NOTE: I consider this story to be a "fictional autobiography." That is, 
I've written it as a fictional account of my childhood, retaining all 
original names and places wherever possible. This story is based on an 
actual boy with whom I was only vaguely acquainted in 1983, the year I 
was in the eighth grade. I have set the story to take place in the 
seventh grade, however. John, the boy whom I write about in this story, 
exhibited very similar interests to mine at the time as far as diapers 
were concerned. He acted on these feelings in the same way that I did, 
namely that he would put on several pairs of underpants and poop in them 
like a diaper. Just like I had done at home in the privacy of my 
bedroom, I observed John in the P.E. locker room at school wearing 
multiple pairs of white underpants worn together to simulate a diaper, 
which is something that I would have never done. This story will explore 
what might have happened, as well as other possibilities, had my life 
taken the direction in which I write about it in the following story.

While I wish I could say that this story is true, only the first part, 
"Origins", is true to the best of my recollection as well as my 
observations that I have chronicled in the first few paragraphs of Part 
2. The remainder of the story is only a fantasy of how I imagine that 
such a friendship with this boy might have been, as well as the 
consequences that may have resulted, hence the title.

I very much regret not having pursued friendship with this boy as we 
would have been a perfect match for being best friends. It is because of 
his behavior, which he made well-known to other classmates, I did not 
want to risk losing the few friends that I felt fortunate to have. Most 
of all, I did not want my peers to know of my diaper interests, to say 
nothing of other classmates, many of whom I considered to be undesirable 
at best.

While I acknowledge that it is a long shot, it is my hopes that perhaps 
this individual is out there on the Internet somewhere and, given the 
behavior that I observed of him, he will come to my web page and he will 
see himself in this story, and he may even possibly contact me. John, if 
you're out there reading this, this story is for you.


	I met my best friend John in gym class when I was in the seventh 
grade. Before I knew John, I didn't have very many friends of my own. 
Kids always liked to make fun of me for various characteristics that 
they apparently deemed inadequate. I was short, I had a dorky haircut 
and dorky glasses, not to mention that my acne didn't help matters, 
either. In short, I was one of the "school geeks." Only a few other kids 
shared my misfortune of being ranked so low on the popularity hierarchy, 
and I wasn't even friends with any of them. They had their own social 
shortcomings and I didn't want to have anything to do with these guys.
	I had gone to the same elementary school since kindergarten, and 
by this time I had a well-established reputation that had followed me 
through each grade ever since then. As I went into junior high, this 
poor reputation had spread to the larger number of students within my 
class, to say nothing of what the upper classmen thought of me. Just 
about everybody who knew me identified me as a shy, vulnerable and 
easily offended kid and they took advantage of it, teasing me and making 
me cry or otherwise forcing me to attempt to defend myself, much to 
their amusement.
	Gym class put me into an especially awkward situation. I was 
already ahead of most of the boys as far as puberty was concerned. I was 
starting to develop peach fuzz on my face, and I already had underarm 
hair, which required me to start using deodorant. I even had to start 
shaving before the year was over. I also had hair around my genitals, 
which were also larger than what most of the boys had. I had never 
undressed in front of my classmates before, and they knew I was very shy 
about doing this. If anything, some of them were probably envious of my 
early development.
	As a precaution, I made sure every morning that I didn't come to 
school wearing any stained underwear as I knew the other kids would have 
a field day with this otherwise. I had frequent pooping accidents 
throughout my childhood, although by the time I was twelve years old I 
had pretty much gotten over this. Still, I had quite a few pairs of 
underwear that showed evidence of such accidents with a big brown swath 
stained indelibly into the seat.
	I had a particular quirk in my personality when it came to 
underwear, call it a fetish, if you will. It most likely started when I 
was about three or four years old. I was still in diapers at that age. I 
managed to get peeing down okay, as far as I can remember, but I was 
always pooping in my diapers, and later, training pants and underwear. 
My earliest recollection of wearing training pants was when I was about 
three, going on four. I was just wearing the training pants and a shirt. 
For some reason I enjoyed the looks of my training pants. They were 
white, much like the diapers that I had been wearing. Also, like the 
diapers, they were thick and soft and I enjoyed the feeling of wearing 
them. I especially liked looking that extra panel sewn into the seat, 
and I assumed that this was because of where my poop went into it.
	I was going through the house saying "I go poo-poo!" over and 
over, feeling the mess wedged between my training pants and my butt. My 
parents were trying desperately to get me toilet trained. I suppose the 
fact that my two sisters were each trained at age two(they were girls, 
of course, who statistically become potty trained before boys do), that 
my parents may have been expecting the same from me.
	I had two things working against me, or for me, depending on which 
way one looks at it. I enjoyed not only the look and feel of the 
training pants-- which were more or less diapers as far as I was 
concerned-- but I seemed to derive some satisfaction from making a mess 
in them. Even with my Mom and Dad scolding me and making me feel guilty, 
I felt pleasure from wearing training pants and pooping in them.
	The other factor at play here is the way my toilet training was 
handled. I know that fetishes for wearing diapers can develop when a 
child is forced through toilet training at too early of an age. Well, my 
parents could only heed the advice to "wait until he's ready" for so 
long, and eventually, something had to be done soon. "Can't have him 
going to kindergarten in diapers, you know." A lot of kindergarten kids 
do still wear diapers, but I digress.
	Because I was past the age of three and still wearing diapers, my 
parents were taking stronger measures to get me toilet trained. I don't 
remember receiving any incentives or awards for accomplishing toilet 
training. As far as I can recall, I was simply expected to poop in the 
potty, period. I don't remember what all was said to me, but I remember 
toilet training as being a painful, embarrassing and unpleasant 
experience with a lot of fussing and crying. Basically, I was being 
forced through potty training, just at a later age.
	Finally, probably closer to age 5 than 4, I was declared potty 
trained. That is, I could be trusted to wear underpants now, or could I? 
I do remember that, as a "reward" for my toilet training, my Grandma 
bought me some underpants. This was before the days of Underoos, 
Showtoons and Funpals, but they had some fun and colorful designs 
printed on them.
	One afternoon, while I was playing with my Fisher Price toys, my 
mother came up to me and she showed me one of the pairs that I had 
soiled. She held the poop-filled crotch up to me and said in an angry 
voice, "Do you want me to show these to Grandma?!" Just one more 
unpleasant memory of being expected to use the toilet when I didn't.
	Later on, when I was probably 5, perhaps 6 years old, I was at the 
home of my baby-sitter, who lived next door to us. One day, I was having 
a lot of accidents because I had come down with diarrhea. I remember 
that my mother had given my baby-sitter a supply of pants and underwear 
before leaving for work that morning. Throughout the day I kept pooping 
in my pants and my baby-sitter kept changing me.
	Eventually, I ran out of pants as they were all dirty. I did have 
plenty of underwear left, however. Seeing that I was just going to poop 
in my underpants again, and that I didn't have the protection of pants 
for my next accident, my baby-sitter decided to put all of my remaining 
pairs of underwear on me at once. I don't know how many pairs she put on 
me, but it seemed like it was more than what I was able to count to at 
that age, it was a lot. All I remember is wondering when she would stop 
putting underpants on. I remember her having washed the pairs that I 
already soiled and taking them from the dryer to put on with my 
remaining supply. When I walked away, I felt the thickness of my 
multiple underpants surrounding me. It felt very good, and from what I 
could see of it, it looked good, too. I looked down at my stomach and 
saw several waistbands stacked atop one another, and the underpants 
bulged out a ways from my body. It was like wearing training pants 
	This particular incident tends to indicate that perhaps my diaper-
lover tendencies were already in place by this time. I enjoyed wearing 
these multiple underpants around. I liked wearing them in front of her 
four-year-old daughter, letting her see my "diapers." Maybe I had a 
streak of exhibitionism in me, hard to say. I looked forward to spending 
the rest of the afternoon wearing these underpants. When my mother 
showed up a few minutes later, I felt very disappointed that I would no 
longer get to go around like this. I remember being escorted out to the 
street and back over to our house wearing my underwear. I remember that 
a few days later an older kid in the neighborhood teased me about seeing 
me in just my underwear.
	The fact that I can clearly recall these events of my early 
childhood with such clarity also suggests that I was determined to be a 
diaper lover at this time. These events were very significant to me and 
I have retained these memories for over twenty years as of this writing. 
In addition, I also enjoyed seeing diaper commercials and diaper ads in 
magazines, and kids themselves going around in diapers. I seemed to 
think of underwear as belonging in the same vein as I was likewise drawn 
to advertisements and live sightings of kids in their underwear.
	Even at this age, these interests with underwear and diapers were 
limited to boys only. I hadn't seen as many girls in diapers or 
underwear as I did boys, and when I did, it didn't appeal to me at all. 
Case in point, my baby-sitter had a daughter who was about a year old at 
the time, and seeing her in a diaper did not trigger any sort of 
interest. I am still trying to figure out where my exclusivity towards 
boys in diapers and underwear came about. This particular trait has been 
very instrumental in the development of my diaper interests.
	My memory seems to get fuzzy from this point. I don't recall much 
of anything between the ages of 6 and 8. I remember that I went around 
at bedtime in my underwear quite a bit. I enjoyed doing this because of 
how my underwear looked. It was quite reminiscent of the training pants, 
which, in turn, were reminiscent of the diapers. I didn't particularly 
enjoy wearing my pajama bottoms and often did away with them in the 
summer, and in the winter, I took them off once I was in bed. My 
exhibitionist tendencies were also prevalent here.
	It surprises me that I never had an accident in school. I avoided 
having to poop in a toilet at school because I knew from my experiences 
at home what would happen at school, which would be ten times worse. I 
endured a lot of teasing from my sisters for stinking up the bathroom, 
or caught most using toilet paper, which was evidenced by my frequent 
failure to flush. This was reason alone to be scolded. My Dad took it a 
step farther and pointed out that I was leaving too big of stools, and 
therefore, holding it for too long. My mother often scolded me for the 
skid marks that I left in my underwear. Even years after being toilet 
trained, I was still catching a lot of flak from my parents because of 
how I handled my bowel movements.
	Even though I lucked out while in school, at home, I felt more at 
ease about having an accident. Maybe, there was some deep-down 
subconscious desire to have an accident because of the pleasures it 
brought to me. After a couple of accidents, I would have to wear several 
pairs of underpants, much like what my baby-sitter had me do. I don't 
remember if the baby-sitter was the first one to do this, but I know 
that it wasn't the last time.
	It is important to note that the extra pairs of underpants were 
not intended to be used as a diaper, per se, but this measure was more 
of a precaution. It was some precaution! I usually wore eight or more 
pairs at a time! Since I only wore my underwear around at night and that 
I had two older sisters who saw me dressed like this, it was more 
embarrassing for them to look at my butt with a brown spot on it, than 
to see it padded up in extra pairs of underwear with a snow-white 
appearance on the outside. They also protected the carpet and furniture.
	In spite of the teasing that my sisters gave me, I secretly 
enjoyed the attention that I got from my sisters, knowing that they saw 
the way I was "diapered" and why. I liked how I looked in my multiple 
underpants, imagining that I was in real diapers. Naturally, these early 
childhood experiences were very instrumental in further developing my 
interests in diapers.
	One of my fondest memories is when one of my sisters had one of 
her friends over for the night and I was playing games with them. At one 
point I had gotten up and bent over, sticking my butt into this other 
girl's face. I remember her saying something to the effect that I had a 
diaper on because of how my underwear looked to her on my butt. Since I 
liked to show off my "diapers" I'm sure I was wearing more than the 
usual eight pairs when she made this remark.
	As I had mentioned earlier, my diaper interests had developed such 
that I only associated diapers and accidents with boys. My sisters, 
being girls obviously, helped to instill a very strong notion in me. 
They often attributed my tendency to have accidents to the fact that I 
was a boy. They flaunted the fact that they didn't have accidents and 
they could still wear their pants in the evening when I was in just my 
	I don't recall when the accidents tapered off, but it seemed like 
after age 10 I was having fewer accidents. I continued to put on extra 
underwear when I went to bed, having to enjoy it in the privacy of my 
bedroom. At about age twelve I hit puberty and I had my first 
in my "diapers." I was often tempted to try pooping in them, but I 
didn't want to risk getting caught. My mother did tell me at this time 
that I was getting too old to be going around the house in my underwear, 
which was one of the first times I resented growing up.
	By the time I was in junior high, I was jacking off in my 
"diapers" every night, wanting so desperately to poop in them. I knew 
that this sort of behavior was unusual since I didn't know of anybody 
else who even remotely shared these thoughts and feelings, and I wasn't 
about to go around the school to try to find out.
	I needed to talk to somebody about this behavior, somebody that I 
could trust. During the previous summer I tried to tell a very close 
friend named Justin about my interests in diapers, well, I vaguely 
hinted at it, at least. I let Justin see me wearing my underwear in 
multiples and I even put them on in front of him whenever he came to my 
house for a sleepover. My hope was that he would understand and perhaps 
participate in this admittedly unusual activity. The least I wanted out 
of him was some kind of support.
	After trying to explain my behavior to Justin, all he said was 
that I was weird, and the issue was dropped. I feared that he may sever 
the friendship and tell everyone at school, which would have been the 
ultimate betrayal to me since he was the only friend I had that I 
trusted enough for him to know. We are still friends today. Whether or 
not he remembers what happened, I don't know. I'm just glad he didn't 
hold this "weirdness" of mine against me.
	I knew I was very much involved with this sort of activity when I 
started writing stories about it and drawing pictures. I used to keep a 
notebook and type stories on the computer (a Timex/Sinclair, very 
primitive by today's standards) and create graphics the best I could, 
given the limitations of the technology that was available then. I was 
satisfied with what I produced.
	The most disappointing thing about having such desires to wear 
diapers was that I had nobody at all with whom to share these interests. 
I felt like I was the only one in the world with these interests, but 
then I found out that I wasn't alone.


	I had gym class in the seventh grade as required by the school 
curriculum. At first I was uncomfortable with having to take my clothes 
off in front of others at school, but within a couple weeks I came to 
accept it as part of my daily routine. By this time I was used to 
undressing in front of my classmates, even though they did tease me 
about my more-developed body (most likely out of jealousy) as well as 
the fact that sometimes they would see the brown streaks in my 
underwear, so I had to wonder why they were looking at me there to begin 
	One day, after I had already showered and gotten myself dressed 
again, I went to the door of the locker room and waited for the bell to 
ring as we were told to do. While I was waiting, I noticed that this one 
kid was still busy getting dressed when most of the others were dressed 
and ready to go at this point. He was still in his underwear and his 
shirt. He had been in just his underwear for awhile, but he had been 
busy putting clothes on as I could see from where I was standing.
	It was then that I noticed that he was wearing several pairs of 
underpants over each other. He was putting on another pair when I saw 
this. I couldn't tell how many pairs he had on, but it was a lot, 
judging by how much his underwear bulged out. He continued putting more 
and more underwear on. A substantial pile of underpants remained before 
him, so I assumed he meant to put all of these on.
	I continued to observe this boy with much interest and curiosity. 
Every day he came to school like this, wearing an untold number of pairs 
of underpants. During my observations I never did get to see how many 
more pairs of underwear he put on as the bell usually rang at that time 
and I didn't want to make my interest in him too obvious. It was a very 
familiar sight as I had done this sort of thing with my underwear, too, 
but I would have never come to school like this and let my classmates 
see me putting on several pairs of briefs. They already had enough 
things to tease me about.
	Over the next several days, I continued to make several more 
observations of this boy. One was that this boy always came to school 
wearing the same pair of pants, as if these were the only ones he had. 
They were also quite a bit larger in size than what would have normally 
fit him, especially as he was rather slender. It was obvious that he 
wore the larger pants so that they'd fit over his thickened-up 
	One day he was really running behind and I had the pleasure of 
watching him get dressed from complete nakedness. This allowed me to 
confirm at least one theory I had about him, that he liked to wear his 
underwear in thick amounts to simulate a diaper. It was evident that he 
used his underwear for this purpose as well. When he began putting his 
underwear on he would start with about six pairs of underwear that were 
quite badly soiled and very smelly with prominent brown stains smeared 
throughout the entire seat of each pair. The odors repelled the other 
kids who were in close proximity. Many of them were grossed out by the 
sight of his shit-smeared undies. He put all of these pairs on facing 
the correct way, the butt in the back and the fly in the front. He would 
then start putting every other pair on backwards. The fly of his briefs 
would stretch across his rear end, and the seat, which was on the front 
of him, went way up over his stomach. He'd pull it up as high as he 
could get it, yanking on its waistband until it would go no higher. The 
next pair would go on the correct way, and he'd pull the seat up in the 
rear as high as he could get it. He continued this for several 
iterations. I noticed that these pairs were not stained with poop, but 
they were wet and tinted yellow, as if John had peed in these. I could 
smell urine when he put these pairs on.
	I had figured that the purpose of this alternating the orientation 
of each layer of his underwear was twofold. One was to get more padding 
in the rear, which the extra layers of each fly front could provide. I 
also figured that he liked his underwear to go up high all around his 
body. From my experiences, I knew that it wasn't possible to achieve an 
equal height all around, and putting a pair on backwards meant that the 
rise was considerably lower in the rear. Since I did the same things 
with my underwear back home, I could only assume that his reasons for 
doing so were the same.
	After he had several of these alternating pairs on, he'd top them 
off with more underwear, all worn the correct way. These pairs were 
cleaner, at least only moderately stained, some not stained at all, but 
most of them were dingy. While I was too distant from him to see what 
the sizes of his underpants were at this stage, I figured that he had to 
be scaling up the size of his underwear as he got to the outer pairs. He 
may have had size 10 briefs on at the bottom of the set, and then scaled 
up to size 14, perhaps even size 16. I was still wearing size 12 myself 
and I was bigger around the middle than he was, without underwear, of 
course. All I know is that when he got to the pairs he was putting on 
before the bell rang and I had to leave, his underwear appeared very big 
and thick all around him, much like a diaper. A big pile of briefs still 
awaited their collective placement over several other pairs beneath 
	As one might imagine, this kid was, no doubt, considered to be a 
complete weirdo, and to a greater extent than what I was known as. He 
obviously didn't seem to mind that people knew about this particular 
behavior of his since he came to school like this.
	This situation presented itself to be a serious dilemma to me, as 
the decision I was contemplating could be very rewarding, but it also 
carried great risks. I really wanted to be friends with this boy, but I 
knew that, given the reputation that he carried, I didn't need to be 
known for associating with him and therefore, being suspected of doing 
the same sort of thing he did, which I did myself, but just not at 
school. On the other hand, he had no friends that I knew of, and since I 
didn't have many friends of my own, I figured I had nothing to lose.
	Still, I was hesitant about approaching him. I continued to 
observe him getting dressed every day at the end of P.E. class. It was 
so hard to watch him get dressed every day without others sensing that I 
had such a great deal of interest in all the underwear that he liked to 
wear. Some kids could probably detect the hard-on I had in my pans while 
I watched him put his underwear on.
	Finally, I decided to bite the bullet and approach him. The 
temptation to talk to him and establish contact with him was too great. 
I satisfied these feelings by masturbating in my "diapers" every night 
while thinking about him
	It was during a day when we were out on the field playing touch 
football. I didn't know anything about football, and apparently, this 
other kid didn't know, either. I had virtually no interest in the sport 
and I had never bothered to learn anything about it. We were both just 
going around the field without a clue on what to do. We were on opposite 
teams, and, no surprise to either of us, we were each picked last by the 
appointed team captains for that day.
	I looked at this kid one day and my stare managed to hold his 
	"Uh, what's your name?" I asked him shyly. While looking at him I 
could see the bulge in his gym shorts that his underwear created.
	"John," he replied. "Who are you?"
	"Danny," I said. I had just broken the ice, but I wasn't sure of 
what to say next. I didn't want to come right out and tell him why I was 
interested in talking to him, but I needed to make a start somewhere 
before this opportunity slipped right through my fingers.
	Just as I was preparing to talk to him some more, the coach blew 
his whistle and called us over to him.
	"You boys gonna play football or run around with your thumbs up 
your butts!" he shouted at us in a gruff voice.
	"Uh, I don't know how to play football," I said in a sheepish 
voice. A round of laugher from the other kids ensued, just as I 
	"What about you?" the coach asked John.
	"I dunno," he said.
	"You boys come over here and do some pushups," the coach said.
	"How many?" I asked.
	"Until the class period's over, now get on the ground! Let's go!" 
he barked like a drill sergeant. He blew his whistle and told the other 
students to resume play.
	While I had my hands planted on the moist grass and exhausted 
myself at the 25th or so pushup, I thought about what to say to John 
when I had a chance to talk to him again. Meanwhile, we were both 
taunted by kids who came running by. They'd mock me and say "I don't 
know how to play football, wahhh!"
	The coach could see that we were both knocked out from the 
	"Well?" he questioned us.
	"My arms are tired," I said. John didn't say anything, but his 
arms were likely feeling the same way.
	"Fine, you can exercise your legs then!" he said as he directed us 
to run around the track. The other kids watched us as we ran around the 
football field, which the track surrounded. While John was running I 
could hear some rustling sounds underneath his shorts, but I figured it 
might have been his shorts themselves. After two laps I was just as 
tired in my legs and my lungs as I was in my arms. Both John and I were 
breathing heavily, gasping desperately for oxygen.
	What a relief it was to hear the coach blow the whistle and tell 
us it class was about over. Before he sent us back to the locker room, 
he said, "tomorrow, we'll show these two boys how to play football!" It 
was embarrassing, to say the least. "Now hit the showers!" he yelled.
	As the other kids ran ahead of us, they continued to tease us 
about not knowing how to play football. I was too tired to talk to John. 
Fortunately, lunch was after P.E. and I hoped to catch him then. Of 
course, I casually observed his excessive use of underpants as he put 
them on. I estimated he wore at least two dozen pairs of underwear, most 
likely more. I wished I could have stayed to see how many pairs he 
eventually put on.
	I stood in the lunch line and caught at least one or two more 
taunts from kids from my P.E. class. After I had my tray in hand, I 
looked back in the line to see if John was behind me. Seeing that he 
wasn't there, I hoped to catch him out in the cafeteria. After ambling 
around through about four or five rows of tables, I spotted him at the 
end of a table that was mostly unoccupied around him. I hoped my friends 
wouldn't be upset that I wasn't going to join them today, but I knew 
that I had something going here with becoming friends with John that was 
too good to pass up.
	I felt somewhat apprehensive as I approached John. I had already 
built up this much courage to make my move, so I went ahead and sat down 
across from him.
	"Uh hello," I said.
	"Hi," he said back as he took a bite from his sandwich.
	"I notice that you don't have any friends," I said as my voice 
	"No, I don't have any friends," he said.
	"Would you like to be friends?" I asked him. I thought for sure I 
must have sounded stupid, somewhat like that Teddy Ruxpin talking teddy 
	"Sure," he said. He reached across the table and wanted to shake 
my hand. As I momentarily gripped onto his hand, I thought about all the 
elastic waistbands that must have passed through that hand.
	John and I mostly engaged in small talk during that lunch hour and 
I didn't bring up the one topic that had been on my mind the entire day. 
Just before the bell rang I asked him if we could get together after 
school. I knew that my friend Kurt would be upset with me as well as 
Justin, but I figured they'd get over it like they always did every time 
one of us pissed each other off.
	"My Mom picks me up after school," John said. "I'll have to ask 
her then."
	"Well, I don't want to miss my bus, and my last class is way on 
the other side of the school and I just barely make it," I said. I 
decided to take my chances and possibly miss my bus.
	"I don't see why she wouldn't," John said.
	"Well, maybe she'd run me home at least," I said.
	"Just meet me out in the front lot," he said.
	I was very eager and excited for the rest of that afternoon. I 
daydreamed through my last two classes and thought about all the things 
I wanted to find out about John and his behavior with his apparent 
fetish for underwear.
	When the last bell rang, I darted out of the classroom and went 
towards the front of the school. I looked around for John and I found 
him standing by the flagpole. I hoped Kurt and Justin wouldn't see me, 
though they would likely wonder why I wasn't on the bus with them. I 
didn't care, I was way too excited and consumed in thinking about 
getting to know John better. I ran over to John and joined him as he 
walked towards his mother, who was waiting in her car. A chubby-looking 
girl was sitting in the front seat with her. I assumed that she was 
John's sister. As I recalled the ways my own sisters treated me when I 
had accidents and wore extra underpants, I became very excited, thinking 
about John possibly being subjected to similar treatment. At least I 
knew she had to have been exposed to John's behavior and likely had her 
own feelings about her brother's apparent obsession with underwear.
	"There you are!" John's mother said. "I was wondering where you 
	"Sorry, Mom, I was waiting for this guy," John said.
	"Who is he?" she asked.
	"His name's Danny, and he's my new friend."
	"Pleased to meet you, Danny," his mother said.
	"Can he come home with us?" John asked.
	"Well, he's here with you, he might as well," John's mother said. 
"As long as you don't mind him coming over," his mother added, as if 
somehow she felt that John would be embarrassed to have me there and see 
what he wears underneath his pants.
	"It's all right, Mom," John said. John opened the back door and 
told me to get in.
	"Christine, this is my friend Danny," John introduced me to his 
	"Hi," she said as she turned around and looked at me as she was 
popping her bubble gum.
	"That's Christine, my sister," John said. "She's a tenth grader 
now. We usually just call her C.J."
	"So how did you two meet?" his mother asked him.
	"We met in P.E.," he said. "Then we had lunch together."
	For the remainder of the drive to his house, there was mostly 
small-talk. John only lived about two miles from the school and about a 
mile away from my house. We pulled up to his house. It was a small house 
located in the older part of town.
	"Can I use your phone?" I asked as we pulled up along the curb. "I 
need to call my Mom."
	"Sure, go ahead," she said.
	"See you later tonight," their mother said as she kept the engine 
running and drove off.
	"Where's your Mom going?" I asked John.
	"Back to work, my parents own their own business."
	"So do mine," I said. "They own a drug store."
	"Mine have a thrift store in Boise," John said. "We get al kinds 
of used stuff, some of it's really good, too."
	I followed John and C.J. into their house. The first thing I 
noticed was a mixture of pee and poop odors that filled the air. I 
looked over on the couch and saw a laundry basket full of boys' 
underpants and more pairs stacked on the arm of the couch. I noticed 
that there were some loose pairs sitting in a basket and several more 
pairs strewn about the living room floor. Not surprisingly, many of the 
pairs had poop stains in them and pee stains, too. I assumed that John 
was the only boy in this house, so all of this underwear must have 
belonged to him. I could barely see straight I was so excited.
	"The phone's right around the corner in the kitchen," C.J. 
directed me. I noticed that John had gone down the hallway, apparently 
into his bedroom. I contacted my Mom at her work and told her where I 
	"Kurt and Justin said you didn't get on the bus with them," my Mom 
said. "They figured you might have missed it and I was about to leave to 
come pick you up."
	"Well, that's why I called you," I said. "Were Kurt and Justin mad 
at me?"
	"I don't know, but they probably wanted to spend the afternoon 
with you."
	"Well, I've spent every afternoon with them, and I just met this 
guy, he's really cool, so I just wanted to come over to his house and 
get to know him."
	"All right," my mother said. "What's his name?"
	"John," I said. "He says he didn't have any friends before I met 
him," I told my mother.
	"Maybe John can join you and the other boys and do things with 
you," my Mom said. I thought about the conflict that I was faced with 
concerning my other friends, since John was only a new friend, but I 
knew I could have fun with him in ways in which neither Kurt nor Justin 
would ever participate.
	"I'll pick you up after 6:00," my mother told me before she hung 


