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Deeker's Message of the Week

July 19, 2009

New 4.0 Surveys are Here!

All of the main surveys have been revamped and are now online! There were several reasons, and therefore, objectives, to accomplish as I toiled steadily and at times painstakingly on this significant undertaking for over the past two months or so. Since each survey was included in the overhaul (except for the Diaper Ratings Survey), they have all been assigned with the version number 4.0. Because each survey was developed from the same template, this will make modifying the surveys and adding new surveys (several of which are planned) easier.

The objectives sought were as follows:

  • Place a greater emphasis on core Deekerian principles.
  • Eliminate questions that were deemed to be of little importance or significance towards Deekerian principles.
  • Simplify the structure of questions that were previously expanded to include unlikely possibilities.
  • Simplify questions based on variances amongst several different members of a group (e.g. brothers in a family) and making them into general-answer responses that would be more likely to be applicable to all members of a group (e.g. all the diaper-wearing boys in a family likely wear the same kinds of diapers and wear them and use them in a similar fashion to one another).
  • Questions with too many possible answers and too many possible different interpretations were converted to essay-style, or fill-in-the-blank questions.
  • More fill-in-the-blank questions were added in order to seek information that would not be as easy to collect from a pre-defined list of answer choices.
  • Arrange answer choices so that the choices favoring the Deekerian ideal are listed first where applicable.
  • Write a detailed guide explaining the purpose of each question, answer choices provided and for clarification of answer choices where ambiguity may arise (these guides are not yet available but do have placeholders from the links).
There were also a number of internal changes that may or may not be readily apparent to the end user, but were of a significant benefit to me as this made developing the newest versions of these surveys to be easier. Such changes include:
  • Descriptive field names using words; the old surveys used numbers.
  • Easier methods of importing data into Microsoft Excel.
  • Designed each survey from the same template, thereby standardizing the layout and the process of development of each form, response page, index page and summary page,
  • Establish standard filename conventions for consistency, thereby reducing frequency of 404 "not found" errors.

One other item to note is that The "Diaper Discipline" survey has now been renamed to the "Diaper Punishment" survey. The word "punishment" was chosen in favor of "discipline" to place a greater emphasis on the consequences of negative reinforcement that arise from misbehavior that results in the use of diapers as a strictly punitive measure. The word "discipline" was deemed to connote a sense of "conditioning" with the intent to attain a particular objective, and also because the realm of "discipline" also includes praise and positive recognition and positive reinforcement.

The Diaper Ratings survey is not currently available, but a 4.0 version of it is in the works. Several other surveys are also proposed for addition using the standardized templates of the 4.0 survey model.

The surveys currently online and ready for your responses are as follows:

If you have already participated in previous versions of the surveys you are invited and encouraged to participate in the latest incarnation. Many new questions with a greater focus on the themes of this web site have been added and/or modified, particularly to the Adult, Punishment and Babysitter surveys which had been relatively short in comparison to the others.

Because of the amount of time I have spent on this gargantuan project of most epic proportions (my apologies to those of you who have written me emails and are awaiting my replies, the responses to the old surveys have been piling up, so I wish to gather the final responses received and get them posted. If all goes well in the following week they will be posted.

Have fun, everyone!

* * * * *

Have a good week, everyone! Stay happily and thickly diapered!

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