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Deeker's Message of the Week

January 10, 2010

Deekerian Story Scoring Revised

The scoring system for assessing a story's "Deekerian" value has been revised to reflect the changes made last week when a new content code was added to denote stories that specically mention plain white diapers:
ElementOld scoreNew score
A- Post-toddler (4-8)11*
B- Pre-teen (9-12)11*
E- Cloth diapers32
H- Poop33
I- Exposed diapers/pantslessness22
J- Multiple diapers22
K- White diapersN/A3
R- Sisters, other girls76
1- Female Domination11

*If a story has either a post-toddler or a preteen boy in it, the story earns one point. If both of these elements are indicated the story still earns one point towards its Deekerian score.

Please view this page for a detailed explation on each of these elements.


  • Under the old scoring system, a story would have been required to contain both post-toddler-aged boys and pre-teen-aged boys along with all of the other elements in order to earn a full 100% Deekerian score. By only requiring one or the other, this also opens up one more point in the 20-point distribution to be weighed most heavily on element "R" (Sisters and other girls).
  • Element "E" (Cloth diapers) was decreased from three points to two points so that the newly added element ("K"- White diapers), could carry a weight of three points. This permits for stories that contain multiple plain white disposable diapers to earn more points towards its Deekerian score.
  • While the element code "R" for stories containing sisters and other girls went from 7 points to 6, it still carries a significant amount of weight towards being a high-scoring Deekerian story.
  • For those who missed last week's Message of the Week, element "K", which used to denote stories with baby paraphernalia, has been reassigned to element code "9". The MOTW explains the reasoning behind this move.

* * * * *

Have a good week, everyone! Stay happily and thickly diapered!

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