	When I hung up the phone and went back out to the living room I 
noticed that John had removed his pants and he was going around in just 
his underwear, leaving his shirt and his socks alone as he was still 
wearing these. I noticed that he was also wearing his underwear much 
thicker than what I had seen in the locker room , which was plenty thick 
as it was. I figured he was wearing at least twice as many pairs! Most 
notably, I noticed that John put a pair of plastic pants over his 
underwear. The plastic pants fit snugly over his bulging briefs. As I 
had never seen him finish "diapering" himself after gym class, I never 
saw him put the plastic pants on when he was done. This explained the 
rustling sound I heard when he and I were running around the track at 
	I especially enjoyed seeing that he felt at ease to be dressed 
like this in the presence of his sister, who was probably used to this 
sort of thing. It gave me a hard-on to see this. I suppose it's because 
I liked having my sisters see that I needed to wear "diapers" when they 
didn't, especially as my sisters constantly pointed out this difference 
between myself and them, to which they attributed was a difference 
between all boys and girls.
	Still, C.J. felt that, for my sake, she needed to explain her 
brother's unusual behavior involving going around wearing a few dozen 
pairs of underwear.
	"I hope you don't mind that my brother likes to go around in his 
underwear," C.J. said.
	"Uh no, that's fine," I said. I watched John as he went past me 
and into the kitchen. That boy really padded his butt up! I could see 
the creases and folds converging more densely at the base of his behind, 
indicating the heavy volume of underpants that he had on. C.J. saw me 
turning my head and then looking at John's butt.
	"I'm sure you probably noticed that he wears a lot of underwear, 
too," C.J. added with a little smile on her face. "He likes to wear them 
like that."
	"Yeah, I know, we have P.E. together," I said. "He looks like he's 
got a lot more pairs on now than when I saw him in school," I remarked, 
likely feeling as embarrassed as C.J. was probably feeling.
	"Oh yeah," C.J. told me. "He wears a lot more pairs at home, since 
he has to wear his pants to school and they won't fit if he wears any 
more. So when he comes home he puts more of them on and then he leaves 
his pants off. He couldn't wear his pants if he wanted to. They won't 
fit over all his underwear, and he likes me to see him wearing his 
underwear, anyway."
	My dick was so hard that I thought I was going to come without 
even touching it! I thought of several questions to ask C.J. about John, 
but I was too embarrassed to ask her and I thought that I would ask John 
these questions instead.
	"There's something else you should probably know about my 
brother," C.J. told me. "It's kind of gross-sounding."
	"What's that?" I asked her, eager to hear her answer.
	"He poops in his underwear. That's why he wears it that way. It's 
kind of like wearing a diaper. He wears it thick so that his poop won't 
get on the furniture or leak out, especially if he gets diarrhea, which 
is a lot of the time. I know that sounds kind of weird," she said, 
sounding sheepish.
	"It makes sense to me," I said, trying not to reveal too much too 
soon to C.J. about my own similar experiences with pooping in my 
	"So what's with the plastic pants?" I asked C.J.
	"Well, that's the other half of it," she said. "Since John puts on 
all that underwear, he can't get it off when he has to pee, so he pees 
in his undies, too, and the plastic pants keep everything from getting 
	"I see," I said. I was shaking so nervously.
	"Relax," C.J. told me. "Sit down."
	Having sat down, I felt a little better, but I was still shaking.
	"Why are you so nervous?" C.J. asked. "Does my brother's behavior 
make you uncomfortable?"
	"Oh no, no, it's not that," I said. I then felt that now was as 
good of time as any to explain to C.J. why I was so eager to become 
friends with John. After a lot of hemming and hawing, I finally spoke.
	"Actually, well," I said as I paused once again. "I sometimes do 
it, too." I knew I was being too vague in my response.
	"Do what?" C.J. asked.
	"Uhh, go the bathroom-- in my underwear."
	"Really?" she said, very surprised as her eyes became wide open. 
"Are you serious?"
	"Well, yeah," I said.
	"Do you put on a lot of underwear like John does?"
	"Yeah, but not as much as John wears," I replied as my voice 
cracker. I was still shaking. My heart was racing and I could feel my 
face getting hot. I was even hyperventilating.
	"It's okay," C.J. said. "I understand that you've probably never 
told anybody that.
	"Not anyone besides John," I said.
	"I understand. I'm a girl, and you don't really know me. But don't 
worry, you can tell me anything. Remember that I see my brother like 
this every day."
	"Okay, thanks, " I said, trying to calm myself down some more. I 
felt more at ease and more trusting of C.J. C.J. took a hold of my hand.
	"So, Danny, you really go around in your underwear like John? You 
put on several pairs?"
	"I used to have to wear them that way for accidents, it was sort 
of like, well, a diaper," I said. I felt my penis getting very aroused 
at this point. A tent formed in my pants, and I knew that C.J. could see 
it, too.
	"Do you still have these pooping accidents?" C.J. asked me 
	"Not like I used to," I said, answering C.J.'s question honestly. 
"But, you know, I think about doing it still. I'd get in big trouble if 
I got caught," I lamented.
	"Not John!" C.J. said. "He does it all the time."
	"Seriously?" I asked her. "Why does he do it?"
	"Well, it's a long story," C.J. said. "I'm sure John would be glad 
to tell you."
	C.J. looked at me and could tell that I was still embarrassed 
about her asking me these things. Other than my ill-fated attempt to 
bring it up with Justin, I had never spoken to anyone out in the open 
about my "diaper" interests, let alone a girl, a girl I had only known 
for a few minutes.
	I looked into the kitchen and I could see John standing at the 
refrigerator. I could see his very thick underpants bulging out from his 
butt as he bent over to reach into the refrigerator. His slender, bare 
legs and striped socks seemed to accent his "diapers" rather nicely. His 
briefs came up so high in the back, and he even had his shirt tucked in, 
apparently to allow his briefs to show in their entirety.
	"Just relax," C.J. said to me as I had stood up. "Sit back down."
	"Sorry," I said, not realizing how nervous I still was. "I've just 
never spoken to anyone about this. I thought I was the only one who did 
	"Well, John's always felt the same way," C.J. said to me. "I 
thought my brother was the only one who did this, too."
	John came back into the room at that time with a box of crackers 
and two cans of soda.
	"You want a Coke?" John offered me.
	"Sure, thanks," I said as I took a can from him. He stood before 
me exhibiting his thick briefs. I could see the fly front of the 
outermost pair showing through underneath his plastic pants. I could 
also see some wetness and a tint of yellow, indicating that he had peed 
in his briefs. John set the crackers and his drink down on the coffee 
table. He bent over, giving me a good look at all the underwear padding 
up his butt. I just loved looking at all the creases and folds in his 
underpants as they all converged together at the base of his butt. He 
seemed to be taking his time doing this, as if he wanted to make sure I 
was looking at him, which I most certainly was. While he was doing this, 
I heard a wet, juicy fart come out of his butt. I thought he had loaded 
his underpants right there.
	"Excuse me," John said.
	"My brother farts a lot, too," C.J. said. "Good thing you wear all 
those undies to filter out the smells," she said as she patted John's 
butt. I could barely see straight I was so excited now.
	"So John, Danny tells me that he poops in his underwear, too!" 
C.J. said to her brother as he sat down on the couch next to me. I felt 
awkward that she had just said this so openly.
	"Really?" he said, surprised at hearing this.
	"Yeah, well, not as much as I used to," I added. I looked at John, 
glancing down at his white briefs bulging out from his crotch and then 
explained to him my reason to become friends with him.
	"When I saw you in the locker room and I saw that you did this 
with your underwear, that's when I decided to talk to you," I explained 
to John.
	"Cool!" John said.
	"Do you wear several pairs at a time, like I do?" John asked.
	"I do, but I just wear them like that at home," I said. "Just at 
bedtime, and I have to wait until I'm in bed, too. My Mom doesn't like 
me going around in my underwear since I'm 'getting too old' to do that, 
anymore." I said this with an air of resentment. "I used to get to go 
around in my underwear in front of everyone, too."
	"That's too bad," John said. "Does your Mom know that you like 
wearing them several pairs thick?" John asked me.
	"Oh yeah, in fact, my Mom used to make me wear them like this. It 
must have started when I was five or six, because I kept having 
accidents, and sometimes I wore several pairs, to work sort of like a 
diaper, you know. Anyway, it was just in case I had an accident, but I 
still had to use the toilet and I couldn't just poop in them on 
	C.J. sat back and giggled. She was sitting with her legs open, her 
denim blue jeans a stark contrast to the multiple white underpants that 
her brother was wearing.
	"Have you ever had an accident in school?" John asked me.
	"No, I've been lucky, because sometimes I really have to go by the 
time I get home," I answered.
	"Not me, that's why I wear them to school, too, because sometimes 
I have accidents there," he said. "In fact, I have them quite a bit, but 
I didn't have one today."
	"You know, we're a lot alike," I said to John. "What does your 
sister think of you doing this?"
	"I think he looks *cu-uute* in his undies," C.J. said with a big 
smile. She reached behind me and snapped his waistbands and his plastic 
pants. I heard her release them one at a time. I heard several of them 
snap back onto his back. "The way John wears his underpants, he looks 
like he's in diapers!"
	"My sisters said the same thing, too," I said.
	"You have sisters, too?" C.J. said.
	"Yeah, they're both older than me," I said. "One of them's also in 
the tenth grade."
	"What's her name?" C.J. asked me.
	"Rena," I replied. "Rena Cross."
	"Hmm, I think I know a Rena in my English class," she said. "Who's 
your other sister?"
	"Her name's Julie, but she went off to college this fall," I said.
	"Oh," C.J. said. "Well, you boys have fun."
	C.J. then left from the room and went back to her own bedroom to 
do her homework.
	As I sat next to John, I kept looking at how his underwear was 
stacked up in his crotch so heavily.
	"Can I ask something?" I approached John.
	"Sure," he said.
	"How many pairs are you wearing now?"
	"Thirty-six," he replied without hesitation. He spread his legs 
completely open and then scooted farther back so I could see more of his 
rear end.
	"I only wear about fifteen at school," he said.
	I was thinking, "*only* fifteen?"
	"My pants don't fit if I wear more than that," John said, implying 
that he would likely wear more if he could.
I nearly shot a cum load into my pants just from hearing how many pairs 
he was wearing! My urge to "diaper up" was becoming much too strong now.
	The most I've ever tried wearing is maybe twenty pairs," I said to 
John. "I usually sleep in ten or twelve pairs, though."
	I told John about some of my other experiences, including trying 
to explain my interests to Justin. As we talked about wearing multiple 
underpants and pooping in them like diapers, I couldn't stand the urge 
any longer. I wanted to be going around in my underwear just like John 
was doing. I was feeling envious of him because he apparently got to do 
this every day, all the time, just when my mother had told me recently 
that I was getting too old to be running around the house in my 
	"Hey, uh, I was wondering, if, you know, maybe I could..."
	"You wanna wear some of my underwear?" John said, knowing that 
this was what I was going to ask.
	"Uh yeah," I said. I thought I was going to faint.
	"Come on back," John directed me to his bedroom. I followed behind 
and watched the creases in the seats of his briefs and his plastic pants 
shifting as he walked. His plastic pants crinkled and rustled with every 
step. As I walked into his bedroom, the first thing I noticed was that 
there was no door.
	"Where's your door?" I asked him.
	"I don't have one," he said. "The hinge broke on the door to 
C.J.'s room, so we moved the door to her room. I figure I don't need a 
door since I'm not worried about someone barging in on me and catching 
me in my underwear," he joked.
	"Yeah, I guess that's true," I said, realizing that John's need 
for privacy while dressing and undressing was more or less null and 
	"Well, what about when you're naked?"
	"Well, that's something everyone's used to seeing, too," he added, 
still sounding hesitant.
	I walked into John's room and I could smell his soiled underpants 
even more strongly. I noticed a big pile of dirty underwear sitting in 
one corner of his room. They were all filthy, soaked in pee and 
smothered in brown poop. They were all bundled together, as if taken off 
in bunches like I always did, only that I had to separate mine before my 
Mom came in and saw that I was wearing them like this.
	John then showed me his underwear drawers. He had two sets of 
them, they were identical, each with four wide, deep drawers. They all 
contained his underwear and only his underwear. The first four drawers 
contained all of his size 12 underwear, indicated by some labels that he 
had affixed to the drawers using a Dymo labeler. These were also the 
pairs that were stained the most from being pooped in so much. The 
others contained sizes 14 and 16. He had just about every brand 
imaginable. He had over a dozen different waistband stripe patterns, 
though he seemed to have more Fruit of the Loom, characterized by the 
two blue stripes around the waistband. They were all white pairs, just 
like what I always wore, no colors, solids or character prints. He 
apparently liked plain vanilla white underpants just like I did. He even 
had some pairs that were double-seated, which I hadn't seen since I was 
eight years old! What a shame that they were all stained as I wouldn't 
have minded taking some of them with me.
	"Jeez, how many pairs do you have?" I asked him.
	"426," he said, having known the exact count.
	"426? Holy shit!" I exclaimed. "Why so many?"
	"My Mom is always bringing underwear home to me," he said.
	"You keep an exact count, too?" I said. "I only have 55 pairs," I 
said. I used to think that 55 pairs was a lot and I felt proud of this. 
"These includes some older ones that I dug out of the bag that my Mom 
was going to take to the Salvation Army," I added. I further explained 
that I retrieved my old underwear so that when I had the house to myself 
I could poop in these pairs and then throw them away before anybody came 
	"Nobody would want my underwear when I'm done with it," John said 
with a grin.
	"Well, take off your pants," John said. As I pulled them down, my 
erection popped straight out and a tent appeared underneath the one pair 
of briefs I had on. It seemed like the biggest hard-on I ever had during 
the last year of so of my pubescent state. I wasn't sure how far along 
John's genitals were developed since I had never seen him without at 
least half a dozen pairs of underwear on. John was impressed that I was 
exhibiting such arousal with underwear. I then took my own briefs off so 
that they wouldn't get soiled, being that I'd have them to wear them 
	John then reached into his "size 12" drawer and handed me a big 
stack of briefs, about a dozen of them, most of them Fruit of the Looms. 
It was no surprise that they were all badly stained, many of them solid 
brown all the way across the seat. I could plainly see what John meant 
by the Salvation Army not wanting his underwear. While most boys 
probably wouldn't wear another boy's underwear, especially in such 
condition, I was very excited to wear his underwear that was so badly 
stained that it didn't matter that I was about to poop in it myself. I 
started putting the underpants on, one pair at a time, the set of briefs 
becoming thicker and thicker. By the time I pulled the last pair up, it 
fit tightly over the other eleven pairs.
	John then handed me another stack of underpants, this time, from 
his "size 14" drawer. These were cleaner, but still dingy. John told me 
to alternate these pairs so that every other one was backwards. Doing as 
I had watched John do in the locker room, I put on every other pair 
backwards so that the fly was on my butt and the seat came up higher in 
the front. I put eight of these pairs on.
	"You do that, too?" John asked me, noting that I was alternating 
every other pair.
	"I picked it up from watching you," I said. John just nodded at 
	To top things off, John then gave me some pairs from one of the 
"size 16" drawers. Even these pairs had lost their luster, but some of 
them appeared to be new. There were twelve pairs. I was already wearing 
twenty pairs at this point, which was the most I had ever tried to wear 
at once. Putting these on would make my underwear 32 pairs thick! The 
other underpants were already getting to feel very tight. I was 
trembling with nervousness, but also with anticipation. I never had such 
an adrenaline rush like the first time I "diapered up" in front of 
someone other than my family. John watched me as I put the remaining 
pairs of underwear on. By this time he was lying on his bed and watching 
me. He sat with his legs spread apart and his crotch sticking out. I 
looked back and noticed that John was massaging the front of his 
underpants as he watched me. He told me to turn around so he could see 
my butt, so I did.
	"Ooh yeah!" he said as he began to jerk off more vigorously at the 
sight of my "diapered" derriere. "You look good in my underwear!" he 
	"Thanks," I replied nervously, not intending to put on a show for 
John, though I was enjoying the fact that he was getting off on how I 
looked to him. It got me off, too.
	"I've never seen anyone but myself wearing so much underwear at 
one time," he said. "I never realized how fun it would be to look at 
another boy in thirty pairs of underwear."
	"I'm wearing thirty-two pairs," I corrected John as I put the last 
pair of underpants on. It could barely fit over the massive bunch of 
briefs that I was already wearing.
	"This is the most I've ever worn," I said as I walked and felt the 
thick, diaper-like mass of underpants padding up my crotch and my butt.
	"I put fifty pairs on once," John said. "I couldn't fit any more 
after that."
	John then handed me the plastic pants.
	"You want me to wear these, too?" I asked.
	"Well, I don't think you're going to want to take all those 
underpants off if you go to the toilet to pee," he said.
	"Okay," I said. "I just haven't peed in my underwear much," I 
	"You never wet the bed?" he said.
	"Not that I can remember," I answered. "My problem has always been 
with pooping." I then slipped on the plastic pants and pulled them up 
over my underpants. They were very big plastic pants, but seeing that 
they had to fit over so much underwear, I could see why they had to be 
the size they were. By the time I got them over my briefs they looked 
just as tight and as snug as John's.
	John then told me to go look at myself in the mirror. He had a 
mirror on his closet door. I walked up to it and saw just how heavily I 
had padded up my butt in solid underwear. I could see why John was so 
aroused as the sight of my own butt intensely made me want to join him 
on his bed and jack off while we looked at each other in our "diapered" 
states. I did sit on his bed with him, but we just talked for now.
	I enjoyed telling John about my early childhood experiences and 
how I developed such an admittedly odd behavior with wearing underpants 
like a diaper and pooping in them, or at least wanting to. My story took 
maybe fifteen to twenty minutes. John's story was more involved, 
however. He spent a half hour explaining what he had gone through.


