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November 15, 2009

11/08 QOTW Extended for Another Week

Due to a coding error, the results received for the 11/08 QOTW thus far are invalid, so I need to keep it up for another week and ask those of you who already submitted responses to submit them again. Results will be posted next Sunday.

Stories to be Posted on Monday

Once again I decided to take it easy today and not spend the time I usually spend my Sunday afternoons on by reading and editing stories;. I decided to defer this task to Monday, 11/16, when I expect my mind to be fresher.

Autumn Poll Results

On 10/25 I posted a poll in the MOTW to collect people's thoughts and feelings about the autumn season. While I was hoping for more responses, I am pleased with what I have received, and so I have posted the results below:

Number of responses received: 10

Is autumn your favorite season of the year?

Yes, it is my favorite season330.0%
I like it as much as the other seasons550.0%
I like it less than other seasons220.0%
No, it is my least favorite season00.0%
It doesn't matter to me00.0%
What do you like about autumn?

Colorful fall foliage770.0%
Cooler weather550.0%
Shorter days/longer nights440.0%
Raking leaves220.0%
The smell of burning leaves330.0%
Celebrating the harvest330.0%
World Series (baseball)330.0%
Looking forward to winter550.0%
What do you not like about autumn?

Area is overrun by "leafers" admiring fall colors220.0%
The end of summer activities550.0%
Cooler weather440.0%
Shorter days/longer nights440.0%
Raking leaves330.0%
The smell of burning leaves110.0%
World Series (baseball)440.0%
Having to go back to school330.0%
The prospects of winter110.0%
It doesn't ever seem like autumn where I live220.0%
How prevalent is fall foliage in your area?

Very prevalent440.0%
Moderately prevalent00.0%
Somewhat prevalent550.0%
Hardly prevalent00.0%
No fall foliage at all110.0%
Which autumnal foliage colors do you see the most of on the trees in your area?

What factors provide ample fall foliage in your area?

Temperate climate440.0%
Latitude (how far north)440.0%
Abundance of deciduous trees (trees that shed their leaves)660.0%
Variety of tree species770.0%
What factors do not provide ample fall foliage in your area?

Year-round warm climate330.0%
Too far south330.0%
Lack of deciduous trees220.0%
Lack of variety of tree species00.0%
Lack of trees at all00.0%
Do you take pictures of autumn foliage?

Do you take day trips to see autumn foliage?

How do your feelings about autumn compare to your feelings about other seasons?

The Black Flame  23First of all, the odd responses are given because I am blind and obviously am not the best teller of what colors our fall leaves are, nor do I take pictures. I love fal because it falls, if you'll pardon the pun, between summer and winter and is marked by relatively moderate temperatures. I utterly detest summer's heat, and though I love the cold I can't stand ice or sleet, don't mind snow too much most of the time. Spring and fall are therefore my favorite seasons, spring for the new life and fall for its bountiful harvest and fabulous holidays. I LOVE holidays! The only thing I do NOT like is the beginning of the academic year.
diaperedteen  26I love autumn and winter. I am not much of a fan of summer, except for baseball, and spring is nice for a bit, but I don't like the budding trees/plants in spring as my allergies act up.
toronto tom  24I like Fall, but near the end I hate it and want winter, near the end of winter I hate it, an want
colin  17fall is a great time in its own respect
billy  73It is a relief from our very hot and humid summers - upper Texas Gulf Coast. About the only tree that gives fall foliage is the Chinese Tallow, it is an invasive and the fall colors are its biggest fault. ( I have 5 in my yard that are sick and need to come down). Fall is normally shirt sleeve 'til almost Christmas. Seldom freezes here in the winter, but the humidity makel you feel colder than it is. Mid April to Mid June and mid Sept. to mid Nov. are nicest months in this area.
Craig  30At this time of the year there is something in the air its hard to explain but something diffrent than the rest of the year
Billy  12Autumn and spring are my two favorite seasons because they're right in the middle. The temperatures are not too hot, not too cold... just in the middle. My body is really sensitive to temperature, so I have a tough time getting out and doing things in the (especially) summer and winter.
Explain the things that you enjoy about autumn:

The Black Flame  23Playing and jumping in the leaves, love the crackle sound, being outdoors in the cool crisp air, smelling leaves both on the ground and burning, fires on crisp October and November nightes both inside and outside, making and/or drinking apple cider, anything and everything to do with harvest, growing things and pumpkins. You name it.
diaperedteen  26In addition to my answers above, I also like the cooler temperatures because I get to wear thicker diapers comfortably. I also get to wear my footed sleeper!
toronto tom  24Hiking around Algonquin Park, Bruce Peninsula, and Niagara Escarpment and seeing the fall colours.
colin  17the cooler weather and longer nights because i am awake (more or less alert) at night.
billy  73I hate admitting to having enough arthritis to looking forward to fall giving me more pep and less painful movement, but I'm looking forward to that.
Craig  30Looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas thats whenmy family and I get together
Billy  12I like seeing the leaves change color, and I collect them and I have sort of a leaf collection book where I take a leaf and put it under a sheet of paper, then color over it with a crayon or color pencil. It's something my family has done since I can remember, and I've always loved it. I also like Thanksgiving and Halloween, and watching the squirrels come out and collect acorns for the winter.
Explain the things that you do not enjoy about autumn:

