From late Sunday afternoon on, there was only one thing on my 
mind, getting some real diapers. I jacked off so many times I ran myself 
dry and even made my balls sore. I had exhausted myself of all the 
sexual energy that went into anticipating getting some real diapers. 
After I played with my Legos some more I drew several pictures of myself 
and began writing a story about everything that had led up to this 
point. I had forgotten about the homework I had to do over the weekend 
until late that evening. I went to bed wearing pee- and poop-filled 
underpants. My bed got wet just from the soaked underpants. I kept them 
on through the night until the next morning when I got ready for school. 
My briefs were so wet by then from peeing several times, especially when 
I pissed right after I woke up with a full bladder. I had no choice but 
to release my morning wizz into my underwear, which made the bed even 
wetter. This problem was solved simply by my Mom taking my sheets off of 
the bed to wash them.
	"You'll be wearing plastic pants over your diapers, so don't worry 
about getting your bed wet or the furniture," Mom said to me. I looked 
down at my underwear and I could see that it was tinted yellow from 
having peed in it a few times. My underwear was completely soaked-- all 
34 pairs. A heavy layer of poop ran all the way from the waistband in 
the rear, through the crotch and up into the fly in the front. I was 
amazed at how much my wet underwear weighed after I took if all off.
	I ended up spending extra time in the shower cleaning myself up 
from having shit-filled underpants on since yesterday afternoon. I 
wanted to make sure I was good and clean so that nobody at school would 
smell anything, or in P.E. class, see any sort of evidence.
	After I finished with my shower I went back into my room and got 
dressed for school. I was tempted to put on a few extra pairs of 
underwear so that I would have to let the other kids in P.E. class see 
me like this, thus burning my bridge, so to speak. I yielded to my 
temptation disregarding what the other kids in P.E. would likely say to 
me, being that I didn't have much self-esteem. Having a low reputation 
to start with and having worsened it by the recent turn of events, I had 
nothing more to lose at this point, anyway. At the last second I 
chickened out and decided to back down and just wear one pair and avoid 
dealing with all the additional teasing that I was sure to get 
	I went back to the bathroom with a laundry basket to retrieve my 
wet and soiled underwear. I took it out to the washroom where Mom loaded 
it into the washing machine. I felt guilty that she was having to handle 
my shit-filled and pissed-soaked underwear.
	"I did this before when you were a baby, and I can get used to it 
again," Mom assured me. "Having second thoughts already?"
	"No," I said.
	"Not that it would matter, since you're still getting diapers 
anyway," my Mom said. Mom then asked me, "How many pairs of underwear do 
you have on?"
	"Just one," I said.
	"Good, because if I were you, I'd wear just one pair of underwear 
to school, unless you want people to think you're like John."
	"They already do," I said. "I might as well get it over with. And 
besides, Justin and Kurt aren't hanging around me anymore, so I don't 
know what else I have to lose."
	"Your reputation," Rena said as she walked past while I was eating 
my cereal.
	"I don't have much of a reputation anyway," I said.
	"Well, Danny, I think that on second thought, perhaps you should 
try going to school wearing your underwear like John does. It might help 
you to decide if you really want to be wearing diapers to school as 
	With this, Mom made sure that I had on as many briefs as I could 
fit under my pants, which was six pairs, the same amount I initially 
planned to wear before having second thoughts. I could barely zip up my 
pants, and as I looked in the mirror I could see a little bulge around 
my waist.
	As I walked to the bus stop I realized how self-conscious I 
became, paying close attention to the bulky feel of my extra underwear. 
I wasn't used to wearing them underneath pants and it was an usual 
feeling. I was the only boy at the bus stop as I stood among four girls. 
In a way I was hoping they'd notice, but my jacket covered my butt 
completely, so I knew I was safe from being detected.
	I went through the beginning of my school day thinking about 
getting to wear diapers. While I was as excited as ever about this, I 
was also nervous about what would happen once I got to P.E. class. I was 
daydreaming in most of my classes, enough to get the teachers to yell at 
me and tell me to pay attention to their lessons. Mr. Eaton, my reading 
teacher, was the worst about my failure to pay attention. He has this 
stupid system of counting a student tardy for a given day for things 
like forgetting to bring one's books, talking in class, etc. Because of 
this, I was marked late for class, even though I was on time.
	After my third class of the day, which was Cadet Band, was the 
P.E. class that I had been thinking about and dreading somewhat, 
especially once I had my pants down and my underwear exposed. I went 
into the locker room and began to change into my gym clothes. I started 
with my shirt. Then I stood hesitantly before taking my pants off. I 
planned to be as quick as I could about it so that hopefully nobody 
would see that I was wearing extra pairs of underpants. I only had six 
pairs on, so it wasn't like I was wearing what John usually wore. My 
shirt was also down over my waistbands enough that nobody would see the 
extra sets of stripes running around me. If anything, they'd see the 
extra thickness in the fabric or perhaps the presence of more than one 
leg band.
	"You gonna take your pants off?" asked Mike Christensen, the boy 
who sat next to me in the row of lockers.
	"Why is it any of your business?" I asked him. With this I 
unfastened my pants and pulled them down. As I expected, Mike was quick 
to notice the extra pairs of underpants.
	"Gee, Danny, got enough underwear on?" he asked me. I ignored him, 
or at least I tried to.
	"Copying your friend John, I see," Mike said. "Hey everybody! Look 
at Danny! He wears his underwear just like John does!"
	By this time everybody was laughing at me, everyone except John, 
who looked at me with interest and concern. I just put my shorts on and 
prepared myself to endure such comments for the remainder of the class 
and probably the day as well. In fact, I looked at this as a dress 
rehearsal of sorts, for what was yet to come if I were to start coming 
to school in real diapers.
	I went out to the field with the other boys and walked with John. 
After a few kids ran past me and made comments about my extra 
underpants, I told John what my Mom decided I should do when I got 
dressed this morning and explained why.
	"You won't know what it's really like until you're wearing a dozen 
pairs or more like I do-- in school that is-- and then, wait until you 
have to poop in your underwear, or your diapers, once you get put into 
them and sent to school wearing them."
	"I'm not sure if I am ready for this," I said.
	"Well, you don't have much to lose at this point," John said. 
"That's why I don't care that other kids see what I wear and know why I 
wear so many pairs of underpants."
	As we started doing our warm-up exercises I could feel the 
difference that wearing a few extra pairs of underpants made when 
performing such activity. Today we played soccer, which I at least 
understood and knew how to play, as did John. Still, we were each picked 
last by each of the designated team captains, which thus put us on 
opposing teams. I could still run around even with the extra bulk around 
my butt. Later on a lot of the kids were trying to yank my shorts down 
to see my underwear, and on a couple occasions they did. I tried to take 
it in stride, accepting my fate as my reputation didn't have much 
farther to go from being labeled a complete weirdo like John was often 
considered. I could see how he eventually became desensitized to all the 
teasing that he must have gotten over the years. If it weren't for him I 
don't know how I would have felt about my situation.
	After P.E. class was over with it was time to hit the showers. I 
went into the locker room and took off my shirt and my shorts. I then 
pulled all of my underwear down and took it off in one bunch. I didn't 
want to draw any more attention to how many pairs of underwear I had on 
than I had to. Still, Mike noticed the stack of waistbands bunched 
together as I stuffed my underpants into my locker.
	I showered as quickly as I could and then I returned to get 
dressed. I put all six of my underpants on at one time, though I had to 
make some adjustments and I had to pull a couple of them down and then 
back up again. Mike was watching me the whole time.
	"You're weird, Danny," he said. "Even weirder than I thought when 
I first met you."
	I often ignored Mike's comments, but as he seemed to take an 
interest in the underwear I was wearing, I asked him why he was so 
interested in seeing how much underwear I had on.
	"You ought to try it sometime," I said to Mike.
	"No thanks," he said. "Just don't start pooping in your underpants 
like John does."
	I had no intentions of doing such a thing at school. I couldn't 
even get up the nerve to take a shit in a school restroom, or any public 
restroom for that matter, so dumping a load of poop in my underwear at 
school was out of the question.
	I still had yet to face the lunch hour and how Kurt and Justin 
would treat me. John and I went to our table and sat down. We were 
joined a few minutes later by Kurt and Justin as well as Nick and Loren.
	"I hear you're gonna be wearing diapers!" Kurt said.
	"How did you find out?" I asked him.
	"Justin told me," Kurt replied.
	"How did you find out, Justin?" I asked him.
	"Gina told me. Your sister told Gina. Amazing how things like this 
get around, huh?"
	Other kids had overheard this dialog, and before long, it seemed 
like everyone in the cafeteria knew that I was going to wear diapers. 
Many of them were under the impression that I was already wearing 
diapers. It seemed to make sense to everyone, being that I was now 
friends with a boy who was known throughout the whole school as "Undies 
Boy" and pooped in them. Now I was about to bear the same reputation.
	One kid in particular was especially obnoxious. His name was Tom. 
I had several run-ins with him years ago when he and I attended the same 
elementary school. After a new school was built he went to that school 
and I hoped to never see his ugly face again, but five years later, he 
was back for more.
	"Hey Danny!" he said as he came up to John and me. "I hear you're 
a pants-pooper just like John!"
	I tried to ignore him, but this asshole was persistent.
	"Hey, poopy-pants, I'm talking to you!"
	"Go away," I told him.
	"No, I'm not going away!" he said. He then chased me out of the 
cafeteria and to the back of the building. I realized that I was 
cornered when he and Jason caught up with me.
	"What do you want from me?" I asked Tom fearfully.
	"Nothing. I just want to watch you cry like a baby, just like you 
did before. Seeing that you shit your pants like a baby, too, I'm not 
	"I don't do that," I denied.
	"Let's take a look at what you're wearing," he said. "I heard 
you're wearing diapers now."
	"I'm not wearing diapers!" I said.
	"That's not what we heard!" Tom's sidekick Jason said.
	"Pull his pants down!" Tom said to Jason. Jason then charged 
towards me. I managed to slip past Tom and Jason as I ran back to the 
cafeteria. I disappeared in the crowd and Tom and Jason backed off by 
then. John had since then left and had gotten up to see where I had 
	I found John walking back towards the main building. I hollered at 
him and got his attention. I told him what had happened. He assured me 
that if I didn't pay any attention to the other kids when they tried to 
tease me about my "diapers" that they would go away.
	My next class after lunch was Social Studies. I didn't have much 
of an appreciation for history, especially if it was things that 
happened nowhere near here or within the last couple centuries. The 
teacher made it even more boring. This made daydreaming even more 
inviting. As Mr. Skoro droned on about who-knows-what, I thought about 
being put into diapers later that day. I sat in class with a big hard-
on, wishing I could stroke it, especially as I felt the extra underpants 
padding me up.
	About halfway through the class I felt that I needed to poop. In 
the last seven years of going to school I had managed to hold my poop 
until I got home. It was because of this ability to hold my bowel 
movements for this long that my parents were not convinced that all my 
accidents were actually accidents. The only way I could explain this 
anomaly in which I could retain my stools while in school was my fear of 
what the other kids would say to me if they knew I took a crap in the 
school bathroom, or worse yet, if I had a poop accident in school. At 
home there was no incentive.
	As things turned out today, this fear or whatever it was that 
allowed me to keep the poop in until I felt it was "safe" to release it 
was not enough to keep me from going. Now I wasn't daydreaming, but 
thinking about whether or not I should ask to be excused to go to the 
restroom. This poop wasn't gont to retreat no matter what. I sat up on 
my heel and crossed my legs, drawing attention from the other kids who 
likely knew why I was behaving this way. I figured there wouldn't be 
anybody in the bathroom during class, and at this point it was either go 
to the toilet or shit my pants in the middle of class. Never mind the 
fact that I had on six pairs of underwear, I simply wasn't prepared to 
defecate in the classroom.
	I waited until I could get a word in edgewise while Mr. Skoro 
talked endlessly while he endlessly displayed page after page of 
sloppily written notes on the overhead for us to copy. He had his back 
turned most of the time, so he didn't see that I had my hand up. Finally 
he turned around and saw my hand raised.
	"Yes, Danny?"
	"I need to go to the bathroom," I said shyly. The other kids 
	"Class will be over in fifteen minutes," he said as he looked at 
his watch, implying that the answer was no.
	I couldn't hold it much longer. The pressure was too much. I don't 
know if the extra underwear gave me an extra sense of security or what, 
but I was glad to be wearing it. I relieved some of the pressure in my 
bowels and a fairly good load of poop came pouring out of my butt. I 
felt the mess spreading through my tight briefs. I had poop up to my 
balls and I could feel it going up my butt crack. I could only imagine 
how bad this would have been had I not been in six pairs of underwear. I 
was glad this didn't happen before P.E. Still, I was starting to stink, 
and if I could smell it, so could the other kids around me.
	"I think Danny just pooped his pants," said this one kid. 
Everybody started laughing. I buried my head on my desk, embarrassed as 
ever, trying to stifle my crying the best I could. I was hoping Mr. 
Skoro would come to my rescue, but all he did was to tell the class to 
settle down so he could resume the lesson.
	"I told you I needed to go!" I thought to myself.
	I still had one class left to go, math class. I knew that I would 
get teased all the way to my locker and then back to Mrs. Babcock's 
classroom. Everybody called me "stink-butt" and "poopy pants" and 
several other names of this nature.
	When I got to Mrs. Babcock's room I went up to her and discreetly 
explained my situation to her and asked her if she could just give me 
the assignment for that night and allow me to go to the nurse's office 
for the rest of the class. Judging by how she winced, she knew that I 
had a predicament to deal with and she wrote up an excuse for me to 
visit the nurse.
	I was glad that I didn't have to sit through class wearing soiled 
underpants. I went to the nurse's office and explained what had 
	"You can go into that room and clean yourself up," she told me. 
"Everything you need will be in there."
	"Thanks," I said.
	"Do you need me to call your mother?" she asked me. "Maybe she can 
bring you a change of clothes."
	"Yeah, please do," I said. I went into the small room and closed 
the door. There was a toilet in there, which I decided to use for 
getting the rest of my bowel movement out of my system. I had a lot of 
poop left and I could only wonder what it would be like to have fully 
loaded my underpants. I knew that six pairs would not be enough material 
to contain it and soak up all the wet stool.
	I took off my pants and my underwear and set it aside. A contained 
of wipes, similar to baby wipes, was provided among other supplies. I 
was surprised to see that several stack of diapers in different sizes 
were also provided. I pulled one down and looked at it. I unfolded it 
and studied it, surprised that there were bigger diapers for bigger 
kids, which I assumed was what the diapers were for. I was tempted to 
put one of them on, but I didn't want Mom to know that I had an accident 
in school and I didn't want to explain why I had on a disposable diaper. 
I refolded the diaper and put it back on the shelf where it came from. I 
cleaned myself up and separated the soiled pairs from the clean ones. 
The first two pairs were completely soaked. I figured they were useless 
at this point so I pitched them in the trash. The third pair was 
stained, but still salvageable, so I put it on along with the last three 
pairs, reducing my "diaper" from six pairs of underwear to four. I got 
dressed and went back out to the main office.
	"Your mother was not available when I called," the nurse said. 
"Could your father do this for you?"
	"No, he couldn't," I said. "I'll be all right," I said.
	"Do you want to return to class?" the nurse asked me. Being that I 
had been excused for the remainder of the class, I had the option of 
returning or not returning.
	"I'll just stay here, I guess," I said. I sat in the chair and 
cracked open my math book and studied the upcoming lesson, hoping I 
would understand it. The bell finally rang and I went out to the bus. 
All the way there I heard kids teasing me about my poop accident. I got 
more of it on the bus as well. Justin didn't even want to sit with me. 
In fact, because I still smelled of poop, I sat in my seat alone, 
choosing the seat right behind the driver where kids would not be as 
likely to bother me. Still, they called me all the names and even Justin 
got in on the act. The bus driver had to yell at everyone and tell them 
to leave me alone.
	I got off the bus and I got called names as kids opened their 
windows and hurled their insults at me. I ran home, having second 
thoughts about wearing diapers, at least to school.

WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN: PART 12- My First Real Diapers