	"So, what's your story?" I asked John. I was eager to learn about 
why he exhibited this behavior concerning wearing multiple underpants 
and pooping in them like a diaper.
	"Well, I have something called encopresis," John said. "Have you 
ever heard or that before?"
	"Uhh, no," I said. "What is it?"
	"Well, the doctor explained it to me once, and he was saying 
something about the asshole getting stretched out, and that I don't 
always know when I'm about to poop."
	His explanation sounded valid and interesting. I began to wonder 
if I may have had a similar condition. I don't recall my doctor ever 
having made such a diagnosis nor my parents telling me that I had this. 
John continued his story.
	"I kept having accidents and I was kept in diapers until I went to 
kindergarten. My Mom didn't want me to wear diapers to kindergarten and 
told me that I had to learn to get to the toilet when I had to poop. I 
kept pooping my pants in class and kids laughed at me. My Mom got mad at 
me for having to come to the school to bring me a change of clothes and 
my Dad was always yelling at me about it, making me sit on the toilet 
all night after I pooped my pants. I learned to hate going to the toilet 
because of what my Dad put me through."
	"So when did you start wearing your underwear like that?" I asked.
	"First grade," John said. "We lived in southern California then, 
so it was always warm and we played outside a lot. One day I was looking 
at a boy across the street playing outside in a diaper. His name was 
Corey and he was about five years old, and at first I thought he was 
just in his underwear, so I went over. As I got closer, I noticed his 
underwear looked really thick, and by the time I got up to him, I 
realized that his underwear was actually a diaper. He was in cloth 
diapers and plastic pants. It was the first time I saw any kid in cloth 
diapers. He was wearing a lot of diapers, too, I might add. Corey didn't 
seem to mind that I was there and he wasn't embarrassed about being in 
diapers. I said hi to him and I asked him why he wore diapers.
	"'I have to wear them,' he said. 'I can't go to the bathroom.' I 
noticed that he was wearing like five or six cloth diapers, they really 
made his butt stick out. I thought they looked like several pairs of 
underwear worn together, and that's when I think I realized there was 
something about diapers and underwear being the same and I thought about 
wearing several pairs together.
	"I noticed that he smelled, too, so I knew he pooped in them. We 
played together for a few minutes, and then his younger sister came out 
and she said 'mom says to go in the house so she can change your 
diapers.' She was a year younger than him. She had a swimsuit on, so I 
knew that she didn't wear diapers.
	"I asked if I could go in, and he said I could, so I went in. I 
met his mom and she told me that I could stay and play with Corey, but 
she had to change him and she told me to wait. I watched his sister go 
in there to watch, which excited me. A few minutes later they all came 
out. His mom was carrying a bucket and I could see the poopy diapers in 
it. Then Corey came out in fresh diapers, just as thick, if not thicker. 
We played for about an hour and then my Mom called me home. All I could 
think about was trying to put my underwear on like a diaper.
	"When I went to bed that night I pulled open my underwear drawer 
and thought about putting on as many pairs as I could, so I think I put 
ten of them on. I looked at my butt in the mirror and I thought that I 
was wearing a diaper. These were the double-seated kind that I was 
wearing, too, so my butt really stuck out.
	"Anyway, I went out to the front room and C.J. laughed at me and 
asked me what I was wearing so much underwear for.
	"'It's a diaper,' I said. C.J. asked me why I wanted to wear a 
diaper and I told her that the boy across the street wore them. C.J. 
then told Mom, so she came out and saw me in my 'diaper' and C.J. 
explained it to my Mom. She told me to take them off, so I did, but I 
put them back on when I went to bed. I wore them in bed every night.
	"I was still having accidents at school, and I was tired of 
messing my pants, so one day I decided to wear several pairs of 
underwear to school. I had an accident that day, but it was nice that I 
didn't get my pants dirty. The school still called my Mom and told her 
to bring me some clean clothes, so she found out that I was wearing my 
underwear like a diaper.
	"Well, my Mom and Dad didn't think I should do that and they kept 
telling me that if I did, I would never learn to get to the toilet. I 
think I was beginning to learn that I wanted to wear diapers instead of 
trying to make it to the stupid ol' toilet, so I went over to Corey's 
after school and asked his Mom to put a diaper on me. I didn't think 
she'd do it, but she did. She put six diapers on me, same as what she 
put on Corey, and let me play with Corey all day in them. It was the 
first time I peed in a diaper, too, since they were really pinned on and 
I couldn't take them off. I pooped in them, too, and it was so fun! 
Corey's Mom changed us both and I went back home wearing my underwear 
and my pants.
	"Well, after a few days, my Mom and Dad found out that I was going 
over there to wear diapers with Corey and they told me that I couldn't 
see him anymore. I was mad, so I went into my room and put all my 
underwear on and told my Mom and Dad that I was not going to poop in a 
toilet anymore. Of course I got spanked and grounded and they took away 
my underwear, giving me only one pair at a time. I still had accidents 
at school, but my Mom decided to make me go around the rest of the day 
in poopy pants, so that was really embarrassing.
	"I started pooping my pants on purpose, and I got the furniture 
and the floor and everything else dirty and smelly. Then my parents 
finally gave up on me. They told me that if this was what I wanted to 
wear, then this was what I would be expected to wear all the time. They 
gave me all my underwear and told me to put it on until I couldn't fit 
any more. I think I got twelve of them on. They said that I was only 
allowed to use the toilet to pee. Then they went out and got me some 
bigger underwear and had me wear that, too.
	"I got tired of having to take off all my underpants to pee and 
didn't see that there was any reason for me to do so, so I started 
peeing in my underwear. I didn't think it would soak through all the 
underwear that I was wearing, so when my Mom asked me why I was doing 
this, I told her that I didn't like taking off all my underwear to pee. 
This is when she went out and got some plastic pants. From that day on, 
I never used the toilet again."
	"Never?" I asked. "Not even once?"
	"Nope," John said. He then slapped his buttocks simultaneously and 
said, "I've been this way ever since."
	"C.J. thought this was funny at first, so she took a whole bunch 
of pictures of me, which I'll show you later. She invited all her 
friends over to see me. They all laughed and I was embarrassed, but I 
liked the attention. They kept patting my butt, snapping my waistbands, 
calling me 'diaper boy.'
	"Ever since then, I have never peed or pooped in a toilet, and I 
have spent every day after school in just my underwear and I pee and 
poop in it every day. I guess it goes hand in hand with having 
encopresis. I love wearing it, and I like how it looks and feels, both 
the feel of the underpants and how it feels after I poop in it and wear 
it awhile. My dick always got hard over this, especially when I pooped 
in my underwear, and when I was eleven I started jacking off and I did 
this for awhile, and then one day I felt something funny when I did it. 
It felt good, so I began doing it all the time."

	I was damn near ready to come at this point. I had a lot of 
questions running in my mind, such as whatever became of Corey. My 
biggest curiosity was why John wore several pairs of underpants. With 
this I then asked John why he didn't just wear diapers like Corey did. 
It was evident that there were diapers available that would fit older 
boys such as John.
	"Well, at first my Mom and Dad said that I didn't need diapers 
since I was only pooping, but then after I started peeing in them and 
they gave me plastic pants they figured this worked just as well. I 
asked them about diapers one time and they said they didn't want me to 
deal with pins to put them on, or having to buy me disposable diapers 
all the time. Besides, with the thrift shop, my Mom and Dad get more 
underwear donations than we can sell, so I usually end up with it. A lot 
of people don't like used underwear anyway, especially the boys' 
underwear since a lot of the boys' underwear is stained with pee and 
poop, especially poop. I also like the fly front and the waistbands and 
their stripes, and you don't get these on diapers."
	I thought of some more questions to ask. My thoughts were 
interrupted, though, when suddenly I heard a muffled farting noise. This 
one was longer and it sounded juicier and it came out in repeated 
successions a few seconds apart. I knew that John had just pooped in his 
	"Oh yeah, I'm shitting my undies! I'm shitting my undies!" John 
said loudly as he lifted his legs and began rubbing the fly fronts of 
his underpants feverishly. I was surprised that he did this without even 
having a door to close on his bedroom. He was just as uninhibited about 
expressing and acting upon his sexual urges as he was about wearing 
multiple underpants to school.
	Curious, I asked John if I could feel the mess through his 
underwear. He told me to go ahead, so he got up and stuck his butt 
towards me. I ran my hand over his behind, feeling his slick, tight 
plastic pants covering his white padding. I couldn't even tell that he 
had pooped since John had on three dozen pairs of underwear. Still, it 
felt very exciting. I ran my hand over my own privates through my 
underwear as I did this. John then lay back down on his bed.
	"Bend over and stick your butt in my face," John told me. I had 
never been asked to do this for anyone, so I felt silly about doing it. 
John insisted that I do it, explaining that he would enjoy the "live 
visual aid." With this, I stood next to him beside his bed. He looked at 
my "diapered" behind as he continued masturbating. I looked out of his 
room and saw C.J. walk by. She stopped for a moment and smiled at me, 
but she didn't seem surprised that John was doing what he was doing and 
had put me into such a compromising position. After moaning and 
groaning, John stopped masturbating. I figure he must have come in his 
underpants at that point.
	"Ooh yeah, that was the best one ever," John said as he breathed 
heavily. I could smell the mess in his underpants as he lay on his bed. 
I looked at his crotch and what I could see of his butt and thought 
about what his underpants must have looked like from the inside. I was 
ready to jack off myself, and before I realized it, I was stroking 
	"You want to use my bed?" John offered to me as he got up. He must 
have known how I was feeling and that I was in desperate need to jack 
off. I lay down on John's bed and I felt the warmth that his body heat 
had left behind. John then bent over and stuck his butt towards me. I 
had to agree that the "visual aid" enhanced the experience greatly.
	At that time, I felt that I had to poop myself. I tried to resist 
at first, knowing that my Mom would probably show up before too long. In 
spite of this concern, I gave into my young erotic urges as I was so 
overwhelmed with excitement from listening to John tell his story. I had 
come this far and I was wearing over 30 pairs of underwear and feeling 
very tempted to poop in them. I couldn't let myself go home and feel 
disappointed and thinking "I should have done it."
	With this, I decided to go ahead and do it. I lay still and 
relaxed as I began pushing my stools out of my butt and loading my 
underpants. I farted as I began to shit in the briefs. It felt so 
naughty and pleasurable to do this so openly and deliberately with John 
enjoying the smell of my poop. I knew that I was a mess inside my 
underwear and I could smell my poop. I pooped some more and felt it 
spread throughout the inside of my briefs. The warm shit coated my butt 
and went up towards my balls. I thought I was in heaven! I was ready to 
ejaculate as I began stroking myself, feeling the mess in my thickly 
stacked briefs, thinking of them as a diaper. Within minutes, I had shot 
a cum load into my underwear. It was, by far, the best jackoff I had 
ever enjoyed.
	John and I had a half hour to go before my Mom was expected to 
pick me up, though we had lost track of time. We spent this time sitting 
together in his room, sitting across from each other on his bed enjoying 
the sight of each other's multiple underpants stacked atop one another 
and packed into our crotches. John showed me the pictures that his 
sister had taken of him since he began wearing multiple underpants. My 
dick was just recovering from the intense jackoff that I just had. It 
felt very sensitive as I rubbed it while looking at the pictures.
	John also had an extensive collection of boys' underwear ads as 
well as diaper ads, the latter of which all featured boys as well. John 
explained to me that since his mother and father owned a thrift storehe 
had an extensive collection of used magazines from the store.
	"I spent a whole week just going through them and finding all the 
ads I wanted," John said. "I probably have at least two or more of a lot 
of them," John told me. "I'll give you the duplicates sometime."
	"Gee, thanks!" I said. I looked at the time and realized that my 
Mom would probably be here in five minutes.
	"Shit!" I said. "I gotta go change!"
	"Just run into the bathroom and stand in the shower and spray 
yourself off," John said. I hurriedly ran in and closed the door and 
stripped the plastic pants and the underpants off. They were in just as 
bad of shape as I expected, poop all over them. The air stank. I ran 
into the shower and turned it on. Out of force of habit, I got my hair 
and the rest of my body wet.
	"Dammit!" I said. "I'm not taking a full shower, I just need to 
get my butt clean!"
	I let the warm shower water rinse off my behind, cleansing the 
shit from my butt and watching it flow into the drain. As soon as I felt 
I was clean I got out, realizing that I didn't have my own clothes with 
me except for my shirt. Being completely naked I ran into John's room 
and put on my underwear and then my pants. During that time the door 
bell rang.
	"Shit!" I thought. "I bet it's my Mom."
	A couple seconds later, C.J. yelled "Danny, your Mom's here."
	"Tell her I'll be right out," I yelled. As I hurriedly put my 
pants on, I thought of what I could tell my Mom to explain my wet hair. 
I had no time to dry it. I put my socks on and then my shoes.
	"Oh hi, Danny," my Mom said as she greeted me in the front room.
	"Oh hi, Mom," I said.
	"Why is your hair wet?" she asked.
	I had no answer at all, but C.J. covered for me.
	"We were in a water balloon fight out in the yard," she said. I 
wanted to thank C.J. and I owed her for covering for me. As it was an 
early fall day and the weather was in the low 70's, however, I wasn't 
sure if the water balloon story would, well, hold water.
	"Can I meet your new friend?" My mom asked me. I ran back and 
asked John if he minded meeting my Mom. He didn't seem to mind being 
seen as he came out and introduced himself. My Mom just looked at him, 
seeing that his underwear bulged out so much, plus the fact that he had 
plastic pants on over them. Other than his smells, she didn't know that 
underneath all that underwear was a big pile of shit.
	"Well, let's go home now. I'll have dinner ready shortly," my Mom 
	"Pleased to meet you, John," my mom said to him, trying not to 
acknowledge that he was very much in his underwear. "Nice meeting you 
too, C.J."
	"See you tomorrow, John," I said as I left.


