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Revised November 24, 2002

Story Content Review Form

One of my long-term goals for this site is to have all of the stories listed so that their contents are indicated by a series of codes, making it easier for readers to find the stories they would like to read or perhaps wish to avoid. The proposed system would be modeled after the system used by DPF for their stories, in which a series of letter codes are listed with the story to indicate what the reader can expect to see in the story.

Given the number of stories that are on this site, it would be a monumental task for me to go through each story and identify its contents in each of the areas listed. Since this would be too much work for one person to do (namely myself) and since I know many of you read the stories here, I am calling on you to assist me in meeting this goal. This will be an ongoing project whose results will be posted as they are submitted. This will also ensure that nobody will end up spending time on a story already reviewed by someone else.

The Story Submission form as well as the True Account Submission form each now have check boxes for the author to indicate the contents of his story. As each story is already proofread for content, spelling, grammar, etc. (and of course, for my own personal enjoyment), they will also be reviewed for the content codes indicated. This means codes will still be given to a story submitted without the codes (such as through direct email). I'd still like to ask submittors to use them for the sake of convenience on my part.

If you would like to review a story on this site and submit a report on its contents, please use this form and fill in the appropriate information. This form is also accessible from the main Stories page and from the pages for each of the individual story categories (except Discontinued). Acknowledgement of those who contribute to this project will be given to those who opt to be recognized by first name. I would like to ask the authors of their own stories to take the time to review them and submit to me the results, as I feel the author obviously has the most knowledge about his own story; however, anyone can submit a report on any story.

I will trust that the results I receive are reasonably accurate and complete. I don't expect anyone to do a word-by-word analysis, but do at least read the story at a leisurely pace and keep track of what you see as you go along. To make this easier, I have provided a small HTML file that you can print and fill in by hand as you go through the story.

While it may seem easier to create a batch file and have it set up to look for key words in a story, or by using the "Find" function in Windows or whichever OS you are using, this method isn't necessarily reliable (I've tried it). There are a number of issues to consider when using these methods:

  • A keyword may not necessarily be used in the intended context. For example, if looking for references to, say, poopy diapers, the word "shit" may turn up in a story, but may not always be used to indicate that the story includes descriptions of defecating in diapers. The character may merely be saying the word as an interjection as in, "Shit! I wet the bed!"
  • For some subject matter there can be an infinite variety of words used to refer to it. Using defecation in diapers as an example again, the following words would need to be considered: bowel, crap, diarrhea, excrement, feces, mess, poop,shit, stool, turd. Even with this list, there could be a more idiomatic or subtle reference to poopy diapers that may not be matched up in doing a keyword search.
  • Some stories are written by people in English-speaking countries outside the United States, where variations in dialect may cause some keywords to be missed. A couple good examples that readily come to mind are diaper vs. nappy, and pacifier vs. dummy.
  • Some phrases may be broken by a line break and would therefore not be picked up by a keyword search involvement multiple words.
  • As hard as I try to ensure that each story posted here is spell-checked, some writers may have mispelled a keyword that I overlooked when proofreading. Such words, of course, would be missed.

