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Updated August 9, 2009

Many of us have had, at one time or another, at least a few opportunities to witness older children (age four or older) to be wearing diapers, either in public places or at other times when we were not expecting to see something like this ("Damn, I wish I had my camera with me!" is the thought that probably often comes to mind at times like these.) While such sightings may either go unnoticed, are given little thought to most observers, or that the observer feels some degree of contempt towards such a sighting, many, if not most of us who are diaper lovers, are far more appreciative of such sightings. Since a camera is usually not available at the time, or that we are unable to use such a camera-- either because we were with other people whom we did not want knowing our interests or that we would have not been able to take such a picture without getting spotted-- we often have to resign ourselves to photographing such sightings in our minds. Since current technology does not allow us to transfer visual thoughts to a physical medium, the best we can do is to describe in words what we saw, perhaps draw a picture of it.

Many of my email friends have told me about their diaper sightings, for which I have asked them to post the details of these sightings on this page. My own personal record, however, is very poor in spite of the fact that I worked in fast food for over six years and then in a large office supply store for another six years, both of which would presumably yield a relatively high potential for diaper sightings. To date, my best sightings are a time when I saw a boy who looked to be about six years old whose diaper was showing above his shorts. This happened while I was at a gas station. My other notable sighting was when I saw a four-ish looking boy wearing only thick cotton training pants and a shirt in the office supply store, accompanied by his older sister (fully dressed, of course). Then there was a time when I saw a three-ish looking boy in cloth diapers and plastic pants in the store, a rare sight in this day and age of disposable diapers. But he was only three, not quite as exciting as if I were to have seen a four-year-old boy like this; if he were six or eight this would have been even better. It is these rare post-toddlerhood sightings-- even for boys they are rare-- that are so priceless when we happen to be in the right place at the right time to see them. I have had the pleasure of seeing several boys age three and younger in diapers and I will certainly see many more, but at this age a child (especially a boy) is more likely to be in diapers, so it's not as big of deal, but still fun to see, nonetheless. Perhaps your luck has been better than mine.

I invite anyone who has any memorable diaper sightings to report to share such sightings on this site. As with the other sections of this site where readers may contribute material, there are some Guidelines, which are as follows:

  • Only send sighting stories involving boys wearing diapers.
  • Only send sighting stories where it was at least very certain or absolutely certain that diapers were being worn by the boy. Many of us have probably seen some kids whose behinds had that padded-up look, but there was no real proof that he was wearing diapers.
  • Only send sighting stories where diapers were seen or otherwise clearly evident. Please do not send pants-wetting or pants-pooping stories if diapers were not present. Yes, these are fun to witness, too, but I am only interested in situations where diapers were present. An exception I will allow here is if a pants-wetting or pants-pooping incident led to the boy being diapered or at least being threatened to be diapered.
  • Only send sighting stories involving boys who look to be at least four years old. I will allow for stories about younger boys if there are other notable details that you feel make it noteworthy. This is a very subjective area and I will be as open as I can. Basically, I'm just wanting to avoid getting several sighting stories about babies and younger toddlers (2 or younger) in diapers since these are relatively far more common.
  • "Diapers" may refer to anything that serves the function of a diaper, to contain bodily wastes. This includes Pull-Ups and other disposable training pants, cotton training pants, and any makeshift methods used for making diapers (i.e. extra pairs of underpants)
  • You may submit sightings from any time, whether it was today, last week, or if you remember seeing a boy running around in diapers from over 50 years ago.
  • You may submit as many entries as you like. If you have several separate sightings, please submit each one separately.

To clarify what a sighting is, basically, it is a chance encounter with seeing a boy in a public place or in someone else's home where it is evident that he is wearing diapers. It usually occurs when it is not expected. A sighting generally involves seeing a boy with whom you have little or no acquaintance at the time, though such a sighting could possibly initiate such an acquaintance with him and/or his family later on. Seeing a brother, cousin, friend, brother of a friend, or any other boy you already knows wears diapers is not a sighting. Finding out for the first time purely by chance that one of these people wears diapers, however, could be considered as a sighting. Here are some examples that I would accept as situations that pass for sighting stories:

  • Sightings in supermarkets, malls, city parks, amusement parks, outdoor recreation, playing in the street, swimming pools and other public places
  • Sightings which occur on the job while visiting other people's homes (repairman, delivery driver, door-to-door sales, etc.)
  • Visiting another family's home (including new friends) and seeing a boy in diapers or other solid evidence thereof and had no prior knowledge of this
  • Seeing a classmate's diapers showing or seeing a classmate wearing diapers in the locker room
  • Seeing an older boy getting a diaper change in the restroom
  • Unexpected sightings while babysitting

Please DO NOT submit reports that include the following:

  • "Self" sightings. Reporting yourself as a diaper wearer is obviously NOT a sighting!
  • Reports that contain sexual activities beyond perhaps observing the subject idly masturbating through his diapers.
  • Reports about having a chance encounter that leads to a sexual activity. I regard these stories as highly specious at best (in other words, bullshit).
  • Reports that mention girls wearing diapers.
  • Anything that is fabricated or overly embellished. Please, just keep it real and it keep it honest.

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