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Archived Stories

Updated on March 23, 2003

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Psychological Remedies74K 

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366 Stories Listed

Story TitleFile SizeDateContent Codes
About Hobbes2K11/07/98
   D  GH                          
A    FGHI                    45   
Adam And JP41K11/08/98
 BC EFGHI      PQ  TUVWXYZ   456  
Ade and Me19K01/11/98
AB   FG    LMN P  S  VWXY        8
Adventures Of Captain Xero22K10/17/97 
Adventures Of Mark And Craig41K02/24/99 
After School Special8K10/05/95
 B  E GH   L    QR            5 7 
After-School Sitter No More6K01/12/02
 B   FG            T  W     34  7 
Age The Final Frontier6K01/13/99
  C   G         QR                
Ages And Stages52K07/07/01
 B   FG   KL           XY    4  78
Alan Steinke's Story2K12/05/97
 B   FG                XY         
Alien Nannies9K09/16/01 
All Dried Up11K11/04/01
AB D FGH   LM  P                  
At My Mother’s Friend’s House15K10/09/95 
Aunt Christy33K03/19/96 
Aunt Karen’s Other Baby9K09/19/98 
Aunt Sue5K10/06/95
A   E G                X     4    
Aunty Lynn5K11/22/00
  C E GH              W         7 
Axels Story4K04/12/00 
Baby Ben5K11/08/98
 BC  FG        PQ      X          
Baby Bono12K11/07/98 
Baby Boy30K11/07/98 
Baby Brad6K03/08/97
     FGHI         S             78
Baby Brother3K08/05/97
 B              Q      X          
Baby Brothers85K06/21/00 
Baby Chip’s Story8K11/08/98
ABC  F                            
Baby Chris’ Summer13K11/10/01 
Baby Dog’s Story4K01/01/99
A C  FG         Q                 
Baby Island4K11/10/01
AB    G                X          
Baby Jesse3K08/25/95
  CD  GH               XY         
Baby John3K11/08/98
ABC                    X          
Baby J’s Story8K11/08/98
ABC  FG          R T  W           
Baby Ken's Story8K08/18/97
 BC   GH   L     R     X          
Baby Mikey Learns A Lesson9K11/19/97
  C E GH           T     Z   45   
Baby Piro's History14K03/25/98 
Baby Terry14K11/08/98 
Baby Time8K11/19/97
  C EFG    L   P                7 
Baby Tony7K11/07/97
AB  EFG         Q  T          5   
The Baby Training Of Billy13K03/10/97 
Back To ‘5545K10/24/96 
Back To Diapers10K07/29/95
    E GH   L     R           4    
Bedtime Accident4K08/25/97
     FGH   L           XY       7 
The Bedwetter12K06/29/02 
The Bedwetting Solution25K07/21/98 
The Beginning14K04/06/98 
Ben Still Wets The Bed10K02/02/02
  C  FG    L     R     X     45 7 
The Bet66K03/10/01
  C  FGHIJK      R     XY 1  4 67 
Big Babies’ Story43K11/08/98 
Big Brother And I15K09/01/01 
The Biggest Baby14K03/22/95 
Bimbex’s Story12K08/17/97 
Birthday Party6K03/19/97
A   E G                X     4    
 BCDE GHI          T     Z  3   7 
Bobby different from above10K03/23/99
A   E GH     N        W  Z   4  7 
Bobs Story5K11/07/98
A   E      LM   Q      X     4 6  
The Boy368K01/19/99 
A Boy In Diapers21K09/08/97 
Boy Scout Camp10K04/26/00
AB   FG          R                
The Boys Next Door11K03/19/97
A   E G            T  WX          
The Boys Next Door different from above15K06/21/00
 B   FG    LM  P R     XY       7 
Brad And Alex64K04/12/97 
Brian’s Story13K03/18/01 
Brother And Sister35K10/10/97 
Brotherly Love37K11/08/98 
A Brothers Revenge12K04/18/96 
Camp Diaper47K02/10/01
ABC  FGH          S    X Z   4567 
The Campout22K02/22/00 
Can’t Live Without Them38K07/13/01
  C  FGHI  L         VWXY 1  45   
Case History5K05/20/95
A   E G          R     XY    4    
