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Suggested Story Ideas

Updated on July 2, 2006

The following is a list of story ideas that have been taken from the Survey. If any of these ideas appeal to you and you would like to write a story about it, please feel welcome to do so. Use the check boxes to indicate your interest if you would like to pledge to fulfill any of these story ideas. Fill out the remainder of the form at the bottom of the page and use the Submit button.

If you have an idea of your own you would like to submit, please click here.

If you have an actual story to submit, please use this form.

Please also allow me to apologize for the substandard grammar, spelling, punctuation etc. that appears in some of the ideas listed. Time constraints do not permit for me to edit and correct other people's mistakes.

NumberCheck to
Description of Idea
1A girl making a film about boys in diapers
2An older teen who likes diapers and breastfeeding
3Roommates that started college, a story where 2 freshmen get into wearing diapers and acting like babies, changing each other, NO GIRLS!!!!! Gay story
4True bedwetting experiences
5Anything about 2 boys in early teens making a fort in the woods to keep diapers in and masturbate each other. One boy is very into diapers the other is fairly unsure about it and worried about gettng caught quite a bit. This is based on my true story. We never did finish the fort and we didnt have diapers that quite fit right until about right when we drifted away from friendship, so I figure some creative embellishment could be necessary here.
6Someone needs to write a sequel and a prequel to "Becoming a Diaper Boy."
Note from Deeker: I am tentatively planning to write a sequel to "Becoming a Diaper Boy." I am not sure when, though. I will welcome "fan fiction" versions of the story, too.
7A boy who has a diaper fetish must be faced by boys wearing diapers as he tries to get his own diapers.
8A boy who is out with his uncle when he wets hismelf. The uncle then takes him home and puts a diaper on him.
9A somewhat embellished version of my childhood, with more punishment in various ways. Perhaps being forced to wear a chastity belt for being caught masturbating. I'd like to know others' experiences and/or fantasies about what I lived in my childhood.
10The areas (all of them in one) that i listed above
Disposable diapers, Poopy Diapers, Punishment, Spanking, Preteen boys (ages 9 to 12), Discipline, Bedwetting, Wet Pants
11My only request would be more stories with disposable diaper and NO plastic pants, just plain diapers as a punishment.
12True stories about those with a handicap, born with it or got later in life.
13relationships and mutual interest in diapers
14Stories dealing with makeshift diapers.
15not at this time but my preference would include no violence or humilitation of any persons.
17As a little boy wets the bed at the age of 6. he is reduced to a todler in the famly. he is sent to a day care center and is trained to behave as the other todlers he soon learns that most of the other todlers are just like him.his mom gets him dresed as a todler in rompers and he wears size 6 pampers. he is taken to the mall and a zoo the end is total regresion and freedom
18More stories containing preteen boys, wearing/wetting/pooping Huggies/Pampers Size 6. (like Camping with Corey, My Christmas Vacation and Brians Cure) And skip all the cloth diaper stories !
19A female babysitter in her early 20's with blonde hair and blue eyes likes putting her kids that she babysits in pampers and luvs and makes them use them because she loves changing diapers and thinks all kids look cute in diapers and should wear them all the time. after the first day the kids love it.
20A teenager being regressed physically into a babie again about the age of a couple months
21More stories about older boys in the age range of 16-18, who have no bed wetting history, and humilations and diaper punishments!
22About a boy who is 14 and has a sister of age of 12 and the boy loves to wear diapers, but no one in his family knows. He goes to the store and buys some Goodnites and sneaks them in the house. His mom finds out one day and pulls down his pants and sees the diaper. She then takes it smoothly and then the next morning the boy wakes up and finds that he has woken up in a crib and his room is full of diapers and baby oil and powder and baby stuff. Then his mom comes and for the whole school year all of his school year his mom keeps him in diapers.
23A "choose your own adventure" story, yah know, with diapers and stuff ;)
24I want a story with me and my friend Ben at a sleepover wearing nothing but Goodnites and watching baby movies
25True stories about those with a handicap, born with it or got later in life.