	When I walked in the door I wasn't sure what exactly to expect 
once it came time to put me in diapers. Even before I could take my book 
bag into my room Rena was already standing in the living room waiting 
for me. She came running up to me holding one of the several diapers 
that would soon be on me along with the pins that would hold them 
	"You ready for your diapers, Danny?" Rena asked. She held the 
diaper in front of me just to show me how big it was, and it was big. It 
was a prefolded diaper with extra thick panels all the way through the 
center. This was no lightweight diaper.
	Mom was already in my room. I noticed she was busy putting my new 
diapers away, having removed my underwear and set it aside on the bed. 
All over the floor were the bags in which the diapers were contained. 
Rena followed me to my room, laughing about the fact that I was going to 
be diapered.
	"Rena, I'll handle this if you don't mind," my Mom said to her.
	"I wanna watch you diaper Danny's butt!" she said excitedly.
	"I'll be here awhile," my Mom said to my sister. "You don't need 
to watch. You'll see him in diapers enough as it is, I promise that."
	"Okay," Rena said, sounding dissappointed. She closed the door 
behind her as she left.
	"Okay, Danny, here's the deal," my Mom said. "Every day when you 
get home from school, you are to come straight to your room and have 
your pants off and wait for me. If I am over at the store, Rena will 
call me over. If Rena's here, you give her your pants. Now take your 
pants off right now."
	I hesitantly looked up at my Mom. Again, she said, "I said take 
your pants off now, Danny," but less patiently. With this I removed my 
pants, exposing my underwear. Mom didn't seem to notice that I had on 
only four pairs versus the six that she saw me put on this morning. Mom 
reached down and picked up my pants. She folded them up and set them on 
my bed.
	"Now remove your underwear," she said.
	"Do I have to take it off before you get here?" I asked her.
	"Not unless you want to, but the point is, you will not be wearing 
pants around the house, just diapers."
	I hesitated again as I thought about not only exposing my 
genitals, but the residual mess that was still on my butt even after I 
pooped my pants in school.
	"Come on, son, it hasn't been that long since I have seen you 
naked," she said.
	"Well, I'm sure things have changed since then," I said shyly, 
having just recently entered puberty.
	"Just take them off," my Mom told me with a sigh. With this I 
removed all four pairs of underwear. It didn't take long for my Mom to 
notice the poop smeared into the seat and the crotch. It also didn't 
help that I had a hard-on in spite of how uneasy I felt about being 
naked in front of my Mom for longer than I could remember.
	"I see that you couldn't wait," my Mom said.
	"It was an accident," I said.
	"And how many times I have heard *that* one before?" Mom said.
	"Really, it was!" I pleaded. "You know I never use the toilets at 
school unless I only have to pee. I tried to hold it, but--"
	"Save it for another time," my Mom said as she would not accept my 
explanation. "I think this shows that you would just rather wear diapers 
in school as well."
	"No, Mom, I--"
	"You told us you like to wear diapers, so I don't see what you're 
whining about!"
	"I can't wear diapers in school!" I said.
	"You wore six pairs of underwear to school, that's close enough!" 
Mom said.
	"And the kids in P.E. laughed at me," I said.
	"You knew they would, and you knew what you were getting into, so 
there's no turning back now, son."
	Mom then picked up my soiled underwear from the floor.
	"I thought you wore six pairs," my Mom said as she pulled the 
briefs apart and only counted four pairs.
	"After I had the accident, I went to the nurse's office and 
cleaned up, and two of the pairs were all stained and soaked, so I threw 
them away."
	"You didn't clean up very well," my Mom said as she showed me the 
stained underwear. "I'd swear that you just pooped into your underwear 
from the way it looks."
	"There was a lot more than that before I cleaned up," I said. "It 
was all over me, even up in the front."
	"Oh? Well, then I guess you should be padded up really good if you 
keep pooping as much as you said you did."
	Mom then told me to lie down on my bed. She had laid an old towel 
on it, which would serve as a changing pad, at least for the time being.
	"I might as well clean you up and give you a fresh start," Mom 
said. She grabbed a container of wipes and then started wiping off my 
butt and my balls. My dick sprung straight up as my Mom ran the wipe 
through my butt crack and over my crotch. She wiped me several times. 
She acted like my stiff penis wasn't any big deal to her, but she knew 
that it concerned me as I kept my eyes fixed on its swollen head.
	"You're just like any other boy," my Mom said. "You did the same 
thing when I changed your diapers the first time around. And just when I 
thought I was finally through with changing diapers until I have 
grandchildren," Mom sighed.
	Next, Mom sprinkled my entire butt and crotch as well as my 
genitals with a generous shower of baby powder.
	"What's the powder for?" I asked Mom.
	"You don't want a rash, do you?"
	"No," I said, not having considered this possible hazard with 
wearing diapers.
	"These diapers are going to stay on you for several hours at a 
time, so you need to be powdered up good."
	Mom then went to what had been my underwear drawer and she pulled 
out several diapers. I couldn't tell how many she grabbed, but I had a 
feeling that I would be wearing multiple diapers in much the same manner 
I had worn multiple underpants. I recalled seeing how thick just the one 
diaper was when Rena showed it to me. There was nothing subtle about the 
way this matter was going to be handled.
	Mom set the diapers on the bed next to me. I looked a the fluffy 
white stack. I tried to count them, but the layers blended together and 
it was hard to tell how many diapers there were. My Mom told me to lift 
up as she slid the first diaper underneath my bottom. As I sat back down 
I felt the warm, soft fabric of the diaper against my freshly wiped 
skin. Mom drew the diaper up over me, and in doing so, the diaper 
covered up my dick and balls. The diaper went farther up over my stomach 
than I expected. Even my underwear, wearing it backwards with the seat 
in the front, didn't come up as high as the diaper did. The diaper 
overcame the deficiency that I found underwear had by not going up as 
high on both ends. With the fly on my butt, the waistband of my 
underwear barely went up far enough to cover my butt. The diaper, like 
underwear, went up even higher in the rear as I could feel the top of 
the fabric touching the middle of my back.
	With the diaper enshrouding my body, Mom began sticking pins into 
it. She pinned up the diaper using four pins on each side. The "seams" 
that were formed by where the pins were inserted into the diaper 
resembled the fly front of my underpants. Mom hadn't lost her touch, and 
the diaper was very tight.
	After the first diaper was pinned on, Mom repeated the process and 
she pinned a second diaper over the first one, using the same amount of 
	"Why all the pins?" I asked my Mom.
	"I don't want you taking these off," Mom said.
	"I wasn't planning to," I said.
	"I didn't think you would, but in case you change your mind and 
decide to use the toilet, I want to make sure that I can deter you from 
making such rash decisions, pardon the pun."
	I didn't know when Mom would finish diapering me. She was serious 
about it, that's for sure. The mass of cloth under my butt was getting 
thicker and bulkier as each diaper went on. My legs had been apart this 
whole time. I was beginning to feel the thickness of the diapers 
pressing into my thighs, which would make my legs harder to close 
together. As I lay there and watched my Mom add diapers on top of 
diapers, I counted five of them that she had pinned on me. There was one 
diaper left to go still. By the time Mom got it pinned on, she could 
barely get the ends to reach so that the diaper would even fit.
	"It looks like six is the limit," Mom said. "I think that's plenty 
thick, son."
	"And I thought six pairs of underwear was thick," I said.
	"You might as well forget underwear for awhile," my Mom said. "I 
was going to keep a few pairs and have you wear them in multiples to 
school like John does, but now I can see that this won't be necessary 
now. I'll just give it to Goodwill or the Salvation Army."
	"You know, John's parents own a second-hand store," I said. "They 
own Jenkins' Junk Joint. You could take my pants there."
	"I know, you told me about it. I would take them there, but I'm 
afraid you could get them back too easily and John could get them for 
you in case you changed your mind."
	"So what if I decide I do want my underwear back?" I asked my Mom.
	"Then you can go out and buy some yourself," my Mom said. "But 
remember, you have to give the diapers a month, no less."
	"Okay," I said. The reality of my decision to wear diapers for a 
month was beginning to set in, especially as I thought about going to 
school in them.
	"Do you think I need this many diapers?" I asked my Mom.
	"Probably not, but I just wanted to call more attention to the 
fact that you're in diapers and that you have a tendency to wear your 
undergarments in multiples."
	I watched my Mom leave my room, taking my pants with her. I was 
still on my bed lying down. Even as I sat up I realized how thick my 
diapers were since all I could feel between my legs and beneath me was a 
huge set of cloth. It was many times thicker than even the thickest 
bunch of underpants that I had ever put on.
	The real challenge came when I got up from my bed and tried to 
walk. My legs were permanently forced apart by the huge diapers. I had 
to waddle as I approached my door and opened it. I figured that Rena 
would see me in diapers sooner or later, so I might as well get this 
over with.
	Just as I expected, when I entered the room, Rena pointed to me 
and laughed. She was literally rolling on the floor, but I think she was 
exaggerating just to make her point known.
	"Danny! You look so funny in your diapers!" Rena said once she 
finally brought her laughing down to a level that at least permitted her 
to talk.
	"They're so THICK!" she said. Mom watched from the kitchen.
	"Be glad that they're as thick as they are, Rena," my Mom said. 
"His diapers are going to be a real wet and stinky mess after he's been 
in them for a few hours."
	"Look at him, Mom!" Rena said, still laughing. "He can't even walk 
in them!"
	"He can't leave the house, not that he's about to go outside in 
those diapers, anyway, so I wouldn't be too worried about walking around 
	Rena came up to me and got a close-up look at my diapers.
	"My gosh, you really diapered him up good, Mom!" Rena said. "How 
many diapers did you put on him?"
	"Six, it's all I could fit," Mom said.
	"You've got such a cute-looking diaper-butt!" Rena said. "I'm just 
glad I won't ever have to see what'll be underneath all those layers!"
	"You may have to change him sometime," my Mom said.
	"I hope not," Rena said. "I'll just put more diapers on him if 
that's the case."
	After Rena got over her initial reaction to seeing me in diapers 
she ran upstairs to her bedroom and called all her friends to tell them 
that I was in diapers. I sat in the chair at the bottom of the stairs 
and listened in on her conversation. She chose to call her friend Cindy 
about it first.
	"You should see him!" Rena cackled after she told Cindy about what 
had happened before and during my first diapering. "They're very, very 
thick and he waddles!... Yeah, I'll get some pictures!... When can you 
come over?... Great!"
	Her next call went to Dina, telling her more or less the same 
things about what happened as she told Cindy. Next was Gina's turn to be 
told. I climbed up the stairs and hid around the corner at the top so 
that I could listen in. Unlike the other girls who lived several miles 
away and were not old enough to drive yet, Gina was just a couple blocks 
away, so she was most likely to be the first to see me.
	"See ya' when you get here!" Rena said before she hung up the 
	I then entered the room.
	"Danny, what have I told you about coming into my room without 
	"You do it all the time!" I said.
	"It doesn't matter if I do it, Diaper-Danny!" Rena said. "What are 
you afraid of, that I might see you in your underwear? You know, I 
always wondered what you'd look like with a hundred pairs of underwear 
on. With those diapers you have on I have a pretty good idea now!"
	"Was that Gina you were talking to?" I asked.
	"Why? Were you listening in?"
	"Yeah," I said. I didn't have much to lose at this point.
	"Yes, that was Gina, and she's coming over!"
	"Is Justin coming with her?"
	"She didn't say," Rena said. "Now get your diapered butt back 
downstairs! I don't want you stinking up my room with your smelly 
	"I haven't done anything in them yet," I said.
	"Yet," Rena quoted me. "I like how you said that, since you *will* 
pee and poop in them eventually, and you *will* stink, even with as many 
diapers as you're wearing. Since you didn't have any little brothers or 
sisters, you don't know how much dirty diapers can smell! You really 
stunk bad before when you were in diapers before, Danny."
	Mom then came to the stairs and saw me standing at the top, 
peeking into Rena's room.
	"What are you doing upstairs, Danny?" Mom asked me.
	"Talking to Rena," I said.
	"Get down here and start your homework," Mom said. She then 
hollered up to Rena.
	"I'm going back to the store, Rena. Keep an eye on your little 
	"I will!" Rena said.
	"You can't miss him, his white-diapered butt tends to stand out 
rather nicely!"
	"Mom!" I said.
	"Get used to it, son," my Mom said. "Now come back down here."
	I went back downstairs, barely able to navigate the stairs as my 
thick diapers made it more difficult to step my way to the bottom. I 
held onto the banister more tightly. At least I knew I was more 
cushioned in the event of falling. Mom patted me on the butt when I 
reached the bottom of the stairs and then she returned to working at the 
store. I went into my room to grab my homework. I took it to the kitchen 
table where I always worked on it. I decided I would get the math 
assignment done first.
	Just as I got settled down I realized that I had forgotten to get 
something to drink, so I got back up and waddled over to the cabinet to 
grab a glass, then to the refrigerator/freezer for some ice and a Coke. 
Suddenly the doorbell rang.
	Rena came running down the stairs, assuming that Gina had been at 
the door. Even if it wasn't Gina, Rena would have welcomed the 
opportunity to let whoever it was see me in diapers. Right away she 
invited her expected guest inside, and of course, Justin was there, too. 
I remained seated at the kitchen table as Rena led Gina into the 
kitchen. She took a look underneath the table and mostly saw my bare 
legs and only a small portion of my huge diapers, like the tip of the 
iceberg, if you will.
	"Don't be shy, Danny, let's see those diapers!" she said. I looked 
at her as well as Justin, feeling embarrassed. Rena then came up behind 
me and pulled my chair away from the table, which was easy to do as the 
chair was on casters.
	"I see your diapers, Danny!" Gina said. "You look funny!"
	Justin kept standing there, shaking his head in disbelief that I 
was really wearing diapers now.
	"Where do they get diapers to fit somebody your size?" Justin 
asked me, not that he wanted them, too in spite of my wishes.
	"I don't know where my Mom got them," I said. "Apparently there 
must be other kids like me who wear them, or they wouldn't make them."
	"Whatever," Justin said. "I'm just glad it's not me that has to 
wear them."
	"I'm sorry about all this," I said to Justin. "I thought you might 
understand why I feel this way."
	I was hoping that maybe Justin would forgive me and offer his 
friendship again. All he did was ask me to get his Def Leppard tape that 
he had left at my house.
	"That's all I came over for, and I wanted to see what you looked 
like in your diapers!"
	"Well, now you've seen me," I said.
	"I wish you knew just how silly you look in those things!"
	I went into my room, waddling as I walked, and located the tape 
that Justin asked me for. I handed it to him and he stuck it in his coat 
pocket. Without saying goodbye, he went out the door and left.
	Meanwhile, Gina went upstairs with Rena while I worked on my 
homework. After an hour of it I decided to take a break. I went over to 
the TV and played some Yars Revenge on the Atari. While I was sitting 
there I needed to pee. Since I had no choice but to use the diapers and 
that I was having a good game anyway, I wet myself while sitting on the 
living room floor. I concentrated on the way my pee coated my balls and 
dripped down into the crotch. It was different and unusual to do this, 
but I knew over time I would get used to it.
	I had been playing for about twenty minutes, when suddenly I saw a 
flash from the middle of the stairs out of the corner of my eye. Rena 
had taken a picture of me in my diapers while I was seated in front of 
the TV playing video games. I was so engrossed in the game that I had no 
idea she was there.
	"Gotcha!" Rena said. I would have gotten up and gone after her to 
take the camera away from her, but I was having my best game ever, and 
the Atari 2600 didn't have any way to pause a game in progress. At least 
in Yars Revenge the game would display the score and wait until you 
resumed play after either making a kill or getting killed, so until I 
nailed the beast, Rena got some more pictures of me. When I had a chance 
I got up to get the camera from her. While I was standing up with my 
butt turned Rena got another shot of me.
	"Give me that camera!" I demanded.
	"I got some pictures! I got some pictures!" she taunted. She then 
tossed the camera to Gina, making a game of keep-away as they kept 
tossing the camera back and forth over my head. I tried to catch it, but 
I missed it each time. My movement was encumbered by my diapers. My 
sisters moved around me unimpeded. Gina snapped a quickie of me while 
she had the camera. I then went after her. She stuck the camera into her 
blouse, knowing that I would not touch her in this manner in order to 
get the camera from her. She then tossed it back over to Rena. I then 
chased her around the living room a couple times until she went outside, 
knowing that I would not go out there in diapers. I was standing at the 
door, unsuspecting of Gina as she shoved me outside and closed the door 
behind me. I tried to get back inside, but Gina had locked the door. I 
ran around to the back door, only to discover that Gina had locked it as 
well. While I was running, Rena got some more pictures of me. She took 
the last couple shots when I was desperately trying to get back into the 
	"You locked me out!" I said.
	"I know, Gina said proudly. Rena tried to snap one last picture of 
me standing there, but the camera would not click.
	"Out of film, damn!" Rena said. She then removed the film and 
handed the camera back to me.
	"You can have the camera back now," Rena said as she tucked the 
film roll into her pocket. I was getting cold as I had nothing on but a 
T-shirt and lots of diapers.
	"Let me back in!" I said as I held my arms around me.
	"I hope you have your keys, Rena!" Gina said. "I think Danny's 
getting cold."
	"I don't have them," Rena said.
	"Can you get them from Mom?" I asked.
	"Sure, we're going over to the store anyway to drop off this film! 
I can't wait to see what these pictures will look like!"
	I went into my dad's workshop to get out of the blustery wind, 
although it was still just as cold in there as it was outside. I peed my 
diapers some more while I was waiting. The warmth of my pee only made me 
feel warmer where my diapers were already retaining my body heat.
	A couple minutes later Rena came back to the house with the keys 
and let me in. Rena then returned the keys to Mom. I went over to the 
heater and sat in front of it to warm up. Yars Revenge awaited my return 
as the game sounds droned steadily. After the heat kicked off I went 
back to playing the rest of the game.
	The rest of the evening passed much like any other evening, just 
that I wasn't wearing any pants. After Dad closed the store and came 
home he looked at me in my diapers.
	"So you finally got what you wanted," my Dad said.
	"Yeah, I did," I said back to him. Dad then looked at me for a few 
seconds more and then he went to the refrigerator to get his beer. I had 
finished up my homework and went to my room to play with my Legos until 
Mom had dinner ready.
	After I ate dinner I felt the need to poop coming on. I was 
sitting in the living room watching TV with Rena. She looked up at me 
repeatedly just to remind herself of how heavily diapered I was. I sat 
on the couch with my knees spread apart, exposing the crotch of my 
diapers. While Rena was looking, I released a big load of shit, which 
was signaled by a muted fart. It was the first poop I had deposited into 
the diapers, having wet them several times before that.
	"You just pooped, I could hear it!" Rena said to me. A moment 
later she said, "and I can smell it! I thought I'd never have to smell 
anything through those thick diapers of yours."
	After the TV show was over I got up and went to my room. I was 
getting hard and horny from the feeling of having just taken my first 
shit in my new diapers. I closed the door and I lay on my bed. I then 
rubbed myself through the thick diapers. My thoughts about being in 
shitty, thick diapers all afternoon were so intense, and it didn't even 
take more than a minute to bring myself to ejaculation. It felt so 
wonderful as I envisioned what I looked like and what John would look 
like in real diapers. After I rested from my orgasm I got up and called 
John to tell him about my day. I was even allowed to invite him over 
after school, so I was looking forward to this.

WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN: PART 13- Diapered In School