	While the drive from John's house back to my house was only a mile 
and about two or three minutes, it seemed longer as I sat there next to 
my Mom, not wanting her to know what I had done that afternoon while 
with John. At first I thought Mom wouldn't say anything about John. I 
felt so awkward as the silence hung heavily over us. It seemed that 
there should have been some conversation between us. The silence seemed 
to suggest to my Mom that I was withholding something from her as she 
probably expected me to talk about my new friend.
	"So how was your day with John?" my Mom asked as we pulled up to a 
red light.
	"It was fine, we had fun," I said.
	"What did you guys do?"
	"Watched TV, played some Atari," I said, citing the same usual 
activities that I often engaged in with Kurt and Justin.
	"I couldn't help but to notice that John was going around in his 
underwear," my Mom commented. My heart began to beat nervously.
	"Yeah, he was, wasn't he?" I replied, my voice cracking and 
straining. "He didn't have his pants on."
	"Probably because he couldn't fit anything over all that underwear 
he had on," my mother remarked. "Even you never wore nearly as much as 
he was wearing. I hope he isn't being abused or anything."
	"Not that I could tell," I said. "He seems to like wearing his 
underwear like that."
	I wasn't sure what else to say, if to say anything more at all. My 
mouth turned dry. I tried to anticipate what my mother would say next, 
hoping that perhaps she would drop the subject. I thought that we would 
be home soon, but instead, my mother turned the other way and headed 
towards the grocery store.
	"I thought we were going home," I told her.
	"I need to pick up a few things at the store for dinner," my Mom 
said. I knew I was captive in the car for a couple minutes more, giving 
my Mom the opportunity to talk about her observations on John.
	"Remember when you used to go around in your underwear like that?" 
my Mom said. Of course I remembered, but I just didn't want Mom to know 
that I thought about it so much, and still did it.
	"Yeah," I said.
	"Does John have a lot of accidents like you did?" my Mom asked me.
	"Yeah, he told me that he has something called enco...something, I 
don't remember what he called it."
	"Encopresis," Mom told me. "I think you may have had that, too, 
but the doctor never said anything when I had you checked out for it. 
I'm just glad you stopped having those accidents. That must be awfully 
embarrassing for him if he has to wear his underwear like it's a diaper 
or something. And he had plastic pants on, too. Does he have wetting 
problems, too, that you know of?"
	"Yeah, he mentioned something about that, too," I said, minimizing 
my answer.
	I couldn't believe my Mom was talking about this now. My dick grew 
hard as I thought about my past experiences with multiple underpants as 
well as John's present-day experiences. I didn't know what to say, so I 
remained silent as we pulled into the parking lot.
	I walked through the store following my Mom, thinking about a lot 
of things, mainly whether or not my Mom would let me do things with John 
and whether or not she would pick up on my feelings about pooping 
accidents and wearing multiple underpants. We passed through the diaper 
section, which I always looked at, focusing specifically on the boys' 
diapers and the pictures that were on them. I briefly fantasized my Mom 
filling up the cart with boys' diapers and telling me that she knew what 
I was up to and would make me wear diapers from now on. Of course this 
didn't really happen, and the diapers would have never fit me anyway.
	I was still feeling concerned about how my Mom felt about John and 
the fact that he wore multiple pairs of underpants with plastic pants. 
After rehearsing my question in my mind, I asked Mom, though I didn't 
deliver it the way I rehearsed it.
	"Mom? You don't mind that John has that, you know, his problem?"
	"No, just as long as you don't tease him about it," my Mom 
answered. "I'm still concerned about his mother's role in this. I hate 
to think that he's being abused, but you never know."
	"I'm sure he's not being abused," I said to my Mom. "His Mom's a 
lot nicer than Justin's Mom, that's for sure."
	In any case, I'm surprised he let you come over and see him like 
that," my Mom said. "He was wearing A LOT of underwear!"
	"Aww Mom, he knows me now and he trusts me. I'd never tease him 
about it," I said. "I mean, I was the same way once, too."
	"I hope his sister goes easy on him," my Mom said. "I know your 
sisters didn't, especially Rena. That must be really embarrassing, being 
a boy and having to wear all that underwear in front of your sister. I 
guess I shouldn't have made you wear yours like that, but it was either 
that, or put you into diapers."
	In spite of how embarrassed I felt, I couldn't resist asking my 
Mom about why I wasn't just diapered for my accidents.
	"Your father and I talked about it, but your father didn't think 
you needed diapers since you were only having a few accidents every now 
and then, and it wasn't like you were wetting the bed, too. You would 
have needed me or someone to diaper you every night, so we figured that 
if you wore a few extra pairs of underwear, you could put them on 
yourself and you could pull them down and you wouldn't end up having to 
go in your diapers when you could make it to the toilet."
	It sounded like a reasonable explanation, though it was 
disappointing to realize that I was so close to wearing actual diapers! 
Why couldn't have I been a bedwetter or otherwise given my parents more 
of a reason to convince them that I needed diapers! Perhaps a few more 
accidents would have done it. This is all I could think about as we went 
	I did my homework, ate my dinner and then I played some Atari 
games with Rena to finish out the evening. My mind was on John and I 
played lousy because of this distraction, much to Rena's pleasure as she 
rarely won any games we played together. She made a big deal out of 
winning, but I didn't care, I just hoped that my new friendship with 
John would become more established. I had been needing to poop, but I 
was so tempted to load my underpants before jacking off, so I decided to 
hold it. I sat on my heel while playing games to keep the poop in.
	When I went to bed that night, I took off my pants and my shirt as 
usual and then put on my multiple underpants, anticipating their thick 
feeling around my butt as well as the sensation of loading them. I 
decided to really pad myself up, putting on eighteen pairs. I was 
shooting for twenty, but I was unable to fit any more over the massive, 
bulky bunch of boy's briefs bundled around my bum. I was hoping to 
achieve the thickness at which John wore his, but I didn't have any 
underwear large enough to allow me to do this. I took a good look at 
myself and the way I "diapered" myself, admiring my multiple underpants 
in the mirror. I was so excited and my mind was full of fresh memories 
of what I had seen of John that day. I turned out the light and hopped 
into bed. My dick was so hard and I was really ready to jack off. I had 
been hard all night from thinking about John and my urges needed a good 
	I began masturbating slowly and gently as I thought back to all 
the fun things that John and I did together, everything from watching 
John strut carefree around the house in his underwear in front of his 
sister, to each of us pooping in our underpants and then jacking off in 
front of each other. My mind kept going back to the moment when John 
stuck his thickly-padded butt in my face as he bent over. While I 
massaged my abundantly layered fly fronts more vigorously, I shit 
massively into my thick stack of white underpants, white on the outside 
that is, and I felt the load spreading over my butt cheeks. I was so 
consumed in my young erotic feelings, thinking nothing of the fact that 
I would have to clean myself up after all of this. The smell was nasty, 
but this just added to the excitement even more. I ran my hands over my 
butt and felt the poop squish around between my body and my thick, solid 
underwear. Within minutes I ejaculated into my undies. I nearly passed 
out from exerting so much energy to masturbate. I was glad that my Mom 
and Dad hadn't gone to bed yet as their room was next to mine and they 
would have heard my bed's headboard slamming against the wall. I was 
usually more discreet about masturbation and I made sure my bed was far 
enough from the wall so that it wouldn't get my Mom's and Dad's 
	Then reality hit. My dick was limp again and very tender and 
sensitive. I could feel the gooey mess around my genitals, and in back, 
a much larger mess wedged in between my butt and my undies. I was still 
breathing hard as I recovered from exhausting myself while masturbating.
	I had to clean up since I couldn't go through an entire night 
wearing soiled underpants in bed while the stench permeated the room, 
and even if I did, I didn't want my Mom to know what I had done. I got 
up from my bed and pulled my briefs down. They absorbed a great deal of 
body heat and felt warm. I got down to the inner layers and reached the 
pairs that caught the brunt of the butt blast. At this time, I felt that 
there was no easy way to hide the evidence except to drop the soiled 
underpants out my window. I didn't expect anyone to be going behind the 
house anytime soon and I would retrieve my underpants then.
	Even having done this, I still had to clean up the mess from my 
butt. I decided to wait until my Mom and Dad had gone to bed. I would 
then go into the bathroom and wipe my butt, just the excess. I would let 
the shower clean me up the rest of the way in the morning.
	Just to make sure the bed would stay clean, I put the remaining 
pairs of underwear back on and lay awake, thinking about what I had just 
done. I began to feel guilty, wondering why this sort of activity with 
pooping my underpants excited me so much and drove me to masturbate 
about it the same way most boys masturbated about girls. I had these 
feelings from as far back as I could remember and I enjoyed making poopy 
messes in my training pants and my underpants even then. The drive 
behind such early childhood feelings had manifested itself in puberty. 
It made sense, though it seemed so weird. How could I ever explain this 
to Kurt and Justin if they ever found out? I hoped that they never 
would. I began to weigh the value of their established friendship 
against the value of my new friendship with John. I didn't want to 
abandon old friends, but there was so much more that I could expect to 
get out of being friends with John. I knew that I would have to resolve 
this dilemma and maintain a balance between John and my other friends 
without revealing why I enjoyed being with John.
	After I lay in bed awake and thought these things over, I realized 
that my Mom and Dad had gone to bed. I got up from my bed and then went 
out into the dark kitchen and into the bathroom. I cleaned myself up the 
best I could, trying not to use too much toilet paper. I was still a 
mess, but my underwear was dirty anyway. I just wanted to get the excess 
poop wiped up.
	The toilet bowl was full of wads of toilet paper covered with 
poop. I flushed it and made sure that it all went down. It didn't, so I 
had to flush it once more. Confirming that the toilet swallowed the rest 
of the evidence, I left the bathroom and returned to bed. I went to 
sleep shortly afterwards.
	The next morning I was awakened when my Mom came into my room and 
turned on the light. As the light switch was not just inside the door 
like it should have been, she had to actually come into the room to turn 
the light on, so I hoped she didn't detect any incriminating odors. I 
got up and took off my dirty underpants, stuffing them under my bed to 
get them out of the sight of my Mom. I put on clean underwear and some 
clothes to wear to the bathroom, only to take everything off again when 
I got there so I could take my shower. It was a lot easier before when I 
wasn't "too old" to go around in my underwear and I didn't have to worry 
about getting dressed first, even just to walk ten or twelve feet to the 
bathroom. I don't suppose anyone would have cared, but I didn't want to 
argue with anyone about it.
	When I took off my underwear I realized that my underwear had 
caught some poop still left on my butt. I got into the shower and I 
thoroughly sprayed myself off, not wanting a trace of evidence of poop 
to show when I got to the P.E. locker room later that day. When I got 
done I went back into my room to change into some clean underpants 
again. I pulled them up into my butt and then pulled them down again and 
checked them just to be sure I was clean down there. Other than a slight 
brown streak, I figured that I would be okay.
	Kurt met me at school before classes started and he asked me where 
I was all day yesterday.
	"Well, I met this kid that I like and I became friends with him, 
so I went to his house."
	"So you don't wanna hang around me anymore?" he said insecurely.
	"No, I didn't say that, I just found a new friend. Maybe I can 
introduce him to you."
	"Who is he?" Kurt asked me.
	"John," I said.
	"There's lots of Johns in this school, Danny," Kurt said.
	"John Jenkins," I said.
	"Oh, is he that one kid who poops in his underwear?" Kurt asked 
me. I feigned ignorance to this and said, "well, uhh, I don't know if he 
does. What made you think of *that?*"
	"Everybody knows who John Jenkins is and they think he's a freak. 
And if you hang around with him, then everybody will think you're more 
of a freak than they already do. You have a crappy reputation as it is, 
Danny, and I don't think you should have people associating you with 
	"So do you want to meet him?" I asked, ignoring Kurt's admonition.
	"Not really, I know who he is," Kurt said. "You can smell him a 
mile away, didn't he stink when you were around him?"
	"Yes, I guess he did," I said.
	"Well, if you want to hang around with him, then don't come 
running to me when everybody starts teasing you for being a pants-
shitter like him."
	At this time the bell rang and we split off into our classes. I 
sat through Idaho history and then math, thinking about Kurt's reaction 
to finding out that I was now friends with John. I hoped to talk to Kurt 
and Justin during the fifteen-minute break that followed second period.
	As the band room was right next to the cafeteria, I was among the 
first in line to get some milk and a cinnamon roll, so after I got these 
I stood around and waited for Kurt and Justin. After they got their 
goodies, they sat down with me.
	"So Kurt tells me you're hanging around with John Jenkins, or 
Undies Boy as everyone calls him."
	"What are you guys talking about?" I asked them, again trying to 
feign total ignorance.
	"Oh come on, Danny!" Justin said. "Everybody knows that John 
Jenkins likes to wear about ten or twelve pairs of underwear, like a 
diaper, and he poops in them, like a diaper! Now I know why you were 
telling me that you liked to do this."
	I was speechless. Justin had figured out why I liked to hang out 
with John, and Kurt, who was previously unaware of my interests with 
pooping in my underwear, now knew my big secret.
	"I already knew about you putting on all your underwear before 
going to bed," Kurt said. "Justin told me about it."
	"Justin! I thought I could trust you!" I yelled at him.
	"I had to tell Kurt, it was just too weird," Justin said.
	"Kurt, please don't tell anybody about this," I pleaded 
	"Look, Danny, if people start thinking that you like to do what 
John does, then they will think we do it, too, and we don't want to be 
thought of us being like John. What did you guys do yesterday, anyway?"
	"We just played games and watched TV," I told him.
	"Did John poop in his underwear while you were there?" Kurt asked 
	"He might have, but I couldn't tell, he was wearing too much 
underwear for me to see anything."
	"I betcha you and him stripped off your pants and you put on a 
bunch of underwear with him and you both pooped in it, didn't you?"
	"No, I didn't!" I said adamantly.
	"Sure, I believe you," Kurt said in a sarcastic voice.
	"I didn't!" I said, my credibility having diminished to nothing.
	"You did, too, and you know it!" Kurt said. At this time the 
warning bell rang
	"Come on, Kurt, let's go," Justin said as he and Kurt got up from 
the table. "Next thing you know Danny will start coming to school like 
John and pooping in *his* underwear, too!"

WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN: PART 6- Conflicting Friendships

	Apparently, word had gotten out that John and I were now hanging 
out with each other, and because of this, people thought that I was 
wearing my underpants in multiples at school and that I also peed and 
pooped in them. The worst thing about it was that it was true, at least 
to some extent, though I was only doing this at home and in total 
	I got the worst treatment in P.E. class when the other kids 
started asking me things like why I wasn't wearing all my underwear and 
if I had pooped in it. I tried to ignore them as I changed into my gym 
shorts and my shirt. They kept tugging at my underwear and pulling it 
down, saying, "Hey! He's only wearing one pair!"
	Meanwhile, John was busy getting himself dressed as I walked up to 
him and saw him pulling his gym shorts over a thick set of underpants 
and plastic pants, the first time I noticed him wearing plastic pants at 
school. I went out to the field with the other boys, walking alongside 
John as we talked.
	"Everybody knows now," I told him. "That is, they think I do it 
because I hang out with you."
	"Well, I've been doing it since kindergarten, so I'm used to 
people knowing about it."
	"I don't want them to know that I really do it, or that I used to 
do it," I said, trying to be subtle and using a lot of pronouns.
	"Kurt and Justin teased me about it, too," I said. "It's too late 
now, so I don't know what to do."
	Suddenly, the coach blew his whistle loudly and yelled at John and 
me to "get our butts over here!" We weren't paying attention and the 
rest of the class had moved out to the field while we lagged behind. It 
was really embarrassing. The kids all made fun of us because of John's 
well-established reputation, which was becoming my reputation as well, 
based on my association with John and not on anyone actually seeing me 
wear multiple underpants.
	"Today, we will show these two boys how to play football!" the 
coach said in a gruff voice. I knew that it was going to be a long P.E. 
period, and it was. The kids made fun of us for our lack of interest in 
football in addition to peeing and pooping in our underpants. I didn't 
know any more about football at the end of the class than when it 
started. The kids were more interested in teasing us than in teaching 
us, and the coach didn't seem to care, as if he was getting pleasure 
from watching the students make fun of John and me for not knowing how 
to play football. I learned to hate the game even more. I was so glad 
when class was over with.
	After I got dressed I joined John at lunch again. By this time 
nearly everyone in the school was teasing us. The girls for the most 
part ignored me, but some of them gave me this disgusted look and some 
of them even made comments.
	"Eww! It's Danny! He pees and poops in his UNDERWEAR!" this one 
girl shouted. Everyone within earshot started laughing. I wanted to sink 
into my chair. In spite of this, I carried on with John.
	Kurt and Justin showed up a few minutes later. They stood next to 
us carrying their trays, as if they were going to sit somewhere else.
	"See what's happened?" Kurt told me. "See you after school, 
	"Why don't you sit with us?" I asked him.
	"Because I don't want everyone to think that I do the same things 
you do, Danny."
	"Me, neither," Justin said.
	"You're still my friends, aren't you?" I asked them.
	"Well, not at school," Kurt said. "I can't let myself be seen with 
you anymore."
	"Me, neither," Justin said.
	Kurt and Justin then went to their own table while John and I 
finished out the rest of the lunch hour by hanging out together, 
enduring more taunts from the other kids.
	"They'll stop it after awhile," John tried to assure me. 
"Everybody knows about me, and they know it doesn't bother me to be 
teased about it, so they don't say much anymore, except now that there 
are new kids here in junior high, they're teasing me about it, but most 
of them know that I don't care that they know. They'd rather ignore me 
since they think I'm gross and I stink all the time."
	"So are you saying that I should just start coming to school like 
you do, since everybody thinks I do it anyway, and just let them tease 
me about it and go along with it."
	"You'll just be fighting it if you don't," John advised me. 
"Everybody thinks you pee and poop your underpants like I do, and if you 
try to tell them that you don't, they won't believe you."
	"So, in other words, I'm pretty much stuck with this reputation 
now?" I asked him.
	"You are," he said. "You might as well go along with it."
	I had mixed thoughts running through my mind. As exciting as it 
sounded to start wearing multiple underpants all the time, including 
school, there was no way I could dress down in that locker room and let 
all the other boys see me wearing even two or three pairs of underwear 
at a time, much less a dozen or more! Even if I did do that, I would 
never poop in my underpants in school and be smelly all the time.
	"Look, uh, you don't mind if I go with Kurt and Justin after 
school today, do you?" I asked John, thinking that I owed them an 
afternoon, plus that I wanted to talk to them about the latest matters 
that had come up.
	"No, that's fine," John said. "Maybe we can switch off days, see 
if Kurt and Justin think this is okay. Besides, my Mom and my sister 
asked if you could come over this weekend for a sleepover."
	"Well, I was going to have Justin come over to my house, but I 
haven't told him yet, so I'll just make plans to be at your house 
	"Sounds good," John said.
	Kurt and Justin rode home with me on my bus and went over to my 
house. They kept telling me about how all the other kids at school 
thought I was wearing multiple underpants and going to the bathroom in 
	"The kids in P.E. know that I don't wear my underwear like John 
does," I said.
	"Well, most of the kids at school aren't in your P.E. class, 
either," Kurt said. "Everybody, and I mean everybody, was talking about 
you today," Kurt said. I felt so embarrassed now.
	"So are you guys ever gonna hang out with me at school?" I asked 
	"We told you, we don't want kids to think that we go to the 
bathroom in our underwear!" Kurt said. "And right now, I'm not sure I 
even want to be friends with you at all!"
	"Kurt, please," I begged. I was in a dither, panicking, wondering 
how to explain myself to him and Justin. "I didn't think this would 
happen, I mean, just because one guy does something doesn't mean his 
friends do it."
	"But you do," Justin said.
	"The kids at school don't have to know that!" I yelled. Kurt 
decided to keep walking towards his house instead of coming over to my 
	"See you tomorrow, Justin," Kurt said.
	"Kurt!" I yelled as I ran towards him. "Look, I'm sure you 
probably do things that you wouldn't want me to know about! How would 
you feel if I found out? I wouldn't hold it against you!"
	"I'm not talking to you anymore, Danny!" Kurt said.
	"But we're friends, Kurt! At least outside of school, right?"
	"Danny, I don't want to have *anything* to do with what you and 
John like to do, and as long as people see us together, they'll think 
that I do the same thing, and some of them already do!"
	Kurt then started walking again.
	"Kurt, we need to talk about this!" I said.
	"We already did, Danny!" Kurt said. "From now on, I'm hanging out 
with cool people, like Nick and Loren!"
	Nick and Loren were a couple of Kurt's friends who didn't really 
care to associate with me, and often ignored me or treated me like the 
other kids did whenever I was around them.
	Justin was still standing there with me. I looked at Justin, 
wondering what he was thinking.
	"I don't know about you, Danny," Justin said. I knew that, unlike 
Kurt, Justin didn't have too many other friends to fall back on as he 
wasn't very popular, either.
	"So are we still friends?" I asked him.
	"Yeah, but don't expect me to start shitting my pants with you!" 
he said.
	"Fine, we can do what we have always done together," I said. "Just 
forget what you've heard, okay?"
	"I'd like to, but shit, anyone who likes to wear his underwear 
like a diaper and pees and poops in it is too weird for me."
	"I bet there's something you like to do that you don't want to 
tell me," I said.
	"Maybe there is," he said. "But what does that have to do with 
	"Because you should trust me if I knew about it," I said to 
Justin. "Come on, that's what friends are for, and your real friends 
will trust you!"
	Justin didn't seem to understand what I was trying to explain, and 
having learned from pervious experience, reasoning with him was not an 
easy task. Without saying anything, he continued walking towards his 
	"See you tomorrow," I said. He didn't acknowledge me. I then went 
in the house, realizing that I gained John's friendship at the expense 
of two of my established friends.
	My Mom could see that I was upset.
	"What's wrong, dear?" Mom asked me.
	"Everything," I said as I set my book bag on the table and then 
sat down at the table, laying my head down in my arms."
	"Did you have a bad day at school?"
	"Yeah, and after school, too," I said. "Kurt and Justin don't want 
to talk to me anymore."
	"Is this because of John?" Mom asked me.
	"Yeah, they think he's weird, and because I was doing things with 
him, Kurt and Justin don't want to be around me anymore."
	"What don't they like about him?" my Mom asked me. Quickly, I 
tried to think of something to say, but I couldn't.
	"I dunno, they just think he's weird."
	"Well, if they can't accept you having other friends, then you 
don't need them anyway," my Mom said.
	"Kurt also has Nick and Loren, and I don't mind that they're his 
friends, even though I don't really like them," I said. "So why does 
Kurt care that I have friends that he doesn't want to be around?"
	"Because that's Kurt, and he doesn't think of these things the 
same way. You got homework?"
	"Yeah," I groaned. "When don't I?"
	I spent the next hour sitting at the table, staring at the same 
two pages in my reading book, and it wasn't even on the story that I was 
supposed to read. I wasn't in the mood for reading, so I put it away and 
decided to get my math assignment done as well as finish the science 
paper that I started.
	It was almost time for dinner and I put my books away, glad that I 
completed at least some of my homework. While I was eating dinner I 
thought about going over to John's house. I needed to talk to him about 
what had happened with Kurt and Justin.
	"Mom, can I go to John's house?" I asked.
	"It's after dark, honey," she said.
	"I know, maybe you can drive me over there," I asked.
	"Have you done all your homework?" Mom asked me. I knew that I 
hadn't done my social studies or my reading yet, but I figured Mom 
wouldn't know, so I said "yes."
	Mom knew that I hadn't done everything.
	"You'd better be sure about that," my Mom said.
	"All right, I still have reading to do," I said. I got my book bag 
back out and pulled out my reading book. I read through it, just enough 
to be able to understand what it was about so that in case I was asked a 
question about it during tomorrow's discussion, I would be ready. It 
took me 45 minutes to get through it. I decided to screw my social 
studies homework, I wanted to see John. I called him to ask if I could 
come over.
	Mom dropped me off and I thanked her for taking me to see John. As 
expected, John was wearing his T-shirt and about three dozen pairs of 
briefs and plastic pants. John said that his parents were working late 
at the shop, which was something they often did, so it was just John and 
C.J. there.
	I could tell from the way John smelled that he had pooped in his 
underpants. The front was soaked, too. My dick was getting hard as I 
looked at him sitting down with his legs spread apart, knowing what he 
had done in his underpants. I wanted to "diaper up" with him again, and 
C.J. asked me if I was going to, but I told her that my Mom would get me 
in an hour.
	"That's too bad," she said. "You'd really enjoy it tonight."
	"I know I would," I sighed. "I just can't take the chance of 
getting caught."
	John and I went into his room where we sat and talked.
	"I've been in these since I got home," John said, pointing to his 
underwear and snapping several waistbands at a time. "I've pooped in 
them twice!"
	"God, I wish I could do the same thing at home as you get to do!" 
I said to John enviously.
	"At the rate things are going, you just might," John said. 
"Everybody thinks you're doing it, too."
	"I know, Kurt told me all about it after school," I said.
	"How did it go with Kurt and Justin?" John asked me.
	"Kurt doesn't want to be friends with me anymore. Justin, I'm not 
so sure. He just sort of walked off as we started talking about it. I 
think he wants to still be friends because he doesn't have any other 
friends, but Kurt has other friends."
	"I'd just let Kurt go, I mean, if he's really your friend, then he 
wouldn't hold it against you that you like to poop in your underwear."
	"You're right, screw him," I said. "I still don't know what to do 
about Justin. I tried to talk to him about this once, and I even let him 
see me wearing them when we had a sleepover, but he ignored me and said 
I was weird. Now it's come up again and he's ignoring it again."
	"Maybe there's something he's trying to keep hidden from you, too, 
and when he sees that one of your biggest secrets has gotten out, maybe 
he's afraid of the same thing happening to him."
	"Yeah, you could be right," I said. "I know that he doesn't like 
to talk about his Mom much. I know she's really mean and yells at him 
and his brother and sisters, and she hits them, too."
	"Maybe Justin's had to wear diapers for punishment," John 
suggested. "And maybe when he sees that you like to wear diapers and 
make your underwear into a diaper, that it turns him away."
	"You seem really smart," I told John.
	"I think I am, but most people don't know this about me, all they 
know is that I like to pee and poop in my underwear!"
	John rolled back on his bed and began stroking himself as he 
started talking about the big mess in his multiple briefs. Suddenly I 
heard another loud, wet and sustained fart emit from his butt.
	"Ahh, I did it again," he said, rubbing the front of his briefs. 
"I love this so much!"
	I was getting very excited as I watched John get off on his soiled 
underpants. He was massaging his crotch. I could see some of the poop 
leaking out the side, going into his plastic pants. I could barely 
resist the temptation to join him, but I knew that time was running out 
and my Mom would pick me up soon. John finished out his jack-off session 
and then he lay still as he rested.
	A couple minutes later John called for C.J.
	"You ready?" she asked him. I noticed that she was carrying two 
plastic buckets and some rags. John got up and followed her to the 
	"What are you guys doing?" I asked.
	"C.J. is gonna clean me up," John said.
	"Yeah, we only get to do this when my Mom and Dad aren't home!" 
C.J. said.
	I couldn't believe what I was seeing! I couldn't ever imagine 
having one my sisters clean me up after I pooped in my underwear. It 
made me wonder what other sorts of things went on when John and C.J. 
were left at home alone.
	"Wanna watch?" C.J. asked me. I had such a stiff hard-on just from 
the thought of watching John's sister cleaning him up. I told her, 
	I went into the bathroom, where C.J. had John bend over and hold 
onto the toilet while she took his underpants off. It seemed rather odd 
that John was using the toilet, of all things, to hold himself up while 
C.J. cleaned him. After she had his plastic pants off she peeled away 
his briefs a few pairs at a time. John stepped out of each bunch that 
was dropped down to his ankles. C.J. set these aside and removed more 
pairs, thinning down his once thick bunch of underpants until she got to 
the really dirty, stinky and messy pairs that sustained a great deal of 
staining and soiling. She took these off one at a time and set them in 
one of the buckets. I looked at John's very messy ass, virtually covered 
completely in poop! I thought about how John told me that he had been 
wearing them this way since he got home from school. I enjoyed thinking 
about how many hours his underwear must have been dirty like it was. The 
strong, stinking smell filled the bathroom. As disgusting as it was, the 
odor seemed to excite me even more and it reminded me of how John always 
enjoyed spending his time.
	The next part that I saw just about made me shoot my cum. CJ took 
a wet cloth and began wiping John's butt, removing all the poop from it. 
She ran the cloth over his buttocks, where a swath of clean skin was 
showing through the muck. I especially enjoyed watching her rub the 
cloth through John's butt crack. The cloth was very dirty as it had 
picked up so much shit. C.J. used several rags to clean him up. A few 
minutes later John's butt was clean. I could see underneath John's 
crotch and he had a very intense hard-on. It was the first time I had 
seen any of his genitalia exposed. He had a rather impressive package 
for a boy his age.
	"This is why I was hoping you could join John in wearing 
underpants with him," C.J. said. "My parents will be gone Friday night, 
too," she said. "John said you were coming over that night."
	"I'm planning on it," I said. "Most definitely!" I added in my 
	John remained in his position while C.J. went to his room and 
grabbed some clean underwear from his size 12 drawer. Well, they weren't 
exactly clean, very badly stained in fact, but at least washed and ready 
to wear and to poop in again.
	While C.J. was out of the bathroom I asked John if C.J. always did 
this to him.
	"Oh yeah, my Mom and Dad work late a lot of the time," he said. 
"C.J. always likes to clean me up whenever she gets the chance."
	"Do you guys do anything else together while you're home alone?" I 
asked. John hesitated for a moment and looked at C.J.
	"Well, no, we don't, but we don't think Mom and Dad would like it 
if they knew that I was letting C.J. clean me up." I had a feeling there 
was something else that John just didn't want me to know about him and 
C.J., but I didn't press for any further information.
	C.J. came back with a big stack of somewhat white underpants and 
began slipping them onto John. She had him step into each pair as she 
laid them on the floor before his feet and then she pulled them up very 
high, letting them snap above his waist. She repeated this process and 
added more pairs over the ones underneath, counting each pair as she put 
it on him. She put on nine pairs and then she topped these off with the 
pairs that she had taken off of him and set aside, the ones that were 
still clean.
	By this time I had to undo my pants and give my hard-on some 
"breathing room". I stood there with my dick protruding from above the 
unzipped fly of my pants. I watched C.J. pull up the larger, whiter 
pairs onto John, putting some of them on him backwards like John had 
done himself. His briefs were getting really thick-looking, and C.J. had 
several more pairs left to put on him. I began stroking myself through 
the one pair that I had on. I didn't realize how much noise I was making 
as I played with myself, but it got C.J.'s attention. She turned around 
and looked at me with my hand over my very hard dick.
	"Now now," she said. "We won't have any of that around here!" I 
thought, "What the hell? Isn't this why she's letting me watch?"
	"If you're gonna do that, you'll need to be in your underwear like 
John is," she said. "I don't want you making a mess on the bathroom 
floor, you know."
	"Sorry, I couldn't help it," I said, feeling embarrassed.
	"I know you can't, I know how you boys react to these kinds of 
things." It took me awhile to pick up on C.J.'s lighter tone of voice to 
realize that she was just teasing me, anyway.
	C.J. finished putting John's underwear on him and then they left 
from the bathroom. I had built up an incredible urge to piss, and as 
soon as they left the bathroom, I used it to pee. I had a hell of a time 
aiming my hard-on so that I could point my stream into the bowl. I ended 
up missing and peeing on the wall behind the toilet. I quickly tried to 
wipe it up the best I could.
	I went back out to the front room and sat on the couch with John. 
Three minutes later the doorbell rang. C.J. got up and looked to see who 
it was through the peep hole.
	"Your Mom's here, Danny," she said.
	"I figured as much," I said. C.J. opened the door.
	"Let's go, Danny," my Mom said. She took a look at John, who was 
leaning back and sitting with his legs wide open, showing off the thick 
bunch of underpants that he was wearing.
	"See you tomorrow, John," I said to him. I also told his sister 
	"Thanks for letting me see John tonight," I told my Mom.
	"No problem," she said. "It looks like you two are becoming good 
	"We are," I said. "To be honest, he's a lot nicer to me than Kurt 
ever was."
	"Yeah, Kurt did bully you around at times and he liked to show off 
in front of his other friends," my Mom said. We didn't say much the rest 
of the way home, but Mom did ask me one more question before we pulled 
into the driveway.
	"Do you know if John really needs to be wearing his underwear like 
that?" my Mom asked.
	"As far as I know," I said. "He has problems like I used to have, 
he did it tonight, in fact."
	"From what I could see, he was wearing an awful lot of underwear."
	"Maybe he just likes to feel safe and secure," I said.
	"You never wore that much, and besides, there's no way he'd make 
it to the bathroom and get them all down in time. Maybe he doesn't even 
try to make it to the toilet. You don't think his mother makes him wear 
them that way all the time, do you?"
	"No, his Mom wasn't even home, so maybe he wears them like that 
all the time, or his sister makes him wear them like that. I just don't 
	After we got into the house, I remembered to ask my Mom if I could 
stay over at John's house that coming weekend.
	"I thought you were going to Justin's house," my Mom said.
	"I haven't told him my plans yet, and John invited me to stay, and 
this will be our first sleepover together. Justin and I can always have 
a sleepover."
	"Well, okay, I guess it's up to you," my Mom said.
	"YEEESSS!!!" I thought to myself.
	After I went to bed that night, I put as much underwear on as I 
could possibly fit. I broke my old record and put on 25 pairs. My 
memories of watching C.J. cleaning up John's poopy butt were still fresh 
in my mind. I concentrated mostly on images of having watched her put 
the last few pairs of underwear on John and pulling them way up on his 
body. I recalled the way all the creases and folds looked where all the 
seats of his briefs were bunched up around the underside of his butt. I 
thought about the long distance that ran from his butt up to where his 
waistbands encircled him above his waist. He had on several pairs of K-
Mart brand underwear, which featured a solid black stripe, similar to 
the red-striped ones I was wearing on the top of my set of briefs. I 
massaged the front of my briefs and brought myself to such an extremely 
gratifying orgasm. How I wished I had shit my briefs at the same time to 
make it even better, so I just imagined my thick underpants being fully 
loaded and smelling of fresh shit. My entire body felt flaccid after I 
massaged the front of my briefs one last time before my penis became too 
sensitive. I was seeing stars from having exerted so much energy. I let 
my body cool down as I lay there thinking about how much more fun I was 
going to be having with my new friend John and his sister. Shortly 
afterwards I fell asleep

WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN: PART 7- The First Sleepover

	Never before could I ever recall being more excited about anything 
as my anticipation of having a sleepover at John's house. Not even 
Christmas could make me as excited, and unlike Christmas, I expected to 
have sleepovers with John more than just once a year. It was the only 
thing I could think about at school that day.
	By this time, Kurt had totally abandoned me and was hanging out 
with Nick and Loren instead, both of whom were teasing me about hanging 
around "Undies Boy." Justin was with them, too, but he didn't say 
anything. I figured that if this was Kurt's attitude towards me, the 
feeling was mutual. I was through with him. Justin, however, acted like 
he wasn't wanting to abandon me, but disappointed that I was apparently 
more interested in doing things with John. Justin came over to John and 
me while we were eating our lunch.
	"So whadaya doin' tonight?" Justin asked me.
	"Well, I've been invited to go to John's house for a sleepover."
	"Oh," Justin said with a dejected voice. "I was thinking that 
maybe you could come over to my house."
	"I'd like to, maybe tomorrow night, I think that's fair," I said.
	"Sure, we can do it then," Justin agreed.
	Justin decided to sit down with us. He was willing to get to know 
John, trying to ignore the fact that he had a reputation for 
deliberately pooping in his underpants. We talked about other matters, 
such as movies and video games, places that Justin and I liked to ride 
our bikes.
	"Why don't we all get together sometime?" I suggested.
	"Well, it'll have to be next week," Justin said. "I gotta stay 
home all weekend, you know how my Mom is."
	"Yeah, I do," I said. At this time Justin left from our table and 
headed towards his next class, knowing that the bell was due to ring 
	John told me that his parents would pick me up at 6:00 that 
evening. I asked him if I should bring anything with me, mainly, a 
supply of underwear.
	"Don't bother, I have plenty, you know that, and you won't have to 
worry about messing up your own underwear and getting caught with it."
	"That's true," I said. "I'll just bring a clean shirt and some 
socks. I might throw in a couple clean pairs of underwear, just in case 
my Mom checks and wonders why I'm leaving my underwear behind."
	The hour between 5:00 and 6:00 seemed to pass so agonizingly 
slowly. My heart was racing as I felt so anxious about spending the 
night with Justin. Rena asked me why I was so nervous.
	"Nothing," I said.
	"Are you nervous about spending the night with your new friend?"
	"Well, yeah, I'm just concerned about manners, things like that. I 
know some kids' parents are more strict than others."
	"If you've seen Justin's Mom, you can probably handle being around 
anyone's Mom," Rena commented. Rena was friends with Justin's sister 
Gina, which is how Justin and I became friends. Rena had heard of some 
of the abuse that Justin and Gina were subjected to, but she hadn't told 
me about it, and eventually, I found out on my own what some of this 
abuse involved. Nothing had ever been mentioned about diapers.
	6:00 finally arrived. My mother had just gotten home from the 
store and my Dad would be home shortly.
	"You have everything you need?" my Mom asked.
	"Yeah, a shirt, some socks, some..."
	"Some underwear!" Rena finished for me. I just looked at her.
	"What about your toothbrush?" Mom asked me.
	"Oh yeah," I said.
	"And take some deodorant," my Mom reminded me, being that I was 
now at an age where I was able to produce pit odor. Given the activities 
that John and I had in mind, odors from my armpits would be very 
insignificant compared to what our butts would smell like. Still, I took 
the extra can that my Mom handed me.
	"Now be good and mind your manners," my Mom told me.
	"How long can I stay tomorrow?" I asked my Mom.
	"No later than 1:00," my Mom said. "Dad wants you to rake the 
	"Aww," I groaned, hoping I could spend more time with John than 
this, though I didn't want to lose my privilege of going over there at 
all, so I agreed and said, "okay."
	Just a few minutes afterwards, a car pulled up, and as I was 
expecting, it was John, his mother and his sister C.J. C.J. came to the 
door to get me. When I returned to the car I saw why C.J. was sent to 
the door instead of John, seeing that all John had on was his underwear, 
and lots of it, of course.
	"Hello," I said as I joined John in the back seat.
	"Hi," he said. We took off for his house. I looked at John sitting 
next to me in his briefs and a shirt. I couldn't help but to ask John if 
he ever wore pants in places besides school.
	"I only wear them when I absolutely need them," he said. "I hate 
	"You hate anything that covers up your underwear," C.J. remarked. 
"I know how you like to show it off."
	On the way home, C.J. and John both talked to me about the times 
when John had been in public places in his underwear, including the 
grocery store-- just a little neighborhood market, but still a public 
place-- though he hadn't done much of any public displaying of his 
underpants since he was seven.
	"Sometimes me and C.J. would just walk over to the little market 
across the street and I'd just have on my underwear, sometimes with pee 
and poop in it. You should have seen some of the looks I got!"
	"I can imagine," I said. I was rubbing my dick through my pants as 
I thought about a six-year-old boy in multiple underpants in the middle 
of a store. John could see that I was stroking myself and he knew that I 
must have been itching to get "diapered" like he was. I could barely see 
straight I was so excited.
	We went into the house, and right away I wondered if it would be 
okay for me to remove my pants and put on some extra underpants. I stood 
there nervously, hoping that C.J. or somebody would ask me if I was 
ready to do this. I watched John go into his bedroom while C.J. went 
into the kitchen with her mother. She went to the freezer and got out a 
frozen pizza, putting it in the oven. John had come back out from his 
room and went into the kitchen. I stared at John as he stood there with 
his socks going up to almost his knees, followed by his bare legs, and 
then what looked like over thirty pairs of underwear bulging from his 
butt. His briefs went way up over his waist, where I could see his 
waistbands of varying colors and stripe patterns tightly encircling him 
at about the same level as his elbows. His shirt was tucked deeply 
inside his briefs. His plastic pants covered it all, but I could still 
see the waistband stripes How much longer would it be before I was 
dressed the same way?!
	"You're on your own for dinner, kids," their mother said.
	"Are you and Dad working late again?"
	"Yeah, we have a lot of work to do," she said as she left the 
house. "We should be home by 10:00 at the latest," she said. "Be good 
and have fun!"
	"We will," C.J. said.
	"See ya, Mom!" John told her.
	"Be sure you change before you go to bed," John's mother reminded 
him, patting him on the rear. I had to wonder if he was clean or not, no 
way to tell with him wearing such super-thickly stacked underpants.
	"Geez, your parents must work a lot of hours," I told John.
	"That's what it's like when you run your own business," C.J. 
	"Well, my Mom and Dad own a drugstore, and they're always home by 
6:30 at the latest. They close at 6:00."
	"Well, our store's a little bigger than your parent's drug store," 
C.J. said. "And they run it differently. Ever been to Jenkins' Junk 
	"I've been by it a couple times," I said.
	"That's my Mom and Dad's store," C.J. said. "They have a lot of 
stuff, and Dad doesn't like to hire people and he's never happy with 
what they do, so he'd rather just work the whole store itself. I swear, 
they live there."
	"So what are we gonna do tonight?" I asked.
	"Well, for starters, from the looks of that little bulge in the 
front of your pants, I'd say you want to get into some underwear like 
John," C.J. said. I was embarrassed somewhat by her acknowledging my 
erection, but yet also excited by it.
	"Take your pants off," she told me. I knew that, whether or not I 
wanted to be in "diapers", I was going to be anyway. I took off my pants 
and revealed the fact that I was rock hard by having only one pair of 
briefs on. The fly of my underwear was pushed out as far as it could go 
with my dick being erect.
	"Now give me your pants," C.J. said as she extended her arms.
	"Okay," I said. "What are you doing with them?"
	"Hiding them," she said with a smile. "I know you'll enjoy the 
fact that you won't have any access to your pants for awhile."
	C.J. seemed to know my feelings all too well as this arrangement 
seemed very pleasing, knowing that I would be stuck in only my 
underpants for the next several hours.
	"Take Danny back to your room and get him some underwear," C.J. 
told John. John led me back to his room. As I went back there, I could 
hear the front door close, as if C.J. had left.
	"What is C.J. doing with my pants?" I asked. I did want them back 
	"She's taking them down to her friend's house where she keeps them 
along with mine every weekend. She knows I like it when I can't get to 
my pants."
	I took off my own underpants so they would not get soiled along 
with John's underwear. I stood before John naked from the waist down, my 
dick was just about ready to shoot a load of goo, but I didn't want to 
waste it, and instead saved it for afterwards. It was hard to resist, 
given the level of stimulation I was experiencing, seeing John bend over 
at his drawers to get me some underwear.
	John started handing me several stacks of underwear in all the 
different sizes he had. I was especially pleased to see that there were 
some of the double-fabric seat briefs in the first stack of the smaller 
pairs, relics from the past, as they were. They were very tattered and 
well-worn, the waistband frayed, and the fabric stained from what I 
figured was at least a couple hundred times of being pooped in.
	"I remember when I could wear those pairs on the top and the extra 
layers in the back really made my butt stand out," he said. "I've got 
tons of pictures that show it."
	"I can't wait to see them!" I said, feeling my chest pounding as I 
was padding myself up. I continued putting on layer after layer of 
underwear, alternating the middle pairs to compensate for the lack of a 
doubled seat in the rear. By the time I put the last pair on, I was 
wearing three dozen pairs of underwear—thirty-six pairs! John said that 
this was what he had on. I then put my plastic pants on.
	"Now let's go watch a movie," John said. "What kind of movies do 
you like?" he asked.
	"Well, hmm," I said as I thought about it. "I like comedy the 
most, but I also like science fiction, action movies, what do you have?"
	John went over to the trunk at the foot of his bed and opened it. 
He bent over and offered me another good view of his well-padded butt as 
he rummaged through the assorted clutter that he had tossed into the 
trunk. I could tell John bent over like this on purpose because he liked 
to know that I was looking at how much underwear was covering his butt. 
I heard a wet fart come out of him as he stood there.
	"Did you just poop?" I asked.
	"Nope, just a fart," John said. He let another fart out, muted by 
his thick underpants.
	"Let me show you what I've got," John said as he collected several 
tapes from the trunk and set them on his bed. I looked at the tapes, all 
of which were recordings that probably came off of cable TV. I read the 
sloppily-lettered labels: Kramer vs. Kramer, Jack the Bear, Last Flight 
of Noah's Ark, Manny's Orphans, Bless the Beasts and the Children, and 
several others. The movie titles all seemed to have a common theme, but 
I just couldn't place it. I remember wanting to see a lot of these 
movies, but my family didn't take us to very many movies, and we could 
only see the ones that my two sisters and I all agreed upon. My sisters 
didn't seem to like my choices.
	"Where do you get all these movies?" I asked John.
	"Well, that's the nice thing about having parents who own a 
secondhand store," John said. My Dad lets me take videotapes home to 
copy them, and they're used anyway, so nobody will know that I copied 
	"I see," I said.
	"Well, which one do you want to see?" John asked me.
	"I dunno," I sighed indecisively. "They all look good."
	I decided to go with the first one that I looked at, "Kramer vs. 
	"Okay," John said. "You know why I have all these movies?" John 
said to me.
	"Why?" I asked him.
	"They all have boys in their underwear in them," he said. It made 
sense, seeing that John liked to be in his underwear, as did I. "I wish 
I could see a movie where a boy wears several pairs and shits and pisses 
in them like I do."
	"Yeah, I agree," I said. "When I see a movie like this I like to 
think that the boy is in diapers, that I would like to see."
	"Well, let's go watch it," John said as he picked up the tape and 
went out to the front room. At this time, C.J. had returned from her 
friend's house. I figured that, given the length of time that she was 
gone, either her friend lived a long ways away, or she had stayed to 
chat for awhile.
	"How's the pizza?" C.J. asked.
	"Oh shit!" John exclaimed. "I forgot to check!"
	C.J. ran over to the oven and opened it.
	"Looks fine," she said. "It looks just right."
	"Good," John said. C.J. pulled it out of the oven and set it on 
the table. John grabbed a six-pack of Coke from the refrigerator and set 
it next to the pizza. C.J. grabbed three plates and some napkins.
	C.J. saw that John had gotten out his "Kramer vs. Kramer" tape.
	"You guys gonna watch that tonight?" C.J. asked us.
	"Yeah, unless you wanted to watch something else," John said.
	"No, let's see that one, good choice," C.J. said as she was in the 
middle of eating pizza. "The little boy in it reminds me of you when you 
were little, John."
	"Danny picked it out for us to watch," John said.
	A few minutes later John, C.J. and I were all seated in front of 
the TV watching the movie that I selected. I enjoyed the scene in which 
the boy is walking through the house in his underwear, mainly because I 
liked to think of his underpants as a diaper. John apparently enjoyed 
this scene, too and wished that the boy had been wearing several pairs. 
He went back to watch this scene again about three more times.
	"Okay, I think that's enough," C.J. said as she wanted to just 
continue with the movie.
	"Sorry," John said. "I just like that part."
	"You would," C.J. said as she reached down inside of John's 
plastic pants and snapped his underpants underneath.
	It was about halfway through the movie and I had since then 
finished off two twenty-ounce bottles of pop. I felt myself needing to 
pee at that point. My first inclination was to get up and run to the 
bathroom like I had gotten used to doing. I still wasn't used to peeing 
in my underpants and I just pooped in them. I was hesitant to wet 
myself, so I kept holding it in as I watched the movie. My bladder 
became fuller and my ability to withstand the pain was decreasing, and I 
was paying less and less attention to the movie and more attention to my 
discomfort. I had to do something, either run to the bathroom or pee 
into the underpants.
	I couldn't stand it any longer, so I started to get up. Both C.J. 
and John looked at me.
	"Where are you going?"
	"I need to pee," I said.
	"Do it in your underpants," C.J. said. "That's why John gave you a 
pair of plastic pants to wear over them." With this, C.J. tugged on my 
plastic pants.
	"I usually don't pee in my underwear," I told C.J.
	"Well, you have a lot of underpants to pull down if you want to 
use the toilet," C.J. said, making it quite obvious that she expected me 
to use my underpants and wanted to see me use them. John looked like he 
wanted to see me use them this way, too. He then got up and showed me 
that he had already peed in his briefs. He pulled down his plastic pants 
and let me see the soaked fly fronts of his yellow-tinted underpants. I 
could smell the odors.
	"See? It's just like wearing diapers, whether you poop or pee," 
John said.
	I decided to try wetting in my underwear, so I sat back down. I 
sat there and hesitated as I thought about letting my urine stream flow 
into my underpants. It started out with a few intermittent spurts. I ran 
my hand over the front of myself and detected some wetness against my 
hard-on. I still had a lot of pee left in my bladder. I decided to just 
let it all out at once. I felt the warm, wet flood of piss spraying 
around tight space between my dick and my balls. My pee trickled down 
towards my crotch where it formed a pool in the seat of my underpants. 
The puddle was quickly absorbed by the several layers of underpants 
covering me. Soon my entire butt felt wet as the pee spread throughout 
the bulky cotton fabric of my surrogate diapers. It felt really good and 
it made me wish I could always pee like this.
	At that time I felt some poop working on wanting to come out of 
me, so I gave my bowel movement a head start and pushed out a couple 
good-sized stools, as they turned out to be. My poop squished up against 
the inner surface of my solidly-packed multi-layered briefs and spread 
into my butt crack. A gooey layer of feces smothered my buttocks. There 
was more poop inside of me than I expected and I produced another load, 
this one being wetter. I felt it ooze up to my balls and mix with the 
wetness that my piss created. This one was accompanied by a fart. Both 
C.J. and John looked at me with a smile as I was sitting there enjoying 
my shit- and piss-filled briefs. I was starting to smell.
	The movie was about over, which was about the time when John took 
a huge dump into his underwear. I looked down at his big bunch of 
underwear layers stacked up tightly against his butt and heard his muted 
farts accompanied by shitting. It seemed to last forever as John grunted 
and pushed more poop out into his briefs. Some of it leaked into his 
plastic pants as I could see brown material coming out the leg opening.
	"You boys had better change before going to bed," C.J. told us as 
she knew that we had both made a big mess of ourselves.
	The credits started rolling on the movie, so we knew that it was 
over. John and I then got up to get ourselves cleaned up. I felt the 
sticky wad of poop smothered all over inside of my underwear. I watched 
John walk ahead of me and I could hear the mess gooshing around inside 
of his underpants as I looked at his butt while he walked.
	Before John and I got cleaned up, we both went into his bedroom 
and enjoyed our poopy underpants some more. He told me to take my 
plastic pants off, so I did, and he did the same. John wanted to feel my 
butt and the poop that was underneath all my underwear, so he had me 
bend over on his bed while he ran his hands all over my butt and pushed 
my poop around inside. He then took one hand off of my rear end so that 
he could jack off. He then started rubbing his front up against my butt. 
He stopped just before he came, as he told me, and then asked me if I 
wanted to do the same to him.
	I still felt a little awkward about touching John's padded behind 
and feeling the poop underneath, but at the same time, I had become so 
horny from the evening's activities and my inhibitions were all but gone 
at this point, so John and I switched spots. I put my hand on his rear 
end and felt all the thick layers of his underpants. I pushed in on his 
behind and could barely sense the presence of a pile of poop underneath 
all those white seats stretched across his ass. John asked me if I 
wanted to rub up against his behind. Hesitantly, I said "yes." He got 
into his position and showed off his incredibly thick underwear seats 
stacked atop one another. I rubbed wet my fly fronts up against his 
behind, leaving thin, wet streaks of piss where I made contact with his 
"diapered" rump. At this point, I came wildly in my multiple briefs, 
intensely enjoying the sight of John's butt thickly padded up in dozens 
of pairs of white underwear (at least white on the outside) and knowing 
that underneath it all was such a nasty, smelly mess. John switched back 
to rubbing up against me and he, too, shot his load.
	John and I then lay still for a few minutes. My body had become 
weak and limp, as did my dick, eventually.
	"Okay, let's go clean up," John said as he got up from his bed. I 
got up and followed him into the bathroom. Just as John and I started 
stripping off our briefs, C.J. walked in, carrying the bucket and some 
	"Want some help cleaning up, guys?" C.J. asked us. Before I even 
had a chance to say "yes" or "no" (I would have said "yes", but I was 
hesitant to answer) she went up to me and told me to hold still while 
she took off my wet underwear. She peeled away the outer layers of 
underwear that protected the floor and the furniture from my poop, as 
well as concealed the unsightly mess and kept the smell down. She then 
got down to the soiled pairs and pulled these off of me. I don't know 
how C.J. could tolerate the sight and smell of someone else's shit-
covered behind, as mine most certainly was, but she seemed to enjoy this 
sort of thing.
	C.J. then ran the wet cloth over my buttocks and cleaned up my 
mess. I felt myself get somewhat hard again as she ran the cloth between 
my butt cheeks and then rubbed my balls, though I was not able to resume 
a full erection after having just masturbated. I wish I had saved my 
jacking off until this point as my genitals were still recovering from 
ejaculating just a few minutes ago.
	When C.J. was done, she told me to stay put while she cleaned up 
her brother's mess. She stripped off his plastic pants and his 
underpants and threw them into the bucket. Like mine, they were heavy 
with piss and smothered with shit, and boy, did they ever stink! I could 
see John getting hard from this, and I was building up another erection 
from the site of watching C.J. cleanse John's butt of his poop.
	C.J. then led us back into John's room. She wanted to put our 
"diapers" on for us. I had been thinking about how badly I wanted her to 
do this since I saw her do it to John a few days ago, so when she 
mentioned it, I became very excited. My dick was fully erect again.
	C.J. figured that since she always "diapered" John, she would 
diaper me this time and let John take care of himself, so John agreed to 
this. I watched her go to one of John's several underwear drawers. She 
grabbed a thick stack of briefs from one drawer and set it on the bed 
and then went back to the drawers to grab more.
	While C.J. was getting more underpants, I looked at the stack that 
was sitting in front of me. All of these pairs were very dingy and 
tattered. I picked one pair up and unfolded it. The label was long gone 
and the waistband's stripes were faded. The leg openings were frayed as 
was the fly. It was a double-seated pair, showing its wear with heavy 
poop stains on top of poop stains throughout the entire back half of it, 
permanently embedded into the fabric. All the other pairs appeared to be 
in about the same condition, too.
	The second stack of cleaner underwear was set next to the first 
one. A third stack also appeared before me as these were set down. Then, 
as if this wasn't going to be thick enough on me already, C.J. laid down 
a fourth stack of gleaming white underpants that looked like they were 
brand new, straight from the package.
	C.J. was now ready to "diaper" me. All I was to do was lwan over 
on the bed and lift my feet so that C.J. could stick them into the leg 
openings of the underpants while she did the rest. I felt her pull the 
first pair up on me, pulling it so high that it was wedged into my butt 
crack and lifted my dick and nuts up with it. The next pairs followed, 
and I counted them to myself as she put them on. She let each waistband 
go with a sharp snap as it contracted back onto me, atop the other pairs 
that she already put on mt. I felt the stack of underpants becoming 
increasingly thick with each pair. After the first stack was put on, she 
started putting my briefs on in the opposite direction with the second 
stack. I had been standing there for several minutes by the time she was 
to twenty pairs, and there was still a lot of underpants left stacked on 
the bed for her to put on me. I was enjoying it very much, but I had to 
acknowledge that it was taking a while. I thought about how much faster 
and more practical real diapers would be, but I could tell that both 
John and C.J. enjoyed using underpants on him as an alternative to 
	After thirty-three, I lost count and estimated that C.J. must have 
put forty-some pairs of underwear on me! I ran my hands over my butt to 
feel just how thick they were, and I was blown away. My dick had been 
erect all this time, too, and I was already feeling like jacking off 
again. Looking over at John with his butt padded up increased this urge 
even more.
	I thought that C.J. was done at this point and was ready to put 
our plastic pants on, but she wanted to do one more thing, so she went 
to John's drawer and grabbed a container of diaper pins. I thought this 
looked rather peculiar, since they weren't needed to keep our underpants 
on as the waistbands were serving this purpose rather well.
	"What are the pins for?" I asked C.J.
	"For starters," she said, "I'll demonstrate how thick your 
underpants are." With this, C.J. took a hold of one of the pins and 
stuck it into the seat of John's underpants. She did this repeatedly as 
John stood there motionlessly, smiling as he looked at C.J.
	"Don't feel a thing, do you?" C.J. said as she kept pulling the 
pin out and sticking it back in at different places.
	"Nope," John said. C.J. then went over to me and did the same 
thing. I winced at the thought of feeling the point going into my butt 
cheek, but I was sufficiently padded up to be protected from the sting 
of the pin's sharp point.
	"Did you feel that?" C.J. asked me.
	"No, I didn't," I said.
	"You wanna know what I really use these for?" C.J. asked me.
	"What?" I said.
	C.J. then went over to John and started sticking several diaper 
pins into his waistbands and fastening them to his shirt, which was 
tucked in somewhere within the range of the outer ten pairs, thus 
ensuring full view of his underpants. She stuck about six of them in the 
rear, two on each side, and four on the front. I was very excited by 
watching her do this, but I was curious as to why.
	"I know he won't take them off, but I just like to fasten them on 
so he knows he can't get them off easily."
	Without asking me, C.J. proceeded to do the same to me. I felt her 
sticking the pins into my shirt, also tucked in towards the outer layers 
of my briefs. I listened to the diaper pins "snap" as she fastened them. 
She went all the way around me. I enjoyed looking down at her as she 
stuck the pins into my briefs. I could see down her shirt as she knelt 
before me.
	Finally, the plastic pants went on over all of my underpants. At 
that time, John's parents returned from their shop after putting in an 
evening's worth of work.
	"I see you gave the boys the 'full treatment,'" John's mother 
commented as she looked at both of us with very thick underpants on, 
pinned to our shirts, and topped off with plastic pants.
	"You look really cute, Danny," C.J. said. "You too, of course, 
	"Why don't you get some pictures of them?" John's mother 
	C.J. went to the closet and grabbed their instant camera, which of 
course, came from the secondhand shop. She had John and I pose in 
various positions-- mostly butt shots--, some with the plastic pants on, 
other with them off. She shot two entire packs of film on us, taking two 
shots of each pose so that I would have a set for myself. Minutes later, 
the pictures were developed by the kitchen light. I enjoyed looking at 
the pictures of John and I happily showing off our "diapers."
	John and I then went to bed shortly afterwards, looking at the 
pictures we had of ourselves and enjoying one more jerking-off session 
before we each fell asleep. We were both feeling so hot from jacking off 
that we agreed to just leave the covers off and just lie down on his bed 
with our butts showing. It gave C.J. a good opportunity to snap another 
picture of us, as I saw that she had taken one of us early the following 
morning before we woke up.