26boys wearing loincloths
27something about the disney garand the goyles
28i have written one from a girls point of view. its kinda long, the first bit is about sex and masturbation, and im just getting into teh diapered bit. i already submitted it somewhere else, but i could always put it here.
29goodnights, bedwetting
30Perhaps a story with a kidnapping of an adult who is scientifically turned back into a toddler and forced into diapering
31I'd like to read about tights with feet and bib-pants and REALLY FULL DIAPERS, Panty- and bedwetting without diapers
32What about a story about diaper punishment for a boy, being locked in his diapers. The boy cannot use the toilett and is not allowed to wet his diapers. If he wets, he will be punished even more severely until he does not wet his diapers. However, he is in diapers 24/7
33Folks who need diapers may never come to accept or wear them. Once I accepted diapers (I was in my late 20's) I then appreciated how diapers let me "get a life" and live a life free of worry about what I was going to wet on / ruin next!
34teen babysitting a baby or toddler for a week and mainly focus on the diapers like changing diapers that have been peed and pooped in
35about a boy whos diapered by hs babysitter and breastfed by her
36More plastic pants stories
37A adult baby adoption center.
38male domintation
39A boy who lives with his older sister, who is sick of cleaning up his wet pants, so she decides to punish him with diapers. SHe makes him wet in public and spanks him on-sight for it.
40more PEEING in the stories
41a story where a boy gets invited to a sleepover but hes the only boy there and the girl force him to wear diapers and do baby stuff
42this site needs more stories with babysitting. like 12 to 16 year olds babysat by a hot girl and puts him in diapers for some reason. go with it i think it is good!
44i would like to read a story about a boy who gets kidnapped by hot girls and is forced to regress his bowel control and stuff to the point of helplessness
45long stories of teachers forcing children in 6th grade to wear diapers in school
46A movie about twin boys around 7 or 8 that discover diapers and start wearing them and when their mother finds out she makes both of them little baby boys again.
47Any severly embarrassing situation involving a guy. For example, a guy goes out on a date and ends up having an accident and his date makes him wear diapers as a punishment... or a good looking guy starts to become incontinentwets the bed and has to wear diapers sometimes and his girlfriend finds out... maybe she could find it weird at first but then accept it and agree to change him sometimes? The more embarrassing the better!
48A story about a reality T.V. series that goes wrong and is regressed to infant stages of life along with the other people on the show.
49a kid was living with his next door nabhors house because his parents had died 3 years ago. the family he is living with has a dad a mom two sons that are age of 12 and 10 and a 2 year old brother. the ten year old has day time and night time accidents (dosent wear diapers).the kid keeps making fun of the 10 year old son. the mom is sick of the younger son crying because he is getting teased. so she gives him 3 chances to stop. but he dosent so she punishes him by being a teen baby .(mom would treat him just like the two year buys all the now he can sleep right next to the 2 year old in a crib.
50A 10 yr old boy (after months of wanting diapers) one weekend finally summons up the courage to ride his bike to the corner gas station. He lingers around passing the diapers several times, then realizing he is SO SO close but not being brave enough to take the diapers up to the register he grabs them and runs out the door. He rides his bike as fast as he can back home. Someone who knew the boy tells his mother who confronts him about it the next day after school. She decides he needs mental health help and takes him to a psycologist. She thinks it is best for him to be admitted into the hospital because his desires to be a bay has over took his life. His grades have slipped and it was all he could think about. So much so that he is clinically depressed. During the hospital stay he wets his pants and bed constantly and eventually they put him into diapers.
51maybe something to do with world war two and how refugee's used to wet the bed, kinda turn that ino a storie. one thing though, has to be a gay storie, no punishment and has a happy ending :)
52A story about a teen girl who is extremely beautiful turning her 16 year old boyfriend into a complete baby. She takes him around in public in just a tshirt and diapers, and changes him at the park. She pushes him in a stroller and carries his diaper bag around. She lets all of her friends babysit and change him. etc........
53I really want a story where a mom, sister, cousin, aunt, or babysitter, somehow, seduces or forces a boy into diapers. Then the story should include, bathing, changing, breast feeding, masturbation, and sex.
