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Updated on October 18, 2009

New Set: #139

Each set contains 30 GIF files unless otherwise noted. The files may either be downloaded individually via the Set Number links or they may be downloaded in batches via ZIP files. A thumbnail (contact sheet) is provided for each set. An alphabetical listing of all the files (with links to each file) is also provided for reference.

There are NO sexually explicit scenes depicted in any of these drawings!

Got an idea for a caption or dialog for any drawings? Submit it here!

Please also take a moment to read my article About the Diaper Boy Drawings.

Please note that the first few sets of drawings were created when I was experimenting with newly discovered ways to make these drawings. The first drawings are crude and primitive compared to the sets that follow, which contain more detail and are drawn at higher resolutions. This is why the sets are listed in descending order, starting with the newer sets at the top of the list.

And finally, please take a moment to participate in the Diaper Boy Drawings Mini Survey.

Alphabetical File List

ThumbnailsZip files
139ThumbnailsZip file (1,694K)
138ThumbnailsZip file (1,543K)
137ThumbnailsZip file (1,687K)
136ThumbnailsZip file (1,242K)
135ThumbnailsZip file (1,483K)
134ThumbnailsZip file (1,245K)
133ThumbnailsZip file (1,543K)
132ThumbnailsZip file (1,520K)
131ThumbnailsZip file (1,423K)
130ThumbnailsZip file (1,249K)
129ThumbnailsZip file (1,397K)
128ThumbnailsZip file (1,458K)
127ThumbnailsZip file (1,312K)
126ThumbnailsZip file (1,336K)
125ThumbnailsZip file (1,376K)
124ThumbnailsZip file (1,582K)
123ThumbnailsZip file (2,029K)
122ThumbnailsZip file (1,985K)
121ThumbnailsZip file (1,902K)
120ThumbnailsZip file (1,674K)
119ThumbnailsZip file (1,823K)
118ThumbnailsZip file (1,452K)
117ThumbnailsZip file (1,818K)
116ThumbnailsZip file (1,839K)
115ThumbnailsZip file (2,259K)
114ThumbnailsZip file (1,450K)
113ThumbnailsZip file (1,083K)
112ThumbnailsZip file (1,242K)
111ThumbnailsZip file (1,693K)
110ThumbnailsZip file (1,394K)
109ThumbnailsZip file (1,735K)
108ThumbnailsZip file (1,089K)
107ThumbnailsZip file (911K)
106ThumbnailsZip file (1,211K)
105ThumbnailsZip file (1,027K)
104ThumbnailsZip file (994K)
103ThumbnailsZip file (983K)
102ThumbnailsZip file (897K)
101ThumbnailsZip file (739K)
100ThumbnailsZip file (792K)
099ThumbnailsZip file (980K)
098ThumbnailsZip file (916K)
097ThumbnailsZip file (961K)
096ThumbnailsZip file (986K)
095ThumbnailsZip file (945K)
094ThumbnailsZip file (900K)
093ThumbnailsZip file (894K)
092ThumbnailsZip file (977K)
091ThumbnailsZip file (955K)
090ThumbnailsZip file (1,089K)
089ThumbnailsZip file (868K)
088ThumbnailsZip file (1,005K)
087ThumbnailsZip file (1,168K)
086ThumbnailsZip file (914K)
085ThumbnailsZip file (1,111K)
084ThumbnailsZip file (929K)
083ThumbnailsZip file (969K)
082ThumbnailsZip file (893K)
081ThumbnailsZip file (991K)
080ThumbnailsZip file (949K)
079ThumbnailsZip file (958K)
078ThumbnailsZip file (897K)
077ThumbnailsZip file (818K)
076ThumbnailsZip file (773K)
075ThumbnailsZip file (771K)
074ThumbnailsZip file (820K)
073ThumbnailsZip file (770K)
072ThumbnailsZip file (829K)
071ThumbnailsZip file (795K)
070ThumbnailsZip file (829K)
069ThumbnailsZip file (767K)
068ThumbnailsZip file (684K)
067ThumbnailsZip file (802K)
066ThumbnailsZip file (868K)
065ThumbnailsZip file (759K)
064ThumbnailsZip file (822K)
063ThumbnailsZip file (856K)
062ThumbnailsZip file (729K)
061ThumbnailsZip file (697K)
060ThumbnailsZip file (557K)
059ThumbnailsZip file (695K)
058ThumbnailsZip file (799K)
057ThumbnailsZip file (845K)
056ThumbnailsZip file (812K)
055ThumbnailsZip file (783K)
054ThumbnailsZip file (1019K)
053ThumbnailsZip file (788K)
052ThumbnailsZip file (987K)
051ThumbnailsZip file (753K)
050ThumbnailsZip file (807K)
049ThumbnailsZip file (863K)
048ThumbnailsZip file (714K)
047ThumbnailsZip file (751K)
046ThumbnailsZip file (714K)
045ThumbnailsZip file (640K)
044ThumbnailsZip file (622K)
043ThumbnailsZip file (674K)
042ThumbnailsZip file (688K)
041ThumbnailsZip file (844K)
040ThumbnailsZip file (546K)
039ThumbnailsZip file (640K)
038ThumbnailsZip file (634K)
037*ThumbnailsZip file (671K)
036ThumbnailsZip file (571K)
035ThumbnailsZip file (617K)
034ThumbnailsZip file (622K)
033ThumbnailsZip file (644K)
032ThumbnailsZip file (522K)
031ThumbnailsZip file (1102K)
030ThumbnailsZip file (763K)
029ThumbnailsZip file (610K)
028ThumbnailsZip file (654K)
027ThumbnailsZip file (604K)
026ThumbnailsZip file (596K)
025*ThumbnailsZip file (477K)
024ThumbnailsZip file (490K)
023ThumbnailsZip file (507K)
022ThumbnailsZip file (619K)
021ThumbnailsZip file (552K)
020ThumbnailsZip file (1106K)
019ThumbnailsZip file (606K)
018ThumbnailsZip file (784K)
017ThumbnailsZip file (530K)
016ThumbnailsZip file (465K)
015ThumbnailsZip file (758K)
014ThumbnailsZip file (669K)
013ThumbnailsZip file (451K)
012ThumbnailsZip file (636K)
011ThumbnailsZip file (513K)
010ThumbnailsZip file (386K)
009*ThumbnailsZip file (305K)
008ThumbnailsZip file (362K)
007ThumbnailsZip file (342K)
006ThumbnailsZip file (292K)
005ThumbnailsZip file (254K)
004ThumbnailsZip file (418K)
003ThumbnailsZip file (274K)
002ThumbnailsZip file (309K)
001ThumbnailsZip file (334K)

*Set contains 29 images
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