTS of underwear on him! How many pairs should be wear, you might ask? Just as there is no real set limit to the number of diapers he can wear at a time, there is no predefined or absolute limit to the number of pairs of underwear that he should wear, either. It takes a lot of underwear (and we mean A LOT!) to approximate the thickness that can be achieved by the use of several diapers. There are several things you will want to consider when going about diapering your boy in this manner.


  • This particular diapering method works best for younger boys and for boys with smaller waists. The smaller size of underwear his body can fit into, the wider range of sizes he can wear over them, and therefore, a greater thickness can be achieved. A six-year-old boy can have a lot more underwear put on him than a 12-year-old. If your brother is big and he has nearly outgrown the largest size of boys’ underwear, or if he is big enough to wear men’s sizes, this method is not recommended. Get him some real diapers instead.
  • Chances are your brother’s existing underwear supply is not adequate to serve the purposes of using it for diapers. He probably has underwear in only one or two sizes and his supply will likely not be enough to last for very long, even if he is not changed frequently. You will probably need to go to the store and buy him some underwear in larger sizes. About a dozen pairs in each size should be enough for each “set of diapers” you wish to keep on hand for him. About twelve pairs per size should work. Your actual “mileage” may vary, though. Try to get at least six pairs per size on him.
  • Only use boys’ sizes. Boys’ underwear is tailored differently than men’s underwear and is better-suited for this purpose, especially in that it usually rises up higher than men’s underwear. If you can’t scale up at least three sizes from the largest size your brother wears at his body, then you should probably consider getting him real diapers. Boys’ underwear sizes come in even numbers, generally ranging from size 4 to 18. While not an absolute rule of thumb, the underwear size generally corresponds with the boy’s age if he is of average size.
  • If your boy already has fly-front underwear that is mostly white, but has patterns or prints on it, you may use it as long as you cover these pairs up with larger plain white pairs. Don’t be concerned about your brother getting poop stains on Batman (Buttman?). He isn’t using them for fashion anymore! If your brother has a large supply of solid colored underwear that you think will be useful, go ahead and use it, although keep in mind that darker colors will not show the stains of his poop as easily, and you want him to plainly see what becomes of his underwear by having him use it like diapers.
  • While using multiple underpants will not likely create as thick of a diaper as using real diapers, the material covering his body will be more dense. Diapers are made of a fluffier but less dense material. The material from several pairs of underwear worn together will be solidly packed together, so there is still a great deal of absorbency in them.
  • When your brother has this much underwear on his body working as a diaper, it becomes very tight. There won’t be as much room in his “diapers” for his poop to flow. It is especially important that it comes up high on his body to compensate for the loss of capacity in other areas.
  • You will still probably want to have your brother wear some plastic pants over his “diapers” if they are in the form of several pairs of underpants. Even though the extra layers of material that the fly fronts provide for each pair worn add to the absorbency of the front, it can still seep through from the solid core to the outside. If you do without plastic pants, this does give you an excuse to maximize the amount that he wears.
  • Even in the worst case of diarrhea, your brother’s bowel movements won’t likely soak through to his outermost pair if he is wearing 30 pairs or more, so you may not feel that more underwear than this is necessary. Just like with multiple diapers, it isn’t just the function, but the appearance that you are striving to achieve.
  • To further optimize the effectiveness of using multiple underpants for diapers, have your brother wear each pair he puts on so that the crotches crisscross each other. Collectively, they will make the overall crotch of his “diapers” wider.
  • Changing his “diapers” using multiple underpants is much different than when using real diapers. Your brother will have to stand up when you take his “diapers” off and wipe him up and then re-diaper him. Be sure that he is standing on a surface that can easily be cleaned up do to gravity’s effects on his poop. Even a pile of newspapers spread out over an area of about a square yard should be adequate. Or perhaps use a large garbage bag. If nothing else you can change him in the bathtub. We also recommend that you not wear your best clothes while changing him in this manner, or use another plastic garbage bag to act as an apron to shield yourself from flying pooplings that hit the floor.
  • Because your brother is standing up when his underwear-based diapers are removed and put on, you will need him to cooperate by lifting his feet up each time he needs to either step out of or step into his underpants. If he shows resistance to this at first, it will likely go away soon.
  • If your brother is wearing a shirt, we recommend that it be tucked all the way down into his underpants in order to maximize the exposure of his underpants. To keep his shirt from getting wet with pee, have him tuck it in at least at the halfway point between his body and the outermost pair. Another option is to have him drape his shirt down over his underpants at about the halfway point of his “diapering.” You can then put the first of the subsequent pairs over his shirttail. His shirt is likely to get wet anyway and will need to change shirts more often, but only the shirttail will likely be affected.


Ways to Enhance Your Diaper Boy’s Underwear-Based Diapers


Here are a few suggestions which will make your experience with diapering your brother in multiple underpants more fun and enjoyable:


(1)     Use diaper pins for reinforcement- You can use diaper pins to reinforce your brother’s multiple underpants in the same ways that they can be used with real diapers. Just stick the pins through the first 6-10 pairs (or more) and fasten them to his shirt.

(2)     Alternate every other pair- You can achieve some great visual and functional enhancements to your brother’s multiple underpants by having him wear every other pair backwards. The backwards pairs will add more material to the back of his diapers because of the fly front being stretched across his backside. This compensates somewhat for the double-seat which is no longer a feature of today’s boy’s white underpants, though they are available at Tiger Underwear; tell him Deeker sent you if you go there!). The bulk of the additional fabric in the fly will be more even distributed this way. The seat will be in the front and it will go up very high, enough to completely engulf his chest. The tradeoff here is that the fly front on his butt won’t go beyond the height of his buttocks, if that. If you use this on your brother, have him wear the first dozen pairs all facing the right way, alternate the ones in the middle, and then have him wear the top dozen pairs of so all facing the right way.

(3)     Add your own double seat- If you have the time and the ability to sew, you can still reproduce the look and the functionality of the double-seated boys’ briefs which are now part of a bygone era. If you buy new underwear for your brother, you can cut squares out of his old underwear and then sew them in the appropriate spot on his new undies. He may have a supply of underwear which he has outgrown stored away somewhere, so use these. You may also be able to pick up used boys’ underwear from thrift stores for this purpose. The important thing is that the fabric used for this purpose also be white. Also, why stop at adding just one extra layer to the back of his underpants? Make them quad-seated!

