Forever in Diapers

Updated on March 1, 2009

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"Forever in Diapers" is the sequel to Diaper Desires. In this story the action fast forwards three years to when the story's main character, Chris Barrett, is twelve years old, a time in his life where his diaper desires come to be fully manifested. After having been in diapers for the past three years, Chris' desire to wear diapers has grown into a full-blown, all-consuming obsession where Chris indulges in his extreme diaper fetish with every possible opportunity available to him. It's a good thing for Chris that he loves to wear diapers, for he no longer has a choice as his prolonged diaper wearing has resulted in a complete and nearly irreversible loss of his bladder and bowel control. At the age of twelve, Chris is entering into puberty and he is coming to realize the powerful underlying basis of these strong feelings that he has had about diapers and his boyhood ever since he was old enough to understand that he would rather wear diapers than use a toilet.

To assist readers who have not yet read "Diaper Desires" in understanding the characters and the activity going on in the story, the introduction to "Forever in Diapers" picks up where "Diaper Desires" leaves off, a couple months before Chris' ninth birthday. This also eases the transition of the three-year time- shift into the story itself.

In "Forever in Diapers", Chris seeks to continually satisfy his voracious appetite for enjoying diapers. Everything from school to summer camp, even an opportunity to appear in a nationally distributed series of advertisements for diapers marketed for older boys, all become part of the long series of fun and exciting adventures that Chris encounters upon realizing that his life is destined to be devoted to diapers. Not only does Chris seek to fulfill his own diaper desires, but he also sets out on a mission to help other boys to indulge in the pleasures that only diapers can bring. Throughout the story Chris meets several other boys, some of whom he further influences, who also share in his dedication to his diaper fetish. These boys, along with other boys throughout the nation band together to form a club committed to promoting diapers to boys as an alternative to being toilet trained. How far Chris takes his diaper desires can only be determined by his own quest to seek the highest extremity to which diaper fetishism can be carried out. To Chris, this quest is infinite.

This story is dedicated to my dear late friend Kolby, whose love for this story and his inspiration for its continuation shall be forever preserved and his legacy remembered.

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