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Deeker's Message of the Week

January 6, 2008

Story Updates Postponed

Since I only received three story submissions this past week I felt this was a good time to postpone the story updates while I work on other projects related to the web site. For those of you who submitted stories, I say "thank you" as always, and I offer my sincere apologies for not getting your writings up on the site. I will post them next week.

In the meantime, as we go into a new year, as part of my big end-of-the-year work, I took an inventory of the things I've been meaning to get at these past few months. I have quite an extensive backlog of projects to get caught up on. It's quite an impressive laundry list of projects that will surely keep me busy for awhile. In no particular order (and not a complete list, I might add), they are as follows:

  • Finish tabulating the story ratings received to date and add them to the story listings. The infrastructure for this task is in place. This in and of itself was a big project with much testing and development involved.
  • Tabulate the results of last week's Poll regarding Discontinued Stories.
  • Add all the old QOTW forms to the site, going back to the very first one. I have worked on this project off and on as time has allowed.
  • Add all the responses received to the old QOTWs to the results.
  • Revamp the surveys (eliminate questions deemed insignificant re-arrange order, change wording, etc.), make corrections.
  • Update the Diaper Boy Drawings index page to include thumbnails and detailed descriptions of each image. So far I am about 30% done on this one. Also fix some bad links Ive been meaning to get at for awhile.
  • Update the links, story ideas and other areas that tend to get relegated to the back burner in favor of more pressing priorities.
  • Re-organize the Diaper Song Lyrics page and add some new items I came up with during idle times, rare as they are for me.
  • Get the Tighty Whities Survey for Girls ready to post results. I got the results ready for the Survey for Girls Who Wear Thongs (Around Diapered Boys) done today, yipee! More on this down below.
In the meantime I will get everyone's emails answered in a timely manner and find time to work on my own stories, including Forever in Diapers. If you see any other sections of the site that could use some sweeping up, please let me know.

Discontinued Stories Poll

Thanks to everyone (133 of you so far as of press time) who has responded to the Discontinued Stories Poll posted in last week's MOTW. As I mentioned above, I still need to tabulate the results to determine what the best course of action is to take in regards to handling the ever-growing list of unfinished stories.

If You Have had Trouble Using the Forms on this Site, Please Read!

For a long time (over the past several years) I received emails from people telling me that they were having trouble using the various forms throughout the site, most notably getting a page that says "Bad Referrers" error or something to that effect. Unable to supply these gentle souls with some guidance and assurance that all is well in Deekerland, this problem baffled me for the longest time. When people wishing to submit ratings for the stories reported this perplexing problem, complete with providing me links to the stories in question, it was there that the rub had been finally found! Here's what was going on:

Some of you, perhaps a lot of you, were simply entering in your browsers, without the "www" part. From here you could still get to the page and get to all the goodies therein. Any link that used a relative locator reference would appear as without the "www" part. Using any form that was accessed without having a "www" in the path would result in the aforementioned error screen.

Upon discovery of this bothersome snafu, I changed all the paths on the front page to absolute paths, complete with the all-essential "www". The site itself has also been updated so that entering will re-direct to the proper URL with the "www" in it.

What this means to a lot of you is that if you have wanted to submit survey responses, QOTWs, stories or other items, but have not been able to do it, now you should be able to without any problems.

Thong Survey Results Posted

At long last I am pleased to report that the first few responses from the Survey for Girls Who Wear Thongs (Around Diapered Boys) are now posted. In going through the data I discovered that not all of it made it to me due to some technical problems overlooked on the form, which would explain why the last half of the questions appear to have not been answered by anyone. This problem has since been fixed.

Story Ratings Update

As many of you know, the stories now have a ratings form at the bottom of each one (multi-file stories have the form on the index page). So far I am up to H in the Contributed Stories and I hope to have the rest done by the end of the week. Now that all the bugs have been worked out of the system the whole process should go smoothly from this point forward.

While many of you have submitted your responses and have kindly offered your comments, because of the way my system is set up, I cannot use a good portion of the responses that I am receiving because there is no actual rating given (the number from 1 to 4). I can only validate responses that include a rating; all others will be discarded and the results not displayed. In the meantime, keep 'em coming (be sure to click one of the numbers!) and pretty soon I should have the data ready for everyone's viewing pleasure.

* * * * *

Have a good week, everyone! Stay happily and thickly diapered!

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