	All throughout the night I remained dressed in the same set of 
poopy diapers that I had on since after I had gotten home from school 
the day before. By the time Mom came in to my room to wake me up for 
school I was such a stinky mess and the diapers were so wet. They were 
completely soaked to the outermost layer in the front and in the back. I 
never realized that I peed so much in that amount of time. Upon pulling 
back the covers of my bed I was immediately reminded of the condition of 
my diapers by the strong odors that greeted my nose. I looked down at my 
diapers, and as wet and messy as they felt, there was hardly any visual 
indication that they had been used at all. The sight of my thick diapers 
bulging from my crotch gave me morning wood and I started to play with 
myself. I was about halfway to an orgasm when I stopped, as my Mom came 
back in to see if I was awake.
	"Get up, Danny, you don't have a lot of time," my Mom said. With 
this I got out of my bed and waddled out to the kitchen. Rena stared at 
me and asked me how I felt sleeping in diapers all night long. Too tired 
to respond, I didn't say anything.
	"I can smell you from here," she said from across the kitchen.
	"Hurry up and eat your breakfast and then go clean yourself up," 
Mom told me. I quickly ate the oatmeal that my Mom had ready for me and 
then I went into the bathroom. The first thing I did was brush my teeth. 
Then I pulled off my plastic pants and I unpinned the diapers, letting 
them fall to the floor. I placed these in the bucket that had been 
furnished in the bathroom for this purpose. I stepped in the shower and 
cleaned myself off. I turned my butt to the shower spray so that it 
could cleanse me of my poop. I held my butt cheeks apart for added 
effectiveness. Once I was sure I was clean down there I washed my hair 
and finished my shower. I left the bathroom holding a towel around me as 
I walked to my bedroom where Mom would put a diaper on me before going 
to school.
	Mom didn't seem too happy that she had to start diapering me in 
the morning before I left for school, and she told me that if I were 
going to start wearing diapers all the time I would have to start 
diapering myself.
	"That is, if you still want to wear diapers a month from now," my 
Mom added. "Perhaps a day of wearing them in school will change your 
mind about this whole thing."
	Mom decided to put two diapers on me.
	"You think I can wear two?" I asked her.
	"Your butt will look big and it'll make your pants fit tightly, 
but at least you won't need your belt now," she said. After she had two 
diapers and plastic pants on me she left the room and came back with my 
pants. She handed them to me and watched me try to put them on. I 
couldn't get the pants to cover the last two inches of my diapers, Even 
more of my diapers were exposed in the rear due to the higher rise back 
there. The fly of my pants had to remain undone.
	"I can't go to school like this!" I interjected to Mom. "Can you 
take one of the diapers off?"
	"No time for that, Danny," my Mom said. "Besides, I'm getting you 
some bigger pants, so you'll just have to get by on what you have on 
	I still had my white undershirt on, so when I changed it for a 
shirt to wear to school. I found the longest shirt that I had. Even it 
could not reliably cover the top portion of my pants enough to not 
reveal the fact that I had diapers on. It was easy to see the bulge 
around my waist.
	I resigned myself to what would lie ahead of me today. I put on my 
socks and my shoes and then I grabbed my jacket and my book bag and 
headed to the bus. As expected, everyone at the bus stop knew about me 
wearing multiple underpants as well as the poop accident I had 
yesterday, so I got plenty of teasing from this.
	"I see your mommy diapered you today!" said one of the girls. The 
other three or four girls who were with her all laughed. I tried to 
ignore them, but they would not leave me alone.
	"You're not talking to us," the girl said.
	"Oh wait, babies don't talk. Since you're wearing diapers, that 
makes you a baby, and babies don't go to school, so what are you doing 
	"Be quiet," I mumbled.
	"Danny's wearing dia-pers! Danny's wearing dia-pers!" the girls 
taunted as they stood before me in a half-circle. They then started 
dancing around me, making a big show if it. They continued doing this 
until the bus showed up. Once on the bus, things weren't any better, and 
when I got to school, it seemed that everybody who made any contact with 
me at all said something about me wearing diapers or pooping in my 
underwear or something related to my predicament. All throughout my 
morning classes kids kept staring at the big bulge in my pants, knowing 
that I was either wearing diapers or a whole lot more underpants than I 
had on the day before. Many of the kids also teased me about my fly 
being undone, and further being unable to close it up because of my 
	During my first class I had to pee really badly. Under these 
circumstances I usually I thought about using the bathroom upon the next 
passing period, feeling confident that I could hold it until then, but I 
knew that to hold it until the end of class was out now since I had 
diapers on. I figured that it didn't make any difference where or when I 
peed, so I might as well let it go now.
	In spite of having to piss, I jus could not get the flow going 
while sitting in the classroom with other kids around me. Funny how 
after having a poop accident yesterday I should be able to handle 
wetting my diaper, but it just wasn't happening. The teacher scolded me 
when he saw that I was not paying attention to the lesson. By the time 
the bell rang, my diapers were still dry and my bladder was full.
	I figured that perhaps I could pee if I was at least in the 
environment that I was used to peeing in, the restroom. I went into the 
boys' room and I located a vacant urinal. I opened my pants and stood 
before it, leaving my dick buried in the diapers as there was no way I 
could get to it unless I released the pins of my diapers, which of 
course, would have thus defeated the purpose of having diapers on.
	It didn't take long for other boys to see that I was out of my 
element, as it seemed, for a diaper-wearer to be standing before a 
	"Hey, Danny, get out of here!" the kid shouted at me.
	"Yeah, why aren't you using your diapers?" his colleague added.
	"Well, I'm not used to using them, so I came in here, since it's 
what I'm used to," I answered weakly, but honestly. The kids mimicked me 
in a whiny voice.
	"So I guess your mommy has to un-potty train you now," the brat 
said. Other boys came in and teased me about wearing diapers and being 
in the bathroom. Some of them pushed and shoved me.
	"Hey Danny, this is the bathroom! You wear diapers, so you don't 
belong here!"
	Just as I tried to make an exit, Tom came in. The sight of his 
ugly face and sinister grin made my heart skip a beat or two.
	"Shit!" I thought. "This won't be fun."
	"Danny, Diaper Danny!" Tom greeted me. "What a surprise to see you 
in the bathroom!"
	"Look, I just had to wash my hands," I said, making up an excuse. 
Not that it mattered.
	"Let's see those diapers!" Tom said as he cornered me.
	"You can already see them!" Tom's friend remarked. "Look at how 
they stick out in his pants!"
	"Hey Danny, your fly's undone!" Tom said. Instinctively, I looked 
down to examine it.
	"You should get some bigger pants for those diapers!" Tom said as 
he smacked me in the face while I was looking down.
	"Yeah, and since your diapers are showing anyway, you might as 
well just take your pants off!"
	Tom used his threatening stance and his evil, chilling stare to 
paralyze me in fear. I stood there in the corner helpless and frozen as 
Tom reached for my pants and undid them. He then pulled them down to my 
knees and stood back.
	Tom and his friend then started busting up laughing as they 
exposed my diapers.
	"Hey Danny, your diapers are showing!" Tom said.
	"I think he's wet," his friend commented. "Maybe we should go call 
his mommy so she can come change him!"
	Other boys saw me with my diapers exposed as I tried to get my 
pants pulled up. Tom and his friend then left the bathroom continuing 
their laughter and probably telling everyone they ran into what they did 
to me.
	I wanted to cry, but I refused to let anyone see that I was 
bothered by Tom's spiteful actions. I finally got my pants back on so 
that most of my diapers were covered up. I still had yet to go back to 
my locker to get my books for the next class. I was marked tardy for the 
day as a result. As it was Mr. Eaton's class, who had marked me late 
once already for forgetting my books, this made for my second tardy in 
his class, the latter incident being a legitimate late arrival.
	I still hadn't yet peed in my diaper. I sat through the first half 
of class trying to coax my bladder to produce a urine stream. I tried to 
imagine myself standing before a urinal, but this wasn't working, so 
being seated, I imagined sitting on the toilet instead. This must have 
worked as I finally overcame the inhibitions that prevented me from 
peeing in my diapers in the middle of class. I let it out all at once, 
virtually flooding the entire diaper from front to back. Within a minute 
or so I was wearing a very soaked set of diapers.
	I wasn't sure how well the two diapers would absorb the wetness. I 
discreetly ran my hands down into my crotch. Hoping that my pants would 
still be dry, I felt that my pants were warm, wet and damp.
	"Oh no!" I thought to myself. I then tried to be discreet as I 
examined my crotch and saw where the wetness had spread. The kids in the 
desks on each side of me could tell that I was checking myself.
	"Uh, I think Danny has a problem over here!" a kid rudely 
interrupted Mr. Eaton.
	"Brian, I will have *NO* interruptions while I am talking up here, 
do you understand?!" he was scolded sharply by Mr. Eaton, or "Mr. Eat 
Shit" as he was often called.
	"Yes, sir," Brian replied to Mr. Eaton, surreptitiously flipping 
him the bird from under his desk with one hand and moving his other hand 
over his crotch as if to be jacking off.
	I could feel that the wetness had spread back to my butt. Even 
though I was wearing dark pants, which helped to conceal much of the 
wetness, it was still plainly visible that my pants were wet. Mr. Eaton 
then handed out the assignment to be done in class. It was not easy to 
concentrate on the assignment as I was preoccupied with my wet pants and 
my much wetter diapers.
	Just before the class was over, Mr. Eaton sounded the bell on his 
desk, indicating that time was up and to hand our papers forward.
	"Oh, dammit!" I thought to myself as I realized that I had hardly 
completed half of the exercises.
	"Danny, when I sound the bell, that means stop writing this 
instant, and turn your paper in," Mr. East Shit said in his most anal 
retentive voice. I handed my paper to the student in front of me, but 
she wasn't paying any attention.
	"Just bring it to me now," Mr. Eaton said. I didn't want to get up 
and show my wet butt to the class but I had to. As I got up I went 
around to the last row and walked with my rear end facing the wall. I 
then kept my butt turned to the blackboard as I approached Mr. Eaton. 
Everyone could tell that I was trying to hide something. I went back to 
my desk walking the same way.
	"Is there a reason you are walking that way?" Mr. Eaton asked me.
	"Yes, there is," I said. He didn't ask me to specify what it was, 
though. Instead, another student took the liberty to announce this to 
the class.
	"Yeah, Danny peed his pants and his butt is wet!" A round of 
laughter ensued as expected.
	"I will not tolerate that vulgar language in my classroom, 
Robert," Mr. Eaton scolded the boy. With this, he wrote up a hall pass 
ordering him to visit the vice-principal.
	"Aww, come on, Mr. Eaton!" Robert protested, whispering "Mr. Eat 
Shit" under his breath. His whining was ignored as Mr. Eaton banished 
him from the classroom.
	My pants were still visibly damp when I left Mr. Eaton's 
classroom. I tried to walk as closely to the wall as I could, but with 
all the kids opening and closing their lockers, this was difficult to 
do. Of course everyone saw my wet butt which stood out enough as it was 
from the diapers. I tried to ignore the comments the best I could, but 
kids in junior high were merciless if they had someone to put down and 
had a good reason to do so.
	During the fifteen-minute break that followed Mr. Eaton's class I 
went to the cafeteria to get some milk and a cinnamon roll and to meet 
with John. I caught up with him in the cafeteria where we sat down for a 
few minutes.
	"You had an accident, I can see," John said. I wanted to say "no 
shit, really?" but he was my only ally in this school-full of malicious 
	"I can't believed they leaked on me," I said.
	"Everybody's talking about you," John said.
	"Tell me about it," I said. "Why do I let myself get into these 
	"Because if you want something bad enough, you'll do just about 
anything to get it," John said.
	"I don't know if it was worth it," I said. "I could have just kept 
pooping my underwear at home without anyone knowing about it."
	"Yeah, and you'd be constantly fighting these urges and wishing 
your parents would let you wear diapers."
	"I just don't think I can handle wearing them at school. Everybody 
thinks I'm a loser anyway, so I didn't think I had much to lose. Now 
they think I'm an even bigger loser because I wear diapers."
	"Well, you've burned your bridge now," John said. "Even if you do 
stop coming to school in diapers, everybody will remember it and they'll 
never let you forget that they remember."
	Kurt and Loren then stopped by our table.
	"Hey, diaper boys!" Kurt said as he came up to us.
	"I heard you wet your pants," Kurt said to me.
	"Go away, Kurt," I said to him.
	"Fine, I will," he said. "I got better things to do than hang 
around with a diaper-wearing pants-pisser like yourself, anyway."
	While I had gotten used to hearing kids I either hated anyway or 
felt neutral about saying such things, it hurt to hear a former friend 
say these words. Loren came up behind me and lifted my shirt and exposed 
my diapers. They stood out very conspicuously above my pants.
	"Hey look everyone!" Loren shouted. "Danny's wearing diapers!"
	"Then why did he still wet his pants?!" a kid at a nearby table 
shouted, causing everyone else to laugh.
	"Knock it off!" I said to Loren. "Let go of my shirt!"
	Loren stood there and held my shirt up, continuing his announcing 
to everyone that I had diapers on. I tried to pull my shirt out of his 
hand, but he had a tight grip on it. Fortunately for me a teacher came 
by and told Loren to leave me alone. I quickly finished my cinnamon roll 
and my milk and returned to class, which was band.
	The hardest part of the day was yet to come, P.E. class. I didn't 
want to go at all, but I knew I had no choice. I slowly entered the 
locker room, hesitant to remove my pants. Virtually everybody in the 
school had heard that I wear diapers now, but only the lucky few in my 
row in the locker room would have the opportunity to see me wearing 
them, so of course they were all waiting and watching as I hesitated to 
pull my pants down. I refused to take my pants off or even my shirt as 
it was covering the top portions of my diapers sticking above my pants. 
The boys who had already changed into their P.E. clothes crowded around 
at the end of the row to see what I looked like in diapers.
	Mr. Berg then came by to break up the group.
	"C'mon, boys, let's get a move on!" he shouted as Mr. Lowe, the 
assistant coach herded everyone into the gymnasium as it was too cold 
and rainy outside to play on the field. Mr. Berg stood there, staring at 
me sternly.
	"Crosby, you got a problem?" he asked me, addressing me by my last 
name as he did the other students.
	"I didn't want everyone to see what I'm wearing," I said with my 
head low.
	"Why, what you got on?" he asked with a change in the tone of his 
voice. He gave me a knowing nod, as if he already knew that I was 
wearing diapers. Either he had picked it up from the other students or 
he could see the bulge in my pants.
	I paused and then said, "I'm wearing diapers."
	"Ahh, lots of my boys have come into this locker room in diapers," 
Mr. Berg said as if he had been prepared to mention this.
	"Really?" I said.
	"Oh yes, it's more common than you think," he said. "I don't know 
what your reason is to wear them, but I know how you feel, having to 
undress in front of the others and having diapers on for the first time. 
It's happened before, lots of times in my twenty-seven years of coaching 
boys' gym classes."
	"You mean where kids just show up in diapers one day?" I asked.
	"You betcha!" Mr. Berg said with affirmation. I became curious as 
to what the circumstances were for these other boys. Mr. Berg put me 
more at ease and explained that there were boys who had gotten into 
accidents or just had problems with getting to the toilet. Still, I 
didn't want to dress down, but Mr. Berg prompted me to get going and he 
said, "come on and get ready now and join the others."
	"Mr. Berg?" I asked him politely, having earned his trust now.
	"Yes?" he asked patiently.
	"Is it all right if I sit out this one today?"
	"Now now," he said, having lost some of the compassionate tone in 
which he had been speaking. "You'll have to strip to your diapers sooner 
or later. But I'll let you use that little room over there."
	Mr. Berg pointed to small cubicle that was mostly empty except for 
a couple of chairs and a set of lockers. I had been curious what this 
room was used for.
	"You can take all your stuff from your locker out here and store 
it in a locker in there."
	With this, Mr. Berg left me to undress and meet up with him and 
the other boys. I opened my locker and grabbed my gym clothes. I 
transferred everything, including the lock, to the other room. I saw 
that some of the other lockers in the small room already had locks on 
them. It was apparent that there were some other boys in this school who 
wore diapers, especially as I saw that in some of the lockers were 
packages of diapers, which I had only seen for babies and old folks. It 
was a surprise to see that there were disposable diapers available for 
older kids.
	I selected a vacant locker and opened the door. I took off my 
shirt and my pants. With my pants off I examined them to see where I had 
gotten them wet. The wet spots were mostly dried up now. I examined my 
diapers and I ran my finger underneath the plastic pants and my diapers 
were still very wet. I hoped I wouldn't have to pee more today since I 
was afraid that the diapers would leak more from their state of solid 
	I knew I was dawdling and I had to get going, so I slipped my 
shorts over my diaper and then put my gym shirt on. I stuffed my street 
clothes in the locker and then put my shoes on. I left the locker room 
and located the others out in the gymnasium.
	We were playing basketball today, which at least I had a better 
idea of what the game was about. I still sucked at it, and so did John. 
The teams had already been selected. There was an odd number on one of 
the teams. Luckily John was on this team, so I got to talk to him as we 
pretended to be involved in the game.
	All throughout the class period the kids kept grabbing at my 
shorts and pulling them down on me as well as John, exposing the thick 
set of underpants he had on. The girls, who were running around the 
perimeter of the gym, were laughing as they caught me a couple of times 
with my diapers showing.
	Mr. Berg wasn't going to put up with this any longer. He blew his 
whistle and ordered everyone to stop and face him.
	"I will not tolerate anyone pulling another student's shorts 
down!" he said firmly like a drill sergeant. He then called forward the 
kids that he had caught and made them do pushups for the rest of the 
class period. This stopped the physical harassment, but the verbal 
harassment continued throughout the class.
	I felt an urge to poop coming on. I had tried to squeeze my butt 
cheeks together to hold it back, but my diapers made this harder to do. 
I knew I would have to poop in the diapers sooner or later, so while I 
was standing on the sideline away from the activity I let my poop loose 
and filled my diapers. It didn't take long for the other kids to smell 
me, so they teased me about being so stinky.
	While I was standing there I was approached by Lisa Gunther, a 
girl who had a crush on me since the fifth grade. Either that, or she 
just like to tease me and pretended that she liked me.
	"Danny Boy!" she said, singing the words to the song of the same 
name, a song I had quickly learned to hate.
	"I bet you look cute in your diapers!" she said. She then pulled 
my shorts down. She stood back and laughed. Mr. Berg wasn't looking as 
he was preoccupied with some other students.
	"Leave me alone!" I snapped as I pulled my shorts back up.
	"Phew!" Lisa exclaimed as she held her nose. "Don't tell me that 
you really *use* your diapers, too, Danny!" Lisa said. Without needing 
to answer her, she knew that I did, in fact use the diapers as well as 
wore them. If she did have a crush on me, she didn't now. After all, 
what junior-high-aged girl would want to flirt with a boy with a big 
load of shit under his shorts?
	When it came time to shower we all took two laps around the gym 
first. I ran alongside John. It wasn't easy for me to run in wet and now 
freshly pooped-in diapers. John mentioned that his "diapers" were wet 
and poopy, too, but he seemed to be handling it okay.
	"Of course, you've seen how many pairs of underwear I put on, 
too," he added.
	When we got back to the locker room I went into the private room. 
I wasn't sure that I wanted to take my dirty diapers off to go shower 
and then put the same dirty diapers back on. Not only that, but even 
though I was isolated from the other students, I wasn't out of their 
view as the room did not have a door on it. They were teasing me and 
talking about me from the main locker room. John was taking off his 
underpants. I could tell that he had soiled his briefs well. He set the 
dirty pairs on the bench, grossing out the other kids next to him. It 
made me wonder why John didn't use the little room that I was in.
	I would have thought that John would go to the shower to clean off 
his bum, but instead he cleaned himself up there in close proximity to 
the others. It was easy to see why the other kids left him alone and 
avoided him. He put his dirty underwear into a plastic bag and then 
started putting clean underwear on. He had put on at least two dozen 
pairs before putting his plastic pants back on.
	I never did go to the shower. I just took my shorts off as well as 
my gym shirt and replaced these with my street clothes. I used the rest 
of the time to watch John get dressed. I was getting hard as I watched 
his underwear go from one lone thin pair of Hanes to a thick, white 
conglomeration of Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, BVD and underwear from 
various department and discount stores such as Sears, JC Penney, and my 
favorite, K-Mart, with the higher rise, the wide, strong waistband and 
the bold solid red or black stripe as it varied from pair to pair. He 
preferred to wear these on the top as did I in my pre-diaper days, and 
for the same reasons. I considered the waistbands and the wide array of 
stripe patterns that were available to be an additional turn-on with 
wearing multiple underpants, so with wearing real diapers now, I did 
miss this distinctive feature of boys' underwear as well as the fly 
	Lunch hour was hell. Hardly thirty seconds could pass without 
someone calling me and John names for being diaper-wearers, pants-
poopers, pants-pissers, babies, etc. Junior high was a hostile place to 
be if you wore diapers, as I was finding out. Worst of all was the fact 
that I smelled so bad and kids were teasing me about this, too. My odors 
caught the attention of several students in my social studies and my 
math classes.
	I was so glad to hear the final bell ring. I had invited John to 
come over after school, so at least I had him on the bus with me to keep 
me company. Now that we were off the bus and away from the other kids 
for awhile, it was time for John and me to have some fun with our 
diapers again.

WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN: PART 14- An Afternoon with John

