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Deeker's Message of the Week

March 10, 2002


Sorry about the low number of story updates this time around. I know that my most regular contributors have had other things going on, but I know that they are diligently working on the next parts as their schedules permit.

For those of you who would like to submit a story, but you don't have any ideas, remember that there is a list of ideas which have been extracted from the Surveys or have been specifically submitted. The surveys themselves are also a great source for potential diaper story ideas.

While I am on the topic of ideas, let me put it out there that I would like to see some stories based on popular TV shows with boy characters in them. I'd like to write them myself, but I have my own ideas to get written, so I will leave it to the creativity of the readers to do these. Here is my list:

That's all I can think of for now. Feel free to submit your own suggestions to the Story Idea Submission Form. I would prefer that your suggestions be limited to live-action shows with human actors. Stories which are adapted from cartoon characters, especially non-human characters, don't seem to work quite as well for me.

Several of you have sent True Account submissions, which either came through blank or contained very little information. I chose not to post these for the minimal information that was provided. While I am not asking for a novel, please at least make it something that would be worth posting. Such submissions were received this past week under the following names:

If you are having problems using the form and the information is not getting to me, please feel free to email your stories to me. If you submit something to me with more detail I will gladly post it.

I have received enough supportive comments on the idea of bringing back the Story Statistics page that I am going to proceed with it. I was still too busy this week to get it going again. Maybe next week. Please bear with me as I am a terrible procrastinator.

I have received several requests for the story I pulled from my own stories called "All Boys Shall Remain Forever in Diapers." This has convinced me to re-post the story, which I have done, but with a disclaimer preceding it. If you wish to read it, you will find it here.


Thanks again, as always, for the continuing support and participation in the surveys. I find it interesting that the amount of participation in one type of survey fluctuates from week to week. The Sister Surveys are running strong again after a couple lean weeks, while the Brother Surveys have slackened off some, as have the Diaper Boy Surveys.

I didn't see as many incomplete surveys submitted this week and I am pleased with this. There have been some really great-looking survey responses that I would like to post if they were complete. I don't bother with trying to contact the people who did not submit both parts of the split survey. Last time I did this, I only received two responses out of the 28 emails I sent out at the time regarding this matter.

Nothing else new to report here, so as always, keep 'em coming!

Diaper Sighting Reports

Thanks to those of you who submitted sighting reports. Last Friday's trip to the superrmarket yielded no sightings, either, not even witnessing the purchase of Goodnites. Though it may be a nice little perk for such a job, I'm surely not about to give up the job I have now with a Huge Printer manufacturer doing printer testing in order to work in a supermarket just for diaper sightings.

Diaper Boy Drawings

The response to these drawings has been great and the comments I have received have been encouraging. I still have no plans, however, to include them on my site. I have taken into consideration the space these drawings would occupy as well as the additional load that it would put on my site. A couple points I need to address with those of you who have put in requests for receiving these ../Images:

To request these drawings, just email a request for them.


A few people have written to me asking me about the Bravenet forum site, which some of you may be familiar with. I do not have this site included in my links as most of the stories posted there are of no interest to me (most of them are about girls from regular contributors). Still, a few boy story gems such as Sex Ed 101 turn up there from time to time and are posted here. Here is the URL if you want to take it down for reference, or if by some chance it starts working again.

The reason the site has been down is because the site was attacked by crackers (not hackers, there is a difference). For more details and updates on the situation, go to the site's main page at www.bravenet.com.

Off the Topic

Nothing much of anything new to report this week. I had a hell of a week at work, though. My cubicle was temporarily moved, so I spent the better part of Monday transferring all my work-related and personal belongings and setting things back up. This wasn't the hard part. The hard part was getting the equipment that I needed for running the new tests. It was like pulling teeth. I go to person A, who tells me to see person B, who in turn, tells me to see person C. Person C is not at his desk, so I send him an email. I wait, and I wait, nothing. I go to lunch and come back. hoping to have received a response by then, fat chance. So I go back to Person A and he finds me person D. He tells me to go to person E. Person E can't just fulfill my request on demand, I have to go back to person D, who has to put in a formal order for the equipment. By some stroke of luck I had my testing hardware available by the middle of the week. As much as I enjoy the job I do, there are times when I feel like I am in the middle of a Dilbert cartoon. Last week was a prime example.

Oh, and now that I have moved up in my ranking and in my duties, I get to attend meetings every Thursday, whoopee. These meetings are incredibly boring. One guy in the back of the room was sitting in his chair with his elbows on his knees while turning his pen in his hands and studying it. Another gal was doodling. I could tell from the movement of her pen that she wasn't writing anything important down. I have thought about playing a game called "Buzzword Bingo." Just do a search for it and you will find lots of sites on the subject. Basically, the way the game works is to take a printout of a randomly-generated buzzword bingo sheet with you to the meeting and then mark off any commonly (over)used words and phrases in typical meetings and other business settings. I know, for example, in the last two meetings "paradigm shift" was spoken. If I had my buzzword bingo sheets with me I would have scored points on "game plan" and "think outside the box." Before attending these meetings I used to think that the Dilbert world was a myth. It's not. Still, I love the job I do. It's a lot better than explaining the difference between ink cartridges and ink refills to clueless morons who saunter into the office supply store I once worked in, and I won't even get into my experiences with fast food. I don't think the military could build as much character as working in a burger joint.

Have a great week everyone, and stay happy and thickly diapered!


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