(4)     Make several waistbands show- While the huge, bulky conglomeration of white briefs tightly and abundantly wrapped around your brother’s butt will be a very obvious indication that he is wearing a lot of underwear, you can draw even more attention to this fact by making several waistbands show. As you approach the maximum amount of underwear that he can wear, the topmost pairs will not be able to go up as high as the pairs just beneath them because of the increasing thickness. Try to accentuate this effect as you reach this final stage of “diapering” him.


Recommended Reading/Viewing


The information on using multiple pairs of underwear for diapers is based on my own personal boyhood experiences. To gain a greater understanding of how this affected my feelings about diapers and boys, I invite you to read my own history. I also invite you to read a story I wrote about a boy I knew in junior high school who came to school wearing his underwear like this. The story, albeit based on true origins but is fictional, is called What Might Have Been. This story will expose you to the effectiveness of multiple pairs of boys’ white underwear being worn as diapers and the extent to which this sort of activity can be taken.


While you are exploring the sections of this web site that focus on the use of multiple underpants for diapers on boys, take a moment to view the various drawings that will give you a visual representation of what a boy looks like when this method of diapering him is used. In fact, you might as well look at all of the Diaper Boy Drawings, most of which show boys in actual diapers. Start with the newer sets as they are of better quality than my earlier works.


You are also invited and encouraged to share your thoughts and impression about  boys’ white briefs in the Survey for Girls Whose Brothers Wear Tighty Whities.


Other Ways to Enhance Your Diaper Boy’s Diaper Experience


Whether you choose to use real diapers on your brother or have him wear enough underwear to make the shareholders of Fruit of the Loom, Hanes and BVD to forever worship you for making them all rich, there are lots of ways you can add to the overall experience that your brother will have by wearing diapers all the time. Here are just a few ideas:


  • Put a “GIRLS” sign on the bathroom door. You can pick one up at any home improvement or building supply store. Or, get creative and make your own. Use your computer and a printer if you have one.
  • Have your brother use diuretics to increase the amount and the frequency of his wetting. For added pooping, have him use laxatives, suppositories or have him eat foods which are sure to increase the output from his butt.
  • Come up with cute names to call your brother. “Diaper Boy” works well, but there are lots of other possibilities, too: Any combination of words that pertain to pee, poop, smells, diaper-area anatomy (usually the butt), diapers (of course) and boys (of course) can yield a multitude of possibilities.
  • Call as much attention to his diapered butt as you can. Remind him often how his diapered butt looks to you and how cute and funny you think he looks. Point out his other behaviors such as waddling.
  • Always stay behind your brother as much as possible. Follow him wherever he goes in the house in order to see his diapered butt as much as you can. This works especially well if you follow him up a flight of stairs. Make sure he knows why you are following him.
  • Be sure to let all your friends see your brother in his diapers. He will likely get used to them seeing him in his diapers as well as having you see him. Let them change his diapers if they want to.
  • Flaunt the fact that you DON’T wear diapers. Emphasize the fact that only BOYS wear diapers! Do if often! Yes, this underlying message has been repeated throughout this article, but it can’t be said enough. Stick your jeans-clad ass in his face. Make him smell your cleanliness along with seeing your lack of diapers up close.
  • If you are not too modest, compare your underwear to his “underwear”, which for him is his diapers. Besides all the physical differences that have already been covered, point out the mathematical differences, as well. While precise measurements need not be made, suffice it to say that his “underwear” contains dozens, perhaps well over a hundred times as much material in his diapers as what you have in your panties. Also direct his attention the difference in the number of square inches his diapers cover him versus your panties. Measure the difference between the distance around his waist with his diapers and compare it to the distance without his diapers; the difference will astound both you and him. For you, of course, the difference is negligible. Get a belt-to-belt measure of his diapers and compare this to the belt-to-belt measure of your panties. Make note of the distance from the center of his crotch to his front, and then measure the distance from the center of his crotch to the top of the back of his diapers. There are all kinds of measurements you could take.
  • Let him go outside in his diapers. Just because he won’t be wearing pants anymore doesn’t mean that he has to stay inside the house where nobody else can see him. If he really wants to ride his bike again, allow him this choice, but with the stipulation that he has to wear only his diapers. Take him with you to the park, the beach, your friends’ houses, wherever you feel comfortable having him in diapers around you. Do be aware that you will get lots of stares from anyone who sees you. Crowded places like malls and stores may not be the best places to take him.
  • Encourage him to read diaper stories. There are lots of diaper stories on the Internet, but you will find most of the stories written about diapered boys on this web site.
  • While stories encourage use of the imagination, your brother should also see what he and other boys look like in their diapers by looking at the Diaper Boy Drawings on this web site. Start with viewing the newer sets as they are of much better quality than my earlier works.
  • The Internet is full of resources for your brother. There are lots of other sites, though not all of them will contain material that is consistent with the Deekerian principles covered in this article. Encourage him to chat with other diaper boys and/or Girls who are like you and look after their own brothers. You can get in on the fun, too, and chat with other diaper boys and perhaps their Sisters. Let them know how you feel about diapers and boys in case they don’t have Sisters or aren’t around Girls much.
  • Also encourage him to draw pictures of himself and other boys in diapers, along with Girls who are clearly not wearing diapers. As he reads stories, he will develop images in his mind from what he reads, so encourage him to channel these images into something he and you can concretely see. If you have a scanner, scan them and send them to me.
  • There are also hundreds, if not more than a few thousand photos of preteen and teen diaper boys that have been in circulation on the Internet, and if you can find them your brother should see these, too. Web sites which feature such pictures, however, are few and far between and unfortunately are frequently shut down. Because of this, it may be difficult to collect all that is out there or what has been in distribution. These photos are not on this web site primarily due to bandwidth usage limitations and other concerns. Also, most of these photos do not portray these boys in the presence of any Sisters, unlike the drawings linked above.
  • Take pictures of your brother. Take lots of pictures. With the availability of digital cameras, web cameras and cell phone cameras, you don’t need to take pictures that someone else may see. And, since they will already be in digital form, they are Internet-ready. Submit them to several websites where such pictures are shown. If you have a video camera, take videos of your brother as he goes around the house in his diapers. If you have the ability to capture video to your computer, make MPEGs or at least stills and distribute these as well. Post these videos to Youtube. Whether video or still, be sure to get pictures of him from all angles, including crotch shots. Butt shots work the best and are the most desired since this is the part of his body where his diapers stand out the most prominently and that this view brings to mind the fact that he poops in his diapers. Also, be sure to include yourself in these shots. Seeing how you are fully dressed and he is in just his diapers will be a constant reminder to both of you what your role is as a boy or as a Girl. If you are doing video, narrate every detail you can think of as you are taping. If you are in the video, boast about how being a Girl means not wearing diapers, and flaunt that thinly-sheathed behind of yours! Both you and your brother will enjoy looking at these pictures and videos later on.
  • Keep a detailed log or diary of your brother’s activities. Record the times he is changed and the condition of his diapers each time. Note how many diapers you put on him, how many pins you used and any other details you would like to include. Refer to the surveys on Deeker’s Diaper Page at http://www.deeker.com/surveys.html for ideas on other details you can take note of. A spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel works well for this purpose. Note how your brother reacts to you changing his diapers. A year later you can look back upon this and see how much his cooperation will have improved. Note any special situations he faces, such as being taken to friends’ houses in his diapers, letting friends change him, etc. From all this information that you collect you can write a very detailed story about his experiences. Encourage your brother to write his own story about his experiences. Then send your stories to www.deeker.com at deeker@deeker.com.
  • If your brother has other diaper boys to play with (such as brothers or friends), encourage him to get together with them. Have them engage in diaper contests, such as which one of them can stay in his diapers the longest, which one you can get the thickest diapers on, etc. Any game that requires close and intimate contact with one another are fun for diaper boys to play. Twister is a good one to suggest.
  • Be sure to show plenty of affection towards your brother. Specifically, we recommend that you pat his diapered butt often. His butt makes an easy target for your hand, and since you approach him from behind, he has no easy way to prevent you from doing this. Even spank him if you want! He won’t feel it, trust us! You will have to give up doing some things, however, such as giving your brother wedgies or to sneak up behind him and yanking his underpants/diapers down on him. Obviously these activities will be completely impossible to do when he is in diapers. These sacrifices, however, will be made up for many times over by doing the things listed above. Also snap his plastic pants waistband whenever you can.
  • If you are not too shy about it, have your brother watch you use the toilet. Show him what he cannot do because of his diapers. Don’t be shy about him seeing your girly parts or your butt, and don’t be concerned about the smell. You smell his wastes, after all.
  • Overall, keep your brother completely occupied at all times with activities that pertain to his diapers and the principles covered here, so that it becomes the only thing he ever thinks about.




