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Youtube Video List

Updated on February 10, 2008

Youtube is a web site that features video clips of all topics, many from amateur/home videos, and of course there are many videos that show diapers (though many of them are not fitting for this site). Unfortunately the videos can only be viewed online and not saved (to do this, go here for more information and resources.) The following are selected links to videos on Youtube that are related to wearing diapers. Not all diaper-related videos found on Youtube are listed (in fact, many of them aren't). If you start create a video of your own or find a video that would be relevant to this web site, please use the special form to have the link included in this list. Likewise, if a link becomes inactive, please use the form to let me know.
Info & Links for downloading Youtube videos and others provides an easy way to download and keep (hence the name) Youtube and other video files (Special thanks to "Spike" for this suggestion) Converts Youtube (.FLV) to AVI, MOV and other more universal formats online with no software downloads required. (Special thanks to "Jaime" for this suggestion)

TitleRun time
2006-09-12-walk with diaper only01:57walk with diaper only
Adam the power lifter 00:35My son lifts his first bag of diapers
Amazing Kid Skates at 2 Surfing Maniac!01:092 year old riding on a powell skateboard. No ramps just him and a board. I found him riding the board one morning
Amit's Video01:18Little Amit proudly prances in his diaper.
Badr - Don't Look At My Poo!00:20Arguement about who's turn it is to change a kid's poopy diaper
Booty Dance02:20Little boy in a diaper rocks out while brushing his teeth
brandon dump01:173 year old boy pooping
Changing diaper02:18Changing diaper
Changing Thomas's diaper 08/23/06 00:42It's an absolute nightmare to change Thomas's diaper. We hope that someday the tables are turned.
Comercial Pa¤ales Folt02:43some boys make a diaper commercial (Spanish I think)
Cousins 00:16jumping on the bed (boy is in diapers)
Crawling fast with diapers that don't fit him 07/21/06 00:16He's really perfected his crawling. Just nerding around and wreaking havoc, as usual.
Diaper Prank01:49Dad plays a prank on his son w/ a diaper
diaper 00:50chang the baby's diaper
Diaper Boys01:19Two toddler boys in diapers (possibly twins), look to be about two years old.
Diaper Dance 00:13Satchel Dancing to his favorite song, "24 Robbers".
The Diaper Dance 00:13Watch Law spin, march, and leap to classical music.
The Diaper Files: Talk 103:04Diaper clips from the show 'You Can't Do That On Television'
the Dirty Diaper Disposer 01:12My very first movie, from 5th grade in 1990. We had to imagine an invention and make a project to promote it. My partner and I both had baby brothers, and our invention was the Dirty Diaper Disposer. We made this commercial, and I became hooked on making films.
Drypantz - Aiman 00:19My first TV commercial. It isn't going to win a Cannes Lion anytime soon, but it is my baby, and I'm proud of it.
Drypers "Boxers" TV Commercial 00:16In this 2005 Drypers Diaper commercial, while all of Baywalk masses are sweating and uncomfy with the seemingly unmanageable heat, comes a dad (Marcel Austria) clean and fresh from nowhere...but with a hilarious catch!
Full Diaper02:01Duncan showing us what he can do with a full diaper.
Funny Commercial 00:34A baby gives away his diaper to his crying mom how cute
Diaper Ad03:01Funny Gr. 9 Diaper Ad For School
Goodnights 01:17A horrible spoof of the Goodnights disposable underpants commercial that's not even funny anymore.
GoodNites for Teens00:34A hilarious ad for bed wetting teenagers
Guy changing kid's diapers with his feet00:30
How a diaper is made04:08his clip is made by abena, they show how a diaper is made
How To Crank That Soulja Boy In Diapers #201:25
Huggies all N'Sync Back Street Boys in YO FACE, NOOKA... 00:32Yeah. Another 80s commercial! Huggies. Pop music. Hilarity. It must have been fun to poo in diapers in the 80s.
Huggies Pull-ups also for big boys01:44Huggies Pull-ups being used for their purpose.
Huggies Pull Ups 00:30The Huggies Pull Ups commercial from the 80's.
Huggies: The Video Game Commercial00:40Originally featured in an episode of "The Chris and Patrick Show", this all-new video game is coming to stores this holiday season!
Il Pedo funny diaper commercial 00:46Il Pedo funny diaper commercial ("Pedo" is the brand of the diaper, FYI)
light00:43Kid in GoodNites diaper having lightsaber battle w/somebody
little kid in 2 diapers 00:49we put a huggies over his pampers easy ups! to bad he wasnt alrdy wearing a huggies then it would have been bulkier and funnier!
LUVS commercial 00:2990's tv commercial featuring a scary talking diaper
The Mighty Heroes - theme 00:59 The Mighty Heroes, Strong Man ... Rope Man ... Cuckoo Man ... Tornado Man ... Diaper Man ... Together, they battled crime and evil as The Mighty Heroes in a fondly remembered 1960s Saturday morning animated superhero spoof.

