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Because these stories involve the use of diapers, there are references to "private" anatomy, bodily functions and wastes, sexual feelings and activities (masturbation) and profanity. These are normal aspects of boyhood life and should not be taken the wrong way. These stories are NOT meant to be sexually explicit or erotic. If you are offended by such material, please do not read these stories. I don't mind if you're over or under 18, everybody is welcome here and is left to his or her own discretion. I'd rate these stories PG-13, so I do not feel that teens or pre-teens need to be excluded from reading these stories.

If you are offended by the content of this page, please leave now, or use the "back" button on your browser.

If you have a favorite story that you would like to see added to this page, please feel free to it to me. If you have an original story of your own to contribute, it will be listed under the Contributed Stories section of this page. Even if you don't write fiction and just have an account of your childhood diaper experences, please feel welcome to send it.

Please adhere to the Guidelines for any and all stories or personal account submissions, as these guidelines will also apply, and anything that does not fall within said guidelines will be rejected. Please understand that I do respect other people's feelings about wearing diapers if they differ from mine, but I also want to maintain a consistent theme on this page that reflects my own personal preferences. Thank you.

Deeker's Stories

My stories are inspired by my early childhood feelings about wearing diapers, being very stubborn with being potty trained, having numerous pooping accidents in my underwear, getting "diapered" in several pairs of white boys' underpants, and having two older sisters witness my difficulties and how they were handled. Themes which include the aformentioned situations are prevalent in my stories.

All of the stories which are my own works are fiction and are not based on any actual events or persons except for my own experiences on which I have embellished in these stories. The content of these stories reflects my thoughts and fantasies of reliving my own childhood. The stories are intended for the enjoyment of those who enjoy wearing diapers. Any similarities to actual persons or events is strictly coincidental. I hold no formal copyrights to these stories, but I do claim them as my own intellectual property. You may freely distribute these stories so as long as they are not modified in any way.

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Contributed Stories

A very special and very big Thank You goes out to all of you who contribute your writing talents to this portion of my page. This page would not be what it is without you devoting your time and effort, plus your hard work and dedication to writing about a topic in which our interests and feelings about wearing diapers are mutually shared and understood. Please keep your great stories coming. I really do appreciate them and I enjoy reading every one of them.

The authors of the Contributed stories are responsible for the content of their work. They are posted here as a courtesy to them and to encourage others to write and contribute stories like these.

Guidelines for Contributed Stories
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Discontinued Stories

These are Contributed Stories which are more than 180 days past their most recent update. It is presumed that the authors have no intentions to continue these stories, given the amount of time passed since being updated. They are listed here, but are not available for individual download. These stories can only be obtained by downloading the zip file which contains the stories listed below.

Should any of these stories be updated they will be listed as active stories on the main list and will again be given six months to be updated (unless completed).

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Archived Stories

This is a collection of fiction and true stories that I have collected from newsgroups and web pages since August of 1994. I do not claim credit for these stories as they were written by other authors. While I do not have acknowledgements available for all the authors, I do wish to extend my thanks to those who have written the stories presented here. These stories have been chosen for inclusion here based primarily on their overall content fitting with the theme of this page. My purpose for having these stories posted here is to make them more readily available to the readership and to give these authors more exposure.

Many of these stories are incomplete, unfortunately, but I still feel that they are worthy of inclusion here.

All of the stories have been carefully screened on the basis of several criteria, and selected to comform to the theme of this page, boys in diapers. All of the stories are about boys in diapers, mostly ranging in age from young childhood to pre-teens and early teens, with some of them mentioning adult diapered males as well. Mention of girls in diapers occur only sparingly. None of the stories contain any feminization or "sissy" content that compromises the boys' gender identities in any way.

All of these stories contain wetting and/or messing in diapers. Many of the stories contain varying degrees of sexual situations and activities, mainly within the context of sexual arousal from diapers. Some of the stories contain various degrees of spanking and other forms of child abuse. Other stories are simply about boys who enjoy wearing and using diapers.

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True Accounts

This section is for true stories or accounts of people's experiences with wearing diapers from their post-toddlerhood years (age five to teens). This section was created to differentiate these stories from those which are listed in the Contributed Stories section, which primarily contains fiction, hybrid true-fiction and longer, multi-part true stories.

The stories listed here are not really written as "stories" per se (like a novel) but rather, are short accounts and will thus be referred to as such. I have set up this section to encourage participants to submit an account of their real-life childhood diaper experiences. Perhaps some of you have refrained from submitting an account of your experiences with diapers because your experiences may not be of the same "caliber" as what is often described in a longer diaper story. If this is the case I welcome you to submit your account.

Guidelines for True Accounts
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