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Deeker's Message of the Week

March 29, 2009

March 22 QOTWs to Remain Posted

Since the QOTW was essentially split into two separate questions, this reduced the number of responses each has received, so in order to collect enough responses to produce meaningful data I am going to leave them up for another week.

The Question of the Week features two separate but related questions this week:

While I am personally more interested in how sisters are or were involved in matters pertaining to their brothers' diapers, I realized that it would not be fair to exclude those who do not have sisters, so I created a nearly identical QOTW, but for those who only have brothers. I am also considering creating brother-centric versions of QOTWs that had been only created with sisters in mind.

New Survey for Diaper Boy Drawings

Each set of the Diaper Boy Drawings has its own survey. For each page you can indicate which drawings you like via a checkbox for each image, and you can leave comments for each specific image. There are also questions below to share information on how, when, where, why and around whom you wear diapers. I may post the responses to these surveys if I get enough of them to warrant doing so.

Ask Deeker A Question

If you have ever wanted to ask me something but were afraid of doing so or had other reasons not to ask in an email, here is your chance! I am open to answering a variety of questions (including off-topic). The lists below are suggestions but are not necessarily limitations on the scope of questions I will answer (or will not answer).

Diaper-related questions may include:

  • My feelings about diapers
  • My history and experiences with diapers/multiple underpants
  • My feelings about boys vs. girls and their roles where diapers are concerned
  • People I have met and/or emailed
  • Questions about the web site
  • Advice (my expertise may limit me here)
  • A Question of the Week you would like to have seen my answer on.

Semi-related topics include:

  • Underwear (especially tighty whities)
  • Sexuality (e.g. masturbation, dealing with puberty)
  • Nudity/modesty
  • Childhood perceptions and ideas while growing up

Off-topic questions may include:

  • Music, movies, pop culture in general
  • School
  • Work
  • Pets (especially cats)
  • Food
  • Leisurely activities
  • Places I have been
  • Things I think about
  • Universal gripes (e.g. bad drivers, telemarketers)
  • Everyday matters

Please do not ask me questions pertaining to:

  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Sports (I have no interest in this area)
  • Highly controversial affairs (e.g. abortion)
  • Questions that are critical of or insulting towards me and/or the web site
  • Questions you could just as easily have answered for yourself via Google or Wikipedia
  • Questions that would require me to divulge private information about myself or others

Five question blanks are provided so that if you have multiple questions you can submit them at all once.

While I will not reply via email, I will post selected responses to the questions I deem to be worthy of my time to answer and would be of interest to the general readership. Responses will be posted the following Sunday.

* * * * *

Have a good week, everyone! Stay happily and thickly diapered!

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