The Black Flame  23The oncoming of snow and ice, not being able to sleep outside for long, getting firewood since we heat purely with wood and coal. Firewood is about my second least favorite thing to do.
diaperedteen  26see above
toronto tom  24End of the growing season, I like to grow my garden.
colin  17going back to school but it is the last year in high school.
billy  73Work involved in getting in fall garden.
Craig  30I don't enjoy the super cold. It can stay in the mid 60's. 55 and below is like super cold
Billy  12The days seem shorter. I like it when the days are longer, because it just feels easier to do more. It also rains a lot here in the autumn.
Describe the fall foliage in your area. Which colors do you see the most and where? At what time of year do the colors peak? Indicate the state, region or other geographical information about your locale:

The Black Flame  23I live in central or north central PA between Harrisburg and Penn State, so fall comes in mid to late September and lasts until early to mid November. Most of the leaves are down, many knocked or blown down by a freak snowstorm we hd about two weeks or so back. I can't say about colors of foliage though, will have to ask someone who can see.
diaperedteen  26The Aspen trees are terrific and bright yellow in september, though they are gone, now.
toronto tom  24Very bright colours dues to lots of maple trees. Lots of reds and yellows around Central and Northern Ontario. But anywhere is a in that area is a good spot to be, up in Sualt Ste. Marie, they got the Agawa Canyon train and it is BEAUTIFUL when the tress are at peak as you are winding through the canyon. People come from all over the world to see Ontario in colour-it's what we are famous for. Colours usually peak around early to mid October. I am in the central Ontario region.
colin  17the fall leaves are all different shades of the warm spectrum, and are most seem on lawns. they peak at around the second week of november here in Dallas, TX.
billy  73The only tree providing any fall color here - upper Texas Coast - within a mile or so of the beach - is the Chinese Tallow. An invasive taking over what should be prairie land. The fall color is it's problem - gives people a reason to "like" it. It is not a good shade tree either - ignoriiing it's other problems.
Craig  30About mid August the leaves start to change color and I see alot more rad and yellow than orange and brown I do see them to. I'm in the Illinois wisconsin area
Billy  12We have a lot of trees in our area, so we get a lot of foliage, especially in November. Mostly we find oranges, yellows, and browns, but occasionally I find a bright red leaf.
How far do you go to see fall foliage? What areas do you like to travel to?

The Black Flame  23We go into our back yard mostly, sometimes drive around the mountains in the area to see all the trees and smell the leaves.
toronto tom  24I drive up to Sualt Ste. Marie, which is a good 7-8 hour trip. I like to travel to Algonquin Park via Hwy 60, which is breath taking in colour. Hwy 60 is very hilly and has great vantage point to see the colours. I also love to hike the Niagara Escarpment in Singhampton, near Collingwood. VERY VERY good lookout points there on the top of the cliffs, can see as far as the eyes can see.
colin  17not to far.
Craig  30Just around here in Illnois and wisconsin
Billy  12We live pretty close to a park, so sometimes my brother, sister, and I go there and walk around to look at the leaves and watch the animals (squirrels mainly) preparing for hibernation.
If you live in an area that has fall foliage how do you feel about this? Do you enjoy living in an area that has more fall foliage?

The Black Flame  23I LOVE it, leaves rule. I don't usually mind raking them, but burning them close to the house makes it hard to breathe.
diaperedteen  26Absolutely. It is one of the beauties of God's kingdom.
toronto tom  24I love it, One day is never the same as the last. Always have something new to look at and admire. I love living in this area and I would never ever move away from it, not for anything.
colin  17i love the falling leaves because it means it is closer to Christmas and the start of a new year.
Billy  12I like it, because I just can't imagine fall without leaves.
If you live in an area that lacks fall foliage how do you feel about this? Do you miss having lived in an area that has more fall foliage (if you had moved from such an area)?

The Black Flame  23Never been to one, save Honduras, and the leaves just stay on there.
colin  17well it is great to move from low foliage to more foliage.
billy  73I don't miss it at all.
Other than admiring the fall colors, explain the other activities that you partake in and enjoy during the autumn months:

The Black Flame  23See above. I also love cooking and baking with all the fall fruits and vegetables.
toronto tom  24Hiking and having bon fires. Taking pictures and decorating the house for Autumn and Halloween, and having family over in October for Thanksgiving Day.
colin  17trick or treating, always. also the high school football games.
billy  73Would like to get back to kites. Enjoy working in my yard. Not so hot and you can actually mow your yard every 2 weeks without feeling like a slacker. At the height of summer, if you were really picky, you'd mow lawn every 5 days. Lots nicer walking on the beach in cool weather too.
Billy  12Pumpkin carving around Halloween is something I've always loved about the fall, as well as seeing all the Halloween decorations on peoples' houses. Too bad people haven't been doing that kinda stuff as much.

Average Age of respondents to this question:31.6
Range of ages of respondents:12 -  73

Age Distribution
Under 100

* * * * *

Have a good week, everyone! Stay happily and thickly diapered!

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