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March 13, 2005

Forever in Diapers

Since I don't have any subjects to write about this week (not even any bad emails to lambaste), rather than just saying "No Announcements This Week" I thought I should let everyone who is reading "Forever in Diapers" what the status is on this story. I realize it has not been updated in several weeks, after being updated on a weekly basis for so long. Please let me assure anyone who is concerned, that the story will go on. I have come too far with the story to just let it die. I am not having writer's block or any other creative inhibitions. I've just been lacking time to work on it.

You see, back at my old job, I'll admit that I had a lot of idle time running printer tests. These were automated scripted tests. While some of them required continuous attention during the execution of the test, many could be run and then the results could be checked afterwards. To curb boredom I would post email text files to my FTP server, which would allow me to retrieve them at work and thus write my replies to them. Before my shift was over with I'd post what I had gotten written back to my FTP server. At home I'd simply copy and paste everything and then email it off. Having my own cubicle, using a small font and using a predefined set of "code" words to find-and-replace upon getting home so as to not reveal the nature of my email messages, I was able to successfully make use of my idle time and preventing "brain mush" from setting in. Doing this freed me up to work on my story writing at home. Nobody ever knew that I was doing this, though I realize I was taking my chances doing it.

Now that I am in a workplace where my work space is in open view and my workload is sufficient to keep me busy at all times, it is no longer practical or advisable that I work on such projects, as the printer testing I am now doing is much more interactive and does not involve the use of automated scripts. While I do feel good about having enough real work to do while on the job and I never get bored due to the variety of printer testing that I perform, I do miss being able to take advantage of the idle time that I once had. I have also had to look at managing my time at home for writing emails, working on this web site, doing diaper boy drawings, and, of course, work on the stories that made this site what it is in the first place.

In other words, I am just asking that those of you who are waiting to see the next part of "Forever in Diapers" and any other stories I have in the works, to please try to be patient and to be understanding of the reasons I have not turned out any new original material in recent months. I will be sure to announce new FID parts here in the MOTW as they are completed.

Story Ideas

In my rush to complete the updates each week, there are some sections that I have had a tendency to subordinate; in other words, they were not considered to be as high ranking in the priorities hierarchy. One of these sections is the Story Ideas Page, which I really feel deserves more attention that what it has been getting. I plan to increase its priority, especially as I allow myself more time now to complete the updates each week. Seeing that I had not updated it since September of 2004, I felt it was long overdue for an update. 25 new ideas have been added. I received more than this in the past six months, but not all of the ideas that people submitted made the cut. Some were simply not fitting for this site (e.g. stories about girls, boys being made into girls, too much sexual content, etc.) Other ideas were edited to bring them into compliance with this site's purpose and its Guidelines. Some were not even ideas by any stretch of the imagination. If you submitted a story idea within the past several months and were wondering if I received it or would like to put it up for consideration by other writers (possibly myself), please check out the Story Ideas page to see if yours is listed. I plan to update this page more frequently, as there is a wide pool of writing talent out there who could produce some great material from the ideas listed.

To measure potential writers' interest, I have also updated this page so that those who may be interested in writing stories based on these ideas can submit their pledges to write such stories. One thing I want to make clear is that pledging to write a story does not in any way obligate you to fulfill your pledge. I do, however, want to encourage people to indicate their interest in the stories listed and only pledge to write if they are genuinely interested in making a good, quality story and are able to commit to the writing. I may ask you from time to time how you are doing on the story if I don't hear from you after pledging, but I won't be a pest about it.

The stories are what have made this page the success that it has been. I would like to encourage those of you with a knack for writing and a creative imagination to share your talents and put the ideas listed to good use.

* * * * *

Have a good week, everyone. Stay happily and thickly diapered!

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