Caught In The Act25K06/21/00 
Chris’ Quest For Night Diapers9K03/17/99
ABCD FGH           T   XY         
Chris’ Summer With Aunt Beth17K04/15/97
 B  E GHIJ   N P      W  Z1  45   
Christmas Magic PJs32K01/05/02 
A Christmas Wish8K02/24/99
 B   F                          7 
Class Baby9K11/08/98
ABCDEFGH              W    2    7 
Cody And Chris11K11/08/98
  C   G               W Y    4    
Commando Kyle On Diaper Patrol7K10/26/97
 B  E                             
Corey’s Diaper Wearing Adventure14K02/02/00 
  C  F       N     TU W    2345   
Cousin James Comes To Stay15K07/29/01 
Daddy’s Baby Boys47K11/08/98 
Davee’s Story10K06/21/00
ABC EF      M        V            
Davey’s Story36K09/02/98 
A Day In The Life Of A Diaper Boy4K11/05/97
   DE GH           T VWX          
The Day The Babysitter Busted Me40K07/08/01 
    E GH           TU W      4    
A Desire No Operation Can Fix9K04/17/97
 B  E G   K                  4    
  C EF                            
Diaper Boy5K04/17/98 
Diaper Camp33K01/13/99
  C EFG   K        TUVW    2 45 78
A Diaper-Clad Young Lad3K04/24/97
A     GH         R      Y         
Diaper Dilemma16K06/08/02
AB   FGHI KL   P  S      Z   4 67 
Diaper Experiences12K03/19/96 
Diaper Fever23K06/21/00 
Diaper Punishment7K07/16/98
 B  E             S      Z   45   
Diaper Sighting3K09/18/96 
Diapered At Eight7K02/25/01
A    FG   K            X        7 
Diapered Bunch6K04/22/01
AB    GH   LM  P       XYZ   4    
Diapered Danny13K11/08/98
 B   FG    LM      T  W Y    45  8
Diapered One4K11/08/98
A   E G   K            X Z    5 7 
A Diapered Six Year Old6K04/23/97
A  DE GH       P             4  7 
A Diapered Sixteen Year Old6K01/08/95
  C EFG    L           X    3   7 
A Diaper-Full Vacation6K11/10/99
  C  FG   K            X         8
Diapers And Summer Camp6K06/21/00
AB  E G    LM          X          
Diapers Anonymous2K03/19/96 
Diapers At The Cottage55K03/19/96 
Does John Need Potty Training?3K09/27/97
   DE GH  K         U     1234567 
Does John Need Potty Training?18K08/05/01 
Doug Loses Control14K04/22/98
 B  E GH  KL          W   1 3456 8
Dry Time40K09/22/98 
Durgan’s Case Study2K09/27/97
   D FG   K      R     X          
Essay On Why I Like Diapers3K10/24/97
ABC   GH  K            X          
Farm Hand Baby20K10/12/97 
First Baby5K11/11/98
    E G    L           X          
First Diaper5K11/11/98
  C  FGH  K        T              
The Foster Baby2K09/27/97 
The Foster Child5K07/29/95
  C E GH JKLM      T  WXY   345   
The Foster Mom9K12/09/97
 B   FGH  KL            Y    45 7 
The Freeing Of The Child11K11/11/98
 B  EFG   KLM          X     4  78
Fun At The Laundry3K04/19/00
A  D  GH              W           
A Fun Trip Shopping2K04/25/97
 BC  FG                X          
The Funhouse7K04/25/97
  C  FG   K     Q           34  7 
Funky Dude5K04/25/97
  C  FG              VW           
The Furtive Fattening29K06/01/97 
Gary’s Baby Awakenings2K03/15/00 
Gerard’s Story2K01/27/99
 BCDEFG                X          
Greg’s Life In Diapers15K02/03/01 
Gregs’ Diaper Days10K09/16/01
  C E GH  KL N           Z    5 7 
A    F H                YZ        
A    F H                YZ   45   
Growing Up In Diapers3K01/27/99
A    FGH                          
Herb Stevens9K01/27/99
A  D FGH  KL    Q       Y     5 7 
AB   FGH                Y    4    
The History And Experiences Of Steven F.63K02/24/99 
Home Again49K02/24/99 
Home Ec Class14K08/11/01
ABC  FGH             VW      45   
Home Improvement97K07/21/98 
Home School Baby9K05/11/97