How you communicate your feelings and observations to your brother about his diapers is very important. This goes for both spoken and written communication. The following guidelines should help emphasize these points:


General Language Guidelines


  • If your brother wears multiple diapers, always make it a point to pluralize the word diapers.
  • Refer to your brother’s diapers as his diapers as much as possible. Use the possessive form of his name whenever you can, or at least say “his diapers” when it is understood that you are referring to the diapers that he wears. Avoid generic references to his diapers if the context of your statement allows you to specify that the diapers belong to him.
  • At the same time, avoid referring to any pants that he might wear as “his pants”. Even though the pants may actually belong to him, care should be taken to avoid mentioning that he has any pants to call his own along with the diapers that most definitely are his.
  • You should refer to your brother and all diaper-wearing boys as “boys”, or better yet, “diaper boys”. Other non-diaper-wearing “boys”, such as your classmates, boys you might have crushes on or are friends with or dating, should be called “guys” instead.
  • Whenever possible, use the word “diaper” to modify relevant nouns. For example, always call them “diaper pins”; don’t just call them pins.
  • Always call plastic pants “plastic pants.” Never, ever should they ever be called “panties”! In Deekerian parlance, “panties” are Girls’ underwear.
  • When your brother is writing about you as his Diaper-Changing Sister, insist that he always capitalize common-noun references to you, as exemplified in this sentence. To him you are his Sister and you are a Girl when it comes to his diapers.


References to Bodily Wastes


Talking about your brother’s diapers without referring to how he uses them would be like talking about a CD player without referring to the CDs it plays, so proper word choice is advised as follows:


  • Urine: References to your brother’s urine should use the word “pee”. “Piss” is considered mildly vulgar and your parents may frown upon its use. “Piss” is also often used in the phrase “pissed off” to describe someone who is angry. “Pee” most definitely means urine and urine only. Other words like “wee” can be used. In many instances, a boy who has peed in his diapers is simply said that “he is wet” or “he has wet.”
  • Bowel movements: Likewise, you should refer to your brother’s bowel movements as “poop”. “Poop” is a cutesy, somewhat onomatopoetic and childish word that nearly all families will find acceptable to use. “Shit”, like “piss”, is considered vulgar and your parents may object to its use, plus, this word is used in many other contexts that don’t refer to poop at all, but to anything that is undesirable or unwanted, or sometimes it’s simply another word for “stuff”. “Poop” most often means fecal matter or excrement. The word has a few other uses, too (e.g. being pooped at the end of a hard day), but these are rarely used in such contexts. The word “crap” is a common “in-between” word that is stronger than “poop” but milder than “shit”, but as it is most often used as a substitute for “shit”, its other contexts (e.g. “stuff”) have diminished its focus on being a descriptor for excrement. There are, of course, several other words, each of which have their own appropriate contexts, but you probably won’t come across these usages too often. “Bowel movement” and its abbreviated cousin “BM” is very clinical-sounding, a term that a doctor or nurse would most likely use. “Dung” and “scat” most often refer to animal waste. If your brother is really young (under 6), he’d probably appreciate words like “doo-doo” and “dookie”.
  • Flatulence: While still considered mildly vulgar, “fart” is a succinct term that just about anyone at any age, boy or Girl, should be allowed to say. There are other phrases, too, but some of these might seem too euphemistic, such as “passing gas” or “breaking wind”. “Cutting the cheese” is a good, amusing phrase, as is “tooting”. “Trouser trumpet” is sometimes used, but remember, your brother probably won’t be wearing any trousers. “Diaper trumpet” doesn’t really work since the alliteration is lost at this point.