54one day this boy was looking for diapers his mom caught him looking at them, he loves diapers he wishes he could be a baby for the rest of his life, his mom came in his room and said hey lets go buy some diapers and he has been in diapers for 12 years, he likes to get changed the most and breastfeeding too who ever wants to come babysit this kid just email him at this email adress and we can have some fun wearing diapers
55i would like to see a story where some boys are taking a tour of a diaper factory and they get lost in there and this and that happens and by the time the leave they aree diapered
56Older sister who just lost a baby, decides to make younger brother her infant. Lots of breastfeeding!
57i have been wanting to have a story about a boy between 15 19 that gets forced into a diaper as punishment by a female dom (mother ,step mother ,grandma ,older sisters ,aunts, babysitters,ect.)for being imature or a brat not for wetting the bed or because he wants to wear diapers.he gets put through several punishments and spamked repeatedly . he should get the most severe spanking right after he gets diapered and should be scolded for being bad .and told he wants to act like a then hell get treated like one .then have him put through embarassing situations like being made to show his aunt ,aolder sister , or even girl he likes his diaper and then getting a spanking in front of them. and maybe spanked by them i pretty much want a story where somebody is forced to wear diapers against his will and is punished like a young boy with over the knee spankings ,. (be discriptive)
58Something from older toddler (4) point of view about pooping and peeing in diapers
59A story with disposable diapers. A boy is caught by is sister, who is a little older than him. She ties him to his bed, and gives him suppositories, and enemas. She invites her girlfriends over to play with her new "Baby." The boy is made to wet himself with diuretics, and is given multiple large enemas. (great detail of the enema process is requested.) Lost of diaper changes from girls laughing at the boy. (no girly humiliation please.)
60diaper punisment for stealing for a 13-year old kid.He has to wear them to school and to any place they go. the diapers are supposed to be pull-ups.his friends laugh and leave him to get cooler in the school. His mom takes him out of that school and puts him in a special school wear kids have to wear diapers.
61Would somebody please make a story about a boyfriend being forced into diapers by his girlfriend.
62Continue the discontinued story Leap Year Brandon.
63Go to school's office and tell principal to announce the name of the kid who is wearing diapers.
64Diaper your kid at his school in front of the whole entire school
65Someone buys a kid a new brand of diapers, called "AR Diapers." Unaware of what AR is, the kid wears the diapers (either by force or because of bedwetting). Little does he know that he is mentally (maybe also physically) regressing
66more 14- 15 yr. olds babysitting bedwetters and the babysitter (if male) also wears diapers because of medical need...(disposable diapers only please)
67A boy (14) is forced to wear diapers by his friend (14) after he finds him kissing the friend's younger brother (13). Involve boxers somewhere. Quite a fun story?!
68make him go to school with a pacifier and a diaper only no cloths and from now on if he dose it again take all his stuff and buy him baby every thing
69A teenage boy wearing diapers at daytime and beeing forced to wear a chastity belt at night to stop him from masturbating.
70Fourteen year old boy taken by a fellow girl classmate, (preferably 12-13) and forced to wear just diapers everywere (to the mall, school, and other places Include more stuff. (please e-mail me at [email protected] if you plan to write).
71My idea for a story is a family with a 14 year old boy who has been waking up dry for the last month goes on a trip to disney world/land has to bring a 16 year old boy who dresses like a punk who makes fun of the 14year old boy and the 16 year old wet the bed and is put into diapers and the 14 year old boys diapers are dry every night and the 16 year old wakes up with soggy diapers and has to wear goodnites to the parks for waking up wet
72A dude that has never been potty trained and his girlfiend at prom haave sex and she finds out and then she babys him for a long time. she then brings her friends over and tease asnd humuliate him!
73A story about being forced into ultra thick diapers and having them locked on. Then being fed huge amounts of food and juice. Next, being tied down to the bed and forced to wear the same diaper for a week while being force-fed tons of food and juice. (My fantasy)
74An adult in his 30's is forced into diapers by one or more boys ( no more than 3) (ages 14 to 16). All the things of him (house, money....) and himself becomes property of the boys.
75i would like to see more stories like "Cory and The Baby Start Over Program," "Forever in Diapers," and "Baby brothers." like storys with teens being babied, sleeping in cribs, having nuseries.
