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Deeker's Message of the Week

April 7, 2002

I'm Dreaming of a White Diapered Butt

Those of us who are DLs or ABs have probably had more dreams about diapers than the average person. Most of my diaper dreams have been about myself wearing diapers, but the one I had a couple nights ago was a dream about seeing other boys in diapers. Here is what happened (keep in mind this is only a dream sequence) (sigh, I wish it had been for real):

I was riding as a passenger in someone's car (it might have been a friend that was driving, it didn't seem like a family member). We were trying to get to the freeway onramp, but there was road construction and we were diverted by several orange signs, cones, etc. into some neighborhood. It looked rather run down with older homes that hadn't been kept up. As we approached a street corner I saw a boy who looked to be about 11 or 12 wearing some very thick and high cloth diapers. He was jumping on a trampoline. I remember seeing how much his diapers bulged out from his butt and how high they went up on his back. I even recall seeing the diaper pins stuck along the sides of his diapers. He was also shirtless, so I could see his diapers in their entirety. Since we were in a residential area and presumably also slowed down by the volume of traffic diverted by the construction, we were moving slowly enough that I got a good, long, steady look at the boy. If such a situation were realistic with the amount of cars going around the construction zone, obviously this boy had no inhibitions whatsoever about all the other people that would see him bouncing up and down on that trampoline in his diapers. Just as I would have done in a real-life situation if I were with someone else, I had to try not to show too much interest in the sighting lest I be questioned by the person who was driving.

As we moved on through the detour we turned another corner and came to another house where there were three more boys (age range about 8 to 12) all in very thick and big diapers just like the first boy I saw. These boys were standing around in the yard, apparently oblivious to onlookers such as myself. There were several girls there, too, but they were in shorts or swimsuits, clearly not in diapers. I was even getting excited in the dream as I thought about getting to post these sightings to the Diaper Sightings on my page as my own sighting report, for which I am long overdue. I have a feeling that the drawings that I have been doing lately spawned this dream. Imagine my disappointment when I woke up. On the other hand, I have to consider that had the dream sighting been real I would have been bummed out, either for not having a camera with me, or to have not been able to use it with someone else in the car with me.

I have had several other dreams about diapers, but none quite so involved or as clearly recallable as the one I described above. Most of my other diaper dreams are about me wearing diapers, as an adult. One such dream I recall was when I was standing in line at Jack in the Box waiting to order. While standing there I suddenly realized that I had only diapers and a shirt on. I felt so embarrassed as I came to my sudden realization. Then, out of nowhere, a blanket that my aunt had knitted for me years ago when I was a child suddenly materialized and I immediately used it to cover myself up. It was still embarrassing to be standing there with a blanket around me, but at least nobody could see that I was wearing diapers.

I'm interested in getting other people's stories about the dreams they have had about wearing diapers, either themselves, or others (preferably boys, of course.) If you would like to share your dream story, just use this email link to send it. If I receive enough responses I will either post them here in the MOTW or put them in a file of their own. If it proves to be popular enough to warrant it I may even make it a permanent feature of this site.


A new ten-part segment (71-80) of my current epic in progress, Forever in Diapers, has been posted. This is the sequel to my very first story posted on the Internet, called Diaper Desires. This story is still a long ways from completion.

Surveys and the Deeker Diaper Boy Award

Nothing much of anything new to say here except my usual thanks to those who submitted survey responses. A few new Deeker DIaper Boy Award recipients were recognized.

Diaper Boy Drawings

I decided to post a few samples of my work. If you want me to send you the entire collection of ../Images to date (over 500 .gif format ../Images, contained in 12 zip files), just submit your request here. The files will be sent one at a time and are, on average, about 500-600K.

Story Statistics

Top Ten Story Downloads for Week of 3/31/02 to 4/06/02

1Incontinent Rage Contributed Stories1101
2Dean's Education Contributed Stories1091
3My Trip to the Country Contributed Stories1086
4How Else Would You Treat a Bedwetter?True Accounts1022
5It's Happening Again Contributed Stories983
6Easter Dreams Contributed Stories940
7Tony and His Dad Contributed Stories856
8Search for Models Contributed Stories448/226
9Shuttle Launch Contributed Stories377/270
10Summer I Was 5Archive Stories330
*For updated stories, the first number indicates the number of hits on the new part. The second number indicates the number of hits to the full story file (or the story's first segment).

Missing in Action

The following is a list of people whom I tried to contact this past week, but was unsuccessful in doing so due to bounced emails. If you are reading this, please contact me.

NameDate attempted to contactMessage
Tyler P.04/03/02 I hadn't heard from you in a few days and tried to send you a message to find out if you were okay, but the mail came back.
Jeff04/03/02 You submitted to me a story idea that you wanted to have listed on my Ideas page. The idea hasn't been listed since it concerns adults and this site is mostly for stories about boys in diapers, up to early teens.
Bluboy04/06/02 You requested diaper boy drawings, but after I sent the first file out it came right back, indicating that email from my address is not accepted. It seems that there is a setting in your email that prohibits receiving messages from anyone other than from a specific list of approved senders. Please check this out and get back to me on it.
Manitus04/06/02 While I received both parts to your survey responses, the first one came through with only the first few responses listed. Since you did not provide an email address for me to contact you, I had no way of letting you know about this. You may consider using the offline form if the online form doesn't work. Your responses listed in the second part looked really interesting and I would like to post them, but will only do so if I have both parts in their entirety.

While I am at it, I want to address an issue that seems to happen frequently with AOL users (whom I am not picking on because they are AOL users.) My issue is that it seems your email settings are configured so that you cannot receive any replies from me. Apparently your email is set so that you can only receive messages from specific senders. In some cases I have received bounces to indicate that your address doesn't accept attachments. If this is a setting you can change, or if you can override parental controls, please check how your email is configured so that I can reply to your messages and fulfill your requests. Alternately, you might consider setting up a secondary email account through Hotmail or Yahoo. Thank you.

Off the Topic

Is there anyone out there who frequents the Straight Dope Message Board?. If you do, look for me there. My screen name is dwc1970. For obvious reasons I don't talk about diapers there, but you may find that I have other things in common with you besides diapers.

As always, have a good week everyone. Stay happy and thickly diapered!


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