References to Genitalia


As dealing with diaper changes will expose you to your brother’s “private parts” (which won’t be quite so private when you’re involved), inevitably there will be times when you will need to talk about these parts of his body.


Penis: There are dozens of synonyms for a boy’s genitalia, some of which are purely sexual in nature (e.g. “cock”) so these should be avoided. You can’t really go wrong with referring to his penis as “his penis”. There are a few other juvenilely acceptable terms such as “pee-pee”, “wee-wee” and “wiener” that you can probably use. “Peter” is also marginally accepted, though it does seem to teeter towards having sexual connotations.

Testicles: A wide range of words have come into use to refer to a boy’s testicles. The most common are “balls” and “nuts”, though “nads” is often used, too. Most families should accept the use of “balls” and “nuts”, and their variants “ball sack/bag”, “nut sack/bag”. Other words such as “(family) jewels” and “cajones” are used mostly by teens and adults. Words such as “junk” and “package” generally refer to the penis/testicles collective and are also generally used by teens and adults, though not necessarily always in a sexual context.

Erections: Popular culture and its focus on sex have led to a colorful array of words to describe a sexually stimulated penis, which you will certainly see when you are changing your brother’s diapers, even if he is several years away from puberty. “Hard-on” is probably the most common noun form, but “stiffie” is also often used. These terms should be acceptable within most families, as would be the adjective counterparts “hard” and “stiff”.

Other sexual terms: In the context of performing a diaper change it isn’t likely that you would need to talk about your brother’s masturbation, ejaculation or other sexual activity, but in some situations surrounding diaper changes and his diapers in general, these matters are naturally bound to occur. Because this guide is not so much about a boy’s sexual response to his diapers as it is to the process of diapering him and acknowledging his diapered state, this is an area that I feel is best left to the discretion of the individual.


Butt vs. Ass


When it comes to diapering your brother, there is no avoiding the backside of his body. His butt can and should be the central focus of his diapers. His diapers highly accentuate this part of his body and draw attention to what actions take place in this part of his body. The backside is the most prominent view of his diapers, so it is important to focus on and call out frequent, pronounced attention to your brother’s diapered-up rear end.


Just as there are dozens of words and phrases for genitalia, bodily wastes, sexual responses and sexual activity, it should come as no surprise that the ways to refer to one’s backside are plentiful, but you should only be concerned with the most common words, “butt”, ass” and “bottom”.


While the first two terms are generally synonymous with one another in reference to one’s backside and are the most common, Deekerianism makes some important distinctions between the two words and therefore advises that they be used in their respectively appropriate contexts.


Butt: Most of us become familiar with the word “butt” very early on in our language development. Parents often use this word when speaking directly to their children, usually in reference to the condition of one’s butt during a diaper change, or when the threat of a spanking is issued, or sometimes as a command (e.g. “Get your butt moving!”). As we become familiar with our bodies in these early formative years, we recognize the butt as the place where poop and farts come from. It smells bad, and sometimes it makes funny sounds, too, and since it stands out so prominently it looks funny on another person’s body and the sight of one’s butt evokes thoughts of stinky, smelly poop and farts coming out of it all the time, so the butt is often a central subject of childhood amusement.


As most of us learn the word “butt” first and that we learn of it in the exclusive context of recognizing the eliminatory aspects of the butt, it only makes sense to assign this word in a Deekerian sense to describing the backside in the context of its excretory and flatulent functions.


Ass: A few years later, usually in the boundary-testing preteen years, we learn of another word that for all intents and purposes means the same thing as “butt”— “ass”. While the FCC has long since loosened up its restrictions to permit the use of this word on broadcast network television, it is still considered somewhat vulgar. Its extended cousin “asshole”— which literally refers to the anus but is most often a figurative term used in the pejorative to describe a boorish or contemptible person— is verboten by most parenting standards and is still not allowed to be spoken on the air last I checked. Some parents may not approve of its use by younger children, especially the latter.


As we maturely sexually at around age 12 (give or take a couple years), we come to recognize one’s backside as not just a part of the body that makes stinky stuff and funny low-pitched fluttering noises, but we are drawn to its sexually attractive properties on the person of our ascribed sexual persuasion (in other words, most pubescent boys like to look at Girls’ asses, but gay boys will like looking at other boy’s behinds). As our sexual understanding and development continues in these years, we recognize and become aware of the backside as a point of central focus for sexual activity. As most written passages with sexual references to the backside would seem to indicate in this writer’s experiences and observations, any such thoughts of and references to the excretory/flatulent functions of the backside are rarely mentioned alongside any such sexual contexts. It’s as if the two are mutually exclusive.


Since the word “ass” is primarily used amongst adults and amongst teens with varying degrees of parental acceptance and that the understanding of and use of this word comes into widespread being during the sexually formative years, in a Deekerian sense it is best reserved for sexual contexts only., even though in general the word is virtually interchangeable with “butt”.


Bottom and other “butt” words: A lot of parents will use the word “bottom” in the presence of their children, so this word becomes ingrained in our vocabulary early on as a synonym for the butt (the pooping butt, not the sexual ass). Therefore, Deekerianism recognizes this word as an acceptable variant to “butt”. “Tush” and “tushie” are also cutesy childish words that work well in a Deekerian sense.


As mentioned above and even within this article, there are lots of other words and phrases for “butt” and “ass”. Most of these words, however, are generic and in a Deekerian sense, they don’t connote either excretory or sexual meanings. Examples include: arse (British variant of “ass”, pronounced “oss” with only a hint of the “r”) backside, behind, booty/bootie (mostly reserved for sexual references), bum (chiefly British, general usage), buns (refers to the buttocks, not really suited for Deekerian use), buttocks (doesn't take into account the anus, pooping part of the butt), can, cheeks (refers to the buttocks), derriere, fanny (which means something completely different, albeit anatomical and private in nature in British dialects), gluteus maximus (used by those wanting to sound educated), hind (end), hindquarters (said mostly of animals and by old-time farmers), keister (rarely used), posterior, rear (end), rump, and seat.


As a conclusion to this section, keep this phrase in mind: boys have butts; Girls have asses.