76What would be cool would to have interactive or never ending stories like at the forum
77I think there should be something about boy in diapers, no plastic pants, but they should be made to wear diapers and get spanked and get public humiliation and baby-talk when this is happening to them. They don't like it but they're made to do it. If you ever read that one story, "Cody and the Baby Start-Over Program", that was the best one so far- something like that.
78A 15-year-old boy gets forced into diapers by his two 14-year old friends.
79Describe what life is like at an all-boys diaper sleep-away school. Have there be some kind of robbery or mystery that, while in the course of investigating, they get caught and "bare"ly escape without being potty trained. This brings all of the boys together (some in gay relationships) at the school. Have a happy ending.
80I would like to hear about two gay guys wearing some one else's dirty diapers, like a wet one.
81There should be a story about a school that claims to cure bedwetting, but with a few unconventional methods. First they regress you to baby, and you have to work your way up again. They give you tests: how long you can hold it in a diaper, a pull-up, your underwear, etc. And if you fail, you go back down a level (levels: baby, infant, toddler, preschool, etc.)
82I would like to see a choose-your-own-adventure story, too. Make it with disposable diapers, breastfeeding, sex (either or or both), and other cool stuff. Possibly some like magic or someone goes on a quest.
83A kid (13) is put back in diapers because his mom finds out he is becoming too sexually involved with other kids at his school. Include Pull-Ups, underwear with cartoons and a lot of punishment and embarrassment.
84How about a story written for a specific person bringing their fantasy to life. It would include all they ever wanted, like one of those evil genie stories where they take things way too seriously and it makes this person the baby of their dreams.
85Gay Stories about Aaron Carter and Jeremy Sumpter!
86A story about two gay guys around 15 and 16 who secretly have diaper fetishes, and one night they have a sleepover and they both wear Goodnites and have sex with each other every Saturday. This goes on for years.
87A boy is forced to poop in his pants and be changed back into diapers in front of people as a punishment. His boyfriend changes him.
88A boy (preteen or teen) goes over to either his girl cousin's house or goes over to some of his girl friends' (two words) houses and they force him to be a baby.
89A boy has a fetish for diapers. One day his sister finds out and she agrees not to tell anyone if she gets to baby him.
90A shy and timid 13 year old boy lives with his 12 year old sister and their mother. Their mother works several jobs, so they almost never get to spend time with her. The 13 year old boy starts wetting the bed and turns to his sister for help. He also tells her about his special secret, he wants to wear diapers! The sister accepts this and diapers him happily.
91More stories about mind control.
92A story about twins who got seperated by birth because their perents got a divorced. One lived with their mom and the other lived with their dad until like 12-16. They both live with the mom and the twins hate each other and argue. The mom decides that the best way for them to get along is to start from their childhood together. The next day, the twins find each other being babied by their mother. Everything from wearing diapers to bottle feeding. Even being babysat! (By a girl). Sometimes it's one of the twin's friends. Might be a nice story, huh?
93A teen boy, age 16, who is being babysat by a teen boy, age 14. Age-16 boy is made to wear a diaper, take a bath, and babied by the 14-year-old babysitter.
94A very bratty, unpleasant kid is suddenly kidnapped by a mysterious man, who takes him to his home and decides to teach the kid a lesson. There, the boy is forced to wear and use thick disposable diapers, and is treated completely like a baby, including sleeping in a crib, eating in a highchair, sitting in a playpen, etc.
95To the Author of "The Family Curse": I feel that in a chapter in the future Ted should have an accident where his diapers leak and he does not know that for a while. You seam to have him not noticing how wet he gets until some one else mentions it so this should not be too hard. Then after this incident and maybe a few more he is able to since when he needs to change. Thanks
96A three-year-old who is untoilet trained and in nappies, has to have frequent visits to the clinic because of chronic constipation. When at the clinic has to undergo rectal temp taking, fingers inserted into rectum to check for constipation, and suppositories and enemas, and of course, the big poo in the nappies that would follow.
97Another story where a person must wear diapers due to some form of mind control (i.e. hypnosis or subliminal messages), knowningly or not.