	When I woke up the next morning I looked at John lying next to me. 
I had gotten chilled overnight and had crawled underneath the covers, 
but John was still lying on his bed uncovered. His butt was turned 
towards me, and looking at how much underwear he had on him gave me 
morning wood like I never had before. The way his underwear was layered 
on him, it looked so infinitely thick, as if there were no end to the 
thick bunch of underwear on his rear end. I wanted to jack off right 
there and then, but in my experience, a morning masturbation usually 
wasn't as satisfying, so I just let this one slide and I didn't want to 
wake John anyway. Besides, I was enjoying the view I was getting.
	I really needed to pee. I wasn't used to wetting in my underwear, 
even with wearing a few dozen pairs of it at a time like a diaper, and 
with plastic pants over them. Since C.J. decided to stick several pins 
into my waistbands and attach them to my shirt, it wouldn't be easy to 
get them all off, so I just lay there, stiff-dicked, and let the urine 
flow pour down into the briefs. They instantly became wet and I felt the 
piss dripping over my balls and back towards my butt. I found this 
sensation to be rather stimulating. I didn't need to poop right then, 
but I was able to force some out of me and feel it pile up in the back 
of my underpants. Now I was really ready to jack off and could no longer 
resist the urge to do so.
	I slowly stroked myself while looking at John, who remained asleep 
in spite of me increasing the rate at which I rubbed the front of myself 
over and over. Without too much jerking around I brought myself to 
ejaculation. It was a quickie, and as I expected, not as satisfying, but 
I knew I would have just lay there with a hard on all morning otherwise, 
having never fully satisfied myself.
	John woke up a few minutes later. He apparently had some morning 
wood of his own to take care of, though I would have never been able to 
determine this visually as his three dozen briefs completely enshrouded 
his erection.
	"Excuse me," John said as he began playing with himself. "Ever get 
morning wood?"
	"All the time," I said. "Like this morning."
	"Oh, yeah!" John said as he ejaculated. I could tell that his 
morning milkings weren't as exciting for him either, but I knew how he 
felt and that all young teen boys probably had these urges, too.
	"How did you sleep?" John asked me.
	"Fine," I said. "I got cold and went under the covers, though, how 
about you?"
	"I was okay," John said.
	John also noticed that I peed in my set of briefs, too. He put his 
hand down the front of my plastic pants to feel how much I had wet.
	"Mine are wetter," John said.
	John got up from his bed and stood before me. He pulled down his 
plastic pants and let me look at his piss-soaked briefs. I could see 
that they were damp, tinted with yellow, and I could also smell them.
	"Well, let's have C.J. take these pins out for us and then let's 
have some breakfast," John said.
	We went up to C.J. and told her that we were ready to be taken out 
of our briefs. She had just gotten herself dressed and promised that she 
would take our briefs off of us after we had breakfast. After John and I 
each had a bowl of cereal, C.J. led us into the bathroom. She decided to 
clean me up first. She removed the plastic pants and then she took all 
the pins out of my waistbands in order to remove my briefs. She pulled 
the wet underpants off in sets of four or five pairs at a time and 
stripped me to complete nakedness. I was a stinky mess. I couldn't 
believe that I was going to let a girl wipe my dirty butt. The mere 
thought of it was so stimulating, to say nothing of actually having C.J. 
clean me up. I felt C.J. stick her hand into my buttcrack and wipe off 
all the shit. She was obviously used to doing this to her brother as she 
was not the least bit fazed by the smells. Within minutes she had me 
cleaned up. I looked down at the floor behind me and saw the pile of 
wet, soiled briefs that I had been wearing all night long.
	"How long you sticking around?" C.J. asked me.
	"My Mom wants me to be home by 1:00," I said. "She'll probably 
pick me up by then, if not before."
	C.J. then looked at her watch.
	"It's only 10:30," she said. "You have a couple hours."
	I didn't have a choice at this point since I didn't have my pants 
available to me. They were still being kept at C.J.'s friend's house.
	"When are you going to get my pants?" I asked C.J.
	"I'll get them before you leave, don't worry," C.J. said. She then 
went back to John's bedroom and grabbed another bunch of underpants. 
Just like last night, she had me in three dozen pairs of underwear, 
having pinned them to my shirt again. She then put a clean pair of 
plastic pants on me as well.
	Next, C.J. cleaned up John and I got to watch her do this. Again I 
could see John's penis jutting straight out from his body. There was 
something about watching a girl wiping a boy's poopy butt clean that 
made me want to shoot my sperm again. I thought of how it felt and 
wished that she could clean me again. I hope to poop again before it was 
time for me to be picked up, so that she would get to clean me.
	As if this wasn't enough to test my restraint, C.J. then started 
putting John's underpants on him while he stood patiently and let her 
layer his briefs onto him. I watched as his underwear went from a single 
layer of cotton thin enough to show the tone of his skin through the 
fabric, to a huge, solid mass of cotton billowing outward from his butt. 
After C.J. had John's butt padded up good and thick, I couldn't stand 
the urge any longer. I had to leave the bathroom and run into John's 
bedroom. I lay on his bed and began to masturbate. I was so engrossed in 
thinking about what John looked like and what I looked probably looked 
like, not to mention how this all felt. It only took me thirty seconds 
to a minute to bring myself to ejaculation-- the second such ejaculation 
in just a few hours, and it wasn't even 11:00 in the morning yet.
	While I was extracting the last of my cum, CJ walked in and went 
over to John's underwear drawer. I didn't even realize she was in the 
room until she said, "Excuse me, I'm just getting some more underpants 
for John."
	"Shit!" I exclaimed. "I didn't hear you walk in!"
	"There's no door, remember?" C.J. said, pointing to the bare 
hinges along the door frame.
	C.J. then looked at me lying there on John's bed, embarrassed that 
she walked in on me while I was jerking off.
	"It's okay, Danny," she said. "You're a boy, just like my brother. 
He does it all the time and he doesn't mind if I see him doing it."
	"Really?" I said.
	"It's not like you're exposing anything that I can see," C.J. 
said. "I can't even tell when you're hard with all that underwear on." 
C.J. then turned around, as if to leave, and then she turned around 
	"But I know you are, anyway," she added.
	With this, C.J. then left from John's room with a big armful of 
underpants. I continued to lie on John's bed waiting for my body to cool 
	A few minutes later John was finished getting "diapered." He came 
back into his room. His underwear looked even thicker and he had more 
pins stuck into it.
	"Forty-five!" John exclaimed while he turned around and slapped 
his own butt. "I'm wearing forty-five pairs!"
	"Wow!" I said. I knew that hearing this would have normally made 
me hard again, but I had exhausted everything I had.
	C.J. then left the house and said, "bye guys, have fun!"
	"Where's she going?" I asked.
	"Dawn's house. Dawn is her friend," John said.
	"What about my pants?" I said.
	"I'll bring them back to you, okay?" C.J. said. "They're at Dawn's 
	"I hope so," I said nervously, hoping that she'd bring my pants 
back to me before my Mom came to pick me up.
	"Maybe I can wear some of your pants in case she doesn't come 
back," I said.
	"That's my only pair," John said.
	"You have only one pair of pants?" I said. This corroborated my 
observation that John always wore the same pants to school.
	"That's all I need," he said. "And they're at Dawn's house, too."
	"Maybe you could call your Mom and have her bring me some pants 
from the thrift store," I said.
	"She'll bring them back, I promise," John assured me. "She likes 
to play these games, so just go along with them. She'll probably wait 
until the last possible moment to bring them back."
	"And if my Mom shows up early?" I asked.
	"Then that would be a good time to let her know what you like to 
do over here. Think about how easy it would be for you if you were 
allowed to do what I do," John said.
	"Yeah, that's true," I said as my feelings of envy towards John 
resurfaced. "I think about this all the time, in fact. I know my parents 
would never go for it or understand why I'd want to wear a bunch of 
underpants and poop in them, maybe pee in them, like a diaper. Actually, 
peeing in them is kind of fun, too."
	"I think it's fun," John said. "But there's something else I 
should tell you," he said.
	"What's that?" I asked.
	"I'm incontinent because of all of this."
	I hadn't ever heard the word "incontinent" before. I asked John 
what it meant.
	"It means I can't hold it anymore," he said. "Even if I didn't 
have all these underpants on I would be peeing and pooping without 
	"How did this happen?"
	"Just from wearing all these underpants all the time. You stop 
using those muscles and your body gets used to just doing its thing on 
its own," he said.
	"How do you feel about this?" I asked John.
	"I think it's great!" John said with a seemingly indelible smile. 
"It gives me the perfect excuse to wear my underpants like this!"
	John and I had some cereal for breakfast and then we played with 
some if his Legos. The time had passed rather quickly from this point. I 
looked at my watch and it said 12:20.
	I hope C.J. makes it back soon," I said with a worried tone in my 
	"You've got forty minutes still," John said. "Relax."
	"I need time to clean up," I said. "I took a big dump a few 
minutes ago."
	It was hard for me to relax and enjoy my underpants while waiting 
for my Mom to show up, hoping that C.J. would get there first, and 
hopefully with my pants. The time was 12:40 and I was afraid my Mom 
would show up early. I was wearing three dozen briefs and there was a 
big, stinky mess underneath them.
	"I'd better at least go get cleaned up," I said as I pulled the 
plastic pants off of me. I started taking the pins out of my underpants. 
I then started removing them. Only the top pairs were dry as the rest of 
them were wet from soaking up my pee.
	At this moment C.J. came walking in with my pants. C.J. could see 
that I was frantically trying to get my underpants off.
	"Sorry that I'm late," she said. "I knew you had to get going by 
1:00, but Dawn likes to talk and she's quite the gabster!"
	"May I have my pants, please?" I asked her politely as I continued 
taking my underpants off.
	"Here!" she said as she tossed them to me.
	"You'd better get them on quick, since your Mom just pulled up."
	"Shit!" I said. I had no time to clean up and no time to take any 
more underwear off. If anything, I needed to keep them on so that they 
could contain the mess that I made inside of my briefs.
	I still had on close to two dozen pairs. I hoped my pants would 
fit. Not a chance!
	"Damn!" I said as I took my pants back off and pulled off some 
more underpants. I stripped off another six or seven pairs and then 
tried my pants again. I had one foot in the first pants leg when the 
doorbell rang. I hurriedly finished putting my pants on, just barely 
able to get them to fit over my underpants, which were still quite 
thick. I had to leave the fly undone. I pulled my shirt down and hoped 
my Mom wouldn't notice my open fly.
	C.J. decided it was safe for her to open the door now.
	"Danny, you ready?" my Mom asked me as she stared into the house.
	"I just need to get my shoes on," I said. John ran back to his 
bedroom and got them for me. Mom looked at him as he came out to the 
front room, giving Mom another good show of his "diapered" state.
	"See you Monday," I said to John as I followed Mom to the car. 
"Thanks for having me over!"
	I took the front seat next to Mom. I felt very nervous as I sat 
there with my hand over my front, trying to hide my opened fly. Even 
more, I was worried that my Mom would smell the poop that was still 
inside my underpants. I left the window rolled down.
	"Put your window up," Mom said. "It's not that hot out. In fact, 
it's kind of cool."
	"Sorry," I said. "I'm just kind of hot myself," I said. I rolled 
up my window, hoping that in the remaining mile to our house that the 
smell wouldn't get too strong. No such luck.
	"What's that I'm smelling?" Mom said.
	"I dunno," I said. "I can't smell anything." It was a lie, of 
course, but I knew it would work since my Mom was always telling me that 
she could smell things that I couldn't detect.
	"It really stinks, whatever it is," Mom said.
	"Well, I might have picked something up from John's house, since 
it smells pretty bad there," I said.
	"It must," my Mom said. "I could smell it just standing at the 
door. I don't see how you could stand it in there."
	We got home and my Mom reminded me to get going on raking the 
leaves. She also told me to run in and get my jacket as it was a cloudy, 
cool, blustery early autumn day. At first I was going to try changing 
out of my messy underpants, but seeing that the jacket came down over my 
unfastened pants and that I was just going back outside anyway, I 
decided to leave my poopy underpants on for awhile. I went to work on 
raking the yard and piling the leaves up and getting them bagged. This 
took the better part of the afternoon.
	While I was working I felt myself needing to pee and poop again. 
The damp underpants had already made my pants wet, but as they were dark 
pants this wasn't readily noticeable. Having my "diapers" on and that 
they were already dirty, I decided to go right there and then. The 
thought of peeing and pooping myself where I was gave me an intense 
hard-on. With this I let out a wet, messy poop and I peed along with it, 
adding to the mess.
	A couple minutes later I resumed working. I then realized that I 
had overestimated the absorbency capacity of the underpants that I had 
on. My pants were soaked. I could feel the poop all over my butt and up 
in my crotch. I looked at my watch and it said 3:00. I knew that Mom 
would leave in a half hour to help my Dad close the drugstore as they 
closed at 4:00 on Saturdays.
	I figured that I could wait a half hour and continue working. I 
still had half of the back yard to do, so while wearing my piss- and 
shit-filled pants I kept raking. As 3:30 rolled around I heard Mom start 
the car.
	"Yes!" I thought as I now had the opportunity to go clean myself 
up. I ran straight to the bathroom and stripped myself completely naked. 
I jumped into the shower and rinsed myself off. Upon getting back out of 
the shower I realized that Rena had come in. I heard her talking on the 
phone in the kitchen. I had to pass through the kitchen in order to get 
from the bathroom to my bedroom. Dammit!
	I decided to toss my soiled pants and underwear out the bathroom 
window and retrieve them when I went back outside to finish raking the 
leaves. As for getting to my bedroom, I had to put on the outermost pair 
of underwear and wear them to my bedroom along with my shirt. I knew 
Rena would laugh since she hadn't seen me in my underwear since my Mom 
told me that I couldn't go around the house wearing it anymore. The 
hardest part would be to explain why I was taking a shower just to go 
back out and rake the leaves again.
	Quickly I made a beeline from the bathroom to my bedroom. 
Naturally my sister looked at me while I went past her.
	"Did Mom say you could start going around in your underwear 
again?" Rena asked me. I ignored her and shut the door. I got myself 
dressed and I went back out to finish the leaves. First I picked up my 
soiled pants and underwear and brought them back into the house, 
carrying them in a garbage bag. I threw them into the wash at the same 
time, forgetting that washing colors and whites together was a laundry 
	Rena then came out to the washroom and asked me how I was doing.
	"Fine," I said nervously.
	"How was your sleepover at John's house?" Rena then asked me.
	"We had fun," I said.
	"John's sister goes to my school," Rena said.
	"I know, she told me that she knows you, too," I said.
	"C.J. and I have a couple classes together. She's a nice girl."
	"She is," I remarked. Rena then changed the subject.
	"Since when do you do your own laundry?" Rena asked me.
	"I decided to be more responsible for my own chores," I said.
	"That's good," Rena said. She then lifted the lid. I cringed as I 
was afraid she might see my soiled underwear. Actually, John's soiled 
	"Danny, Danny, Danny," Rena said as she reached in.
	"Oh God!" I thought to myself. I knew for sure she had caught me 
now. She pulled my pants out of the wash. Fortunately my pants were wet 
enough to mask any immediate evidence of the mess that was in them.
	"Don't wash your pants and your underwear together, unless you 
want to wear blue underwear, and I know you like to wear it white since 
it's all I ever saw you wear."
	"Saw," I thought to myself. Past tense. How I wished I could make 
things present tense again and be like John, too, wearing nothing but 
lots of underpants around the house all day long, using them like a 
diaper. I was not ready to make any sort of confession at this moment.
	"Let's set these aside and wash them later," Rena said as she laid 
my wet pants on top of the dryer. I was very relieved that she hadn't 
noticed any smells or stains.
	"Thanks for the advice," I said.
	"Good thing those aren't red pants, since you'd get pink underwear 
if you did that, and I somehow doubt that you'd ever want to wear pink 
	"Doesn't really matter now, I suppose," I said.
	"Well, you have P.E. class, and you wouldn't want them to see you 
in pink underwear there," Rena remarked.
	"That's true," I said. "It's just that Mom said I'm too old to go 
around the house in my underwear now. Do you think I am?"
	"I dunno," she said. "Why do you ask?"
	"Just, ahh, never mind," I said.
	"C.J. says John goes around in his underwear all the time, right 
after school until the next day and all weekend long. He's your age, 
	"Yeah, he is. Did C.J. say anything else about John?"
	"She doesn't talk about him a whole lot. She says he's weird, but 
then, I say that about you, too."
	"Rena!" I said defensively. "Don't call me weird!"
	"Well, you are!" she said. "For example, why did you take a 
shower?" Rena asked me. Quickly I had to think of an answer.
	"Because I got dirty raking leaves," I said. Well, in a manner of 
speaking, I did, in fact, get myself dirty, I just wasn't going into 
	"Are you done raking?" she asked.
	"No," I said.
	"Then why did you shower now?"
	"I just felt like it," I said.
	"See, like I said, Danny, you're weird, just like C.J.'s little 
brother, Gina's little brother Justin, you're all weird."
	Rena left the laundry room at this point, as did I. I went back 
out to finish raking the leaves before Mom and Dad got home.

WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN: PART 9- Justin and His Sisters

	Ever since I had my first sleepover at John's house the night 
before all I wanted to do was wear my underpants in multiples all the 
time like John did. While it didn't compromise our newly formed 
friendship in any way, it did make me feel jealous that John has been 
getting to wear his underpants in multiples all day in the presence of 
his family all of his life, while I had to keep all of this a secret and 
could only reminisce on having a few occasions of being "diapered" in my 
underpants whenever I had diarrhea. How I wished I could go back in time 
and had another chance. I would have pooped my underwear all the time 
and I would have denounced my toilet training. I was still only twelve, 
so it wasn't too late. The biggest dilemma I faced was how and when to 
make my move, and if doing this would produce the results that I wanted.
	I kept my multiple underpants on underneath my pants for the rest 
of the afternoon. My Mom and Dad came home from their store. Dad thanked 
me for raking the leaves and he paid me my weekly allowance.
	"So are you going to Justin's house tonight?" my Mom asked me.
	"Oh yeah, that's still on," I said. I then went into my bedroom 
and packed my bag. I had the door closed since I didn't want anyone to 
see what I was planning to take with me to Justin's. I was so excited 
about this multiple-underpants thing that I could barely contain myself 
and control my urges! I got out my duffel bag, which had proven itself 
to be big enough to hold five day's worth of clothes when I went on a 
trip with my grandparents earlier this summer to see my great uncle. I 
unzipped it and then, with reckless abandon, I went to my underwear 
drawer and grabbed as many pairs of underwear as I could fit into the 
bag without making it look too obvious. I must have thrown two dozen 
pairs into the bag. I then threw in a clean shirt and a pair of socks.
	At this point I had to make a decision on whether or not to take 
my pajamas. I was so tempted to strut around in front of Justin's 
sisters in my thickened-up underpants just to see how they would react. 
I also wanted to try again to explain to Justin how I felt about wearing 
several pairs of underpants together like a diaper. Now that I had told 
him about it once, I figured he wouldn't be as shocked or surprised. Not 
only this, but I was too far into this whole thing to resist the urge.
	At Justin's house, everybody had to be ready for bed by 9:00 on 
weekends, including guests. I had always worn my pajamas when I stayed 
over there because I didn't feel comfortable enough to go around in my 
underwear as an invited guest. Of course once we were sent to bed and I 
was in Justin's bedroom I immediately stripped off my pajama bottoms and 
just wore my underwear after that. Both Justin and his five-year-old 
brother Christopher chose to wear just their underwear, at least during 
the summer. Justin always wore just his underwear, regardless of how hot 
or cold it was outside.
	I decided that I would burn my bridge and leave the pajama bottoms 
behind. I grabbed my pajama tops and stuck them in the bag. I knew once 
I was out the door and down the street I was past the point of no 
return. My heart was racing as I thought about what I was about to do 
	At about 6:30 I called Justin and told him that I would be on my 
way over. When my mom saw how big and full my bag was, she asked me what 
all I was taking with me.
	"Just my clothes for tomorrow," I said.
	"And you're staying-- what-- *one* night?"
	"Yeah, unless you want me to stay tomorrow as well," I said. This 
remark went unacknowledged.
	"And you're two blocks away," Mom added. "It's not like you're 
going on a camping trip."
	"Well, I just thought I would take some MAD magazines, and some 
other things," I added at the end.
	"Whatever it is you're taking with you, I doubt you'll need it or 
use it while you're there," my Mom said.
	"I'll use it, I'll definitely use it," I thought to myself.
	I then left my house and walked to Justin's house. I showed up 
just in time for dinner. I was invited in and told that I could just 
take my bag into Justin's bedroom.
	Dinner was macaroni and cheese, Spam and green beans. I sat with 
Justin, his three sisters Gina, Kathy and Lori, and his little brother 
Christopher at the crowded table and ate dinner with them.
	We watched TV after that. They only had a black and white TV and 
no cable or VCR, either, so this limited our choices greatly. Knight 
Rider was on, and it was one of my favorite Saturday night shows, so I'm 
glad Justin's family liked this show as well. We also watched some Dukes 
of Hazzard reruns.
	While I was sitting there watching TV, I constantly thought about 
what would happen once 9:00 came around. I kept looking at both my watch 
and the clock on the wall in the kitchen, as if one timepiece was going 
to say anything different than the other.
	The moment had come at last. It was 8:55 according to Justin's 
Mom. I knew from my past experiences with staying at Justin's house that 
we had exactly five minutes to get ready for bed. She timed everything 
to the minute. Justin simply pulled his pants down in the living room 
and tossed them down to the end of the hall through his bedroom door at 
the end, along with his shirt. He was in just his white underpants and 
his socks now. I got a boner from looking at him, thinking of what he 
would look like if he were wearing another thirty-five pairs of 
	I hesitated as I thought about what I was going to do.
	"Well, go change, gotta be ready by 9:00," Justin reminded me. 
With this I went into his bedroom and closed the door. I turned on the 
light and thought about the situation I had purposely put myself in. I 
was so excited, yet so nervous at the same time. I was starting to have 
second thoughts about showing off my multiple underpants to Justin's 
sisters and his little brother, as well as Justin's mother. I thought 
about just going around in one pair and not drawing so much attention to 
myself. As I thought ahead I knew I would regret not doing this and wish 
I had.
	I knew that my time was running short, so I had to do something. I 
took off my pants and then, leaving my one pair of underpants on, I 
decided that since I had come this far and that this was what I was 
planning to do, I would proceed with carrying out my original 
intentions. I started putting my underpants on as quickly as I could, 
one pair at a time. My hard-on, which had stuck straight out while 
trying to poke through my one pair of briefs, was becoming increasingly 
contained and enshrouded in the thickening layers of underpants that I 
kept putting on.
	After I put on six pairs I decided to wear the next few in 
reverse, just like John did. I had put three of these on when suddenly 
the door behind me opened. I panicked and I turned around to see who it 
was. It was Christopher, who was only wearing his underpants.
	"Whoa!" I said to him. "What are you doing?"
	"Getting my pajamas," he said.
	"You don't need pajamas," I told him, hoping that I could 
encourage him to not only wear just his underwear, but perhaps to also 
try wearing them in multiples.
	Christopher looked at me from behind and he laughed.
	"Why is your underwear on backwards?" he asked, noting that the 
fly of my briefs was on my butt. Before I had a chance to say anything, 
he then noticed that I was wearing several pairs of underwear.
	"And why are you putting on so many?" he asked.
	"Uhh, I just wear them like this," I said.
	"Why?" he asked.
	"I just like to," I said.
	"You look funny!" Christopher said as he stared at me. I figured 
that he's seen me now, so I might as well keep putting them on. I put on 
three more pairs backwards and then put the rest of them on the right 
	"You ever do this?" I asked him as he watched me put more 
underwear on. I snapped several waistbands to draw more attention to 
what I was wearing.
	"No," he said.
	"You should try it sometime, it feels good."
	"It makes your butt look big!" he said with a laugh.
	I asked him, "How big?"
	"Really big!" he said. "You look like you're wearing a diaper!"
	I didn't want to tell Christopher that this was the intent, at 
least for the visual appeal and the way they felt on me, to say nothing 
of actually using my underpants like a diaper.
	"You used to wear diapers, didn't you?" I asked him.
	"Yeah, until I was four," he said.
	"Same thing for me," I said.
	"No, Danny, you STILL wear diapers!" he said while chuckling in 
the manner that only a five-year-old boy could do.
	"Okay," I said. "So maybe I look like I'm wearing a diaper."
	"I bet you go poo-poo in them!" he said.
	"You seem to be very interested in what my underwear looks like," 
I said to Christopher. "You sure you don't want to try this sometime?" I 
asked him.
	"My Mom would get mad if I did," he said.
	"Would you do it if your Mom didn't know about it?" I asked him. 
Christopher then just froze up, acting embarrassed somewhat, as if he 
wanted to answer "yes."
	I finished putting my underwear on. At this point Justin's Mom 
hollered for us.
	"Christopher! You'd better be ready for bed!"
	"I'm ready!" he shouted. He then opened the door. I quickly 
changed out of my regular shirt and into my pajama top. I hesitated as I 
thought about emerging from the room wearing twenty-one pairs of 
underpants, as it turned out I had brought along twenty pairs with me, 
plus the one I had on already. I pulled my pajama top down as far as it 
would go, but it left two-thirds of my briefs showing, that is, the 
surface of the outer pair.
	I appeared before Justin and the rest of his family wearing all my 
briefs. The girls were in their nightgowns. I was so nervous now and I 
was beginning to wish I hadn't done this.
	"Gee, Danny!" Gina commented. "Got enough underpants on?"
	"Yeah, why are you wearing so many?" Lori asked me. She then went 
up to me, lifted my pajama top and snapped some of the waistbands. This 
attention from her gave me a hard-on.
	"How many pairs are you *wearing?*" she asked.
	"Uhhh, twenty, give or take a few," I said.
	"I don't even *have* that many pairs of underwear!" Kathy said. 
"They look cute on you, Danny!"
	I looked at Justin. He didn't say a word and he looked like he was 
embarrassed by my actions.
	"Danny, if you don't want to keep getting teased by the girls, 
you'd be wise to take off all those underpants," his mother said.
	"Is it okay if I wear them like this?" I asked her.
	"I don't care, do what you want, it's your underwear. I'm just 
telling you that you're drawing a lot of attention to yourself right 
	"Doesn't he look like he's in diapers?!" Christopher said.
	"Yeah, we'll call him Diaper Danny!" Lori said.
	"Or diaper butt!" Gina said. "I always thought that boys look like 
they're wearing diapers when they're in their underwear!"
	"Well, whatever you do, Danny, just don't use your underpants like 
a diaper," Justin's mother said. Justin's three sisters laughed at this 
	"When you need your diapers changed, Danny, just let me know," 
Lori said.
	I was feeling more regretful than anything else of exhibiting 
myself like this. I really wished I had stopped myself and not become so 
consumed in the excitement of showing everyone in Justin's family that I 
liked to wear my underwear in multiples like a diaper.
	After the excitement died down we got out some board games and 
played these until about 11:00. By then I was tired anyway. When Justin 
and I went to his bedroom we talked.
	"What the hell did you do that for?" Justin asked me.
	"What? Wearing my underpants like this?"
	"Yeah," he said. "It really embarrassed me," he said.
	"I'm sorry, Justin," I apologized. "I guess I just got sort of 
carried away."
	A moment of heavy silence passed. It seemed to be an eternity 
during those few seconds.
	"You want to know why I do this?" I asked Justin.
	"Not really," he said.
	"Well, I gotta tell you anyway," I said. "You know John?"
	"Yeah, I know him. He does the same damn thing you do, and he 
shits in his underpants, too!"
	The silence returned. It was broken by Christopher opening the 
	"Stay out!" Justin yelled at him.
	"But I have to go to bed!" Christopher said.
	"In a minute!" Justin said. "We're talking!"
	"Mom says that we have to go to bed now!" Christopher said.
	"Go brush your teeth!" Justin told him.
	"I already did."
	"Go brush them again!" Justin told his brother just to make him 
leave. He left for a few minutes.
	"Don't tell me you shit your underpants, too!" Justin said.
	"Well, I used to," I said. "And whenever I did, this is how it was 
handled," I explained. "I'd have to wear all my underpants like this, 
like a diaper."
	"So why are you doing it now?" Justin asked me.
	"Well, I dunno, it's just something that sort of stayed with me," 
I explained. "I guess I've always sort of wanted to wear diapers, you 
know, and this is the next best thing."
	"I'll never understand you, Danny," Justin said. Justin then 
climbed into his bed while I took the floor and some blankets, which 
served as my bed.
	"Okay, I tried to tell you this before, and you thought I was 
weird," I said.
	"And I still do," Justin replied back.
	"I thought maybe this time you might understand, since I told you 
about it before."
	Justin didn't say a word. The silence came back once again.
	"Are we still friends?" I asked Justin insecurely.
	"Maybe," he said.
	"I'm sorry, Justin, I really am," I apologized profusely. He 
didn't reply.
	"Will you accept my apology?" I asked him.
	"Yeah, I guess," he said.
	"So are we still friends then?"
	"Yeah," he said. This relieved me of a lot of tension.
	"But this is your last sleepover here," Justin added.
	"Okay," I said, accepting the consequences of my behavior. "Are 
you still gonna come to my house?"
	"Maybe," he said. "But probably not for sleepovers," he said. "I 
can't imagine sleeping in the same room with someone who shits in his 
underwear on purpose."
	"I didn't say that I still do it," I said.
	"You didn't say that you don't do it, either," Justin said. "I'm 
going to sleep."
	"Good night," I said as Justin reached over to the light switch 
from his bed and turned off the light. After the light went out, 
Christopher came into the room and climbed into his bed.
	For what seemed like half the night, I wallowed in my guilt and my 
fear of possibly having destroyed another friendship, this coming on the 
heels of Kurt's recent cessation of his friendship with me. Now it 
seemed like John would be my only close friend at this point.
	Even in spite of my guilt I managed to get myself aroused enough 
to jack off. Justin was asleep as evidenced by his snoring. Christopher 
was across the room and he was too young to have any idea what I was 
doing had he been awake, so I brought myself to ejaculation as I thought 
about going back to John's house and having all my sleepovers there from 
now on. Likewise, he would probably be my only friend at school now, 
	The morning after felt especially awkward as I could only imagine 
what everyone thought of me now. Having such first thoughts upon waking 
that morning really had an impact on me.
	While I lay there on the floor I realized that I had to pee and 
poop. After having thought about the reception that I got from Justin 
and his family for just wearing my underpants in multiples like a 
diaper, I couldn't imagine what they would think if I actually did poop 
in them. I had no plastic pants on, so I couldn't pee.
	I figured that I had nothing to lose at this point, so, in spite 
of what my conscious was telling me otherwise, temptation overcame me 
and I let my load fill my underpants. I knew that at that point it was 
too late. My underpants were soiled and the air around me stank. I 
jacked off at the same time and enjoyed a morning quickie. As my 
feelings subsided, I was overwhelmed by guilt and fear.
	I decided to get up and go use the toilet to pee. While I was in 
there I took all my underpants off and examined what I had done. I made 
an even bigger mess than I thought. I tried to clean myself up the best 
I could, using the rest of the toilet paper that was on the roll. I 
rummaged around to find a new roll, but I couldn't find one. I figured I 
was clean enough. I flushed the toilet and it was barely able to swallow 
the big pile of poopy wadded toilet paper in the bowl.
	I put on three pairs of underwear so that they could absorb the 
residual layer of poop that was still on my buttocks. I carried the rest 
of my underwear, clean and dirty, back into Justin's room and put them 
away. Justin was awake and he saw that I had pooped in my underwear.
	"You did it, didn't you?" Justin said to me.
	"Yeah," I said with guilt.
	"I figured as much," he said.
	Without saying anything else, I put my pants on and then my shoes, 
and then my jacket.
	"See ya," I said to Justin as I left his room. While I was coming 
up the hall, Christopher bumped into me.
	"Are you leaving?" he asked me.
	"Yeah," I said. "I'll see you later, maybe," I said to him.
	Before reaching the front door, Justin's sisters asked me where I 
was going. Lori was sitting on the couch reading the Sunday comics. Gina 
and Kathy were sitting at the table eating breakfast. Their mother had 
already left for work.
	"Where are you going?" Gina asked me.
	"Home," I said as I hung my head low. "Sorry about last night."
	"Just wait until I tell Rena!" Gina said.
	"No, please, don't," I said to Gina.
	"Why not?" she said. "She'll think it's funny!"
	"Please don't tell her, okay?"
	Gina didn't say another word. Lori caught the smell from my pants.
	"Phew, Danny, you really did poop your underpants, didn't you?" 
Lori said to me.
	I just nodded my head.
	"I told you if you need changed, then let me know."
	"You were kidding, right?" I asked her.
	"Take your pants off," Lori said to me. I headed for the door. 
Lori got up and stood before the door. She wouldn't let me past her.
	"Gina! Kathy! Come help! Don't let Danny get away!"
	I ran for the back door, but Kathy made sure I didn't get past it, 
either. I ran back to the front door, but Lori charged toward me. Gina 
and Kathy were behind me. They had me surrounded and they wrestled me to 
the floor. Gina then got a hold of some handcuffs and put them around my 
wrists and then locked me into them. I couldn't fight her and the other 
girls off. They had my wrists secured. I was now at the mercy of these 
three girls.
	Lori took my pants off for me and made me step out of them. Only 
because I was somewhat enjoying this did I not try to fight it.
	"Where did you get handcuffs?" I asked the girls.
	"One of Mom's boyfriends had them," Gina said. "Now Mom uses them 
on us when she spanks us." This seemed to make sense. I hoped that they 
weren't going to spank me.
	"Why did you put handcuffs on me?" I asked.
	"So you wouldn't get away," Lori said as she had my pants off. She 
pulled back my three pairs of underpants and examined the contents.
	"Ewww yuck! Danny's all poopy!" she said. "Let's get you cleaned 
	Lori then escorted me into the bathroom.
	"You were in here earlier, I can tell," Lori said as she looked 
into the toilet.
	"Step into the bathtub," she told me. I did as she said. She then 
pulled off my three pairs of pooped-covered underpants and exposed my 
erect penis.
	"You like this, I see," she said as she noticed how hard I was. In 
a way I was glad that it was Lori doing this to me. I always had a crush 
on her, but I never told Justin this. I liked the extra attention she 
was giving the sexually sensitive areas of my body while she cleaned me 
up. In fact I almost came.
	Lori then dragged me out to the front room again and I was naked 
from the waist down. She had my soiled underpants in her other hand. I 
was very embarrassed as I appeared naked before the other two girls as 
well as Christopher, who could only sit and watch all of this. Lori then 
took off the handcuffs so that she could get my jacket off of me as 
well. I thought that my hands would remain free, but she cuffed them 
back up.
	Where's the rest of your underpants that you were wearing before?" 
Lori asked.
	"Probably in his bag," Gina said as she unzipped it.
	"Here they are!" Gina said as she found my underpants. "Here's 
some more that he got dirty!"
	"Fine, we'll put them on him first," Lori said. She started with 
the pairs of underwear that I had pooped in, then she topped these off 
with the three pairs that I had on before I was stripped of them. Then, 
Lori started putting my underpants back on me. I felt them get thicker 
and thicker and thicker. The pressure of the waistbands became tighter 
and tighter. Pretty soon Lori had me back to wearing the twenty-one 
pairs and I was very well-padded once again.
	"Now he looks like he's diapered!" Lori said as she patted my 
butt. "He should be, since he likes to poop in his underwear!"
	"Too bad we can't get him some real diapers," Kathy said.
	"This is fun!" Gina said. She then looked over at Christopher.
	"Maybe we should do it to you sometime!" she said to him.
	"No, no, not me!" Christopher said with an embarrassed laugh as he 
backed away.
	"We'll get you next!" Kathy said to her little brother.
	Justin had gotten up and he was dressed.
	"What is going on?" he asked.
	"Let's just say that we wouldn't let Danny get away with what he 
did," Lori said. Justin was putting his jacket on.
	"Where are you going?" Gina asked him.
	"Going to see Kurt," he said.
	"So, how long are you going to keep me like this?" I asked 
Justin's three sisters.
	"Until you let me call your sister and tell her to come over, 
"Gina said to me.
	"So what if I don't?" I said.
	"Well, then we'll just keep you like this," Gina said.
	The last thing I wanted was for Rena to see me in the situation 
that I was in. I had to find some other way out of this. There was 
nothing I could do since my hands were still cuffed.
	For the next hour I remained like this, sitting on the floor in 
twenty-one pairs of underwear. I had to pee and poop and I had no choice 
but to let it go. My underpants functioned just as a diaper would and 
they absorbed the pee. My fly fronts were soaked yellow. The poopy mess 
filled the back of my underpants. Justin's three sisters were satisfied 
with seeing that I had used my "diapers."
	"You'd better have me call Rena," Gina said to me. "Those 
underpants, as thick as they are, aren't going to hold out much longer, 
and you're getting the carpet wet."
	I didn't think there was any other way to end this, so I decided 
to let Gina call Rena over.
	"Okay, Rena, see you in a little bit!" Gina said on the phone to 
my sister.
	"Oh, and bring a camera!" Gina said with a smile as she hung up 
the phone.