Sexual Feelings and Masturbation


Since this article is being written for a general audience that includes preteen Girls and boys who may see it along with their brothers (who may be younger yet) and their parents, I am going to exercise as much care as I feel is appropriate for such a readership with what is written here in this section.


Your brother’s feelings about his diapers can be and often are very highly sexual in nature. The sight of diapered boys and their bare legs along with the way his own diapers look and feel on him (the diapers themselves and the contents from his body) can be very, very arousing to a boy. Because of this, you should encourage your brother to masturbate in his diapers, whether or not he is sexually mature enough for this activity. Even if he is not old enough to ejaculate yet, he will still likely have very strong sexual feelings from his diapers. Once he is old enough to recognize how his body reacts sexually to his diapers, encourage him to indulge in these feelings and as often as possible by the various activities listed above (stories and drawings, for example). Once his sexual development kicks in, he will already be intimately familiar with how wonderful his diapers make him feel and he can always count on his diapers to relieve him of such urges that come naturally to boys.


If your brother turns out to be gay, then he will already be set in his ways with his sexual development and diapered boys will be naturally attractive to him, eventually without diapers on. However, many diaper boys still develop feelings towards Girls as this is natural for most boys. With him seeing you in tight jeans, scant shorts, swimwear, panties, thongs, or even nothing at all, his sexual feelings towards Girls will compound the sexual feelings that he already gets from his diapers and the fellow diapered boys who accompany him. As his sexual tension builds, his urge to release these feelings will intensify. He may desire sexual intercourse with Girls, but he knows that having his diapers on him all the time will never allow him to experience this sensation. He will likely succumb to confusion over his sexual feelings. He will often ponder why looking at a Girl’s scantily clad (or naked) behind with no traces of excrement whatsoever gives him the same feelings as a boy’s super-thickly white-diapered butt coated in smelly poop. Inevitably, he will resign himself to the more familiar and comfortable feelings that he has been getting from his diapers and other boys in diapers all along and thus, he will most often choose diapers as his outlet for his unbridled sexual feelings. Of course if he’s gay or destined to be gay this won’t affect him much sexually, but it will still remind him of how you Girls can and do like to dress. If he is sexually aroused by your skimpy attire, he will resign himself to never getting to experience sexual intercourse, at least not until he is an adult and able to act on his own free will.


If your brother appears to focus too much on Girls as his outlet for sexual feelings, remind him that these feelings should be spent on diapers instead. Put him into more diapers. Stick some more diaper pins in and surround him with pictures of himself and other boys in diapers if you think he is thinking about Girls instead. Let him know that Girls are completely off limits to him. Diapers are to be his one and only sexual outlet. Let him know that you are fully aware of his sexual feelings as a boy and that his masturbating in his diapers is the only way that he will be allowed to release these urges. However, you shouldn’t necessarily dress more modestly if you do this. Keep the temptation for him to stray from his diaper feelings out in the open to keep the sexual tension high.


If your brother requests privacy for when he masturbates, let him have it since you want him to get as much sexual gratification from his diapers as possible. However, do try to encourage him to allow you to watch or at least be present. He has so little to hide about himself as it is, and your skimpy attire will keep his sexual tension high until he has to let it go. If your brother has brothers, friends or boy cousins who wear diapers, encourage them to masturbate in their diapers, too.


If you don’t feel that presenting your own body as a means of building sexual tension in your brother is appropriate, invite your friends to fulfill this role.


Your Role As A Girl


Since you, the Girl, are obviously NOT the one who is wearing diapers, you can optimize your ways of emphasizing and exploiting these differences between yourself and your brother. You might think that being fully in charge of changing your brother’s diapers and ensuring that he stays in them and uses them at all times is enough. You might also think that being able to remain dressed throughout the day and wearing a much, much thinner amount of material around your waist, not to mention being able to use the toilet any time you need to use it, would clearly make the distinction that illustrates your idea of what makes boys and Girls different. You might relish the fact that you still enjoy many freedoms and choices that your brother does not have because he wears diapers. That is all true indeed. However, there are ways you can make these differences between you and your brother even more pronounced. It is your duty as a Deekerian Sister to constantly remind your brother of who he is and who you are, so you have a role of your own to fulfill in this all-important and ongoing objective.


Your Clothes


Since you don’t wear diapers, you have the choice to wear pants and shorts. Your brother is well aware of this. Make it a point to remind him of this. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go around him all the time and say “Ha ha! I got pants on and you don’t!” though this works well at the beginning. Wear pants or shorts that accent your absence of diapers. Tight-fitting jeans and shorts will make the contours and the cleft of your buttocks stand out. Just as your brother’s butt is the most prominent part of his body, he is going to look at your rear, too. Let him see that your pants conform to the shape of your derriere and that there is clearly nothing that bulges out from this point. Make him well aware of the fact that you can be trusted to wear so little over your backside and remain clean.


Boys who are approaching sexual maturity or are past this stage are naturally attracted to Girls and they find their rear ends to be attractive and will therefore stare at them. Since they are behind you where you can’t see where they are looking, boys will take advantage of this convenience that serves their hormones well. Girls know this and they use it to their advantage as well. They know that in a sexual sense their rear ends are not looked at as the part of their bodies from which feces emerge, but rather, as something that will make boys horny. So Girls will wear pants and shorts that accentuate this feature of their bodies.


What does this have to do with diapers and boys? It further differentiates the thoughts that he gets from looking at your ass from the thoughts that you get from looking at his butt. Also, by making yourself look more sexually attractive, this teases the boys and it may tempt them to deviate from their thoughts about diapers and instead think about sex. Once a boy comes to the realization that he can never get his diapers off in order to fulfill these thoughts, he will revert to thinking about the diapers to which his sexual feelings are far more attuned and he will channel his feelings that originated with thoughts about you back into his diapers.


Your Pants and Shorts


Your choice of whether to wear pants or shorts will likely depend on the weather, but other factors may influence this decision, too. Both garments serve to remind your brother of the fact that he cannot wear either them. Each has its advantages:


Pants: While this section mostly refers to jeans, khakis, capris, and sweatpants may also be considered as examples. Since pants have no place (literally and philosophically speaking in a Deekerian sense) on your brother, by contrast, on you they should send a clear and ever-present reminder to your brother that you wear pants because you can! Your pants demonstrate a strong impression of decency and modesty. Your legs are covered, his aren’t. Your legs are secure and protected from view; his legs are always exposed, whether or not he likes it.