98I would like a story about Yahiko from Rurouni Kenshin in diapers.
99A (14) older brother watches his little sister and 5 of her friends, falls asleep and the girl tie him to the bed and put a diaper on him and take a picture of him and blackmail him and make him do baby stuff.
100A story about a 12 year old who has a hard time with going poop in his pants, so he secretly buys Depends and other diapers to wear and try to get over his problem.
10112 year old Twins being forced to wear diapers by a baby sitter. Twins eventually become to love wearing diapers. Twins names: Collin, Logan.
102 Do one about your best friend, and you go on a road trip and you wet your pants accidently. She has you wear diapers and somehow you get turned on.
103 How about a story on a kid going to school in a diaper. But every time he made he would ask the teacher or a classmate to change his diaper.
104 How about a story around the TV program "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody." It would be nice for those two to be in disposable diapers and Goodnites. Also, it would be nice to see the discontinued story of "Cody and Chris" completed.
105 Two girls and one boy play dares. The diapers come in as one of the dares (have the boy use the diapers).
106 A story about a 14 or 15 year old whos parents go out of town and they hire a babysitter for him and the babysitter makes him wear diapers, drink from a bottle, eat babyfood, sleep in a crfib, and bathes him, because he was acting like a baby. it should have disposible diapers, no plastic pants, and progression over a week with the kid moving on to wearing diapers at night and after his bath and cartoon breifs durring the day. lots of punisment, himiliatin, and spanking, as well as public places.
107 Do a story about a best friend comes over to her best friends house and finds out about her best budd secret.And she treats her best friend like a 2 year old.Please and stay comphy and happliy diapered deeker!!!:) P.S. This web site rules!!!!Please write this one.
108 i like to hear stories about being punish into diapers and them being force to go out into public just wearing thier diapers and have made them to use them and forced to do other baby things
109 A teenage boy who has no success with women wants to impress the girl who he's had a crush on for years, while trying to conceal the fact that he wears diapers. He is humiliated when his mom changes him in front of the girl and treats him like a baby(ie. tickling/baby talk). The girl, however, finds it adorable and begins treating him like a baby herself.
110 A teenager is at odds with a hot yet bitchy girl at school who constantly harrasses him and wants to ruin his life. After having to start wearing diapers, which he wishes to remain secret, the girl ends up becoming his regular babysitter. She seizes the opportunity to completely humiliate him, but soon they both become fond of their new relationship.
111 When a highschool kid finds himself having to wear diapers, the girls of the schools cheerleading squad volunteer to provide care for him during and after school.
112 further on the genie idea: A teenager dreams of the ideal life, popularity, dating girls, ect. but when alone has a secret fantasy of being in diapers, having them changed by and in front of hot girls. He finds himself in a constant battle between these two desires. He finds the opportunite to make a wish, ie, genie, time manipulation, chemical formula, ect. When faced with the opportunity, he makes a decision on impulse which brings his secret fantasy to life. Later, he is back to his desire for status, but it is too late, his wish is already coming true.
113 A boy is kidnapped and held for ransom, rather than being tied to a chair, he is diapered and placed in a walker in a warehouse. he can move around look outside but not get outside. He has everything up so he reach things like playstation and TV. He sleeps in a cribe that is locked down. He only gets changed four times a day, after breakfast, lunch and dinner, and before bed. He has to eat in a highchair. He is kept like this for four days, and then is released after ransom paid. He does not know where he was kept because he was unconscous when being transported.
114 A reality show where the contestants have to be babies!
115 I would like to see a story that is like chaos warriors or if possibable a chaos warriors sequel.if there is what is it called?
116 this story is abot two twin boys at age fourteen years old get caouth palying with each other abd get put back in diapers as a punishment for it.
117 There is a school, that has some of the most childish acting teens, the only way to teach them a lesson is through diapers,all the parents and teachers agree to diaper them all. Will this help or make things worse?
118 I really like the idea of a "Choose your adventure" type of thing, only with diapers. I look on the internet for them, but I can't find any great ones. We would want to use a similier engine as this one:
119 I think there should be a story with havy diapering and restraints with pre-teens maybe with teenagers.
120 A story about me being torchered and forced to wear goodnites (and I wet the bed.)
121 a boy that is 13 years old, he secrety wears drynites at night,he reads about diaper lovers on the internet, and would love to wear diapers 24/7 but he is to scared to tell his mum.