Below is a list of the codes that will be used for the stories on this site, along with a description and guidelines to help you determine whether the story you are reviewing contains this sort of content:
Post-toddler (4-8)
Pre-teen (9-12)
Teen (13-17)
Adult (18+)*
The ages listed are more or less arbitary guidelines, but should be used if the diapered boy's age is explicitly stated in the story. If there is more than one principal diapered boy character and are of varying ages, include all applicable ages. If the story spans more than one age range include all that apply in the story. If the age is not explicitly stated, use the choices that best match the context of the story, or leave blank if age cannot be determined
ECloth diapersUse this designation if the story explicitly states the use of cloth or reuseable diapers, or implicitly describes cloth diapers by mentioning the use of pins, washing the diapers, or other context clues which allude to the use of cloth diapers.
FDisposable diapersUse this designation if the story explicitly states the use of disposable diapers, or implicitly describes disposable diapers by mentioning the use of tapes, disposal of diapers after use, brands of disposable diapers available, or other context clues which allude to the use of disposable diapers.
IExposed diapersThe diapered boy(s) are described as wearing diapers without pants, shorts, pajama bottoms or any clothing that would cover up their diapers; the diapers are in full view to others and are worn in this manner for an extended time. Exposed diapers during a diaper change alone should not be counted. Wearing diapers only to bed may be counted.
JMultiple diapersThe diapered boy(s) are described as wearing more than one diaper at a time (preferably to be used in instances where three or more diapers are worn at a time). Most often this will apply in stories where cloth diapers are used.
KBaby paraphernaliaItems typically used by babies such as cribs, pacifiers, high chairs, bottles, baby clothes, etc. are used by the diapered boy(s)
LMotherThe diapered boy's mother has a significant role in changing his diapers and/or enforcing wearing them. If the diapeded boy's diaper changes are handled by a grandmother, use this designation.
MFatherThe diapered boy's father has a significant role in changing his diapers and/or enforcing wearing them. If the boy's diaper changes are handled by a grandfather, use this designation.
NAuntThe diapered boy's aunt has a significant role in changing his diapers and/or enforcing wearing them. If the boy's diaper
OUncleThe diapered boy's uncle has a significant role in changing his diapers and/or enforcing wearing them.
PBrothers (diapered)The diapered boy(s) have at least one brother in the story who also wears diapers. Male cousins also wearing diapers may also apply here.
QBrothers (not diapered)The diapered boy(s) have at least one brother in the story who does not wear diapers. The non-diaper wearing brother does not necessarily have to be involved in diaper changes, just has to be regularly in the presence of the diapered boy(s). Male cousins not wearing diapers may also apply here.
RSisters, other girlsThe diapered boy(s) have at least one sister in the story who is regularly in the presence of the diapered boy(s). The sister does not necessarily have to be involved in diaper changes. Female cousins may also apply here.Because this site is focused only on boys in diapers, no distinction is made for the few stories on this site in which girls wearing diapers appear incidentally.
SBabysittersA person outside the family is in charge of supervising the diapered boy(s), which includes handling diaper changes and/or enforcement of wearing diapers.
TMasturbationThis applies to diapered boys who use their diapers for sexual pleasure by masturbating in them (self-stimulation).
USexual situationsThis applies to situations where a diapered boy is sexually aroused by the actions of either another boy or a girl, including masturbating him or engaging in mutual masturbation with the other person. This designation may also be used for sexual exploration and other implicitly described sexual activities(content involving explicit sexual activity are kept to a minimum on this site).
VGayStories in which at least one boy expresses his sexual attraction to and desires with other boys. Bisexual boys may also apply here.
WErectionsThis designation primarily refers to stories in which erections are mentioned (e.g. during diaper changes) but not necessarily where other sexual activity is taking place (one can easily assume erections would apply to all other sexual situations).
YAccidentsThis designation is for stories in which the boy has either wetting or messing accidents in his pants/underwear and is not wearing diapers at the time. This applies only to situations where the boy is awake (i.e. excludes bedwetting).
ZPunishment/Diaper DisciplineStories in which a boy is forced to wear diapers as a consequence of his unaccepted behavior. His behavior does not necessarily have to be for elimination problems.
1Female DominationStories in which a female figure (mother, aunt, sister, babysitter, etc.) is in charge of the diapered boy and usually is in a position to enforce his diaper-wearing, or who expresses her non-need for diapers to the diapered boy.
3RestraintsStories in which a diapered boy's mobility is limited by tethering, tying hands/feet up, etc.
6HumiliationStories in which a diapered boy is placed in an embarrasing situation.
7BabyingStories in which a diapered boy is treated like a baby, including being fed, given babyish toys, rides in strollers, baby car seats, etc.
8RegressionThe diapered boy acts as if he is much younger than his physical age.
*Recognition of ages of characters in story should apply only to characters who are wearing diapers.