	Within a few minutes Rena was at Justin's house. I ran and hid in 
Justin's room before Rena came into the house. Having my hands bound I 
used my foot to open the closet door and then I closed it. I stood there 
and hid for as long as I could. It wasn't long before I heard Gina and 
Rena come into the bedroom. The closet was too obvious, and sure enough, 
the door slid open. I froze as I stood there in wet and soiled 
underpants, staring at my sister.
	"Danny!" she exclaimed. She laughed as she took a look at my 
underpants. "What are you doing in your underwear like that?"
	"It's not the first time you've seen me like this," I said 
	"I never saw you wearing *that* many pairs before!" Rena said as 
she continued to laugh. She tugged at the top few waistbands to examine 
the thickness of my briefs. "Wait'll Mom finds out about this!"
	"I don't want Mom to know!" I said.
	"She's gonna know, Danny, face it," Rena said.
	"Look, I don't know how to explain this," I said.
	"Gina's told me all about it already," Rena said. I was still 
standing in the closet. Rena then suddenly snapped a picture of me with 
the camera she had brought along. I wanted to charge towards her and 
take the camera out of her hands and destroy the film, but I could not 
do such a thing as my hands were still in the cuffs. I came out of the 
closet and Rena took some pictures of my much "diapered" butt. I didn't 
want my face showing in the pictures, but I wasn't able to cover my face 
with my hands, so I had no choice but to turn my back to Rena, thus 
giving her a perfect opportunity to get pictures of my rear end.
	"You look even cuter from behind!" Rena said. "I forgot how much 
it looks like you're in a diaper from back there!" She then examined my 
butt and saw that I had pooped in my underpants.
	"Maybe this time Mom will get you some real diapers!" Rena 
commented. "This will surely convince her! At least you won't have to 
wear your entire underwear drawer around anymore!"
	At this point Rena and Gina escorted me out of Justin's bedroom 
and back out into the main room.
	"Should we give him his pants back yet?" Lori asked as she held 
them up.
	"Nah, he hasn't needed them all day, so why should he get them 
now?" Gina said.
	"Gimme my pants!" I whined.
	"What good are they gonna do?" Rena asked me. "Your underwear's 
all wet, and your pants won't fit over all your underwear anyway!"
	"Then take my hands out of these cuffs!" I demanded.
	Rena and Gina were then discussing something, whispering to each 
other and laughing.
	"Come on!" I whimpered. "Take these cuffs off of me!" Surely they 
felt I had enough tormenting by now.
	"Okay, but on one condition," Rena said.
	"What's that?" I asked.
	"You have to walk home like that," she said. "In your underwear! 
Or your diapers, whatever you want to call them!"
	"And what if I don't?" I asked.
	"Then those cuffs stay on," she said.
	"What about my pants?" I asked.
	"You're not getting them back, Danny," Rena said.
	"Aww, come on!" I whined again.
	"Nope, too late, brother," Rena said.
	"Why are you doing this to me?" I asked, nearly crying at this 
point. "What did I do to you?"
	"Lots of things, Danny. Now's my chance to get even!"
	There was little else I could do. My hands were finally freed from 
the handcuffs. I was allowed to take my bag with me, but all that was in 
it were my socks, my shirt from the day before, and my pajama top.
	"Now I see why you brought such a big bag over," Rena said. "To 
hold all this *underwear* that you have on now!" she said as she grabbed 
a handful of underwear seats layered together covering my butt.
	At this point Rena and I left from Justin's house. I was so 
embarrassed now by having to go outside. The fact that it was probably 
45 to 50 degrees outside didn't make things any better. The neighbor 
kids were out playing. They looked at me and laughed, especially the 
girl, who was about five years old. The two boys also stared at me, but 
they didn't laugh so much. Perhaps it was because last summer they went 
around in just their underwear most of the time, or training pants for 
the younger boy, who was about four then. Perhaps they were used to 
being dressed this way themselves.
	All I wanted to do was get home, but then I knew that once I was 
there, I would have some serious explaining to do to my Mom. All the way 
home Rena asked me questions about why I decided to wear all my 
underpants and embarrass Gina as well as Justin.
	"I can't help it," I said. "Ever since Mom made me wear all my 
underpants for having accidents, I've wanted to do it." I didn't want to 
explain to Rena that I had an inclination for wanting to wear diapers 
before that even.
	"Why?" Rena asked. "Isn't that gross to sit in your own shit like 
	"To you it probably is," I said.
	"But you like it," Rena said to me, pressing for an affirmative 
	"I like how it looks and feels, that is, the feeling when you wear 
it," I said.
	"You are the weirdest brother anyone could have," Rena sighed as 
she looked at me once again.
	"So why did you pee and poop in your underwear in front of Gina 
like that?" Rena asked me, pressing for an answer.
	"I was in handcuffs! What else could I do?" I shouted helplessly.
	"Gina told me that you pooped in them once before," Rena said.
	"What do you think Mom's gonna do?" I asked.
	"Hopefully diaper your butt like she should have done the first 
	"You mean with real diapers?" I asked.
	"Yep!" Rena said back to me. "Big, white thick ones that you won't 
be able to take off! Mom will make sure they're nice and thick so we 
won't have to see and smell your shit all day!"
	"What'll you think Dad will say?" I asked.
	"He won't be happy with you, I know that," Rena said.
	I felt my heart racing as we approached our house. I ran for the 
door and made a quick dash through the living room, then through the 
kitchen and finally, to the safe haven of my bedroom, hoping that nobody 
noticed what I was wearing and not wearing. Dad was in the den watching 
football and Mom was reading a magazine. They looked up when they saw me 
streak by, probably seeing a blur of white socks, bare legs and white 
	Once I was in my room I started stripping off my underpants. While 
doing this I vowed to try to get rid of these strange urges of wanting 
to pee and poop in my underpants pretending that they're a diaper. It 
was proving to be too much trouble now and would only cause me more 
trouble as long as I had these feelings. I finally got all my underwear 
off and I was a stinky, wet mess. I didn't have time to clean up, so I 
put on three pairs of underpants to absorb the mess on my butt. I then 
put some pants on. I stayed in my room and waited to face the music.
	During this time Rena had explained everything to my Mom and Dad. 
I could hear them all talking out in the kitchen. A moment later 
somebody knocked on my door.
	"Son, get out here!" my Dad shouted through the door. "We need to 
	My heart felt like it was about to explode now. I knew that I was 
going to be in for it now. My dad summoned me to the kitchen table and 
he pulled back a chair.
	"Have a seat," my dad said sternly as he directed me to the chair 
I was to sit in. I sat down and felt the congealed layer of poop coated 
on my butt squish around. I could still smell it. I was glad to at least 
see that Rena wasn't also sitting in on this discussion. She was sitting 
in the easy chair just beyond the walkway that led into the living room, 
but still within earshot.
	"Son, just what is the meaning of this?" my Dad asked me sternly, 
staring me straight in the eyes.
	"Meaning of what?" I asked.
	"You damn well know what, boy!" my Dad replied as he slammed his 
hand down on the table. I cringed as I was fearful of his angry tone.
	"Rena told us all about what you did at Justin's house last 
night," my Mom said while scowling at me.
	"Tattle tale!" I shouted so that Rena could hear me.
	"Hey!" Dad scolded me. "You talk only when we say you can talk, 
	"Yes, Dad," I said.
	"You don't have to tell me what you did over there, Danny. Rena 
told me enough of it. Why did you do this?" Mom asked me.
	"I guess I just wanted to, I suppose," I said. "It sounded like it 
would be fun."
	"You embarrassed Justin, and from what I understand he's not your 
friend anymore, and now you've lost Kurt over this whole thing as well. 
It seems that John's really been influencing you lately."
	"Mom! It's not--"
	"Don't interrupt your mother!" my Dad said.
	"You embarrassed Justin, you embarrassed Gina, you embarrassed 
Lori, Kathy, everyone," Mom said. "You should be ashamed of yourself."
	"I'm sorry," I said. "I know I got carried away with it."
	"Yes, you most certainly did," my mother said. Suddenly the room 
became silent except for the hum of the fluorescent light above the 
kitchen table. Nobody was talking and I had a lot of thoughts running 
through my mind.
	"Can I talk for a moment?" I asked.
	"Sure, son, go ahead," my Dad said.
	"You're probably blaming John for all this, I suppose," I said 
	"We figured he had something to do with it, yes," my Mom said.
	"Well, after seeing that he, you know, put his underpants on like 
a diaper and used them that way, well, I got all excited and wanted to 
be like him, too."
	My Mom and Dad said nothing. They could tell that I wanted to say 
	"Go on, we're listening," my Mom said.
	"Well, I just want you to know that it isn't only John that made 
me feel like doing what I did," I continued. "I've always felt this way. 
You remember when I had accidents and I had to wear my underwear that 
	"Oh yes, of course we remember," my Mom said.
	"Well, I know you meant for it to be a punishment, not so much 
that I had to use my underpants like a diaper, but just so that I had to 
look like I was wearing one, especially in front of Rena and Julie. Was 
that why you did this?"
	"That's part of the reason," my Mom said. "We did it because you 
*could* have made it to the toilet, but you just weren't doing it, no 
matter how much we'd scold you."
	"They were accidents," I contended.
	"Maybe some of them were accidents, but I just think you didn't 
mind pooping in your pants."
	"Okay, maybe some of them weren't accidents," I admitted.
	"We didn't know what else to do," my Dad said. "We thought about 
getting you some diapers, but then we figured that may have been going 
too far, and if you were in diapers, you'd never get them off to use the 
toilet, which was what we were wanting you to do in the first place."
	"I think this is why you were so hard to toilet train," my Mom 
said. "It took us forever to get you to use the potty, especially for 
bowel movements. You've always had a hard time with the toilet ever 
since then. We thought you might have stopped having accidents by the 
time you were five or six, but you kept at it. We figured that your 
underwear could work as a diaper, that way in case you had an accident 
you'd be covered, and you could still pull your underwear down if you 
made it to the toilet. And as you mentioned, looking like you were in a 
diaper in front of your sisters was part of the reason."
	"Well, I don't know how to tell you this," I said. "But I liked it 
when you did that to me," I confessed.
	"You didn't seem to mind it as much as we thought you would. We 
thought for sure you'd put up a big fuss. What did you like about it so 
	"It just felt good, and I liked how I looked in my underwear when 
I wore it like that," I said. I didn't want to mentioned that I liked 
how it felt to poop in my underpants, to say nothing of jacking off when 
I did this.
	"It goes back farther than this," I added. "I don't know why, but 
for as long as I can remember, I have liked something about wearing 
diapers. I like looking at other kids in diapers, if they're boys. I 
like looking at ads in magazines and TV."
	"I have noticed that these things seem to hold your attention," my 
Mom said. "I noticed you cut some pages out of the Sears catalog from 
the boys' underwear section, too. Now I think I understand why you did 
	There was more silence. I felt a little better that I had told my 
parents how I felt about wearing diapers and why I was engaging in such 
behavior. I confessed that I had been putting on extra pairs of 
underwear when going to bed every night. I didn't mention that I 
masturbated when I put all my underpants on. I had a feeling my parents 
knew that this behavior was driven by my young sexual impulses anyway.
	"So, is there anything else you want to tell us?" my Dad asked me. 
About ten seconds passed.
	"Well, not much else, I guess," I said. My parents could tell that 
I did want to say something else, so they waited patiently for me to 
speak again.
	"I just wished I had gotten to wear diapers, real diapers, for 
when I was having accidents," I said. I couldn't believe I told my 
parents this. Surprisingly, they seemed to understand.
	"Well, we came close, but since you didn't seem to keep having 
accidents, we didn't feel that getting you diapers was necessary. We 
figured they'd only encourage you to have more accidents."
	"So what are you going to do now?" I asked.
	"Well, son, your mother and I have been thinking, while sitting 
here listening to you tell us about your feelings. We feel that maybe 
you need to find out what it's really like to wear diapers."
	My heart must have skipped a beat or two. I couldn't believe what 
I was hearing! Were my parents really going to put me in diapers?
	"So, are you getting me some diapers?" I asked nervously.
	"We will, if this is what you really want," my Mom said.
	"I thought you were going to punish me," I said.
	"Well, I think it's only fair that we let you decide for yourself 
if you really want to go around wearing diapers all the time," my Mom 
	"Does this mean that I will be wearing real diapers?" I asked.
	"Yes. I'll get you some diapers tomorrow," my Mom said. I tried 
not to let my excitement show. I was ready to jump for joy. My 
excitement was tempered by my concerns for how this would be handled at 
	"What about school?" I asked my parents.
	"You'll only wear diapers at home," my Mom said. "I'm getting you 
cloth diapers, and your pants won't fit over them anyway," my Mom said. 
"So you're going to be wearing them in full view of your sisters and 
their friends."
	"So, how is this going to work?" I asked.
	"You'll wear diapers and only diapers at home for a month," Mom 
	"Do I get to wear a shirt?" I asked.
	"Yes, you get to wear a shirt, but no pants."
	"Okay," I said, feeling my dick get hard as I anticipated being in 
real diapers.
	"You will not use the toilet, period. This means no peeing in the 
toilet, either. You do realize, Danny that this means that you won't get 
to go anywhere after school or on weekends."
	"So I'm grounded?"
	"If you want to try wearing diapers for a month, then I suppose 
you are, more or less," Mom added.
	"So what happens after a month?" I asked.
	"Well, if you decide you want to wear diapers for good, then 
you'll have to wear them all the time. This includes school. If you 
don't want to wear diapers, then you'll have to give them up. I'm 
telling you this now so that you can think about it. Are you having 
second thoughts about it yet?"
	"No," I said. "I want to wear diapers."
	"Then diapers it is," my Mom said. My dad, who had sat silent for 
most of the discussion, nodded his head.
	At this point I was excused from the table and told to go wash 
myself off. After I was done I was told to go to my room and put on as 
many pairs of underwear as I could fit.
	"I promise that your diapers are going to be very thick, so you 
might as well get used to it. We also don't want to see or smell what 
you do in them, so the thicker, the better."
	I went into the bathroom to clean myself up. I stepped into the 
shower and washed the mess off my butt. While I stood in the shower I 
jacked off, which was one of the few times I played with myself directly 
handling my dick without having several pairs of underwear over it. I 
nearly came, but I decided to save it until after I had my underpants on 
	I went back to my room holding a towel around my naked body. I had 
a big hard-on again as I thought once again about finally getting some 
real diapers! I put on over two dozen pairs of underwear and I got them 
good and thick like I liked them and that I was told to wear anyway. I 
then lay on my bed and jacked off. After I rested up from masturbating 
so wildly I remained in my thick briefs and went out to the front room.
	Mom looked at me and asked me how many pairs I put on.
	"Two dozen," I said.
	"Go back and put on some more," my Mom said. "Between tonight and 
tomorrow we want you to get some idea of what it will feel like to wear 
thick diapers."
	"How thick are they going to be?"
	"A lot thicker than what you have on now, I can assure you," my 
Mom said emphatically. I felt my dick rising straight as its head lay 
pressed between my underwear and my waist.
	"They'll be a lot thicker than what is necessary, but mainly to 
draw attention to the fact that you're in diapers. That, and it will be 
nice to know that you won't need to be changed for long periods of time, 
so you might as well get used to wearing them while wet and dirty for a 
long time as well," my Mom added. "You might change your mind about all 
this by then, but it's already too late for that."
	I went back to my bedroom and put on another ten pairs of 
underwear, which was all I could get to fit. These pairs were stretched 
out a ways. They couldn't go up as high in the back, which made eight or 
nine waistbands show, revealing that there was lots more on underneath 
these as well. I was waddling by this point as I returned to the front 
	"That's better," my Mom said. "Your diapers will fit better and go 
up higher," she assured me as she noticed that I was trying to pull the 
top pairs up some more.
	I found the newspaper and read the comics. Rena was sitting across 
from me as she looked at my underpants bulging out from my crotch.
	"Getting a head start on wearing your diapers, I see," Rena said. 
"Mom told me that she's getting you some diapers tomorrow!"
	"Yeah, she is," I said.
	"I can't wait to see what you look like wearing them!" Rena 
	After I got done with the paper I called John to tell him about 
everything that happened since the sleepover at Justin's house. I spent 
an hour on the phone with him, telling him how I was going to get some 
real diapers tomorrow. He told me that he jacked off while listening to 
me tell him about getting diapers. This made me hard as well, knowing 
that I could arouse him by talking about my recent experiences and 
experiences yet to come.
	Later that evening I had to pee as well as poop. I had no plastic 
pants on, but I was just sitting in my room on the floor playing with my 
Legos, so if I got the floor wet it was no big deal.
	I sat back and let the pee flow out into the fly fronts of my 
briefs. I never realized that wetting my underpants could feel so good 
as well as pooping in them, the latter of which I was more accustomed 
to. I then rolled onto my back and spread my legs apart. Thinking that I 
was already in diapers, I rubbed my front and my crotch and intensified 
my hard-on while I shit into my briefs. It felt so good knowing that I 
wouldn't get in trouble for what I was doing now. It was a big dump that 
filled my crotch and smothered my balls in shit. I savored the odor, 
knowing that I was being such a nasty boy like I had often only 
fantasized about doing.
	My underwear was so wet in the front by this point. I didn't want 
to take it off, so to absorb the wetness, I went to my underwear drawer 
and put another three pairs on, which was as many as I could get to fit, 
ultimately pushing them to the limit. One pair even ripped. I then lay 
on my bed and jacked off again. I had shot most of my semen from jacking 
off just a couple of hours ago, so it came out dry, but it still felt 
	After I peed again the underwear was starting to become saturated 
in urine. When I asked my Mom if I could change, I was told "No. You 
will wear them until I think they're due for a change."
	As the day went on I continued to pee more into the underpants. 
The seat was now soaked in urine, and as it mixed with the poop, I 
really began to stink, especially as the urine odors became more stale. 
Rena kept complaining about the odors all over the house.
	"Remember, he's just having a trial run now, using what he already 
has for diapers," my Mom said. "His real diapers will absorb a lot more 
and he won't stink as much," Mom assured Rena. I then went back into my 
room to play some more.
	Rena then came into my room and joined me in playing with my 
Legos. She looked at the many layers of underwear in my crotch. I then 
got up and bent over in front of her, which I did on purpose just so she 
could see how heavily I was "diapered."
	"How many pairs are you wearing. Danny?" Rena asked me.
	"Uhh, thirty-four," I said.
	"You still stink," Rena said, knowing that I pooped in my briefs. 
"I hope your diapers will keep your smells in as well as your shit."
	When Rena left the room she said, "Danny's gonna get dia-pers! 
Danny's gonna get dia-pers!" She then got on the phone and called Gina 
to tell her about the latest developments. She also invited her to come 
over after school to see me in diapers, which I expected to be wearing 
after school tomorrow. I couldn't wait!

What Might Have Been, Parts 11-20