If you wear jeans, they should either be blue or black with pockets on both sides. They should be tight, but comfortable. The idea is to show that your butt, covered as it may be, has no padding over it whatsoever. Visible panty lines will also make a point that this is all you are wearing beneath those pants, and beneath that is your clean ass. The jeans make a fashion statement, they have sex appeal, and most of all, you can wear them and your brother can’t! Remind him of the meaning of the phrase “she who wears the pants!”


The wearing of pants is so integral and essential to the Deekerian Sister ideal that the Deekerianism has an organization devoted to Deekerian Girls. The organization, appropriately enough, is called “Wear the Pants.” This organization’s logo and activities are featured in many of the Diaper Boy Drawings.


Every time you acquire a new pair of pants, take a moment to point out to your brother that you got NEW PANTS! Either wave them in his face before putting them on, or after putting them on, stick your ass in his face (to the point of making him think that you will fart) and make him see your NEW PANTS! This goes even further if your brother has gotten some new diapers at the same time.


Your Shorts


Shorts, which come in a variety of colors, fabrics and styles, serve the same purposes as long pants do, but they also provide additional benefits (and possible drawbacks) to you. If nothing else, they are more comfortable on hot summer days and provide additional freedom of leg movement for summertime activities, but many Girls know that guys like to look at Girls and their sexy legs in shorts, so they have an additional element of sex appeal. Cutoff jean shorts serve the best of both worlds and are considered to be the optimal style of shorts for the Deekerian Sister.


One possible drawback to wearing shorts is that by exposing your legs this puts you one level closer to your brother’s status as a diaper boy. It is your decision whether or not to abstain from wearing shorts due to this particular characteristic.


Your Fashion Conscience


Girls are vain and fashion conscious by nature. Use these naturally-born characteristics to your full advantage. Let your brother know about all the latest fashions that you are wearing, especially where your pants are concerned. Let him know that you have a choice of what to wear when you get dressed in the morning. Remind him of this point every time you do your laundry. To him, the concept of “getting dressed” should become foreign to him, since he is pretty much fully dressed by being in his diapers and nothing but his diapers, morning to night.


Your Swimsuits and Bikinis


If you really want to make your brother think a lot about himself as a diaper boy and his inability to keep his body clean, wear a swimsuit or a bikini around him, even if you don’t plan to go swimming or getting wet in the backyard. Swimsuits especially accentuate a Girl’s ass. Your brother, by virtue of being a boy, will look squarely at this part of your body and think about how you can and do so dutifully keep this area so clean and be able to nearly show it off bare. He knows that he would never be able to do this himself if he wanted to. Swimsuits are also a good way to increase the tension in sexually mature boys only for them to fall back on their tried-and-true feelings about diapers.


Your Underwear


Whether or not you choose to conspicuously wear your underwear in the presence of your brother, one thing is important: DO NOT WEAR PLAIN WHITE UNDERWEAR! Even though your underwear is thinner and lower-rising than a boy’s tighty whities, it is still highly advised that you do not wear plain white underwear, as it might vaguely resemble a diaper, however minimal this resemblance may be. If you must wear white underwear, then use this to your advantage and make sure to point out to your brother the lack of skidmarks in your underwear as evidence of your impeccable wiping skills. Even if it is not plain white underwear, be sure to do drive this point home with your brother if you are inclined to allow your brother to see you in your underwear in the first place. If you are not inclined to let your brother see you in your underwear you should at least show him your panties before throwing them in the wash. For extra good measure and an added bonus, make him sniff them.


To Expose or Not Expose Your Underwear


There are two distinct schools of thought in Deekerianism with regards to Girls allowing their brothers to see them in their underwear. Choose whichever school of thought best appeals to you:


Not exposed: This is the traditional Deekerian stance on Girls exposing their underwear to the eyes of their brothers. Traditional Deekerianism dictates that a Girl should always remain modest and decent in her attire. By remaining dressed she shows her brothers that she is mature and responsible enough to have earned her right to wear clothes, particularly pants. By not wearing proper pants she is greatly compromising her dignity and approaching the status of her brother. Her brother is in his underwear, too, by being in his diapers (especially if his diapers are in the form of multiple underpants). Having pants on distinguishes the Girl from her brother, whose lack of pants symbolize his lack of maturity and responsibility.


Exposed: Progressive Deekerianism dictates that a Girl should allow her brothers to see her in her underwear at times. By doing so, the purposes fulfilled are threefold:


(1)     This gives her the opportunity to show her brother how she practices proper posterior hygiene. He can only assume and take the Girl’s word for it that her ass is clean when she has pants on, but allowing him to see for himself how well she wipes after a bowel movement sends the intended message.

(2)     Her brother can see for himself how much different his Sister’s underwear is from his diapers. He will notice how thin the single layer of fabric is, thin enough for the skin tone to show through, in fact. He will compare this to the multitude of thick layers of cotton that comprise his diapers which could be several inches thick. The volume of fabric in his diapers in comparison to his Sister’s underwear is hundreds of times greater. He will notice the narrow, low-tension waistband and compare this to the strong, tight waistbands of his plastic pants, or the wide, striped elastic waistbands of his multiple briefs. He will notice how her panties barely come up to her waist and may even leave the uppermost portion of her butt cleavage exposed. In comparison, his diapers dominate his torso and go up over his stomach in the front and go even higher in the rear. No way could he hide such diapers from view with pants on, not that he ever wears pants over such diapers. He will notice the lack of skidmarks in the seat of her underwear and he may want to take a closer look just to be sure (let him and encourage him to do this, in fact), and of course, the fact that she can wear underwear in a variety of colors and styles, of which plain white is not one of them as this is a key characteristic of his diapers.

(3)     By being almost naked, her brother will naturally become sexually aroused, forgetting that this Girl is his Sister. As mentioned earlier, if the Girl presenting her body in such a manner as to evoke erotic feelings in her brother seems inappropriate, her friends are invited and encouraged to fill this role in her place.


