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Deeker's Message of the Week

September 14, 2003

New Server To Allow for Expansion of This Web Site

With the help of my friend who has moved in with me, he has set up my old computer system (200MHz, 64MB RAM, 10 GB hard drive) which I acquired second-hand in 1997, to now work as a server. My DSL connection speed has been upgraded so that it will allow for sufficient bandwidth to accommodate the expected traffic. A router has also been set up along with a LAN, which allows for connecting the server as well as my existing workstation, where I do all of my web site editing. In addition, his own workstation is also connected via a 50-foot LAN cable that runs to the upstairs. I'm quite proud of the setup and the work he has done.

I do want to be cautious and not make any projections as to if or when everything will be done (please do not email me and ask me when something is going to happen because I am often busy and I just don't know when, sorry), but my eventual goal is to migrate my web site in phases from its existing location, where it is currently being hosted in Virginia, to my own server right in my own living room. Making this move will not only give me greater control over my web site, but with several gigabytes of space available I can significantly expand the content of the site. No longer will it be necessary to archive older files in zip files or post files on a rotating basis.

All Diaper Boy Drawings Now Online!

As the first phase of expanding the web site's content and migrating its contents over to the new server, I have posted all of my Diaper Boy Drawings. They are available both as individual downloads and as zipped files in sets of 30 as I had done previously in the rotating gallery. All of the contact sheets (thumbnails) are also available.

Because of this first addition to the new server, it is no longer necessary to offer the drawing sets via email. Therefore, this service has been discontinued. Those of you already on the list of recipients for the drawings will continue to receive the remaining sets of drawings via email unless you indicate to me otherwise that you would prefer to obtain them from the web site instead and no longer receive them via email.

The entire collection to date has been posted (over 1800 pictures!), which currently includes 60 complete sets and set #61, which is currently in progress. Zipped files for incomplete sets will not be posted until that set in progress has been completed. New files will be added individually each week. In other words, you will not need to wait until a new set has been completed before the pictures to be contained in it are posted. New drawings will be specially labeled so that you will know which ones they are.

Lastly, keep in mind that this expansion and migration is in a developmental phase, therefore it is possible that some problems may be encountered. If you do experience any problems, such as missing files or slow loads, please let me know and I will do my best to resolve them in a timely manner.

More Codes Added In Story Archive

More story codes have been added to the Story Archive page. So far 72 of the stories have been done. There is much more to be done still, but this is a good start. I appreciate his current and forthcoming efforts to generously assist me in completing this project.

Top Ten Story Downloads for Week of 09/07/03 to 09/13/03

1Diapers Downstairs Contributed Stories1679
2It's Happening Again Contributed Stories1522
3Andrew True Accounts1267
4Jere True Accounts1242
5Tommy Contributed Stories637
6Forever in Diapers Deeker's Stories389
7Me And My Teenage Girlfriend BabysittersContributed Stories228
7 (tie)Aunt MandyContributed Stories228
8When You Really Regress With DiapersContributed Stories199
9The VisitorContributed Stories159
10The Brady Boys In Bunches of DiapersContributed Stories148

* * * * *

Stay happy and thickly diapered!

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