122 I think stories that take you from birth to now are great, like when I was growing up my sister diapered me a lot. We only had cloth diapers in those days. I like stories about sisters diapering brothers and girlfriends diapering boys, too, at school and everywhere. Of course my life story in diapers still goes on, I'm 55 now.
123 A male babysitter babysits two teens and changes them but ends up being forced into diapers himself
124 The 10-year old Billy Livington and his 32-year old mother Carla Howards (who is very, very rich) are living in New York. Billy is Carla's favourite child and gives him anything what he wants, including diapers. Billy is also pooping in his diapers, but Carla doesn't mind it, because she likes treating Billy like a baby. Billy also likes that. One day his favourite cousin (the 16-year old Angie Howards) is staying for a few weeks in their house, because Carla is going on a trip. From that moment Angie also changes Billy's diapers, but one day they discover that Carla has been kidnapped by gangsters. Together with Angie, his favourite 33-year old father (Luke Livington), his favourite 10-year old friends (John von Schneider and Gareth Summer) and his 16-year old sister (Sarah Livington) Billy makes a trip to Germany to rescue Carla and arrest the gangsters, because together with Angie, Luke, John, Gareth and Sarah, Billy becomes "The New York Water Team". This team has these unique powers: water gun's hidden in their hands) and ice beam gun's (also hidden in their hands). They find the gangsters, they deliver them to the police and they take Carla back to New York.

You get the honour to make the remaining texts of this story, Deeker.

125 A cloth diaper story that the boy's diapers are accompanied by plastic pants (no pants) and accompanied by a female older than him.
126 About a 12-year old 7th grader boy who pulls pranks, although very innocent looking, one day he pulls a big prank that causes a partial crisis in his town. His mother finds out and indicates for the next few months will be treated like a 2-year old. His mother buys him adult-sized baby diapers and other supplies. His mother straps the diapers on tightly so he cannot get out. His mother knows that he has a crush on a 16-year old teenager baby sitter. They go to the same school and she supervises him. Then she baby sits him at home and changes him. Afterwards, she invites several other cute high school girls over and so on.
127 Something to do with a 14 year old boy who loves diapers, in first class on the Titanic.
128 Definitely an older boy, around 14 to 18, being hypnotized by older sister, babysitter, or girlfriend into wearing diapers. Said female would then proceed to take care of him in this state as a baby. More ideas could be post-hypnotic induction word like 'sleepy baby' to revert him back to that state. Tell me if you like it =) (I do )
129 If a middle school kid got diapers from the store and got caught. Then the parents found out and made him go to a special school where he was treated like a baby.
130 HOW I GOT STARTED !! Tell about how you got started in diapers and plastic baby pants . Did you WET your bed or pants as a boy ? Did you get put in diapers for wetting your bed or pants ?? Did you like to use diapers or plastic baby pants only ??
131 A story with a sixteen year old boy whose parents are gone for the whole summer and while watchin tv sees an ad for teen huggies that are exactly like the baby diapers right down to the cartoons on the front.
132 I'd Like to see a story about That summer camp in Diapers, Sunsine and the Great State of Alabama
133 My Girl friend Birthday and she want to put you in diapers and plastic baby pants only . Tied to the bed post and play with me all day in my diapers and plastic baby pants. She give you a enema to make you mess in your diapers real BIG ! She has FUN playing and touching your PP in your diapers . She get so turn-on that she make you suck on her TITS like a baby .She play with your PP at the sametime !!
134story about a school that is implamenting wearing diapers to make it so students don't have to disrupt the class to go to the bathroom. Also have baby bottles filled with water or milk for all the students so there is no getting up to get a drink.
135about a teenage boy who gets caught wearing diapers and a girl diapers him 24/7.He wears onesies too.
