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Deeker's Message of the Week

December 1, 2002

Volunteers Still Needed

Last week I put out a notice asking volunteers to take their time to review the stories they read and note the contents of these stories based on the list that I provided. So far the response has been slow, but I am hopeful that once people see which stories have been done and how the format works the responses will increase. Special thanks to those who have helped me with this project so far. Your time and effort is much appreciated.

For more information on this, please read this page.

Changes Being Made to Story Lists

Some significant changes have been made to the stories lists:

As noted above, some of the stories now have Content Codes to help readers to select the stories they wish to read (or to indicate which ones to avoid). The Content Codes are similar to the ones used by DPF's story listings, using single letter codes to quickly identify the general content in each story. Please note that the codes used for this site's stories are NOT the same as the ones that DPF uses!

Some may ask why I use my own set of codes instead of adopting DPF's system. Several reasons:

Please also note that while DPF's codes are for the most part mnemonic (the letter used corresponds to the first letter of the content's description) my codes do not attempt to adhere to this standard. Instead, my codes are grouped together by certain categories:

This is an ongoing project. Originally I was going to postpone posting the new story list format with the changes mentioned above, but in doing so, I have put off the project indefinitely since there is no way I could keep up with the work that needs to be done in order to complete this project and also keep up with adding new stories. Therefore, the results will not appear complete for the time being. In the interest of ensuring that all future stories submitted have codes included with them I have added new drop-down menus to the Contributed story submission form as well as the True Account submission page.

In order to make room for the Story Content Codes, the email addresses of the authors are no longer listed. My reasons for eliminating the email addresses of the authors are many:

If you currently have a story listed and you want people to be able to contact you directly, please let me know and I will include your email address at the top or bottom of your story's file (please indicate placement of email address if you have a preference, otherwise it will appear at the top). If your story is in HTML format the email address will appear as a clickable link.

For future story submissions, please be sure to do one of the following if you want people to be able to contact you:

Top Ten Story Downloads for Week of 11/24/02 to 11/30/02

1Bruce Contributed Stories1681
2Matt Contributed Stories1609
3Dennis #2 True Accounts1156
4Ken's Story Contributed Stories460
5Curiosity Kills Contributed Stories407
6Mike's AccidentArchived Stories320
7Campfire Stories Contributed Stories297
8The Kellys Come to America Contributed Stories267
9AaronTrue Accounts206
10David #2True Accounts204

* * * * *

Have a good week, everyone! Stay happily and thickly diapered!

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