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Deeker's Message of the Week

May 19, 2002

Early Update

My plans for Sunday morning and my busy day on Saturday required me to post this week's update early. Any stories, story updates, survey responses, sighting reports, and any other submitted materials that were received Saturday afternoon or afterwards are not included with the update this week. They will be included in the following week's update, however.

Keeping It Secret, Revisited

A few people responded to my commentary in last week's MOTW in regards to keeping my diaper fetish a secret from family and friends who may inquire into how I spend my free time. One person suggested that I mention being involved with church activities. This would be a great cover if I were an avid churchgoer, but my family and friends all know that this is not an activity in which I partake (I do believe in God, but I don't engage in fellowship). Of all things to use for a cover, my conscience would pester me if I were to lie about being involved in church and spiritual devotions as a cover for my diaper interests.

On a more secular level, someone mentioned that his mother inquires about his computer time, which he says is mostly devoted to playing games. When I lived with my parents this was a good cover since I did do this on the computer more when I was not yet out on my own (back in the good old days of less responsibility). I had only gotten on the Internet for a few months before I moved out and I didn't have a web site or even any stories to share with anyone then, so it wasn't much of a concern at the time. I was just glad that my mom didn't know enough about computers to get into my system to see what files I had on there. If I were doing the things I do now but still living with my parents it would be a lot harder for me to keep up my web site and write as many stories as I do.

I'm still looking for more people who have dealt with a similar situation to mine to share their stories. Tell me how you respond to questions about what you do in your spare time or what you like to do on your computer when you'd rather not tell people what it is you really like to do. As always, just email them to me. I will post any worthwhile responses that I receive in next week's MOTW.

Site Outages

There was a period late Friday night and early Saturday morning when the site was down. I am not aware of any other outages that occurred in the past week. Again, my apologies to anyone who had trouble getting to this site during those times.

500th Survey Response Received

During the past week I received my 500th survey response for the Diaper Boy Survey. Thanks to everyone who has allowed me to attain this benchmark. Let's keep it going, and maybe one of you someday will have the distinction of submitting the thousandth survey response.

Diaper Boy Drawings

A few samples of my diaper boy drawings are posted. If you want me to send you the entire collection of ../Images to date (nearly 700 .gif format ../Images, contained in 15 zip files), just submit your request here. The files will be sent one at a time and are, on average, about 500-600K.

Story Statistics

Statistics will be posted at a later time. There was no time for me to process the data Sunday morning as I was not available at this time.

Have a good week everyone. Stay happy and thickly diapered!

Other Messages of the Week

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