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Deeker's Message of the Week

July 27, 2003

New Policy for Add Link Requests

Effective immediately, I will no longer accept any
Add Link requests for Yahoo Groups. My reasons for this are: Existing links to Yahoo Groups will be retained for now and will be eliminated through attrition. I expect this to happen, given Yahoo's shitty reputation for closing diaper-related groups.

Why No Girl Stories?

Some of you may have noticed in the July 2003 Guestbook, that there is someone who has been persistently asking me why there are no girl stories or much of anything else for girls on my site. His last posting asked me to post a reply in the guestbook itself (I have put a link there which redirects back to here). While he could just as easily email me, perhaps he fears I would respond with hostility, or that he just doesn't want to reveal his email address. I can understand this, although if he asked me in a polite manner I would respond politely (if he were a dick about it, on the other hand, his email would be summarily ignored and deleted).

Enough rambling. To answer his question, which perhaps is a question some of you have also had about this site, Why are there no stories or other materials on this site about girls wearing diapers? The answer: That's Just How It Is.

That's probably not a very satisfactory answer, but really, to explain it would be like trying to explain why water is wet; it just is. Some things just aren't easy to explain, which is why this entry is so damn long. I love rock music, especially hard rock music, but I can't stand country music. Rock music is very pleasing to my ears. It's loud and intense and I enjoy the complex melodies, the forceful rhythms, the fast, furious drumming, and yes, the screaming lyrics. There are no limits to what a musician can do when playing rock music. There's an endless variety of chord progressions, riffs, etc.

Country music, on the other hand, just has a certain sound to it that makes it displeasing. I don't exactly know what it is, but county music just plain sucks to me. It's boring, for starters, and the style of music just seems extremely limited and confined. Perhaps it's the instruments, although the same instruments are often played in both rock and country. It's probably the way the instruments are played that makes the difference. I don't identify with the topics country musicians sing about. I know there are country music fans who would just as easily dismiss the rock music I listen to as noise. In a diaper story sense, such people who don't like my stories may be quick to dismiss them for various reasons. At least in country music they play real instruments, unlike rap, which doesn't even count as music to me and sucks ten times worse than the twangiest song written by some beer-swillin', wife-cheatin', gun totin', bullet-riddled pickup-truck-drivin', horse shit-caked booted country crooner while drunk off his ass. I'd rather listen to an endless loop of a chimpanzee being castrated without sedation than to listen to five seconds of rap. I'm digressing here, so I'll get back to discussing diaper stories.

Likewise, diaper stories about boys are very pleasing to me, whereas girl stories just don't do anything for me. A girl beyond the age of two wearing diapers just seems out of place to me, and a diaper just doesn't look right to me on a girl, and I would very much rather see a huge mass of white fabric tightly pinned up over a boy's butt, knowing he will have to poop in it. Boys wearing diapers just seem more natural to me, something girls are too mature and clean to do. I know these remarks will piss some people off, but please note that I used the phrase to me and the word seems. In other words, these are my own personal perceptions and not meant to be taken as how I expect others to see the world (hope, yes, but expect, no).

I do want to make it clear that I recognize that there are girls who wear diapers out of need as well as those who, like boys, enjoy wearing them. I just have no interest in stories, pictures, drawings, or anything pertaining to this, however, and since this is my web site, I can control what gets posted here. I would like the site to reflect my personal interests and preferences, so naturally one should expect to only see stories and other materials where boys and only boys are portrayed as the diaper wearers, while their fully-clothed, toilet-using sisters look on with amusement in seeing that their brothers and other boys go around in diapers all the time. My personal experiences with the following all culminated into developing the feelings and biases I have always held towards diapers being a "boy's thing" to me:

Given these experiences, it makes sense to understand why my interests in diapers have always been solely focused on boys, giving girls (namely sisters) a more dominant role to the diaper-wearing boys in this scenario.

I realize that everyone has had different experiences with wearing diapers, so it stands to reason that not everyone will agree with what I allow on my site and what I don't. I respect the differences of opinion that some people may have with my site, however, I will not take the time to answer any complaints about it, as doing so would accomplish absolutely nothing. I have been running this site since June of 1996, over seven years as of this writing. My site has developed quite a following and I have received many fine compliments on my site, and I have made many friends and helped lots of people, young and old, with their feelings about diapers. The fact is, the site works just fine the way it is. It ain't broke, so I'm not gonna bother "fixing" it. There are plenty of other web sites for people whose interests in diapers differ from what is presented on this site.

I often use the radio station analogy to compare this web site to a rock station. A person who wants to hear country music song should not expect to hear one on a rock radio station. He can change the tuner and find a station which does broadcast country music, which would suit his tastes. The same thing goes for this web site. If someone doesn't want to read boy stories and would like to read stories about girls instead, they can "change the station."

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* * * * *

Stay happy and thickly diapered!

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