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Deeker's Message of the Week

July 7, 2002

A Record Week

As evidenced by the late update today (it's 1:00 PM as I write this), I have had a lot more work to do this week. This week I received six new True Accounts, 4 new Contributed Stories, and 5 updates to existing Contributed stories. As one might imagine, preparing stories for posting with this high of volume accounts for more effort on my part, not that I am complaining, of course. In fact, I love getting lots of new material for the site. Great work, and thanks to those of you who contributed to achieving this new record for the site.

Two New Surveys Added

Having had the entire week off from work for the July 4th holiday, this gave me some extra time to work on other projects. With this, I have added two ne surveys to the lineup: the Diaper Ratings Survey andthe Diaper Discipline Survey.

The Diaper Ratings Survey is for people who wear diapers to rate how well their diapers perform on several criteria. I feel that this will prove to be useful to those who are unsure of which diapers to try or are looking for something that may work better for them than what they are wearing now. Unlike the other surveys, individual responses are not posted, although comments from each participant are listed for each diaper brand rated. Disposable and cloth diaper users alike may participate in this survey.

The Diaper Discipline Survey is for boys who are either currently receiving diaper discipline, receive it on a regular or recurring basis, or have received it in the past. Adults who received diaper discipline in their youth may also participate. This survey asks questions more specific to diaper discipline, such as the reasons it is or was used, the duration, how often it was carried out, what diapers were used, how other family members reacted, etc. While these questions are covered in general on the Diaper Boy survey, the questions in this survey are more specific. The survey is only intended for boys who actually received diaper discipline as a form of a punishment. It is not for those who administer diaper discipline in a fantasy or role-playing sense. Also, it is not for those whose diaper discipline was accompanied by other forms of discipline in which one's gender identity is compromised (i.e. sissification). As this site is firmly committed to boys and only recognizes boys whose wearing of diapers is carried out consistenlyt with their natural-born gender, such responses would clearly not be fitting for the site.

Top Ten Story Downloads for Week of 06/30/02 to 07/06/02

1Toddler Again Contributed Stories1406
2Kenny Contributed Stories1375
3Brad True Accounts965
4Terry True Accounts956
5Bret True Accounts905
6The BedwetterArchived Stories857
7James #2 True Accounts854
8A Kid Like Me Contributed Stories745
9Oops Contributed Stories727
10My Neighbor Contributed Stories692

* * * * *

Have a good week everyone, and stay happily and thickly diapered!

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