	John came into my house with me. It was his first time visiting 
here. He met my sister Rena and my mother, who had seen him before when 
she had picked me up from his house.
	"So you're the John that started all this," Rena said to him.
	"Yep, that's me," he said proudly.
	My Mom then looked at me and said, "ahem." I knew that from the 
position of her eyes being on my legs she meant that it was time for me 
to take off my pants and wait for her to come change me. John went into 
my room with me. I took off my pants and let him see the diapers that I 
was wearing, being that he didn't get to see me wearing them in the 
locker room, at least not up close.
	"What do you think?" I said to John. "Do you want to try wearing 
real diapers? They work a lot better."
	"I might," he said. "But I do like my underwear since it has 
things on it that I like, like stripes on the waistbands and fly fronts. 
I wish they still made double-seated underwear, I'd love to wear that!"
	"I'd love to see what it looks like with two dozen of those 
stacked on your butt," I said.
	John then took off his pants and he tossed them on top of mine. He 
was now in his plastic pants and two dozen pairs of underwear. They were 
soaked with urine as I could see that some of it had pooled up in the 
bottom of his plastic pants. Even though I couldn't see it through his 
thick set of underpants, there was no doubt that he was ripe and ready 
to change.
	My Mom then came into the room and prepared to change my diapers.
	"Do you need me to leave?" John asked my Mom politely.
	"That won't be necessary, John," my Mom said. "You're dressed 
about the same way as Danny is, anyway."
	I lay on my bed and I watched as Mom went to my drawers and 
grabbed a handful of diapers, which, upon pulling them out of the 
drawer, became an armful of diapers. Mom was really planning to do some 
serious diapering today for some reason.
	"Do you put *all* those diapers on him?" John asked my Mom 
curiously. I noticed John grabbing at his crotch as he asked this.
	"I do when he's home," my Mom said. She took my plastic pants off 
and removed the diapers. John was watching intently, unable to resist 
the urge to rub himself as he observed the various actions my Mom was 
performing. The diapers came off and my hard-on, smothered in shit, was 
exposed. My Mom sighed as she realized what task was ahead of her.
	"You know, son, this was a lot easier when you were four," my Mom 
commented. "And I hated it then, knowing you should have been potty 
	"I'm a boy, what did you expect?" I remarked.
	"Even most boys are out of diapers by then," Mom replied. "I 
didn't expect to be changing your diapers again eight years later, 
that's for sure."
	Mom cleaned me off and then she powdered up the areas of my body 
that would be covered in diapers until the next time I was to be 
changed. With as many diapers as my Mom was going to put on me, I had a 
feeling that my next diaper change was not due until tomorrow morning.
	John continued to watch as Mom put the diapers on over me and 
pinned them up, one at a time. With each layer added, the tent in the 
front of the diaper formed by my erect penis became less and less 
conspicuous until all I could see in front of me between my widely 
spread legs was a smooth, heaping mound of white cloth tightly stretched 
over my stomach. The last diaper was finally pinned on. I got up as Mom 
handed me my plastic pants to put on myself. She then picked up my pants 
as well as John's, though neither of us had noticed she had done so.
	Mom then told me to stay put.
	"What else are you doing?" I asked my Mom.
	"Just stay where you are. I'll be right back."
	Mom came back into the room with a measuring tape. She measured my 
waist with my diapers on so that she could determine what size of pants 
I was going to wear over my diapers, at least that's what I thought.
	"Hmm, 41 inches," my Mom said. Last I checked, my waist measured 
only 30 inches.
	"You're kidding," I said to Mom, astonished by the difference in 
the two measurements.
	"Amazing what wearing a few diapers can do to your figure," my Mom 
	"Are you going to have me wear this many diapers under my pants?"
	"Probably not, I just wanted to see how big your pants would need 
to be in case you did need to wear pants over them, but I don't think 
that will be necessary, so I'll try to find some pants that are a little 
smaller than what I measured you at."
	"Well, I'll be back soon with your new pants, Danny," my Mom said.
	Just as my Mom left, John asked my Mom if it was okay for him to 
wear my diapers, too and if she could put them on him.
	"Sorry, John, but I only want Danny wearing his diapers," my Mom 
	"Well, I do need to change," he said. "I didn't think to bring any 
extra underwear," John said.
	"Would you like to take Danny's underwear?" my Mom asked him.
	"You bet!" John said eagerly.
	"Lucky for you that you got them when you did, or they would have 
gone to the Salvation Army," my Mom said to him. From what I could hear 
in my room, Mom went outside and out to the car to retrieve the bag that 
contained all of my underwear.
	While I was sitting and waiting I looked in my closet and noticed 
that there was a large gap between two sets of shirts. I got up and saw 
that my other pants were also missing.
	Mom came back in with the bag and told John, "here, they're all 
	"Thanks, Mrs. Crosby," John said.
	"Uhh, Mom?" I asked her as she was leaving.
	"Yes, Danny?"
	"Did you take all of my pants, too?" I asked.
	"Yes, since you won't need them anymore."
	"What about when the month is over?" I asked.
	"Don't tell me you're having second thoughts about wearing 
diapers, Danny," my Mom said.
	"Well, no, but..."
	"Then you won't need your pants," Mom said as she left again.
	"What if I *do* change my mind?" I asked.
	"Then you can buy your own pants, too, just like you'll have to 
buy your own underwear," my Mom said. Now she was gone for good.
	John asked me if he could change right there in my room.
	"Go ahead, your poop might improve the smell in here," I said with 
a bit of a laugh.
	I doubt that," John said.
	I watched John strip off his underwear. His wet and soiled 
underwear formed a big pile on my bedroom floor as he removed his briefs 
in sets of four or five pairs at a time. He removed the last pairs and 
exposed his poop-covered butt.
	"How are you going to clean up?" I asked him. He reached into the 
bag that contained what was once my underwear and he used one of the 
briefs to clean off his butt.
	"That's good enough," he said as he still had a good amount of 
filth on his bum. He then started putting underpants on, taking them 
straight from the bag. He put on three pairs and then he stopped.
	"Is that all you're wearing?" I asked, expecting him to put on 
much more.
	"Oh no, I'll wear more, lots more," he said. "You ought to know me 
better than that."
	John then emptied my underpants out onto my floor.
	"Help me sort them by size," he said. "I want to put the larger 
pairs on over the smaller pairs, you know."
	I helped John sort out the briefs. As I examined the labels on 
each pair I thought about how these underpants were no longer mine. At 
least they were going to someone I knew would appreciate them.
	By the time we were done we had formed three piles of underwear in 
sizes 12, 14 and 16. John started with the size 12 pairs, alternating 
every other pair as he always did. He then put the size 14 pairs on the 
right way, topping these off with all of the 16's that once I had, which 
was only six pairs, the newest underwear that my Mom had picked up for 
me shortly before I got put into diapers. They still gleamed of their 
newness, not having yet been tarnished by normal wear or from being shit 
in several times. John had on over thirty pairs of underwear by the time 
he got done.
	"I really like your underwear," John said as he rubbed his thickly 
padded front. "It feels good, and I can't wait to poop in it and then 
jack off in it."
	I watched John bend over to retrieve his plastic pants. Seeing 
that he was wearing what used to be my underwear, this gave me a good 
idea of what my own underwear looked like from the rear when I wore it 
in such big bunches. I looked at all the legbands bunched together as 
well as the varying stripe patterns from the waistbands that ran high 
across his back. Where his butt met with his crotch I could see the 
thick folds of fabric bunched up tightly over his butt, eager to catch 
the flood of feces that was due to fill the briefs soon. John then 
slipped his plastic pants over the briefs. John and I thought that we 
had been alone, but we then realized that Rena had been watching us all 
this time.
	"Having fun, boys?" Rena asked us.
	"Rena!" I said.
	"What's it matter that I'm watching you guys?" Rena said. "Like I 
said, you're in your underwear anyway, so you shouldn't be concerned 
about privacy anymore."
	"Yeah, I don't even have a door on my bedroom," John said to Rena. 
"C.J. needed to replace the door in her room and we decided that I 
didn't need mine because of what I wear and that C.J. sees me naked all 
the time, anyway."
	"So how long were you watching us?" I asked Rena.
	"Ever since Mom diapered you," Rena said. "I sneaked away each 
time Mom left your room so she wouldn't see me."
	Rena then gave each of us a snap on our plastic pants and then 
left the room.
	"Can I use your washing machine?" John asked as he looked down at 
his shit-in and pissed-in underwear on my floor. I waddled out to the 
wash room and retrieved a basket for him to use. He loaded his underwear 
into it and carried it out to the wash room. He dumped the pile of dirty 
briefs into the washing and added detergent.
	John and I then played some Atari games for awhile. After warming 
up with a couple short games of Dodge 'Em and Space Invaders we agreed 
on Pac-Man. Since both of us were good at Pac-Man we decided to play 
against each other to see who could get the highest score. We spent an 
hour playing just one game, and we weren't even interrupted by any need 
to use the bathroom. While we were sitting there in our respective 
versions of our diapers we both peed and pooped ourselves. It was enough 
to get Rena's attention as she entered the room to watch us.
	"Peee-yoo!" Rena said. "Do I smell a stinky butt in here, or 
what!" she commented.
	"He did it!" we each said at the same time as we pointed to each 
	"You're smelling two stinky butts!" John said as he sat up and 
pointed to his butt while showing it to Rena. "Betcha's mine's 
	"I don't know if I can get used to smelling two diaper-shitters 
around here!" Rena said. "But at least it looks cute!"
	"Cuter than having toilets strapped to our butts," John commented. 
Rena laughed at this.
	"Who's winning?" Rena asked us as she watched us play some more.
	"I am," I said. "But John's about to overtake me."
	"I see," Rena said. "At least you don't have to get up and use the 
bathroom anymore."
	"I know, isn't it nice to be in diapers now?" I said, directing my 
comment at John. Rena took it as being addressed to her.
	"Count me out," she said. "Diapers are for little boys and little 
brothers!" Rena said. "That's what C.J. told me at school."
	"She's right!" John said.
	"Now that you're in diapers, Danny, you'll never get away from 
this Atari," Rena said.
	"I'll need to be changed eventually," I said.
	"Maybe in a week, seeing how Mom diapered you," Rena said. She 
then grabbed the waistband of my plastic pants and snapped it again.
	"Your plastic pants aren't as fun to snap as your underwear was," 
Rena said with a sigh, sounding somewhat disappointed.
	"Here, snap mine," John said. As he had lost his turn and was 
watching me play, he got up and stuck his butt to Rena again. She 
snapped his waistbands one at a time, including his plastic pants. I 
heard the sound of an elastic strip retract back onto his back about a 
dozen times as she pulled the topmost pairs until she got to the ones 
that he had put on in reverse. She identified each pair by its waistband 
as she let it snap back onto John's body.
	"Let's see what you wear, John-- Fruit of the Loom, Fruit of the 
Loom, Fruit of the Loom, JC Penny, JC Penney, Sears, Sears, Hanes, 
Hanes, K-Mart, K-Mart, another K-mart-- you wear the same kinds of 
underwear as Danny does, err, did," Rena remarked.
	"Of course; it's his underwear that I'm wearing," John said.
	"Oh yeah, my Mom let you have all of it," Rena said to John. "I 
have a feeling that Danny's going to be in diapers from now on, I mean 
for good." Rena tried pulling on my diapers again, but as they lacked 
elastic and were too tight, she wasn't satisfied with just my plastic 
	"I guess I'll have to snap your waistbands from now on, John," 
Rena said to him.
	"You girls must like doing that to us boys," John said. "C.J. 
snaps my waistbands all the time."
	"It's her way of saying she loves her little brother," Rena said 
as she knelt down and hugged me.
	"Oh, stop it!" I said to Rena as I tried to shove her away from 
	Rena then left the house to visit Gina. John and I had finally 
finished the Pac-Man game. I was getting horny and I hadn't had my 
after-school jack-off yet, and neither had John. We shut off the TV and 
the Atari. I lay down on the floor and I asked John to sit on my chest 
with his butt facing to me and have him rub my front. I wanted to 
experience this in real diapers, and this seemed like the perfect 
opportunity to do it since we had the house to ourselves.
	John was very pleased to do this for me since it was just as 
satisfying and stimulating to him and that I would do it to him next. I 
pulled down his plastic pants partway so that I could clearly see all 
the waistbands stretched across his back. While John gave me his 
underwear-clad butt as a visual aid he recited to me in explicit and 
lurid detail one of his typical underwear-changing scenarios, one that 
involved his sister cleaning him up and then pinning his briefs to his 
shirt as she helped him get them all on. John got off of my chest and 
then he planted his feet at my sides, squatting down with his "diapered" 
rear end sticking in my face. He had me coming in my diapers and it was 
probably the best ejaculation I ever felt. I always said that before 
about my previous jack-off sessions, but having someone else do it to 
me, and that I was wearing real and much thicker diapers made it better 
than anything I had ever experienced before. I asked him to keep going 
until I couldn't get him to extract another drop of jizz.
	It took me a moment to regain some strength as my entire body 
collapsed in ecstasy. It was now John's turn, and he was already on the 
verge of coming from how horny he became from getting me off. We 
reciprocated positions and I squatted down in front of him, making sure 
my thick diapers were in his face. I rubbed the thick bunch of fly 
fronts that emerged from his crotch. I tried to recite a diaper-change 
scenario to him, but I didn't have much to tell him since I was new to 
wearing real diapers and had no notable experiences. Instead I told him 
about the times my sisters teased me for pooping in my underpants like a 
diaper. This was good enough for him and within seconds I made him cream 
his underpants.
	Mom came home shortly afterwards. She had stopped for groceries, 
which explained why she had been gone longer than I expected. She showed 
me my pants.
	"Those are so big, Mom!" I said.
	"Remember how much bigger you measured with your diapers on?" my 
Mom said. "I got you some thirty-eights. It was the largest size I could 
get. I still have to hem up the legs a ways, too."
	"How many pairs did you get?" I asked my Mom.
	"Just one; it's all you need," Mom said. "I assume you have 
	"Yes," I said.
	"Then I suppose John had better be heading home. Do you have a way 
	"I told my Mom I would call her when I was ready, so she'll come 
and get me."
	John called his Mom, who was still at work. She was expected to be 
there in about twenty minutes or so. John then went to my room to reduce 
the thickness of his underwear so he could wear his pants again. He 
looked around and asked me if I had seen his pants.
	"Yeah, they were with my pants," I said. I then looked at the 
blank spot on the floor where both his and my pants were piled together. 
I remembered seeing Mom pick them up. Then it hit me. Mom must have 
picked up John's pants along with mine!
	"Uhh, John?" I said. "I think your pants went with mine when my 
Mom took them in," I said.
	"No problem, I'll just call my Mom back and ask her to pick me up 
a pair from the store. I'd better call her before she leaves."
	John picked up the phone and caught his Mom and Dad just as they 
were leaving the store for the night. He explained his situation. John's 
Mom couldn't remember what size his old pants were, so she asked if 
someone could measure him. I went to ask my Mom if she could measure 
John's waist. Meanwhile, he put his outer pairs of underwear back on and 
he added some more so he could get a larger measurement, and therefore 
need thicker underwear so his replacement pants could fit. My Mom 
measured him at 37 inches. He had a 29 inch waist without underwear on, 
he told me.
	About twenty minutes later John's mother appeared at the door with 
his pants. They were faded and tattered.
	"This was the only pair I could find," his mother said. "Clothing 
donations have been off, you know."
	"They'll do," John said. He didn't even bother to put them on 
since he didn't feel he needed to wear them just to walk out to the car. 
His mom then looked at me and noticed that I was in real diapers.
	"I see you've switched to diapers, Danny," John's mother said.
	"Yeah, it's a long story," I told her.
	"You can tell me next time you're over," his mother said. "They 
look good on you!"
	"Thanks," I said to her.
	"Do you like them?" she asked me.
	"Yeah, I do," I said. "They're big, thick, and they hold more than 
underwear does," I said.
	"John's gotten by on underwear," his Mom said. "He likes it, and 
he has plenty of it since we get lots of it at the thrift store all the 
time. No surprise that most of the boys' underwear we get is full of 
poop stains, so it doesn't matter that John messes it up himself, 
	John went back to my room to get the bag of underwear that he 
could now claim as his, formerly mine.
	"Guess what, Mom?" John said as he held the bag up to her.
	"I got all of Danny's old underwear!"
	"Like you need any more underwear," his mother joked as she patted 
his butt.
	"Let's get home; you smell like you really loaded 'em up!"
	"I did," John smiled to his mother. I envied the relation that he 
had with his mother that permitted him to talk so openly about shitting 
in his briefs.
	"See you tomorrow," I said to John as I watched him leave. His 
thick white underpants stood out in the dim light of dusk.

WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN: PART 15- John Spends the Night