 B   FG                X     45   
Homeless Baby19K05/13/97 
How Babi Jonny Got Put Back In Diapers16K01/27/99
AB  EFGHI KL   P        Y    4 67 
How Did It Happen?3K12/09/97
ABCDEFG          RS   W           
How I Got Started5K08/18/97 
How I Lied14K02/24/99
 B  EFG I                         
How My Brother& I Became Diapered 24/75K04/26/99
 B   FGH    M          X          
Huggieboy’s Story6K12/05/97
  C  FGH                          
I Do It Because I Like It4K02/24/99
ABC E G                X          
I Had Messed My Pants15K06/23/02
  C  F H   LM    R      Y     5   
I Put My Son Back Into Diapers7K02/25/98
A   E  H JK             YZ   4 67 
Ian’s Story9K06/21/00
 B  E G         QR     XY         
I’ll Do Anything For You18K09/29/01
   DEFG   K      RS U  XY 1    67 
It All Started2K01/27/99
 B     H                Y         
Jamie And Mikey14K02/06/98
  C  FGH  K    P      W      45 7 
Jarrod Was Wet19K11/15/00
  C EFGH               X   2 4 6  
Jeff’s Story16K05/13/97
 B  E GH              W Y    45   
Jeffy Gets Into Diapers6K08/17/98
 B  EF                 X          
Jimmy’s Nighttime Accident6K05/14/97
  C   G            T   XY         
Jlegiitt’s History4K10/19/96 
ABC  FGH       P                  
Joe’s Life59K03/08/00 
Joey’s New Father17K05/05/98
 B  E G                X          
Joey’s Tale131K03/03/98 
John Dazel’s Story40K04/25/00 
John In Diapers54K04/12/02 
John Royal3K04/28/01
AB   F                 X        7 
Jonathan’s Vacation10K05/14/97 
Just Another Diaper Day12K05/14/97 
Karl’s Story9K05/16/97
ABC E GH           T    Y     56  
 B   FGH  KL      S    X        7 
Kevin Earns Money13K08/11/95
 B  E GHI KL                    7 
Kevin’s Extra Padding23K03/03/99 
Kidtimmy’s Story6K01/25/98 
Kitt’s Story6K04/19/00
ABC  FGH  KL      S          4    
Lakeside Vacation2K09/08/01
 B   FG   K            X        7 
Larry Wus’ Sisters9K02/16/00
AB  E GH  K M    R    WX        7 
Leap Year Baby3K05/16/97
 B   FGH  KL                      
The Lesson6K01/27/99
  C  FG I KL     R           4  7 
Lewis Diaper Story6K06/21/00
 B   FG         Q      XY         
The Lie8K02/03/01
A   E G I              X     4 6  
A Life In Diapers12K05/16/97
AB  E GHI       Q       Y     567 
Lil’ Tommy’s Personal History3K10/09/97 
Little Andy6K01/14/96 
Little Boy Blue6K01/27/99 
Little Boy Simpson12K12/15/98 
Little2roo’s Story4K02/24/99 
Locked Into Diapers12K05/16/97 
A Loving Mother3K09/27/97 
A Loving Mother different from above4K02/25/99 
The Magic Pacifier22K10/12/97 
Marcus Aurelius’ Past7K01/14/98 
Mark And Me23K06/01/97 
Mark Gets Diapers9K01/19/00 
Matt’s Story5K04/15/99 
Max’s Day8K06/15/01 
Messy Pants3K02/24/99 
Michael #28K02/03/01 
Mike And Jen20K02/24/02 
Mike Gets Punished10K01/27/99 
Mike’s Accident5K11/17/02 
Mikey’s Story67K08/22/97 
Millennium Baby12K04/15/01 
Mom, Me And Jamie13K05/16/97 
Mommy And Me8K05/16/97 
Mommy Loves Her Little Baby12K01/27/99
           L           XYZ        
Morgan The Babysitter15K10/31/97 
Morning Milking12K05/16/97 
My Birthday Surprise3K03/15/00 
My Brother Ritchie81K11/02/97 
My Cousin Suzy5K01/27/99 
My Daddy Says2K09/24/99 
My First Job Babysitting16K07/18/00 
My First Story3K11/10/99 
My Life In Diapers16K05/03/98 
My Life Story7K05/16/97 
My Nanny8K05/16/97 
My Retraining73K01/27/99 
My Secret World2K02/24/99 
My Special School10K01/27/99 
My Step Mom5K06/10/97 
My Story3K04/19/00 
My Summer At Camp27K06/10/97 
My Summer Holiday16K01/11/98 
My Suspension4K11/22/00 
