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Deeker's Message of the Week

June 28, 2009

New Feature! Toilet Violation Reports

Many boys have accidents, and while some boys don't even try to make it to the toilet and would be just as content to pee and poop in their pants, those who do at least try to answer nature's call before "the machine gets it" often fail. Even those boys who are fortunate enough to get so far as to get their pants down and their butts on the porcelain throne can still commit a variety of offenses that warrant putting them back in diapers or keeping them in diapers in the first place.

If you know of such a boy (this includes you girls out there), tell us what happened, how it happened, and what the consequences of his toileting transgressions were.

Because most boys who are in their mid-teens and beyond are usually big enough and aggressive enough to be capable of fighting off attempts to be physically subdued and detained, the age range for boy subjects is limited to 14. If feedback warrants expanding the range then I may do so.

I consider this feature to be the answer to the Sightings in which a known boy (especially if he is already a known diaper wearer) demonstrates having difficulties handling the task of properly eliminating his bodily wastes and winds up diapered as a result. That's great, of course, but as the spirit of a diaper sighting is for it to be based on a chance encounter spotting an unknown diaper wearer unexpectedly, such submissions do not carry this same sort of spirit. That is why I created a new feature (appropriately called Toilet Violation Reports) that is designed for known boys (e.g. brothers, cousins, babysat boys, etc.) who may or may not have a history of pottying problems but face punitive measures that involve diapers.

The first set of results, of course, will be posted either Sunday night or by midday on Monday next week.

Split Updates Reminder

I just want to remind everyone that updates will now and hereafter be spread out over Sunday night and Monday morning/early afternoon due to changes in my work schedule. I find it to be much less stressful to update the stories on Sunday night and then take care of the remaining features on Monday (QOTW, Sightings, answers to "Ask Deeker", survey responses, etc.) instead of trying to do it all in one night.

* * * * *

Have a good week, everyone! Stay happily and thickly diapered!

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