136a 14 year old who still being breastfed but her mum breastfeeds her at school in front of everyone
137 A twenty-one year old visits his aunt's home because he has no money for rent. His aunt always talked to him like he was five years old forever. He gets to sleep on the couch for two days till an extra room is prepared. then slowly his aunt starts to baby him. when he gets there the first day his aunty asks him if he needs a diaper change as a joke as she changes a cousin's baby. He remarks "I doubt you could" She says "Really?" He says "I'll give you five minutes." They proceed to a back bedroom and he doesn't resist thinking its just a quick bet. She actually get an adult diaper from grandma's house on him and they walk out to show the rest of the family so they can all laugh. later after some extended family leave he tries to go to the bathroom but the doors are all locked. he asks his aunt and she tells him he'll have to just use his diaper and she continues to act like he's a baby. He doesn't quite get it thinking its a joke or she can't come to grips with the fac! t he's grown up. They even argue about a diaper change and she says I change you when I babysit. and before he knows it he is in a week completely babified. He's changed, fed, washed, and even given binkies. but he still wears normal clothes. After the first week he realizes his aunt just can't see the reality that he's not two years old. After about a month he realizes he can't control himself and actually needs diapers now. But he stays there because of expensive rent. He later has a babysitter and she treats him like he is 21 and tries to pottytrain him when she sits. they hit it off and get married and move out but he still needs depends pull ups in the day and fitted at night because he wets still. But she still changes him while he try pottytraining for his wetting. etc. time goes on.......
138 theres a 19yo boy who wears thick disposable diapers, but he only wears them in his room until one day he leave hes room and goes outside but what he dosn't know is that his hot single neighbor has seen him and know that he wears diapers and want to have him as her own baby but she donesn't want a regessed baby boy she wants a teen baby that she can humiltate in the park in nothing but his diaper and a stroler and then force feed him baby food then take him home make him do house work then put him in his crib in his nursey and keep him forever
1398 year old child kidnapped by scientists and turned(physically) into a 1 month old who uses disposable baby diapers and wears a playsuit that prevents standing(includes footed playsuit) and including breastfeeding.
140 A 14 year old boy goes to his aunt's house for the summer and she wants to put him in diapers so she tells him this and forces him to cooperate. She undresses him (he wears briefs) and rubs baby oil on his erect penis. She then puts a diaper on him. His aunt also humiliates him when he gets an erection and she masturbates him. She also gives him baths and cleans off his penis.He is forced to pee in his diaper but not poop. A neighborhood boy is 12 years old comes over a lot and he sees him and makes fun of him because the 14 year old's penis is smaller than the 12 year olds. (BE VERY DESCRIPTIVE FOR ALL THIS)
141I was thanking of sumitting a story of how i plan on useing the diapers i won at pampers .com
142a boy runs away and enjoys what he can. he goes to walmart and steals some diapers and then continues to enjoy the world.then his parents catch him but he runs away again.
143 the story i would like to see is of a boy that is 14 and he gets punished for soiling his pants and he has to wear diapers 24/7 and there should be alot of poopy diapers discribed in full detail. and he has to go to school in diapers and has to go in public in diapers he ends up getting a girlfiend that wears diapers aswell and they have a sleep over together in his cot.
14425 year old who looks very young and cute is forced to become his younger brother and his sister-in-laws baby. While growing up the older brother was often mistaken for the younger one. However the 2 brothers have a good relationship and always have.
145i was wonder if you could do a kind of story were it is like fanstasy with a boy that is this familly get kiiled by a witch/or somert and he is cursed to be a wolf with a wetting problem all of his life and he ends up being found by a fox that addopped him and there is another wolf there and she is a tb.... and the rest is up to you!
146a baby-sitter babysits a kid and forces him/her into wearing diapers overnight and being treated like a baby.
147A preteen who is going on a road trip with his family and has to were diapers because they want to make good timeing.
148You're at a friends for a sleepover and because he wears diapers his mom makes you wear one too.
149more pooping, mushing, grunting, farting, having fun mashing messy diapers please! groups of diaper poopers are appreciated
150A young boy(5 to 12) is forced to be a 2 month old baby, with everything that comes with it and(this may sound REALLY weird) instead of a bottle of milk, breastfeeding, and forced to crawl in a jumpsuit that prevents standing.

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