The Mighty Heroes, a Terrytoons production, debuted on CBS, on Oct. 29, 1966. The series was created by Ralph Bakshi, whose later credits include the first animated version of Spider-Man, such features as Wizards, American Pop and Fritz the Cat, and a stint as creative director of Paramount's Famous Studios. The characters' voices were provided by Herschel Bernardi (Charlie Tuna) and Lionel Wilson (Tom Terrific).

The show lasted only one season, with 20 episodes. Afterward, its segments were re-run as part of the syndicated Mighty Mouse half-hour. Between 1969 and '71, about half of the episodes were released as theatrical cartoons. During the 1970s and '80s, they were syndicated separately, and appeared alongside Bugs Bunny and Popeye, in local kid programs all over America

The Mighty Heroes - Monsterizer 07:01See notes above
The Mighty Heroes - Plastic Blaster 06:59See notes above
Moma Gina01:07Momma Gina wants to babysit her little baby boy. Is that you?
My bro pooped all over da toilet.00:20my bro freakin took of his damn diaper and rubbed it all over the damn toilet seet. wut a reatard. and my bro just turned 3 like a month ago!!
Need some diapers00:25Alex asking for diapers for his baby.
No Pampers No Party 00:45A Parody of the Martini Advertising
OK Fine Whatever - DIAPER SCENE 01:36Sharlene sees Nash & Bayani wearing nothing but diapers!
Pamper Me 02:53Gag music video
Pampers Commercial 00:50From the year of 1967!
Pampers Commercial 199400:32Cute Pampers for boys Commercial from 1994.
peaced diaper 01:39a baby with a very special diaper, symbolism at its maximum expression.
Peter Diaper Dance01:203-Year Old dancing to Radiators while standing on top of major speakers, and eating so many swedish fish that his mouth looks to be in a demented smile
Playing at Water Spigot 00:19Miguel & Noah playing in their diapers, in the water at Avos house in portugal, Summer 06
Big Boy Diapers01:30prank call for diapers
The "Pull-Up" Costume00:55My son was being creative and I happened to have the camcorder in my hand when he got my attention.
Rilan and the 10lb diaper 00:33This is sooo funny.
Riley with Diaper and Water Hose 00:27Riley with Diaper and Water Hose
Run in Diapers02:29Neighborhood jog by diapered teenager.
Sean and his Giraffe Butt 00:09Sean with a giraffe stuck to his diaper
Shake Your Booty 00:39Kiernen shakes his heavily diapered bum. (There is no sound, but bellydancing music is playing in the background.
Spanish Anti-Drug 00:30Spanish anti drug video showing teens wearing diapers
Tae Bo Workout 01:01
Toddler boy in diapers00:25Stock Footage;Wide shot toddler boy in diapers putting on pair of denim shorts in bedroom
Too_Good00:41happy boy in pampers
tricycle01:07first trike
Underwear Stack - Funny Kid piles on underpants01:27Humorous kid gets ahold of a stack of underwear and piles it on!
Whole German family in diapers --:--
The Wipeout 00:41He was young, fast, and out of control. And when the smoke cleared one thing was for certain - he needed a diaper change.
Yellow and Naked 00:26Sasha says Yellow and Ethan takes his diaper off
You Can't Do That on Television Diaper Clips 207:16Just a YCDTOTV compilation of clips involving diapers or other babyish things.
Zensen is walking without his pants 00:37This video shows Zensen walking his first steps on my bed. His pants has dropped and he's walking in his diaper.

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