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A- Post-toddler (4-8)R- Sisters
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C- Teen (13-17)T- Masturbation
D- Adult (18+)U- Sexual situations
E- Cloth diapersV- Gay
F- Disposable diapersW- Erections
G- PeeX- Bedwetting
H- PoopY- Accidents
I- Exposed diapers/PantslessnessZ- Punishment/Diaper Discipline
J- Multiple diapers1- Female Domination
K- White diapers2- Enemas
L- Mother3- Restraints
M- Father4- Crying
N- Aunt5- Spanking
O- Uncle6- Humiliation
P- Brothers (diapered)7- Babying
Q- Brothers (not diapered)8- Regression
 9- Baby Paraphernalia

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Are you pantsless at home while in diapers? Always Usually Sometimes Rarely Never I do not wear diapers
I was often in diapers and pantsless as a boy (ages 12 and under)
How do you use your diapers? Pee Poop
How many older sisters do you have (boys only)? None One Two Three More than three
How many younger sisters do you have? (boys only) None One Two Three More than three

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