	After I got home from school on Friday, I was stripped of my pants 
and put straight into fresh diapers like I was starting to get used to 
every day after school. I had wet and messed my diapers pretty heavily 
at school and I didn't bother with getting a diaper change since we had 
a big test in math class. I knew my Mom would have her work cut out for 
her with cleaning me up, or at least I assumed it would be my Mom who 
would deal with the mess. It wasn't.
	"Take your pants off, Danny," Rena ordered me the minute I was in 
the door, even before I had the door closed.
	"Where's Mom?" I asked Rena.
	"She's out running an errand, now get your pants off like I said!"
	"What, are *you* changing me?" I asked her.
	"That's what it looks like," Rena said. She pointed to the stack 
of diapers on the couch. She wasn't planning to go easy on me judging by 
the amount of diapers she prepared for me.
	"I even got your diapers out and ready to go," she said with a 
smile. She had taken several of the diaper pins and stuck them together 
in a line, making them into a chain. She was holding the makeshift chain 
in her hands, idly playing with it.
	"How long before Mom gets back?" I asked.
	"I don't know, but she just left and she's going across town, so 
it'll be awhile."
	"I can wait until Mom gets back," I said.
	"No, you can't," Rena said. "One, I can smell that you need to be 
changed, and two, Mom left a note on the refrigerator telling me to 
change you."
	I looked across the kitchen to the refrigerator and saw the note 
that Mom had left. It was in big letters so that Rena would not miss it. 
It read: "Rena, change Danny's diapers when he gets home. I had to run 
an errand for your Dad...Thanks, love, Mom."
	I resigned myself to having to let Rena handle my diaper change. 
At least I would get some satisfaction from making her smell my stinky 
shit while she changed my diapers.
	"Let's go, Danny, let's lose the Levi's!" she said, tugging at the 
one of the belt loops.
	"At least let me take my coat off first," I said as I removed my 
jacket and tossed it onto the chair. I then removed my shoes, and 
finally, my pants. Rena made me take them off out in the front room. She 
watched as I lowered my pants and exposed the diapers underneath. Rena 
then tossed my pants across the kitchen and through the open doorway out 
to the wash room.
	"You won't be needing those for the next couple days," Rena said.
	With my pants off, I was down to just my shirt, my socks and a 
very wet and full diaper.
	"You really put those diaper to use, Danny!" Rena said. "You are 
one soaked boy! I don't want to have to change you for awhile, so I'm 
going to really pile them up on your butt. Besides, I'm sure you want to 
make a good impression on your friend John when he comes over."
	"But Mom already puts them on pretty heavy," I said. I was 
actually looking forward to getting extra diapered, but I didn't want to 
let Rena know that this was what I wanted her to do to me.
	"That doesn't mean I can't put them on more than Mom does," Rena 
said. She immediately dragged me over to the couch and had me lie down 
on the floor. She had spread out a towel for me to lie upon.
	Rena removed my plastic pants and then she unpinned my diapers, 
exposing the filthy pile of feces. The odors quickly filled every cubic 
inch of what was once breathable air in the room. I was surprised that 
Rena wasn't all that fazed by the smell. She just winced and said, "Hooo 
weee! Brother, you are quite the stinky one!"
	"Like yours smells any better?" I said.
	"At least mine goes into a toilet," Rena said back as she began 
cleaning me up. "I just can't imagine wearing my shit around with me in 
my pants all day long."
	While I felt the wet wash rag running all around my buttocks and 
up through my crotch and over my balls I couldn't help but to get a 
hard-on. I felt so awkward getting an erection while my sister was 
cleaning me up. I put my hand over my penis, but Rena moved it away.
	"Too late, I've already seen it," she said. "He looks happy right 
	I ignored the comment and let Rena finish wiping me up. She 
sprinkled a lot of powder on me, more than what was needed.
	"These diapers aren't coming off for awhile, so I'm just making 
sure you can last awhile in them," Rena said, explaining her use of 
excessive powder.
	I noticed that Rena had brought out at least half a dozen diapers, 
and she told me that she was going to use every single one of them. 
There were eight diapers, as it turned out.
	One at a time Rena pulled a diaper from the stack and stuck it 
underneath my bottom. She took a few pins off of the chain she had made 
from them and used these for the first diaper. She got it on me very 
	"Tight enough for you, bro?" she asked me.
	"It's too tight," I said as I couldn't inhale without my stomach 
being constricted by the tight diaper.
	"You'll be fine," Rena said. She then proceeded with the other 
diapers. I couldn't even close my legs after the fourth diaper, but she 
was only halfway. Seeing that she had several pins left to use from the 
chain she made from them, she used more pins on the outer diapers. The 
last diaper could barely fit, same goes for the plastic pants.
	"There now!" Rena said as she stood up and stepped back, looking 
at the massive amount of diapering that she just gave me, her brother.
	"I betcha you didn't think your sister could diaper you up like 
that, huh?" she said. She giggled as she watched me try to walk in a 
dignified fashion. It was impossible to do as I was forced to waddle. 
With this I watched Rena walk to the washroom with my dirty diapers. 
While I was getting a can of pop from the refrigerator she walked behind 
me and slapped my butt while she was on her way to the bathroom to wash 
her hands.
	Later on John showed up. Both John and C.J. were at the door as 
Rena answered it.
	"Hello," John said to Rena as he walked into the house and greeted 
	"You must be John," Rena said as she acknowledged him.
	"Well, he's the boy, and he's the one with all the underpants on," 
C.J. said as she followed John into the house. "So, by process of 
elimination, he would have to be my brother John."
	Rena and C.J. exchanged a short laugh and then they both stared at 
John and me.
	"Don't the boys look cute wearing their diapers?" Rena said.
	"I helped get John padded up really thick after he got home from 
school," C.J. said. "He likes that, you know."
	"Danny gets his diapers thick whether or not he likes or not," 
Rena said. "The more diapers he has on, the more his poop is separated 
from the rest of us."
	"That, and you don't have to change him as often, either," C.J. 
said. "I put 50 pairs of underwear on John."
	"Danny's got eight diapers on," Rena said. "I don't know what that 
equates to in underwear."
	"I think they'll both be okay for awhile," C.J. said. "John's 
already pooped in his, but from the looks of their butts they have a lot 
of material left to pee and poop in."
	"Can you stick around and visit a little while?" Rena asked C.J. 
They had only known each other at school and Rena wanted to get to know 
C.J. more, being that the two girls each had something in common with 
each other-- brothers who wear thick diapers or the equivalent thereof.
	"I'd like to, but my Mom's waiting out in the car," C.J. said. "I 
just came along for the ride and I wanted to see Danny in his diapers." 
Rena and C.J. exchanged more giggles with this.
	"Maybe we can do something tomorrow," Rena offered.
	"Sure, I'm open," C.J. said. Rena and her new friend discussed 
their plans for the next day.
	Meanwhile, I had led John to my bedroom and introduced him to my 
Mom, who had since then come home from her errand. She was impressed 
with Rena's diapering job and thanked her for doing it.
	"Hello, John," my Mom said. I could see that my Mom was studying 
John's underpants.
	"Guess how many pairs I'm wearing," John said to my Mom.
	"I'd say forty," my Mom said.
	"Fifty," John answered proudly.
	"I don't think Danny ever wore his underwear that thick before he 
got put into diapers," my Mom replied before she returned her attention 
to preparing tonight's dinner. She then looked at John again and asked 
him if he brought anything else to wear.
	"Just a couple shirts, socks and more underwear," John replied.
	"You don't have any pants?" my Mom asked him.
	"Didn't wear them, didn't bring them," John said.
	"Since Danny can't go anywhere without his pants, you probably 
won't be needing yours, either."
	"Nope," John said as he happily pranced around in his "diapers."
	Rena and C.J. were still talking when John's mother came to the 
	"Let's go, C.J.," her mother said. My Mom was in the room at the 
same time. This gave my Mom and John's mom a chance to meet each other. 
They both talked about John and me wanting to wear diapers.
	"Maybe you can explain why our boys like to do this," my Mom said 
to John's mom.
	"John was hard to potty train," his mother said. "Most boys are."
	"Danny was downright impossible," my Mom replied. "Of course he is 
a boy, and you know what they say about potty training and boys versus 
	"I know. Doesn't it make you wish you could just worry about potty 
training when you have a girl and just leave all the boys in diapers 
instead?" John's mother said.
	"Does John ever wear diapers, that is, regular diapers?" my Mom 
asked John's Mom.
	"He could, but we own a thrift store-- a secondhand shop downtown. 
The thrift store brings us an abundant supply of used underwear from the 
people who drop it off. Everybody wants to dump it off on us but nobody 
wants to buy it, so we just give all the boys' underwear that we get to 
	"I wish I had known that. I wouldn't have spent so much money on 
Danny's underwear over the years," my Mom said with a sigh. "He'd have 
his new underwear stained within two weeks; I was lucky if he could go a 
whole month."
	"A lot of the boys' underwear we get is already stained," John's 
mother said.
	"It doesn't matter now," my Mom said. "Danny's in real diapers now 
and he's staying in diapers."
	After my Mom and John's Mom talked for a few minutes John's Mom 
and C.J. took off. Mom went back to preparing dinner.
	I had to wonder what my Mom meant when she said that I was 
"staying in diapers." I thought that I was only going to wear diapers 
for a month and then decide whether or not I wanted to continue wearing 
them. With this I went up to Mom and asked her what she meant.
	"I just have a feeling that you'll want to keep wearing them 
anyway," my Mom said. "But the deal's still on. If at the end of the 
month's period you don't want to wear diapers, then we'll give you that 
	John and I then went upstairs where the play room was located. 
Rena had gone upstairs to her room, and we had to cut through her 
bedroom to get to the playroom, so we had to knock first.
	"We're just going to the play room," I said before entering.
	"Wait just a sec, I'm not dressed," she said.
	"And we are?" I commented.
	"As much as you two are going to be dressed," Rena commented. "You 
can come in now."
	We entered Rena's bedroom and walked to the playroom door and 
opened it. In the play room there was the pool table that we had gotten 
the Christmas before. Even though the room was mostly for storage, it 
had become known as the "play room" since this was the room where we 
kids used to play with most of our toys.
	"So, do you shoot pool?" I asked John.
	"Sometimes," he said. I handed him a cue.
	"You know how to play?" I asked him.
	"Yeah, I just suck at it," he said.
	"Me, too," I said. I was hoping that I could win a game for once 
since Kurt and Justin had always beat me. I racked up the balls and let 
John break. Right off the bat he sunk two solids.
	"And you say you suck at pool?" I said, questioning his alleged 
lack of experience.
	"This is a smaller table than the ones they have at the arcade, so 
it's easier," John said.
	I watched John as he continued his play, having claimed solids as 
his balls. As he bent over and positioned his cue I stared at his butt. 
I was getting hard again as I looked at how thick he had his underwear 
	"Did C.J. help 'diaper' you?" I asked him.
	"Yeah, and you know how many pairs she put on me?" John asked me.
	"I can see six waistbands showing, but I know you're wearing a lot 
more than that," I said.
	"Try fifty," John said. He then released his pool cue and reached 
behind him to demonstrate the thickness of his underwear by slapping his 
own butt.
	"Fifty pairs of underwear on my butt!" he said joyously.
	"Who's counting at that point?" I said.
	"C.J.," John said. I watched her count them out before she put 
them on me.
	"I don't think it'll matter much if she was off by a pair or two," 
I said, once again looking at John's pseudo-diapered butt as he prepared 
to make a difficult shot. He was literally behind the eight ball. He 
then shot the cue ball, missing his target and knocking one of my 
stripes in.
	"Thanks," I said.
	"Any time," he replied. While he was still bent over I could hear 
him poop his underpants. It came out wet and juicy. I was getting hard 
as I anticipated eventually doing the same in my diapers.
	"Ahh yes, much better," John said as he handed me the pool cue. I 
could smell the mess he left in his underpants. He had pooped out quite 
a bit, but there was no way to see it through all those briefs he had 
on. I chalked up the tip of the cue and prepared to make an easy shot 
that John left for me. I offered him a nice view of my diapers as I bent 
over and lined up my shot. It was easy to see that he was taking 
advantage of this as he remained behind me and stared at my diapered 
	"How many diapers are you wearing?" he asked me.
	"Take a guess," I asked him.
	"I'd say you're wearing, uhh, eight?" he said.
	"Yep!" I said. I made my shot and sunk the ball I was aiming for 
into the pocket. I moved to the other side of the table. I noticed that 
John followed me and stood behind me, apparently to admire my padded 
butt some more.
	"Have you pooped yet?" he asked me.
	"Not yet," I said. "I peed a couple minutes ago."
	"Mine are just now getting soaked," John said as he massaged the 
stack of fly fronts over his genitals. "Remember that the fly fronts 
double up the padding in the front, but some of them are on backwards, 
	"I kind of wish I was still wearing underwear, that is, there are 
some things my diapers don't have that I miss."
	"Like what?" John asked me.
	"Fly fronts, waistbands, things like that. On the other hand, 
these diapers are a lot thicker than any underwear I wore. Maybe you 
should try wearing them."
	"Yeah, sure, maybe I can try them out," John said. "When will your 
sister change you?"
	"My Mom will probably change us," I said.
	"Didn't your sister change you today?" he asked me.
	"Yeah, but only because my Mom was gone," I said.
	"How did you feel when she changed you?"
	"I was embarrassed," I said. "But I did kind of like it, I guess 
because she says all these things about my diapers that Mom doesn't 
	"That's what I like about C.J. putting my underpants on for me," 
John said. "She tells me what she sees and what she thinks of me pooping 
in them all the time. I like being reminded of this all the time."
	"So when will be changed?" John asked.
	"Any time between dinner and when we go to bed, I said. "I'd still 
rather that my Mom do it."
	"You think she'll diaper me, too?" John asked.
	"I don't see why not," I said.
	"If your Mom doesn't, then would Rena?" John asked.
	"She was pretty excited about getting to diaper me after school, 
and you can see that she got carried away with it, so yes, I'm sure she 
will want to diaper you, too."
	John won the first game, but I didn't mind that he won since I was 
enjoying myself anyway. We decided to start a second game. John and I 
agreed that we both liked playing pool mainly because of how it afforded 
each of us plenty of opportunities to see each other's diapered rear 
ends. I was getting horny as I watched John make a difficult shot that 
required him to bend over halfway across the table. His underpants were 
bunched up so tightly and thickly over his butt. I told John to hold his 
pose while I went downstairs and grab Mom's 110 film camera. I returned 
and get some shots of John playing pool, getting some close-ups of his 
thickly-stacked underwear. He took several pictures of me, too, while I 
negotiated some difficult shots. They were going to be some good 
pictures for sure!
	I won the second game, so John and I were tied. We went for a 
third game to break the tie. While John and I were playing, John loaded 
his underpants. He let out a long, sustained series of farts and said 
that his underpants were full of shit and getting fuller as he continued 
to poop more into them.
	"Have you shit yet?" John asked me.
	"No," I said. I could feel some poop being produced inside me and 
it was ready to come out. When I took my next shot I bent over and 
squeezed my poop out. John was quite excited as he knew I was taking a 
dump in my diapers. By this time we were both too horny to finish the 
third game, so we left the balls in their present positions and agreed 
to finish our pool game where we left off later on. I checked to make 
sure Rena was not still in her bedroom where she might hear us. The 
coast was clear and she had gone downstairs.
	John and I then lay down on the guest bed that was at the other 
end of the room. I asked John to sit on my diapered-up dick with his 
butt facing me, so he did just this. He straddled himself over my 
diapered front and then he started sliding his body back and forth over 
my hard-on, rubbing it through my thick diapers.
	"Oh yeah, I can feel my shit squishing over my balls," John said. 
"This feels so good!"
	"I agree," I said to John. He began rubbing himself while he 
continued to bounce up and down on top of me. The more I looked at his 
butt and studied the multitudinous waistbands that comprised his 
"diapers", the hornier it made me. I noted how high up they went on him 
and how tight the outer pairs fit with so much more underwear 
underneath. I must say that even the smell of his poop got me off even 
more, and as I looked at all the white fabric covering his butt, I 
thought about what a mess it must be underneath all those underpants. It 
wasn't long before I came in my diapers. John kept going, causing my 
balls to become extracted of all the semen that I had. I had to ask John 
to stop when my penis became too sensitive for him to continue. John 
then rolled off of me and began vigorously stroking himself. I asked him 
to lie down. I took my position on top of him and bounced around. It 
felt good to do this even in spite of the fact that I had spent my wad 
for the time being. I felt the poop clinging to my butt as I moved up 
and down over John's fly fronts. He came seconds later and said, "okay, 
that's enough."
	John and I lay there on the bed and we could feel each other's 
bodies radiating heat. We were both panting and we were hot and sweaty.
	"That was good," I said. "Thank you."
	"That felt good," John sighed.
	We continued to lay there until Rena barged in to tell us that 
dinner was ready.
	"I thought you guys were playing pool," Rena said.
	"We were," I said.
	"Must have been a hell of a game!" she said. "You guys look 
	"We're fine," I said.
	"Uhh, yeah, I'm sure you are," Rena replied. Somehow I could sense 
that she knew what we were doing. She then idly rolled one of the balls 
on the pool table.
	"Don't touch that," I said. "We're in the middle of a game."
	"Wow, then it really was a tiring game, huh?" Rena said. I knew 
that she had known that John and I were getting off on each other when 
she mentioned that she could hear us from when she was in the bathroom 
downstairs. The downstairs bathroom was right below where the bed was.
	"Mom has dinner ready any time you two are ready," Rena said as 
she left the room. Before she went through the door she looked back at 
us to indicate that she knew what we were doing a few minutes ago.

WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN: PART 16- John Wears Real Diapers

	After John and I ate dinner we went into the den and joined Rena 
to watch a movie. We had just gotten our first VCR a few weeks ago. It 
was nice to be able to watch anything at any time now. Rena had gone to 
the video store while John and I were playing pool. She picked up 
"Cannonball Run" and "Meatballs."
	"Which one you wanna watch first?" Rena asked. John and I agreed 
that we'd watch "Cannonball Run" first. With this, Rena popped the tape 
into the VCR.
	"I smell at least one poopy boy in this room," Rena said as she 
sat down with the remote control in hand.
	"You smell two poopy boys," John commented. He then stood up and 
mooned my sister, with all his underwear on, of course.
	"Can't tell, can you?" he said as he demonstrated the thickness of 
all his underwear.
	"I can't see anything, but I can sure smell it," Rena said. "Do 
you want me to change your diapers before I start the movie?"
	"I can make it," I said. I could have used a change, but I wasn't 
ready to have Rena do it again. I had a ways to go before my diapers 
would be full enough to warrant a change, anyway.
	"How about you, John?" Rena asked him.
	"I'll be okay," he said. "But maybe after the movie."
	"Okay, then I'm starting the VCR," Rena said. She pressed PLAY on 
the remote control and fast-forwarded through the FBI warnings and all 
that other shit that they always put at the beginning of a pre-recorded 
	About halfway through the movie I had to pee and my bladder was 
starting to get full. I was used to waiting until I needed to pee before 
letting it out, rather than just releasing whatever happened to be 
available in my bladder. The movie was in the middle of a really funny 
part and I didn't want to miss it or view it with interruptions. While 
having a VCR now gave us the luxury of a pause button in the event 
anyone needed to use the bathroom, this function was not needed in my 
case. I continued to watch the movie and wet my diapers at the same 
time. I flooded them with a single, long urine stream. I really soaked 
the diapers up which surprised me, especially considering the number of 
diapers I had on. Later on I had to poop and I filled my diapers with a 
big load of shit. I felt the poop coming up my butt crack and spreading 
all over my buttocks. Rena could tell I was having a bowel movement in 
my diapers when I sat up on my knees and grunted to let my poop out.
	"I'd better change you at the end of the movie," Rena said to me.
	"Do you *have* to do it?" I asked Rena.
	"I don't have to, but if Mom says I can, then I will," Rena said. 
"You don't have a choice, Danny."
	Rena then resumed the video for about fifteen minutes before she 
paused it again.
	"What did you stop the movie for?" I asked her.
	"I have to go to the bathroom. Remember, some of us don't wear 
diapers around here."
	Rena then got up and went to the bathroom. While she was gone I 
got up and went up to Mom. She was sitting in the living room watching a 
show of her own on TV. My Dad had gone to bed already as he sometimes 
turned in early.
	"Rena says she's going to change my diapers again," I said to Mom.
	"That's fine, let her," my Mom said.
	"But, I'd rather you do it," I said to Mom.
	"If you're ashamed of her seeing you naked, or with a diaper full 
of poop, then I would get used to it, Danny," my Mom said.
	"Get used to it?" I asked Mom. "But, I'm not *always* going to be 
wearing diapers, am I?"
	"I have a feeling you will," my Mom said. "Why do you think I 
spent as much I did on those cloth ones that you're wearing now?"
	"Because they don't make disposables in my size?" I asked na´vely.
	"They do," Mom said. "I just didn't want to keep buying 
disposables over and over and filling up the trash with them. You wore 
cloth diapers as a baby and I don't mind washing them. I can put several 
of them on you at a time and make them thicker, and since they cost so 
much, I wanted you to really give it some thought, knowing how much I 
paid for those diapers."
	"How much did they cost?" I asked my Mom.
	"I'm not going to say, but I wouldn't have bought them if I didn't 
think you would really be wearing them."
	"What about the month thing?" I asked her. While I was trying to 
make it sound like I was wanting to get out of diapers, my intent was to 
find out if I could keep wearing them. I wasn't doing a good job 
convincing Mom of the former.
	"You're worried that after a month we'll take your diapers away 
from you, I can tell," my Mom said.
	"So, what do you mean?" I asked Mom, again trying to make it sound 
like I was having second thoughts about wearing diapers.
	"Danny, be honest with me. I know for a fact that if I take your 
diapers away from you after a month, you'll just want them back, or 
you'll go back to pooping in your underwear. Am I right?"
	"Yes," I said.
	"Well then, I declare the month that you were to wear your diapers 
to be over with," Mom said. I interpreted this to mean that Mom was 
going to take my diapers away.
	"You mean you're taking them away now?!" I said, sounding 
surprised and alarmed. I clutched onto the armrest of the recliner Mom 
was sitting in.
	"No, son, I meant that we are no longer going to wait out the rest 
of the month to give you the option to decide if you want to wear 
diapers," Mom said. "Judging from your reaction when you thought I meant 
I was taking your diapers away, well, that says it right there that you 
want to stay in your diapers."
	"So this means that I will stay in diapers forever?"
	"Yep," Mom said plainly. "And I can't change you all the time, so 
if Rena wants to change you, you let her."
	"Yes, Mom," I said. I was feeling quite excited knowing that 
wearing diapers was no longer a temporary matter, but was now going to 
be what I would wear from now on. I didn't let my excitement show, but I 
couldn't wait to tell John about it.
	By this time Rena had come out of the bathroom and she had 
gathered three sodas from the refrigerator and had mine waiting for me 
when I got back to the den. Just before the end of the movie, Mom came 
out to the den to tell us that she was going to bed.
	"Keep the laughter down," Mom told us. "Rena, can you change 
Danny's diapers before he goes to bed?"
	"Sure, Mom!" Rena said. "I'll change him when the movie's over."
	"He really stinks and he should have been changed a long time ago. 
Oh well, get used to it, Danny's in diapers forever now."
	"Really?" Rena asked my Mom. "I thought he was only going to wear 
them for a month. What made you decide that?"
	"Danny and I had a little talk and I decided that we won't make 
him try them out for just a month anymore. He's already made his 
decision to stay in diapers for good. Have a good night, kids," my Mom 
	"Good night, Mom," Rena and I both said to her.
	"So Mom's keeping you in diapers," Rena said as she handed me my 
soda. She gave John his soda as well.
	"That's what she said," I said to Rena, trying not to sound too 
excited about it.
	"All right!" John said. He was happy to know that I would be just 
like him all the time and be in diapers forever, the only difference 
being that his version of diapers was different.
	After the movie ended Rena told me to go into my bedroom so she 
could change my diapers. I was hesitant about having her see me naked 
and in an aroused state at that, but I had no choice, and I figured over 
time I would get used to it. John came in with me and he watched Rena 
take my diapers off.
	"Goodness, Danny, you sure do put these diapers to use!" Rena 
said. "Makes me glad I use so many of them on you."
	Rena then cleaned me up and tossed the soiled diapers into the 
pail. She then brought out a fresh stack of diapers, gleaming white in 
their newness. One at a time she wrapped them around my butt and crotch 
and pinned them up as tightly as she could, using an obscenely excessive 
amount of diaper pins.
	"I just love diapering my little brother," Rena said. I never knew 
this could be so fun. It makes me feel even more like a big sister."
	By the time Rena finished diapering me she had eight thick diapers 
on me again with literally dozens of diaper pins holding them all on me.
	"I feel like diapering another boy," Rena said. "How about you, 
John?" Rena asked him. "You want to try some real diapers for a change? 
Ha! A CHANGE!! Get it?!"
	"He he he," John chuckled lightly. "Sure, diaper my butt!" he 
said. "Diaper it up nice and thick like Danny's!"
	"Don't you worry, little boy," Rena said to John. "If you pee and 
poop like Danny does, you'll get 'em thick, I promise!"
	Since John was wearing underpants, Rena had him remain standing as 
she removed his briefs in several small bunches at a time, usually three 
to five pairs. John's stinky, stained underwear piled up at his ankles 
as Rena continued to remove his underwear.
	"Goodness, John, you wear more underwear than Danny did!"
	"I do wear a lot, don't I?" John said.
	"How many did you put on?" Rena asked him.
	"Fifty," John said.
	"Fifty pairs?!" Rena exclaimed. "I don't even have half as many 
pairs as that! I guess since I wear mine one at a time and only change 
them once or twice a day and I don't pee and poop in mine I don't need 
that many. How many pairs do you have total?"
	"446 as of yesterday," John said.
	"Four HUNDRED?" Rena exclaimed, being completely astonished.
	"446," John repeated.
	"You're shitting!" Rena said.
	"I will be before long, so you'd better get my butt diapered," 
John said as he stood before Rena completely naked and with a hard-on 
that was begging to be jacked off, as was mine. Rena was busy wiping his 
butt and his balls clean. When she had him ready to diaper she had him 
lie down on my bed.
	"Where do you get so much underwear?" Rena asked him.
	"My Mom and Dad's thrift store," John said, then explaining that 
he got all the boys' underwear from the people that dropped it off at 
the store since nobody ever wanted to buy used underwear.
	"I can even tell you which brands I have and how many," John said. 
He then proceeded to rattle off his counts, which included 105 pairs of 
Fruit of the Loom, 93 pairs of Hanes, 82 BVD's, 45 K-Mart brand with the 
red stripe on the waistband, 17 K-Mart brand with the black stripe on 
the waistband, and then several other brands and waistband stripes in 
smaller counts. Rena finally cut him off.
	"Okay, John, I get the idea. You're obsessed with your underwear."
	"You're not the first one to tell me that," John said.
	"Let me guess, CJ has probably told you that, too."
	"CJ, my Mom and Dad, my cousins, my aunts and uncles, even the 
counselor and the psychiatrist at school."
	"I'm sure they're right," Rena said.
	"Then I must be obsessed, too," I said. "Before Mom hauled my 
underwear off I had 57 pairs of underwear and I knew exactly how many of 
each kind I had."
	"I guess I'd have to be a boy to understand. Whatever," Rena said.
	"I used to think I had a lot," I said to John. "You should see how 
many drawers he has filled up in his room."
	"You have four dozen diapers, Danny, and we don't have room for 
all of them in your drawers, so I can only imagine what John has.
	"They're stacked and piled all over his room," I said.
	"Remember that a lot of them are either dirty or in the wash," 
John said. "My Mom and Dad are even going to bring home a used washing 
machine from their store just to use for washing my underwear."
	"Really," Rena said. "That may not be a bad idea since I have to 
wash my clothes in the same washing machine as Danny's shit-loaded 
	Rena powdered up John's nuts and his crotch as well as his butt 
and then she began diapering him. She couldn't use as many diaper pins 
on him since she used so many of them on me, but he still had absolutely 
nothing to worry about as far as his diapers falling off of him.
	"I think you'll like wearing diapers better," Rena told him as she 
drew the first of several diapers up over his front, enshrouding his 
dick and balls in the thick cloth. "Do you like them?"
	"I love them, they feel good!" John said. "I like how they look, 
	"Better than your underwear?" Rena asked him.
	"They're different, since I'm used to my underwear," John said. "I 
think I like diapers better.
	"That's good," Rena said. "If you switch to diapers, that's a lot 
of underwear you'll have to get rid of."
	"I don't think my parents will get me real diapers as long as I 
have a steady supply of 'free diapers' from the store, if you know what 
I mean."
	"That's okay, you can wear Danny's diapers when you're over here," 
Rena told him. She continued diapering him some more until she had his 
diapers in identical thickness to mine.
	"Damn, these are thick!" John said as he sat up. Rena gave him a 
satisfied smile.
	"Wait'll you try walking in them. Get up."
	John stood up and realized that he couldn't walk normally and was 
forced to waddle. I just loved looking at him in real diapers now. It 
gave me a good idea of what I looked like in mine, which was better than 
just standing in front of a mirror.
	Rena put his plastic pants on him and told him he was set to go 
for the night.
	"You guys wanna watch 'Meatballs?'" Rena asked us. Apparently both 
John and I were thinking the same thing when we both decided that we 
wanted to go to bed and watch the second movie tomorrow. We were both 
getting excited and horny from seeing each other in our freshly changed 
diapers and we wanted to get to bed and jack off instead. I told Rena 
that we would watch it tomorrow.
	"I have to have it back by 5:00 tomorrow," Rena said.
	"We'll have it watched by then," I said.
	"Okay, boys, then have a good night."
	John and I were then alone in my room now.
	"Did you want to go to bed now?" John asked me.
	"Not really," I said. "I'm just movied out for the night."
	"Same here," John said. "I can only watch one at a time."
	John was going to sleep on a cot that I had kept in my room for 
sleepovers since the only time the cot was ever used was in our tent 
whenever we went camping. I never thought about having Kurt or Justin 
sharing my bed with me, especially as it was a single bed. John, 
however, was different and I felt things about him that I never felt 
about any other boy. As I had shared the bed with him at his house I 
wanted him to do the same here.
	"Is this where I'm sleeping?" John asked me as he pointed to the 
	"Only if you want to," I said, implying that he didn't necessarily 
have to use the cot if he didn't want to.
	"I know it isn't as comfortable as a bed," I said, hinting that I 
would let him share my bed with me. John must have taken the hint since 
he asked if I would mind him getting into my bed with me.
	"Not at all," I said, feeling excited and feeling my hard-on go up 
a couple notches on the stiffness scale. I shut off the overhead light 
and turned on the lamp on my nightstand. I then bent over in front of 
John, knowing he would enjoy the sight of my padded butt. I lifted my 
mattress and grabbed some papers that were stuffed underneath it.
	"What are those?" John asked me.
	"Some stories I wrote, stories I like to read before I go to bed," 
I said. They were typewritten stories about boys who wear diapers or 
lots of underwear and pee and poop in it. Since my Timex/Sinclair 
computer only had a thermal printer that used half-width paper and I 
didn't even have a word processor program for it, I used the good ol' 
typewriter instead to write my stories so that, unlike with my 
handwriting, I could read them as well as John, since he was here to 
enjoy my story with me.
	"I just typed this one out a couple days ago," I said. John and I 
then both got into my bed. We lay next to each other while we silently 
read the story. By the time we got to the first page both of us were 
rubbing ourselves. Since it was all new material to John he was probably 
enjoying the story even more.
	By the time we were on the second page I felt John's hand migrate 
from the front of his own diapers to mine. He picked up my hand and 
moved it to where it was on his diapers. He then put his hand on mine 
and started rubbing me vigorously. I did the same to him, using my left 
hand to hold the story pages and my right hand to jack him off. The 
story was getting really intense how as I described the boy's extra 
thick diapers that his sister put on him for having diarrhea. She told 
him that she would not change his diapers until his diapers were so full 
of wet shit that it started seeping through to the outer layers. The 
story had gotten both of us so horny that we didn't need it for added 
stimulation, so I tossed the story pages onto the floor. John and I then 
finished each other off. I brought him to come in his diapers at about 
the same time he made me come.
	"Oh yes, that was good," I said as I lay there and felt my entire 
body go limp. Both John and I were hot and sweaty as we lay there on top 
of the covers.
	"I never get past that part without coming," I said. "It gets even 
better later on."
	"I can't wait to read the rest of it," John said.
	"Maybe I can go make a copy of it for you tomorrow if I can get my 
pants and go out."
	After John and I cooled off we got under the covers. I turned off 
the light. John and I continued to talk about our interests until we 
finally got tired and went to sleep with our diapers brushing up against 
one another.

WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN: PART 17- A Question of Sexuality

	John and I were both due for diaper changes the next morning. When 
I woke up I felt myself needing to pee into my already wet and poopy 
diapers. I wasn't like John, who was a bedwetter. I wished that I could 
wet overnight like he did, but without having any history of bedwetting, 
my bladder was very reliable in ensuring that I would wake up in a dry 
bed, no matter how much I drank the night before. All this did was to 
give me a painfully full bladder upon waking, and before I was put into 
diapers, I would make a beeline for the toilet first thing. Not now. As 
it was, there were too many diapers on me and too many pins holding them 
on for me to make it to the toilet if I had intended to do so. As I sat 
up I let loose the large flood of piss. My balls were awash with the 
warm, yellow liquid and it trickled down to my butt, mixing with the 
heavy layer of shit that had been all over my ass since last night. I 
got hard and started jacking off.
	"Hey, man, wait for me," John said as he was awakened by my 
jostling of the bed. I pulled back the covers and looked at his diapers. 
They, too, were soaked all the way to the outer surface, and of course 
covered with shit from his butt-crack to his dick. John immediately 
started to stroke his dick.
	"Ahh yes, I love this!" John said. "I love these diapers!"
	"You like them better than underwear?" I asked him while my hard-
on was building a crescendo.
	"I like anything that's big and white and thick on my butt, and 
wet and full of shit, too," John said. Just his words of ecstasy alone 
were enough to kick my masturbation into overdrive as I began to 
vigorously stroke myself. John then stopped for a moment and asked me to 
stop. He then got up on top of me with his butt pressed up to my face. 
He jacked both me and himself off at the same time, using one hand for 
each operation. His left hand was no more coordinated than mine was, but 
it was good enough, and I was nearing ejaculation when he asked me to 
stop. As I studied the thick folds of white cloth covering his butt, 
knowing that there was so much shit behind the bulging, high-rising 
white wall of cloth, I enjoyed a most fantastic orgasm. John kept 
rubbing me even after I asked him to stop. He kept it up until he came 
into his diapers, too.
	It took us several minutes to come down off of the erotic high we 
had given each other. What a way to start the day! I felt like I was 
completely spent for the rest of the day.
	"It just keeps getting better and better," I sighed weakly as I 
felt my flaccid body sinking into the bed.
	"Yeah, it does, I agree," John said in the same exhausted tone. 
John then took my by surprise. He rolled over to me and gave me a kiss 
on the mouth. It was only for a couple seconds, but long enough to think 
about what he was doing. I had never been kissed by a boy before. Come 
to think of it, I've never been kissed by a girl before, either, except 
my sisters, and they don't count. I had to admit that I kind of enjoyed 
it. It made me feel closer to John, like he was more of a brother than a 
	"How was that?" John asked me.
	"It was, good," I said. John could tell that I wasn't prepared for 
	"Sorry, I hope I didn't make you feel uncomfortable," John said.
	"You didn't," I said. "I wasn't expecting it, though."
	"I didn't think you were," John said. "I just wanted to know what 
it was like to kiss another boy."
	"I guess I've thought about that, too," I said. "Although I would 
never kiss Kurt or Justin."
	"Why not?" John asked, sounding concerned.
	"I dunno, just never thought about it. They'd never want me to 
kiss them, I know that."
	"So what about me?" John asked.
	"Well, I don't know how to explain it," I said. I hesitated for a 
moment and prepared my words so that they would make some sense when 
coming out.
	"I guess, it's because I feel things about you that I never felt 
about Kurt or Justin," I said, though not so smoothly as the preceding 
quote may suggest.
	"Feelings like what?" John asked.
	"Well, that I like how you look in underwear, and diapers," I 
	"What about Kurt and Justin?" John asked me. "Didn't you ever see 
them in their underwear?"
	"Oh yeah, lots of times," I said. And I must say I like how they 
looked with white briefs on their butts. I did this, thinking that they 
were wearing diapers and using my imagination, thinking that their 
underwear was thicker like diapers, and full of shit, too."
	"You don't have to imagine that with me," John said.
	"I know. That's what makes you more fun to look at, wearing all 
those white underpants so thick on your butt all the time, seeing that 
you have to wear them so big on top to fit over all the ones you have 
underneath, looking at all those waistbands, that only partly tell me 
how many pairs you're wearing, watching your sister pin your waistbands 
to your shirt so you can't take your underwear off, knowing that you 
will shit in them until they are so full that they start leaking out the 
top, and then she takes your pins out and strips you naked and then 
wipes up all your gooey shit as she cleans off your butt and your 
	I was stroking myself again as I talked to John about the thoughts 
that ran through my mind as I looked at him in his usual pseudo-diapered 
state when he was in multiple pairs of underpants. Other than the lack 
of waistbands, seeing actual diapers on him instead of underwear 
produced the same arousing affect, appealing to my senses in every way 
except for taste. Perhaps it was the kiss that filled this particular 
sensory void in the otherwise perfect bond that was forming between John 
and me.
	"I think the same things, Danny," John said. He, too, was back to 
rubbing himself as he listened to me describe the imagery of what I felt 
made diapers and diaper substitutes so incredibly stimulating.
	"I want to say that I am starting to think of you more as a 
brother, more than just a friend," I said to John frankly.
	"I always wished I had a brother," John said. "C.J.'s a good 
sister, but even she doesn't understand a boy's feelings. She knows I 
like to jack off in shit-filled underpants, and she's cool about this. 
But still..."
	"I know, it's hard to explain, but I think I understand what you 
mean," I said. "It's nice to have a friend who has so much in common 
with me and shares something that I have had to keep to myself for so 
	"I think you should know something about me," John said.
	"What's left to tell?" I asked John. "I mean, shit, we wear 
diapers together, that's about as intimate as I think I can get about 
	"I'm gay," John said. It didn't surprise me that he said this, but 
I wasn't expecting this to be what he would say.
	"I hope you're okay with that," John said.
	"I figured you probably were," I said.
	"How's that?" John asked.
	"Just by the way you took such interest in me when you found out 
that I like to wear diapers, or an acceptable facsimile thereof, and 
poop in them. I knew that this is a highly sexual thing for me, and I 
figured you felt the same way."
	"So do you think you're gay?" John asked me.
	"I always told myself I wasn't," I said as I prepared to explain 
how I defined my sexual feelings. I beat around the bush for awhile. "I 
mean, if anyone knows you're gay they hate you and call you 'faggot' and 
'queer', and they threaten you and spit on you, and if you're not 
careful, they'll beat you up and, if they have the chance and are 
determined enough, they'll even kill you."
	"I deal with that all the time," John said. "That's why I felt I 
would tell you after you told me how you felt about me."
	I still hadn't answered John's question on whether I was gay or 
not. I hemmed and hawed some more about my perceptions by self-
proclaimed straight people on what they thought about gays. It felt good 
just to be able to talk to John about this issue since I could never be 
truthful about it around Kurt or Justin. Finally, I got to the point.
	"Well, I don't say that I'm gay, but I'm not totally straight. I 
don't really know what I am."
	"You may be bisexual," John said.
	"Maybe," I said. "All I know is that I don't really like girls and 
most of everyone else does, and because I don't, people think I'm gay. I 
think of boys when I think about diapers and boys pooping in diapers. I 
get hard and I jack off when I think about these things, but I don't 
think about sex in the sense of..."
	I hesitated at this point, unable to compose my thoughts so that I 
could deliver them in a presentable manner.
	"In the sense of..." I repeated.
	"You mean fucking?" John said.
	"Yeah, that," I said. "I don't think about having sex with girls 
or even kissing them. I don't think this about boys, either, but when 
boys are in diapers and shitting in them, this gets me off more than 
anything else. So, what would you make of that?"
	"Well, I ain't no Freud, so I dunno," John said. "Maybe you're a 
	"Sounds good to me," I said, settling on "diaper-sexual.". "Ever 
since I was in training pants I remember getting hard-ons, knowing that 
the training pants were causing them. I liked how they looked and how 
they felt, and ever since then I've made an association between sexual 
feelings and diapers, anything that resembles diapers, like underwear, 
especially lots of it."
	While John was content with defining his sexual orientation as 
being gay, I still had a hard time trying to figure out what I was. 
Being around John and being constantly aroused by his diapered presence, 
I felt that my sexual feelings were developing more in favor of being 
gay. I still couldn't admit to myself that any of my sexual feelings 
could be labeled as gay."
	At this point John and I decided to get up. Just to make sure 
nobody knew that we shared the same bed, I ruffled up the sleeping bag 
on the cot to make it appear that John had slept in it.
	"About time you boys woke up," Rena said to us as she greeted us 
in the kitchen. Realizing that she had been sitting there all this time, 
I hoped that she hadn't been listening in on what John and I had been 
talking about, to say nothing of what we did with each other before 
	"I can smell those two stinky diapered butts of yours from clear 
over here!" Rena said. "I suppose a diaper change is in order."
	"Yes, definitely," I said. I ran my hand over the piss-soaked 
front of my thick diapers.
	"I'll be in there in a minute," Rena said.
	John and I went back into my bedroom and waited for Rena. Both of 
us lay on my bed side by side and awaited my sister. She came into my 
bedroom a moment later with the diaper pail. She flipped a coin and had 
us call heads or tails to determine which of us she would change first. 
My choice was heads, and heads came up, so Rena changed me first.
	After Rena had me cleaned of several hours worth of urine and 
stool that had accumulated in my diapers I asked her if she could diaper 
me more modestly so I could wear my pants.
	"Pants? What do you want your pants for?" Rena asked me.
	"Well, I wanted to go down and play some video games," I said.
	"Well, I'll have to get the okay from Mom," Rena said. "I'll only 
diaper you so that you can still wear your pants. If she says you can't 
have your pants and go play games, then I'll diaper you up the rest of 
the way."
	Rena only put three diapers on me, but to make up for it she used 
the entire supply of diaper pins that had come from the eight diapers I 
had on before. Never before had I seen diaper pins stuck into my diapers 
so densely. She put my plastic pants on, and without the bulk of the 
extra diapers, they fit loosely.
	Next was John's turn to get his butt undiapered and wiped clean. I 
watched Rena strip off all his diapers and toss them into the pile of 
wet and poopy diapers that had come from my diaper change. John was 
clearly enjoying the diaper change. Perhaps he was enjoying it in the 
same way as I enjoyed it when C.J. cleaned me up. The fact that she 
wasn't my sister allowed me to feel less inhibited about my feelings.
	"So will I get to diaper you again?" Rena asked John.
	"Oh yeah, but for now I want to wear my underwear since I will 
wear it back home," John explained.
	"Oh, okay," Rena said. "But you'll wear them next time you sleep 
	"You bet!" John said. "I loved wearing them!"
	"Do you like wearing diapers better than all that underwear?" Rena 
asked him.
	"In some ways," John said. "I like them about the same, really," 
John said. "They actually work better, and they are thicker and fuller, 
but I missed the waistbands and the fly fronts."
	Rena accepted his explanation as she finished cleaning him up. 
Rena then left my bedroom to call Mom to get permission to give my 
pants. Meanwhile, John began diapering himself with his underwear. I 
watched him put each pair on and seeing his underwear increase in 
thickness. He was up to nearly two dozen pairs when Rena came back into 
my room to hand me my pants.
	"Did Mom say yes?" I asked Rena.
	"No, but I thought you'd better wear your pants anyway," Rena 
said. A stunned look appeared on my face just as Rena smiled and said, 
"I'm kidding, Danny. Mom said yes."
	Rena took a look at John as he continued putting his underwear on, 
building the bundle of briefs to a very copious amount. He finally put 
his pants on over the huge mass of underwear. I did the same. I had to 
tuck the excess plastic pants material into my pants, which I was unable 
to do. In fact, the diapers themselves still stuck out several inches 
over my pants. I still hadn't changed my shirt, so I went to my closet 
and tried to find a long shirt that would hopefully cover the diapers. I 
also expected to be wearing my coat, and this would hide the diapers.
	I then grabbed some money, enough for lunch and some games, and 
then John and I left the house.

WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN: PART 18- Troubles from Tom

	John didn't have a bike to ride since he didn't have his bike with 
him, so I let him use my old dirt bike. I had a ten-speed, which I had 
bought last spring. Together we went down the road a few blocks to the 
pizza place. I had never ridden my bike while wearing diapers. It felt 
quite different and it made pedaling more difficult. I could hear my 
plastic pants rustling as I moved my legs up and down. John was keeping 
pace with me in spite of the fact that the bike he was on didn't offer a 
choice of gears. He, too, was also encumbered by his thick underwear and 
he couldn't pedal as fast.
	In case Tom and his cronies showed up or at least went past the 
pizza place, I didn't want them to see my bike (actually both of them 
were my bikes) and see that I was here, so we parked our bikes out back. 
John asked me why and I told him. He agreed that this was a good idea.
	Before we had the hostess seat us I looked around to see if Tom 
and his gang were already there. They walked almost everywhere they 
went, so they didn't leave any bikes out front to warn me that they were 
in a particular place. Most of the time they hung out by the video games 
and the pool tables anyway.
	Once I determined the coast was clear the hostess seated us. I 
asked her to seat us at a table out of view of the entrance so Tom and 
his gang wouldn't see us if they came in. It was hard to relax knowing 
that Tom may show up. I hated living in fear of that asshole.
	A few minutes later the pizza was brought out to us. John and I 
ate at a leisurely pace as it seemed that Tom and his cast of kooks 
weren't going to be there. We finished the entire pizza and we left the 
waitress a good tip. She waited for us to leave our booth as she started 
cleaning off the mess we left behind. John had bent over to tie his 
shoe. His jacket and his shirt rode up to reveal four or five 
waistbands, all of which showed at least two inches above his pants. I 
could tell the waitress was looking at the mixture of red, blue and 
black stripes running over his waist. A closer look would reveal that he 
was wearing lots, lots more underwear than what meets the eye. I wanted 
her to see my diapers, so I bent over to tie my shoe, even though it was 
already tied. I lifted my shirt and jacket so she could see my diapers 
showing. I don't know what she thought of us after seeing what we had on 
underneath our pants, but it was fun exposing our diapers like this to 
	After we paid the bill we headed for the exit. I had let down my 
guard and forgotten about the possibility of Tom and his friends having 
shown up while we were eating. I started strolling past the entryway 
into the video arcade when I heard Tom cheering ever so obnoxiously. I 
glanced into the arcade and saw him sitting in front of the Defender 
game. Jason was hovering over him cheering him on.
	"Stop," I whispered to John as I stopped dead in my tracks.
	"They're here, huh?" John said.
	"Yeah," I said quietly.
	This was so absurd, I realized. I knew I shouldn't have felt so 
intimidated by the guy. We were in a public place, and we even had bikes 
to outrun them in case they chased us. I was about to ask the hostess to 
escort us to the door. Looking behind me, she was busy seating some 
other people. We couldn't stand here forever, and eventually one of 
those assholes would come out of the arcade to go take a piss or 
	"Okay, on the count of three, run for it," I said to John. On 
three we sprinted past the video arcade entrance to avoid being seen. We 
quickly made an exit and ran to the back of the building. I looked 
behind me to make sure they weren't coming.
	"We're safe," I said. We got on our bikes and rode across the 
parking lot and to the corner convenience store. It had a little section 
with four video games. Besides the fact that Tom was at the pizza 
parlor, most of the games at the convenience store were easier for me to 
play. They had Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Centipede and Asteroids.
	We parked our bikes in back again, although they weren't as well 
hidden since the building was on the corner out in the open. After 
getting change from the grouchy old man at the counter John and I 
decided to play against each other on Donkey Kong. I was having my best 
game yet, having made it to the second Elevators level with two lives 
left. John had already lost his players and went on to play Centipede, 
his favorite game.
	Our play time was cut short as Tom and his gang showed up. I 
became nervous and lost my concentration as I heard Tom come up behind 
	"Hey, Danny, how's it going?" he greeted.
	"Look, his underwear-shitting friend is here, too!" Jason said as 
he went up to John. I glanced over to John and saw Jason pulling on the 
back of John's pants.
	"Hey guys, check this out! See all the underwear he has to wear 
since he SHITS in it like a baby shits his diapers!"
	"Hey Danny, you wearing diapers?" Tom asked me.
	"None of your business," I said. I felt Tom pull up my jacket and 
my shirt to see my diapers showing.
	"Yep, Danny's got his diapers on!" Tom shouted several times. I 
tried to ignore him as I played my game. Tom then started distracting 
me, grabbing the game control and making me jump off the side, losing 
one of my players.
	"Knock it off!" I told him.
	"Aww, izz da poow wittle baby gonna cwy now?" Tom said. I was down 
to the last player. Tom's other friend David tried to give me a wedgie 
with my diapers. Tom then shoved me out of the way and took over playing 
the game.
	"Aww damn, I killed your guy!" Tom said. "I'm sorry, Danny."
	"Let's go, John," I said to him. Jason was making him mess up, 
causing John to lose all his players.
	Tom and David then stood at the entryway.
	"Not so fast, diaper boys!" Tom said.
	"Yeah, hand us your money or we'll kick your ass!" Jason 
	At first I tried to bolt for it, but Tom stuck his arm out and 
held me back.
	"You heard him, piss pants!" Tom said as he shoved me. John was 
paralyzed with fear and he wasn't about to try getting out.
	I looked across the store. It sucked that they had the video games 
at the back where the attendant was unable to supervise the activity. 
The man was too old to be working there in the first place and he 
probably couldn't hear a thing what was going on. He was the only one in 
the store besides us. He was tending to the popcorn machine when I 
looked at him.
	I resigned myself to handing over the rest of my money, about six 
dollars. I figured I'd rather they extort me out of my money than beat 
me up. I was scared of these guys. I had never been in a fight and these 
pricks were notorious bullies.
	I tried to reach into my pocket to get the money, but my diapers 
made my pants so tight and my pockets almost inaccessible.
	"Take your pants down and show us your didees!" David said. I 
refused, but not for long as Tom doubled up his fist and hit me in the 
	"The next one's going in your face, Danny the Diapered Fanny!" Tom 
said threateningly. I was about to cry. They could have my money for all 
I cared at this point. I just wanted them to leave and I never wanted to 
see them again. I unfastened my pants in front of the three boys and 
pulled them down.
	"He's already wet his diapers!" Jason said. The other boys joined 
in the laughter. Mr. Oldfart was still minding his own business up 
front, oblivious to the tormenting that was going on.
	With my pants down I was able to reach into my pocket and hand Tom 
the six dollars I had.
	"Is that all you got?" he said.
	"That's all I have!" I said. Jason and David wrestled me to the 
floor while Tom searched through my pockets. I had some change, but I 
didn't think Tom would want that. He did.
	"You lied to me, you fucker!" Tom said. "You had another thirty-
five cents!"
	Tom then spit in my face before he got off of me.
	"I should kick your ass anyway!" he said.
	"Wait guys," David said as he was holding John in the corner. 
"Maybe Undies Boy has some money!"
	"I don't have any money," John said as he cringed.
	"Take your pants off and let's find out for ourselves!" Jason 
said. John was then wrestled to the ground. He was helpless. David 
pulled his pants off, all the way off, leaving John in just his 
underwear. Tom was busy keeping me from leaving the small room, laughing 
as I tried to get my pants back on.
	"He ain't got nothing!" David said as he threw John's pants on the 
	"I told you!" John said. John then tried to get his pants, but 
then Tom picked them up.
	"Give those back!" John demanded.
	"No, you didn't have any money, so we're taking your pants. 
Besides, don't you just look cute in all that underwear!" David said.
	Finally the old man realized what was going on and he darted to 
the back of the store.
	"What the hell's going on here?!" he said. He looked at all of us. 
John obviously caught the man's attention as John was in his underwear, 
never mind the fact that he was wearing over two dozen pairs.
	The man didn't give us a chance to explain what happened.
	"Out of here, all of you!" he shouted. Tom, Jason and David all 
split the scene, taking John's pants with him, leaving John with nothing 
to wear.
	"You boys get the hell out of here!" the man said.
	"But sir, they beat us up!" I said.
	"I don't care," the grouchy man said. "And you, get some pants on, 
you're indecent!" he said to John.
	"They took my pants!" John whined. The man ignored him.
	"I don't ever want to see any of you in this store again!" he said 
as he escorted us out the door. Much to John's embarrassment was the 
fact that a mother with her three girls was coming in to the store to 
pay for her gas. All of them, especially the three girls, gazed at John.
	"Is he wearing diapers, Mom?" one of the girls asked her Mom. We 
were out of the store by then.
	"Those fucking shitheads!" John complained.
	"I'm sorry, John," I said. I felt really bad that I planned a fun 
day for us, only to have it ruined by Tom and his friends.
	"It's not your fault," John said. "Let's go back to your house."
	Before we left, we looked in the garbage cans to see if John's 
pants had been disposed of. John stayed close to the building to keep 
himself out of view of others who may see him standing there in his 
underwear. His pants never turned up, so we went around back to get our 
bikes. I decided to check the dumpster while we were back there. Nothing 
there, either.
	John and I got on our bikes and decided to take the back way home 
through the subdivision where less traffic would see John in his 
underpants. John complained about the cold against his legs.
	"We're almost there," I said. Up farther ahead was Tom and his 
gang. I didn't see any of them carrying John's pants, so they had to 
have discarded them somewhere. John decided that his pants were a loss 
after I suggested that we go back and look in the ditch or in other 
garbage cans.
	"My Mom can always get me more pants, you know," John said.
	To get past Tom and his friends, we waited until they had walked 
ahead a little ways and then, as fast as we could, we rode past them. 
They saw us go by and they laughed.
	"Hey John! Your underwear's showing!" one of them yelled. I 
couldn't tell which one and I really didn't care.
	"Yeah, your whole butt!" I heard another one of them holler. We 
ignored them and kept going at full speed until we went around the 
corner. We were exhausted by this point, so we took it slow going home.
	We got to my house and came through the door.
	"Where's your pants, John?" Rena asked him.
	"Don't ask," I said. John knelt down in front of the heater to get 
his bare legs warm.
	"What happened?" Rena asked. Before I could answer, she told me to 
take my pants off, so I did, striping to just my diapers. I was cold, 
too, so I sat next to John and got warm. I handed Rena my pants and she 
put them away. When she came back I told her what we had been through.
	"I'm sorry to hear that," Rena said. "Maybe you boys better stay 
here from now on," Rena said. "You can always have pizza delivered, and 
you have tons of Atari games," Rena offered, trying to make us feel 
	"They're not the same as the arcade," I said.
	"Better than getting your money stolen, which arcade games do 
anyway, just that they do it one quarter at a time."
	John called his Mom and Dad at their shop to tell them what had 
happened and to bring home a pair of pants for him. Rena made us some 
hot chocolate and decided to join us in playing Atari games. It was 
times like this when I knew that Rena loved me as her brother. If she 
didn't, she probably wouldn't be so willing to change my diapers. After 
we played Atari games, she did just that. She also helped "diaper" John, 
who had more underwear in his bag to change into. He had over three 
dozen clean pairs and he put them all on. He asked Rena to pin the 
waistbands to his shirt and she did. She then pinned my diapers to my 
shirt, too, leaving me that way for the rest of the evening. John's Mom 
picked him up after his parents closed their store that evening.
	"Did you get my pants?" John asked his mother.
	"Yeah, but they may be a little big."
	"Nothing a few extra pairs of underwear can't take care of," John 
	"I'd rather use a belt," Rena remarked to C.J. She had come in to 
visit with Rena. She then left with John, putting her arm around him to 
comfort him after hearing about his bad day.
	"See you on Monday," I said to John as I watched his white-padded 
butt disappear into the dark of the outside before shutting the door.

WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN: PART 19- Tom's Torment Continues

	"Oh my God! My diapers are wet!"
	That was the first thought that hit me upon waking up Monday 
morning. Unless I peed in my diapers before going to sleep the night 
before I always woke up in dry diapers while feeling the urge to piss 
and having a full bladder. This time my bladder felt empty and my 
diapers were soaked. For the first time since I was a toddler I wet the 
bed! It was a strange feeling, knowing that I had peed in my sleep 
without even being aware of it. I didn't want to tell my Mom or anyone 
else about it and decided that it was just an isolated incident. Rena 
didn't know any different when she changed my diapers that morning.
	I dreaded having to come to school today. I knew for sure Tom 
would have a field day telling everyone about how he and his friends 
harassed John and me while we were playing video games last Saturday. 
Trouble began the minute I stepped off the bus and had a run-in with 
Tom, whose bus was right in front of ours.
	"Hey Danny!" he said. I only recognized him by his voice. He was 
dressed as a pirate, being that today was Halloween. His costume was 
definitely appropriate after what he had done to John and me last 
Saturday. I tried to walk away from him, but he and his friends followed 
me up to the building.
	"Why didn't you dress up, Danny?" Tom asked me.
	"He doesn't need to, his own face is scary enough!" said Jason. 
Jason was dressed as a bank robber, also very fitting.
	"Thanks for the money you gave us," Tom said.
	"Yeah, but we spent it all, and we need more," Jason said. They 
then started after me, acting out their characters to further intimidate 
me. At this point I ran and pushed my way through the crowd until I was 
stopped by Mr. Poe, one of the vice principals.
	"Hold it, stop! There's no running in the halls!" he ordered 
	"Those guys are trying to take my money from me!" I said as I 
	"Who?" Mr. Poe asked me. It was impossible to pick them out of the 
crowd, especially with several of the students wearing their Halloween 
	"The one that looks like a pirate and the one that looks like a 
bank robber," I said.
	"A pirate and a robber, and they're trying to take your money. 
Very funny."
	"But they were!" I said. "Really!"
	"What are their names?" Mr. Poe asked me, trying to maintain his 
	"Their names are Tom Kari and Jason Childers," I said.
	"Okay, I'll keep an eye on them for you," Mr. Poe said.
	"Yeah, sure you will," I thought to myself. I proceeded to my 
locker and to my first class. The day seemed to be going okay for the 
most part until I ran into Tom during the fifteen-minute break. I had 
already bought a cinnamon roll and milk and was about finished when he 
came up to John and me. Fortunately I had thought ahead and prepared for 
another run-in. I stuck my money into my sock, including the change from 
the cinnamon roll and the milk. I advised John to take the same 
	"Hey, Danny, hey John, give me your money! NOW!" Tom said while 
waving his plastic machete in my face.
	"I don't have any," I said confidently with my arms folded over my 
	"Me neither," John told Tom.
	"Then how did you get this?" he asked, pointing to our food with 
the fake machete.
	"I only brought enough money to buy this," I said.
	"So did I," came John's reply.
	"Oh, I see," Tom said. "I'd better not see you eating at lunch, or 
I'll know you were lying to me!" Tom then walked away and caught up with 
his friends.
	John and I went ahead and ate lunch in spite of Tom's threat, 
though we were being watchful of his appearance. Sure enough, he, Jason 
and David all came up to us and joined us at our table.
	"Hey, what's this?" Tom asked me as he stuck the tip of his 
machete into one of my tater tots. "I thought you said you didn't have 
any money!"
	"I didn't at the time. It was in my locker," I explained, even 
though this wasn't the case.
	"You fucking lied to me!" Tom said. Jason then pulled my chair 
away from the table and David started eating right off of my tray.
	"Knock it off, guys!" I said. "don't touch my lunch!"
	"Don't touch my lunch, waah!" Tom mocked me in a sarcastic voice.
	"Oh no, the baby's gonna cry!" Jason said.
	"I'm not a baby," I said.
	"Yeah you are, you wear diapers, don't you?"
	"That doesn't necessarily make me a baby," I said. David then 
picked up the carton of orange drink and spilled it into my lap.
	"Hey guys! Danny wet his pants!" David announced to everyone in 
the cafeteria.
	"He must not have his diapers on!" Tom shouted.
	David then picked up my tray and spilled everything into my lap 
and onto my shirt.
	"He needs a bib, too!" David said as he laughed. Meanwhile, John 
sat there frozen in stunned silence. Jason and David started harassing 
him, spilling his food from his tray into his lap, too. Fortunately, Mr. 
Poe was nearby and he saw what was going on. He marched right over to 
our table.
	"What's going on here?" Mr. Poe demanded furiously.
	"Uh, nothing sir," Tom said sheepishly. Suddenly Tom wasn't the 
tough guy that he tried to make me think he was.
	"They took our food and spilled it on us," I said.
	"Okay boys, you're coming with me," Mr. Poe ordered. "All of you."
	"But we didn't do anything!" I said defensively. "We were just 
	"I know, but you guys need your parents to bring you a change of 
clothes, so I'll have you wait in the lobby. Don't worry, you're not in 
trouble. These guys are," Mr. Poe assured us.
	John and I watched with great pleasure as Mr. Poe angrily dragged 
Tom, Jason and David into his office.
	"Have a seat!" Mr. Poe shouted before slamming his office door 
behind him as hard as he could. I then heard him yelling, although I 
couldn't make out what he was saying. All I know is that I was just damn 
glad it wasn't I that was on the carpet.
	Meanwhile, the secretary had called each of our parents and 
explained the situation. Mr. Poe came out of the office a few minutes 
later, but the three boys were still detained in the office. Mr. Poe led 
us to a private room where we would be separated from Tom and his gang 
while they awaited their parents in the lobby to pick them up from 
	My Mom showed up first with a change of pants and a shirt. In 
spite of all the humiliation I had gone through, I maintained my 
composure until my Mom appeared. Then I broke down and started crying.
	"I hate Tom! I hate him so much!" I blubbered as I embraced my 
	"It's all right," Danny," my Mom said, trying to comfort me. "Does 
he tease you for wearing diapers?"
	"That's just one of the things," I said. "He teases me for 
everything else, too. He's nothing but a bully!"
	"Well, you just get calmed down and get your clothes changed. We 
can talk about this when you get home."
	"Thanks, Mom," I said as I sniffled. Mom then waited outside of 
the room while I changed my clothes. When I was done I handed her my 
dirty pants and shirt and said goodbye to her. John's mother showed up a 
few minutes later. She stayed in the room while John took off his pants 
and shirt. I could tell from the way John smelled that he had pooped in 
his multiple briefs. Of course they were much too thick to provide any 
visual indication of how much he had pooped. They were also very soaked 
with pee. I could see a puddle of urine in the crotch of his plastic 
pants. John was more stoic about the ordeal and he didn't cry. He just 
told his Mom, "Some people just don't like us, I guess."
	"This is the only pair I could find that would fit you," his 
mother said, having taken a pair of pants out of stock from their thrift 
store. They were tattered and flecked with paint. There was also a tear 
in the seat, which exposed the layer of plastic that sheathed John's 
thick underwear. His Mom didn't even notice the tear until she handed 
the pants to John.
	"Wait, these have a hole in them," his mother said.
	"That's okay," John said. "Everybody knows that I wear lots of 
underwear and poop in it, anyway. Besides, we only have a couple hours 
to go."
	John thanked his mother for bringing him a change of clothes. 
Before his Mom left I asked her if John could come over to my house 
tonight. This was going to be my first Halloween without going trick-or-
treating, and not just because I was stuck in diapers at home, but just 
because I felt I had outgrown going around in costume and gathering 
candy. I still wanted to at least have some fun that night anyway and 
figured John and I could watch a scary movie together. John's Mom said 
this was okay and that she would bring John over after he finished his 
	After I got home from school my Mom and I talked about today's 
incident at school and what led up to it. My Mom also asked me if I 
provoked Tom in any way.
	"Not at all. I ignore him and try to stay away from him, but he 
just won't leave me alone!" I started crying again. I felt so hopelessly 
	"I talked to the vice principal, and he said those boys are 
suspended for the rest of the week, and when they come back, they are 
not to talk to you or even be near you."
	"That's good," I said. Mom then took me to my bedroom where I took 
my pants off so that she could change my diapers. Of course the pants 
remained off and the diapers went on extra thick. I asked my Mom if I 
could invite John over to watch a movie with me tonight.
	"I was going to have you hand out candy," my Mom said.
	"Why aren't you handing it out?"
	"Because your father and I have to do all our end-of-the-month 
stuff at the store," my Mom explained.
	"Then have Rena hand it out," I suggested.
	"Rena's going to the haunted house for her drama club, remember?" 
my Mom said.
	"Oh yeah, that's right," I said. "Can I at least wear my pants 
while I'm handing out candy?"
	"Yeah, I guess. I'll strip down your diapers and let you wear your 
pants then," Mom said. For now she left me alone fully diapered up, 
reminding me that I needed to have all my homework done before John 
could come over. Fortunately I didn't have much to do and I expected to 
get it done by nightfall.
	Mom came back over to the house at about 5:30 to check on me and 
make sure my homework was completed. Seeing that it was, she removed my 
plastic pants and removed several diapers so my pants would fit. The 
diapers were still fairly thick and my pants would only fit over them 
with the fly undone. Mom suggested I put on a shirt that was long enough 
to pull over my opened fly. I figured this was better than nothing and I 
didn't argue over the matter.
	John showed up a little after 6:00 while I was having my dinner, 
which was soup that my Mom had warmed up. It was now dark and the first 
trick-or-treaters were expected to show up any minute. As I expected, 
John didn't have any pants on when he came over. I could tell from the 
waistbands that were showing on top of his very thick stack of briefs 
that he had changed since I saw him change in the private room in the 
principal's office.
	"What do you have pants on for? John asked me.
	"I'm handing out candy," I said. "My Mom said I could wear pants 
for this."
	"I thought we were gonna watch a movie, or something," John said.
	"We are, but I'll have to get up a couple dozen times to hand out 
candy," I said. John decided this would be okay.
	We decided to watch "Poltergeist", which had been recorded off of 
HBO, saving me a trip to the video store as well as money. Throughout 
the evening the doorbell rang and I got up each time to hand out candy 
to the trick-or-treaters. I told John to keep watching the movie since I 
had seen it before.
	It was just after 7:00. My parents were still at the store doing 
their tallying for the month. The doorbell was still ringing steadily. I 
got up and answered it for the umpteenth time. When I opened the door I 
saw three taller, older kids. They were dressed as a pirate, a bank 
robber, and a combat soldier. I knew from the first two that it was none 
other than Tom and David! The third one, I assumed, was David.
	"Shit! Now they know where I live!" I thought to myself.
	"Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat," 
they all sand in unison, using a snide voice. Quickly I tossed one piece 
of candy into each of their bags.
	"Aww come on, is that all you're gonna give us?" Tom said.
	"Yep," I said as I closed the door on them. I then went back to 
watching the movie. I told John that Tom and his friends had just come 
to the door. I expressed to John my concerns regarding their knowing 
where I live.
	"If anything strange happens around your house, you'll know who to 
blame," John said. With this, he and I continued to watch the movie. By 
this time my parents had come home and my Mom took over handing out the 
candy. Mom also had me remove my pants so that she could put my diapers 
back on at their normal thickness.
	"That's better," John said as he saw that I was once again in just 
my diapers like he was. He patted me on the butt before I sat down. 
During this time both John and I had each taken a big dump into our 
diapers. The living room began to stink, so Mom came through with a can 
of Glade air freshener and sprayed it all around us.
	"Do we stink that bad?" I asked my Mom.
	"If you didn't, I wouldn't be spraying the room like this," my Mom 
replied. "None of you kids ever smelled like this when you were babies."
	"We have bigger butts, so we make bigger poops," John commented. 
With this, he farted and let out another load.
	"There's another one," he said. He started rubbing himself while 
my Mom was still in the room. I felt a bit embarrassed that he didn't 
use more discretion. He kept playing with himself, so I asked him if he 
wanted to go into my room instead. He realized that he was masturbating 
where he shouldn't have been doing this and apologized.
	"No, it's okay," I said. "I just think it would be better if we go 
into my room."
	"I know," John said. With this we kept the movie going while we 
went into my room and closed the door. My Mom and Dad weren't paying any 
attention to us. They were too busy poring over their month's end 
figures. Right away we both jacked off and came in a matter of minutes. 
We then lay on the floor together while we caught our breath.
	"Sorry about what I did in the front room earlier," John said. 
"I'm just used to doing it out in the open at my house."
	"You mean, you jack off in front of...?" I started to ask.
	"Yep, my Mom sees me do it all the time, and so does C.J."
	"What do they say?" I asked.
	"Nothing. They know I have to do it because I get so excited by 
being in all this underwear all the time," he said.
	This was getting to be a little bit bizarre for me. As John talked 
about the ways he freely carried out his sexual releases while C.J. and 
his Mom could see him, I had to wonder if there was more to his past 
than what he had told me about. He even mentioned that C.J. "helped him 
out" at times. I knew something was highly unusual about the way C.J. 
enjoyed cleaning his poopy butt and putting his underwear on for him and 
then reinforcing it with safety pins in the waistband. It was then that 
John made another great revelation.
	"There's one other thing that I haven't told you," John said as he 
hung his head low.
	"You have to promise not to tell anyone this," John said with 
great emphasis.
	"Cross my heart, hope to die," I said.
	After a moment of hesitation, John told me that his father that he 
was now living with is not his real father, but his stepfather. He 
explained that his mother and biological father divorced, which was when 
they moved here from California. He then explained why the divorce 
occurred, and it wasn't easy for him to tell me. It did confirm mine and 
my mother's suspicions that John had been abused, which help to explain 
why he carried out his sexual behavior so openly.
	"My dad molested me," John said as he shed a tear. "He didn't like 
me putting all my underwear on and shitting in it because then he 
couldn't, well, you know."
	"I know," I said with a nod so he wouldn't have to divulge any 
specifics to me. I could figure out for myself what this involved.
	"This became another reason for me to wear a bunch of underwear 
and shit in it," John continued. "C.J. found out about it and then she 
tried to protect me. She started putting lot of safety pins in my 
waistbands so my dad wouldn't be able to get my underwear off as easily 
and, you know..."
	"I understand," I said. "You don't have to tell me any more."
	"Well, I think since we're such good, close friends now, I felt 
that I should tell you and not keep it from you."
	"I'm glad you trust me," I said. I then gave John a hug. I was 
curious how C.J. then became involved to where she enjoyed cleaning 
John's poopy butt and putting his underwear on for him, so I asked John 
if he could tell me this. Having achieved a higher plateau of trust with 
John, I felt that it was okay to ask him this.
	"Well, C.J. and I got to where we trusted each other and well, she 
just likes doing this to me." This was about as much as he wanted to 
tell me and I didn't press for any more details.
	I assured John once again that his secret would remain with me and 
I would tell nobody, not even my own mother, about this. We decided that 
we'd better get back to the movie before my Mom wondered why we had been 
in my room for so long.
	By the time we got back out to the movie it was after 8:00. The 
movie had ended and the credits were rolling. I asked John if he wanted 
to watch what we had missed. He said it was okay, so I told him how it 
	The trick-or-treater traffic had trickled down by this time. John 
called his Mom to let her know to pick him up. While we were waiting we 
decided to watch a less scary Halloween show. I had taped the classic 
Peanuts episode about the Great Pumpkin, so we watched this while John 
waited for his Mom. She showed up right as the show ended.
	When I left for school the next morning I looked into the front 
yard. Strands of toilet paper were strewn throughout the trees and the 
shrubbery. The front windows were also smeared with soap.
	"Holy shit!" I exclaimed. "Those fucking bastards! Those god damn 
fucking bastards!" I shouted. I hoped my Mom didn't hear me, but if she 
did, I was too pissed to care. This was clearly the work of Tom and his 
	Quickly I ran into the house and told my Mom to come outside and 
take a look at the front yard. Upon going outside Mom noticed that the 
windows of both the car and the pickup had been soaped.
	"Oh, geez," Mom sighed as she looked at the windows of the car.
	"There's more out front," I said. Mom walked with me as I showed 
her the toilet paper strands running all throughout the front yard.
	"We'll deal with it after you get home," my Mom said. "You'd 
better hurry so you don't miss your bus."

WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN: PART 20- Once in Diapers, Always in Diapers

	About a week after Halloween was my Mom's birthday, which, as with 
all birthdays in the family, we celebrated on the closest Sunday to the 
person's actual birthday since that was the day everyone could get 
	The night before I had asked Mom if I would have diapers on when 
my grandparents came over. I knew they would never understand the reason 
I was in diapers and I had a feeling that Mom would probably tell me to 
go without diapers while they were over.
	"Well, I was going to talk to you about that, Danny," my Mom said. 
"I think just for tomorrow you should go without diapers just so Grandma 
and Grandpa don't have to ask about it. I don't think I could explain to 
them that you wear diapers or why."
	"Okay," I said. "I had a feeling you would probably not want me to 
wear diapers while they were over."
	I had mixed feelings about this since I didn't want to be without 
diapers, but at the same time it would relieve me of the anxiety that I 
would be faced with fearing that my grandparents may find out. There was 
just one other problem.
	"I don't have any underwear to wear anymore," I said to Mom.
	"I kept a couple pairs on hand for this very reason," Mom said. "I 
was hoping you wouldn't mind doing without diapers at least while your 
grandparents are here, so I'm glad you understand my reasons."
	In the meantime, it was diapers as usual for me that night. Mom 
took off my wet, soiled diapers and replaced them with several nice, 
thick clean diapers, straight from the dryer.
	"Ahhh, they feel so nice and warm," I said as Mom began pinning 
the diapers on, one thick layer at a time. Since the diapers were so 
thick, the outer diapers kept the inner diapers insulated and this 
helped to retain the heat.
	The next day my grandparents were due to arrive at 1:00 as they 
would be coming straight over to our house from church. At about noon 
Mom took my diapers off. Being that I had only wet in them, this made it 
easier for Mom to clean me up. What she still didn't know was that I had 
been wetting overnight in my sleep, as was the case last night.
	"What if I have an accident?" I asked my Mom.
	"Oh come on, Daniel, you can still use the toilet," my Mom said. 
She called me "Daniel", so I knew she was serious about this. Mom handed 
me a clean pair of underwear when she finished cleaning me up as well as 
my pants. I put the underwear on. I could barely feel it. I felt so 
naked since I was used to having diapers on. I could touch my knees 
together and I could actually walk normally, but it still felt weird. I 
then put my pants on, only to realize that they didn't fit without 
having the bulk of my diapers to hold them up. In fact I couldn't even 
keep them over my waist they were so big and loose. I left my room and 
went out to the kitchen, where Mom and Rena were preparing the meal for 
the day. Rena looked at me and laughed as she noticed how I was having 
to hold my pants up to keep them from falling down.
	"Do you still have any of my old pants?" I asked my Mom.
	"Nope, I gave them all away, and that's all you have," my Mom 
	"Then can I have a belt, please, Mom?" I asked her humbly.
	"I guess you need one, don't you?" my Mom said as she noted how 
loose my pants were.
	"Why aren't you wearing diapers?" Rena asked me, seeing that I had 
on a regular pair of underpants as they were showing above my loose-
fitting pants.
	"Because Grandma and Grandpa are coming over," I said.
	"So?" Rena replied. "They're gonna have to know sooner or later, 
right, Mom?"
	"For now, we think it's best that your grandparents not know about 
it," my Mom said to Rena.
	"I betcha he poops his pants anyway!" Rena said to me.
	"He'd better not," my Mom said.
	"He will, just you wait," Rena said back.
	I followed Mom to her bedroom where she had also kept my belt. She 
handed it to me and I put it on. Even on its tightest notch it couldn't 
keep my pants all the way up, but at least now I could walk around the 
house without my pants suddenly falling down to my knees.
	Rena was still laughing at me, seeing that my pants were so baggy.
	"Give it up, Danny, just let Grandma and Grandpa see that you wear 
diapers," she said before returning to her work.
	At about 1:00 my grandparents arrived. My dad had come in from 
working out in the yard raking leaves and had washed up. Dinner was 
about ready. The thing that seemed weird was that this was the first 
family gathering we had without my oldest sister Julie being there since 
she was away at college. My Grandma pitched in and helped my Mom and 
Rena with the rest of dinner while my Dad and my Grandpa tuned in to a 
football game. I played some Atari games until we were called in to eat.
	After we stood around the table and listened to my Grandfather ask 
the blessing we ate. It was a big meal, nearly rivaling our family's 
typical Thanksgiving spread. While I was piling food on my plate my 
Grandma came up behind me and tugged on my pants. She noticed that they 
were too loose and my underwear was well exposed.
	"You losing weight, kid?" my Grandma asked me.
	"No, in fact I put on ten pounds since I last weighed myself," I 
	"Your britches are about to fall off of you," my Grandma said 
back. "I'd say you lost ten pounds the way those pants are hanging down 
below your waist."
	"Mom must have thought I had grown more, I guess," I said to 
Grandma. "I liked these pants so much that I decided to keep them, 
thinking that someday I'll grow into them."
	I was making shit up and everybody knew it, but my parents and my 
sister kept quiet. I sat down and began eating the big meal. I went back 
for seconds and by the time I finished off that plateful I was stuffed. 
I didn't even have to unbutton my pants like I often had to do since my 
pants barely fit me with the aid of a belt.
	After dinner was over, the time came for my Mom to open her 
birthday presents. I was in charge of capturing the moment on film, that 
is, old-fashioned 8mm home movie film that had to be developed and then 
viewed with a projector on a screen. There was no sound. A home video 
camera was out of the question at the moment.
	So far my body was holding its wastes. I even went to the toilet 
to pee. I didn't think I would ever again use the toilet. I wished I had 
been peeing in a diaper instead. I even thought about pissing my pants 
on purpose, but my Mom and Dad would have known that I was doing it 
intentionally and I would have gotten in trouble. Still, I was bummed 
out going back to using the toilet, but at least it would only be for 
	As we often did on birthdays, my Grandpa would bring over his 
slides and give us a slide show. My dad would also get out old home 
movies and the projector and we'd watch them again. While watching, we 
would eat Grandma's homemade birthday cake. As it was my Mom's 40th 
birthday, the candles were arranged to spell out four-zero as forty 
individual candles would have been too many to light and blow out. After 
Mom blew out the candles and the cake was cut into slices we gathered in 
the living room to watch the show.
	Grandpa had just gotten started with the slide show when I 
suddenly felt an urgent need to poop. Grandpa was showing slides of the 
trip I had taken with him and Grandma last summer and I didn't want to 
get up and miss seeing these. I was sitting on my heel trying to keep 
the poop in, but then something inside of me told me to go ahead and 
poop my pants and let Grandma and Grandpa in on the secret. I couldn't 
resist the temptation this time. Even for one day I was missing my 
diapers! I acted on this impulse and dumped right in my pants right 
there. It was wet and noisy as it came out. It didn't take long for the 
smell to spread all over the room. I then realized that I shouldn't have 
done this, but it was too late. A genuinely guilty look appeared on my 
face as Mom looked at me acidly.
	"Uh oh," I said quietly as I looked down at my crotch. Mom still 
had her stern eyes fixed on me. Rena was sitting there trying with all 
her might to suppress her laughter. Her shoulders were bouncing up and 
down as she covered her mouth to mute her giggles.
	"Daniel!" my Mom said in a sharp tone. There it was again, my name 
as it appears on my birth certificate. I knew Mom wasn't happy.
	"See? I told you! I told you he'd do it!" Rena said with a 
satisfied look on her face.
	Dad gave me a disgusted look as well.
	"Aww, geez, son!" my dad groaned while shaking his head.
	"Is something the matter?" my Grandma asked.
	"We have a little bit of a problem to take care of, Mother," my 
Mom said in a low, subdued voice as she got up and came over to me. Mom 
took my hand to escort me to my bedroom or the bathroom or wherever we 
were going.
	"Daddy, could you excuse us a moment, please?" my Mom said to my 
	"Sure, sure, honey, we'll wait," my Grandpa said.
	"Go ahead and continue, this may take awhile," my Mom said.
	Mom dragged me into my room and shut the door behind her as gently 
as she could. She would have slammed it had it not been for the fact 
that my grandparents were there.
	"I want to know right now, son, did you do that on purpose?!" My 
Mom confronted me.
	"No!" I said. It was a weak sort of "no" that obviously indicated 
that I was lying.
	You know better than to fib to me, young man!" my Mom said.
	"Then why did you ask?" I asked my Mom.
	"Because I know you did that on purpose!"
	"Okay, maybe I did. I'm sorry," I said.
	"Apparently you don't seem to care what Grandma and Grandpa are 
going to think once they find out that you wear diapers, am I right?"
	"Well, I figured they might as well find out," I said while 
	"Well, they're definitely going to find out now," my Mom said. 
"Take your pants off now!"
	I obediently followed my Mom's order and removed my soiled pants 
and my underwear. I stood before Mom totally naked with stinky, wet poop 
dripping from my butt onto the floor.
	"Go sit down on the towel," my Mom directed me. "You're getting 
your floor dirty."
	I sat down on the towel and looked up at my Mom while she was 
gathering up rags and wipes, lecturing me all the while.
	"You could have politely excused yourself and gotten up to use the 
toilet," my Mom said. "Why didn't you?"
	"I just missed wearing my diapers," I said.
	"I guess there's no hope for you, is there?" my Mom said.
	"You said I was going to stay in diapers from now on, so what's 
the big deal?"
	"Your grandparents won't understand, I don't even understand. This 
must be some obsession of yours. I've always had problems like this with 
you, Danny. Just once I ask you to go without diapers and I thought you 
were being cooperative, but I guess I was wrong about that."
	"I'm sorry," I apologized to Mom.
	"There's no point apologizing now," my Mom said. "I don't know 
what your grandparents are going to say about this."
	"Will I still get to wear diapers?" I asked my Mom.
	"If I don't let you wear them, you're just going to mess your 
pants again, so what choice do I have?"
	I was glad to hear that Mom wasn't changing her mind about having 
me wear diapers, but she wasn't pleased to be forced to spill the beans 
to my grandparents. Mom continued to talk while she cleaned me up.
	"I think I'm going to have you see a doctor about this," my Mom 
	"What for?" I asked my Mom in an alarmed voice.
	"I think this is something that a professional needs to look 
into," my Mom said.
	"You mean, he's going to make me stop wanting to wear diapers?" I 
asked as I felt a lump in my throat.
	"Not necessarily, but I think he will help you to understand what 
you're doing and why you do it and maybe give you the chance to think 
about it."
	"I already know why I do it," I said to my Mom.
	"Yes, but you need to understand that it's not normal."
	"Is it bad to not be normal?" I asked my Mom.
	"Well, I know that most twelve-year-old boys don't like wearing 
diapers and making messes in them."
	"You might be surprised," I said. "I mean, look at John."
	"So there's only two of you in the whole school," my Mom said.
	"There may be others, you never know," I said.
	"They would have come forward by now since everybody in your 
school must know about you and your thing for diapers. I can tell that 
John is certainly not a normal kid."
	"But he's nice, a lot nicer than all those other jerks at school, 
especially Tom."
	"I'm going to call around and make an appointment on Monday," my 
Mom said as she got out the diapers. Mom brought a very big stack over. 
It was more like a stack of diapers that Rena would use on me when she 
diapered me. Mom must have felt that as long as I was going to be seen 
in diapers by my grandparents that I might as well make a lasting 
	Several minutes later Mom had me very thickly diapered and pinned 
up. A mountain of white cloth was piled high over my stomach and my 
diapers felt twice as thick wedged in my crotch and three times as thick 
over my butt as Mom folded some extra diapers up and stuck them in the 
seat of my diapers just to make my butt stand out more. I put on my 
plastic pants, which fit tightly over the huge diapers. I could barely 
walk as I slowly exited my bedroom. I felt my heart pounding as I 
approached the living room and anticipated my grandparents' reaction.
	"Mother, Daddy, meet your grandson," my Mom said as she had me go 
before them. "He's in diapers now, so I'd get used to it."
	My grandma gasped and took a long look at me.
	"My, my!" my grandmother said with much astonishment. "I don't 
believe it, he's wearing diapers?"
	"It's a long story, mother, we'll have to discuss it later," my 
Mom sighed with exasperation.
	"Has Danny been having problems?" my Grandpa asked.
	"Well, you know how he was when he was a little boy," my Mom said.
	"Oh yes!" my Grandmother said with emphasis. "I changed his messy 
pants and wiped his butt plenty of times!" she recalled. "I didn't think 
he'd ever get out of diapers! I remember when I bought him some 
underwear for his fourth birthday, thinking this would get him to 
finally use the potty. A week later, Jane, you showed me what he did in 
them. Remember that, Danny?"
	"Oh yeah," I said, feeling embarrassed as ever. I then started 
sitting down on the floor where I was, right next to Rena. Rena noticed 
that my butt was especially padded up and she started giggling.
	"What did Mom do to you, Danny?" Rena asked me as she patted my 
bulging butt.
	"She put extra diapers over my butt," I said.
	"I'll have to do that next time I change your diapers," Rena said 
with glee.
	"It'll be awhile before he'll need to be changed, Rena," my Mom 
said. "I think I outdid you on the diapers this time."
	"You know, Danny, your sisters were out of diapers when they were 
two," my Grandpa said. He seemed to be taking this in stride, although 
he was, no doubt, surprised. "We were hoping you'd be out of them when 
you were three. You were literally quite a stinker to toilet train."
	"All that agony for nothing!" my Mom said. "Had I known Danny 
would be in diapers at age twelve I wouldn't have even bothered toilet 
training him."
	"I'm really not surprised Danny's in diapers again," my Grandma 
said. "You had that kid in over a dozen of his skivvies at times because 
he kept pooping his pants! I thought he should been put in diapers 
	"You should see his friend John," my Mom said. "He had on fifty 
pairs of underwear the other night when he stayed over. I don't know 
what it is with some boys."
	"I wish I could answer that, Jane," my Grandma said to my Mom. 
"Since I only raised girls."
	After Mom told my grandparents about John and filled them in on 
what led up to me getting put into diapers my Grandpa resumed the slide 
show and went back to show the tray that he was showing when Mom and I 
got up for me to get diapered. Dad then showed a few reels from the home 
movies. By this time it was starting to get dark and my grandparents 
wanted to get home before nightfall. I felt awkward saying goodbye to 
them while having only diapers and a shirt on. I normally went outside 
to wave goodbye to them as they backed out of the driveway, but not this 
	Since we still had a few feet of movie film left, Rena decided to 
finish it off that night and get some shots of me in my super thick 
diapers. I was in the middle of my best game ever on Demon Attack, and 
there was no way I could stop playing, so Rena caught me in a captive 
position as she got a good shot of my very-well padded butt. I knew it 
was too late, but I still didn't want her taking home movies of me in 
diapers. Seeing that I had six ships left, I got up and ran towards Rena 
to get her to turn the camera off. She ran back as I charged towards 
her. By the time I had her cornered the film had run out.
	"I can't wait until everyone sees this!" Rena exclaimed.

What Might Have Been, Parts 21-25