My True Baby Story4K01/27/99 
My Two Boys9K06/10/97 
Nanny Comes To Stay43K06/04/97 
Nanny’s Day Camp19K01/27/99 
Naughty Or Nice4K06/04/97 
The Neighbor’s Kid7K12/28/97 
New Baby9K01/27/99 
The New Boy535K03/30/02 
New Diaper Motherhood19K01/27/99 
New Year Baby9K01/27/99 
Nobody Knows16K01/27/99 
The Obsession7K02/02/02 
One Step Back15K02/24/99 
The Orphanage43K02/24/99 
Pamper The Sick5K12/28/98 
Placing Son Back In Diapers4K01/11/99 
The Plan33K02/24/99 
Plastic Pants6K02/24/99 
Playing Football13K08/12/98 
Playing House4K09/01/01 
Poopy Accidents4K07/02/97 
Potters Puddlesby17K07/03/97 
Psychological Remedies75K03/21/03 
Punishment For Immaturity4K06/23/01 
Randy Wets His Pants10K02/24/99 
Randy’s Trip67K02/24/99 
The Rash11K06/01/97 
The Rebirth Of Greg10K01/13/99 
The Recovery3K04/19/00 
The Repairman6K02/24/99 
Richie’s Story7K02/03/01 
Ricky Baby17K04/28/01 
Ridgerunner’s Requital42K09/27/97 
Roger And I3K02/24/99 
Ronnie B.12K05/20/01 
Ryan And His Diapers19K06/19/98 
Ryan F.7K02/23/02
A    FGHI K       S    XYZ1     7 
Ryan’s Little Secret61K01/27/99 
Sam In Diapers29K10/06/02 
School Trip5K02/24/99 
Seventh Heaven57K04/13/01 
Sex Ed 10183K07/21/02
 B   F  IJK       ST  W YZ1  4  7 
Sibling Rivalry12K09/09/01 
A Sixteen Year Old Who Wore Diapers8K10/24/97 
The Sleepover36K09/26/00 
The Sleepover different from above9K09/08/01 
The Sleepwalker6K07/03/97 
Soap Opera10K02/24/99 
Son Of A Diaper8K11/10/99 
Spanked In A Diaper5K02/03/01 
Spanked In Toronto40K10/31/97 
Spanking In Diapers4K03/15/00 
The Star Chart19K02/10/01 
Steven’s Story12K01/29/97 
Steve’s Diapers42K02/24/99 
Steve’s Story20K02/24/99 
Still In Diapers2K10/26/97 
A Story For Boys Who Wet28K05/24/00 
A Story For Tony91K01/27/99 
Story Of A 25 Year Old9K01/27/99 
A Story Of Diaper Discipline14K05/20/01 
The Story Of G5K01/12/00 
The Story Of Glenn’s Diapers9K08/15/99 
Story On Pooping8K10/03/98 
The Summer At Aunt Carols19K10/06/95 
Summer At Nanny’s22K07/21/98 
The Summer I Was 511K03/16/02 
A Summer In Diapers12K03/25/01 
The Summer With Brian12K08/12/98 
Sunday Drive33K02/24/99 
Sweet Baby James12K10/26/97 
A Teenager In Diapers7K09/15/97 
Terry’s Summer14K09/15/97 
The Test18K03/15/96 
That’s The Way We Have Always Done It3K02/24/99 
This Is How I Got Started In Diapers18K02/24/99 
The Thunder Child22K01/27/99
A    FG I  L     RS    X Z   456  
Tim Becomes Timmy9K02/03/01 
Timmy’s Accident5K10/31/97 
Timmy’s Dream Comes True6K05/04/02 
Timothy’s Cure90K01/05/02 
Toby’s Turmoil16K01/27/99 
Toilet Training Attempt8K02/24/99 
Tom And Dan23K01/27/99 
Tommy And The Snowsuit7K02/13/97 
Tommy Becomes A Baby Again53K10/01/97 
Tommy’s Attention19K02/24/99 
Tommy’s Problem 136K02/24/99 
Tommy’s Problem 28K01/27/99 
The Tooth Fairy5K12/20/00 
Treat Regressive Behavior with Love, Patience4K09/15/97 
Trick Or Treat10K01/27/99 
The Trip12K09/15/97 
A True Story3K09/15/99 
Tuuv’s Story5K09/17/98 
Untitled #013K10/01/97 
Untitled #027K01/20/97 
Untitled #034K04/23/97 
Untitled #048K11/07/98 
Untitled #0510K02/24/99 
Untitled #0610K02/24/99 
Untitled #074K01/05/02 
Waiting For Thunder11K01/27/99 
Waking Up Wet6K05/04/00 
We All Wear Them5K10/06/01 
A Week With My Brothers5K07/15/01 
A Weekend In Diapers7K05/06/97 
A Well-Behaved Bedwetter5K02/24/99 
Wet And Diapered8K08/05/01 
Wet Puppy’s Story6K02/24/99 
Wetting Story20K10/10/97 
What I Learned16K02/24/99 
Why Don’t You Just Cry15K12/27/00 
Why I Continue To Wear Diapers9K09/15/97 
Winston Salem26K02/24/99 
Yorath’s New Neighborhood8K02/10/01