Even if you do choose to let your brother see you in your underwear for the reasons listed above, you should only do so sparingly, such as at night when you are getting ready to go to bed. He should still see that you do regularly wear pants and that you wear them for the reasons stated above.


Types of Girls’ Underwear


As with pants, shorts and other articles of clothing for Girls, there are several choices of styles when it comes to underwear. Choose the style that best suits you and the intentions you have with regards to Deekerian practices.


Panties: These are the traditional Girls’ underwear. Sometimes they are called briefs, but Deekerianism is hesitant to call them this, as this term is reserved for boys’ tighty whities. They come in a variety of colors and patterns. They are usually made from a thin cotton material and rise up high enough to provide comfort when worn beneath pants but not so high that they are likely to show above the pants. They are best suited for times when a Girl is having her period and is wearing the appropriate protection. Such panties in recent times have come to be known as “granny panties”, which is a pejorative term (as “tighty whities”, sadly, has become a derogatory moniker for traditional boys’ briefs). Don’t let this discourage you from wearing them if they are comfortable and send the intended message to your brothers.


Low-rise panties: These are similar to traditional full-rise panties, but they are cut to expose more of the body. These are ideal for Girls who adhere to the progressive school of thought in Deekerianism that allows for exposure of her underwear to her brothers. They are an ideal compromise for the Girl who is reluctant to wear “granny panties” but is also reluctant to wear a thong that would leave 95% of her ass exposed.


Thongs: These are very small and skimpy panties for Girls who are not afraid to show it all (almost all of it, anyway). They are sometimes referred to as “G-strings” or “butt floss” (though in Deekerian parlance they should be called “ass floss.”) They are available in sizes small enough for preteen Girls to wear. They also make them for large and fat Girls and every size in between, and such large Girls should not be afraid to wear them just because they are fat. They are for Girls who are confident about their bodies and wish to wear underwear with a serious attitude. While most Girls who choose to wear thongs wear them either for comfort, to avoid having panty lines, or for sex appeal, they serve a distinctly Deekerian purpose of ultimately showing boys how Girls keep their asses wiped clean, plus the added benefit of inducing sexual tension where and when appropriate. Because the idea is for others (mainly your brothers) to see them and your nearly naked ass and its cleanliness, the progressive school of thought in Deekerianism that allows for exposure of her underwear to her brothers. For best results, wear black thongs as they are the most opposite in color from boys’ white diapers, as well as in size and volume of fabric used. Other colors are acceptable, but do avoid wearing white thongs at all costs.


Because thongs are such an integral part of the Deekerian canon, you are invited and encouraged to participate in Deeker’s Survey for Girls Who Wear Thongs.


Going Naked


If you’re willing to almost bare it all in a thong, then what is to stop you from going all the way? Other than “that time of the month”, if you feel completely uninhibited, show your brother what it means to be clean.


Your Sleepwear


Just as you get dressed in the morning, at night you get ready for bed. To your brother, this activity of “getting ready for bed” is not applicable to him. Your brother’s “sleepwear” is the same as his daywear, diapers! In theory, he’s “ready for bed” at any time of the day. You, however, have a choice here as well, and you should wear pajamas for the same reasons you wear pants or shorts in the daytime.  Alternatively, you can wear a nightshirt (sometimes called dorm shirts), which drape down over your body. If you are comfortable with wearing underwear around your brother at night, this is your choice depending on how you feel towards this. You could also simply remain fully dressed until it is time for you to get ready for bed, especially if you sleep in your underwear or sleep nude. (You’d NEVER let a boy sleep naked, now would you?!)


Shirts, Socks, and Bras


At this time there are no Deekerian guidelines set in place for Girls wearing shirts, socks or bras. Shirts, like the shirts your brother may wear, can be worn to display messages to express your feelings about your brother and his diapers.


Securing the Bathroom and the Toilet


You might think that it is a good idea to lock the bathroom so that your brother cannot go in there to use the toilet. If you diaper him thickly enough and use lots of pins in his diapers, then his diapers serve as their own security and he will have no access to the toilet anyway. Remember that he still has to enter the bathroom to brush his teeth and take his baths/showers. It may be necessary for you to stand outside the bathroom door while it is open and make sure he doesn’t try using the toilet during the first few weeks of his being diapered, but once he gets used to the diapers and becomes fully incontinent he will not have any desire for using the toilet.


Even if you do use lots of diaper pins on your brother’s diapers, it is still a good idea to take extra measures to secure the bathroom and restrict your brother’s access to it. Here are a couple options:


  1. Replace the existing knob with one that is locked with an actual key. Most household bathroom doors have a lock that can be overridden with that little hole that one can insert a toothpick into or some such other apparatus.


  1. For a more visually effective method that shows your brother how serious you are about locking the bathroom and keeping him away from the toilet, install a padlock with a hasp on the outside of the door. This will serve as a constant reminder to him that he is not allowed in the bathroom every time he walks past that closed door. For maximum results, use the largest lock you can find (Home Depot and Lowe’s carry a nice selection of industrial-strength locks), and use several of them. If the door is not a heavy, solid door, replace it with one that is.


A key lock is recommended as bearing a key will send a strong message that a combination lock may not, as this will be discussed in detail below. Most padlocks are sold with two or more keys. One set will go to your parents; the other set belongs to you and your Sisters, if any.


If you’re really serious about sending your brother a strong message about his banishment from the bathroom— specifically the toilet— you may wish to add some additional security measures to the toilet itself. Consider bolting some lengths of chains into the floor. Use lengths of chain (at least four) that are just long enough to converge at the center of the toilet’s lid. Ensure that the chains leave no slack when drawn up from the floor and onto the toilet’s lid. Attach one or more locks to these chains at their convergence point.


If your brother is locked out of the bathroom anyway you may see that this extra measure is not necessary, but there will be times when he will be in the bathroom for baths, showers and other matters of hygiene for which he will still be responsible by himself, so at some point he will see the toilet. Have him see that the toilet is fully off limits to him!


If bolting chains to the bathroom floor is not practical or desired, consider constructing an enclosure around the toilet. Include a locking door with this enclosure.


If you are concerned about extra locks delaying your access to the toilet, it is important to plan extra time when you have to use the bathroom. Do not risk overdoing it on the security at the risk of possibly having an accident yourself! At best, this would send a very fundamentally wrong message to your brother should he ever learn of such a horrific incident.




Handling Keys


As mentioned above, key locks are recommended over the use of combination locks. Combination locks take longer to open, especially if more than one attempt is needed to open it (and don’t you know all too well how often this happens in school when you’re running late for class), and having as quick of access as possible to the bathroom available to you is of paramount importance. Consider the fact that your friends, babysitters, female cousins and all other Girls who are guests will need to use the bathroom, too. It’s easier to give them your keys than to expect them to memorize a combination they will only need when they are visiting your house. Also, if your brother should happen to learn what the combination is, you might as well relieve that lock of its now ineffectual duty as a security implement and put that lock to use as a paperweight and go buy another one.


Not only are keys more convenient for you and for your female guests, but they can send an additional conspicuous message to your brother. Every time he sees you handling those keys and hearing them jingle against other keys, he will always be reminded of his permanent Diaper Boy status. Every time you lock the bathroom door, if your brother is present, make him watch you lock the door. Make sure he hears the shackles snap into place. When you are finished with the keys, stick them deep down into your rear pants pocket, as far as they will go. This is important for three reasons:


  1. He will see the keys themselves and be reminded of their purpose as described above
  2. He will be reminded of the fact that you have pants on in the first place and therefore a pocket into which to place the keys.
  3. He will be focused on your rear end and be reminded of how clean you keep it and that you do not need to pad it up with thick diapers like he does.


By sticking the keys all the way down to the bottom of your pants pocket, not only will this obviously make it too difficult for him to try retrieving them, but it will also prolong the show that you put on for him.


If you use padlocks, it is very important to stress this: take the locks into the bathroom with you! If you leave the locks on the outside of the door while you’re on the toilet, your brother has access to them. He could do any number of things with them, such as discarding them, or worse, fastening them while you are in the bathroom, thereby locking you in.


When you leave the house, always take your keys with you! The only exception to this would be if you have other Sisters who do not have keys of their own, or if you and your parents use the same keys. At night be sure to leave the keys where you and any other Girls (Sisters or guests) can have easy access to them, but not your brother. Applying similar additional security measures to your bedroom door as described above are recommended for this reason. If you do use padlocks on your bedroom door, remember, install them on the inside of your bedroom. On the other hand, if doing so would pose a hazard in the event of a fire, then do not apply these security measures to your bedroom door.


Be sure to educate all of your friends and any other Girl guests on the handling of keys and having access to the bathroom.


Odds and Ends




Just as you can use pictures of diapered boys from the Internet to remind your brother of his existence as a boy, there is also an abundance of pictures of Girls on the Internet, modeling everything from swimwear to jeans. These pictures are perfectly legal and are not in any way pornographic. Many of these pictures can be found on modeling sites. Encourage your brother to look at these pictures, too, as they will also serve as a strong reminder to him how little clothing Girls can wear, something that they could never do if they had to wear diapers.


Modesty and Privacy


Modesty is a one-way street when it comes to how open you are about letting your brother see you in compromising states of dress, versus how you see him in his diapers. Your brother’s sense of modesty should be completely eradicated once he has become accustomed to you seeing him in his diapers. As suggested earlier, he doesn’t even need the door to his bedroom. It’s not like he should be afraid of you barging in on him while he’s in his underwear. When you think about it, he’s ALWAYS IN HIS UNDERWEAR! You see him naked when you change his diapers, so there is no such thing as modesty as far as he is concerned. Your brother may have some other privacy concerns, however, which will be addressed further down.


As for you, the Girl, modesty should be irreciprocal, that is, he should still respect your privacy, but you need not respect his, at least as far as seeing him in his diapers is concerned. Even though you see him in his “underwear” all the time, you shouldn’t let him see you in yours. Always wear pants or shorts in the daytime, and wear pajamas or at least a night shirt at night. Don’t ever let him see you naked, either. To do this only moves you closer to being on an equal plane with him. By only letting him see you in decent clothing, this further differentiates you from your brother and the fact that he has to wear nothing but his diapers all the time.


His Privacy (or lack Thereof)


It has been mentioned that your brother has no need for modesty since he’s always in his diapers, and when he is not, he is naked because you are changing his diaper, and that he probably doesn’t even need the door to his bedroom. If he is sexually mature he is likely going to engage in masturbation frequently. He will likely want privacy for this. Even though you are fully aware that he does this and what he thinks about when he does it, he will likely want to have his bedroom available to him as a safe haven where he can explore these thoughts about his diapers and act upon them in private. Perhaps you will want to leave the door up for this. The more he is allowed to explore his feelings for diapers, the more he will bond with his diapers.


His Friends and Other Boys


If your brother invites any of his friends over, insist that they, too, must strip off their pants and allow you to diaper them. If they cannot or will not do this they will not be allowed into your house. Lock away their pants and do not give them back until they are ready to leave. If they are staying over for a sleepover, remind them of all the rules for boys. If your brother loses friends to his diapers then he needs to find friends who are willing to join him in his diapers.

aper your brother.




Home-schooling is an option that most families do not have, but if your family is fortunate enough to have your boys educated at home, do it. Kids at a public school would tease him mercilessly and his social development would suffer. By home-schooling him, he won’t be exposed to other kids, and most of all, he won’t have to ever get dressed to go to school. His diapers will be the required dress code. If he does go to public school, he’s out of your domain at this point, so diapering techniques and enforcement will be left to the discretion of others.


Survey Request


Please take a moment to fill out the Survey for Sisters of Diapered Boys. The questions asked there will help me to gain a greater understanding of what goes on in the households of families whose boys wear diapers and are changed by their sisters.


Closing Thoughts


It is my hope that you have gained a considerable amount of understanding towards boys and the need for them to be in diapers all the time. I hope you have learned how you can use diapers on your brother to your utmost advantage so that you can assert your superiority as a Girl and at the same time take pleasure in observing boys using and enjoying their diapers. It can and should be a most satisfying and rewarding experience for you. I hope this article has given you the guidance to make the most of keeping boys in diapers and defining their mere existence to be entirely based on their need for diapers. Best of luck to you. May all your brothers be DIAPERED!




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