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Deeker's Message of the Week

May 17, 2009

New Feature Added to Contributed Stories, True Account-- The Deekerian Score

The Deekerian Score is a rating assigned to a story based on its Deekerian content, or, the thematic elements that are central to this web site's focus. It is important to note that a low Deekerian score does not necessarily mean it's a poor story or one that the webmaster does not enjoy. It is simply a measure of how prominently Deekerian elements occur in the story. The score is calculated on the basis of selected content codes. The elements are weighted according to their significance in the Deekerian ideal. A score of 20 denotes a "perfect" Deekerian story (100%) and would thus be most likely to receive the Golden Diaper Pin Award.

The following elements are used to determine a story's Deekerian Score:

A- Post-toddler (4-8)1Age of boy is such that most people would expect him to be out of diapers and thus he draws attention to "still" wearing diapers.
B- Pre-teen (9-12)1Age of boy not only draws attention to the fact that he is wearing diapers, but such boys also begin to understand their developing sexual feelings which are greatly influenced by their diapers, as puberty approaches.
E- Cloth diapers3Desired for various reasons, including the permanence, or long-term expectations to use cloth diapers, the cost to justify their use, the care that goes into washing and drying cloth diapers, the extra involvement on the part of the diaper changer to fold and pin up the diapers, and the ownership, that the diapers clearly belong to the boy who is wearing them, and the multiplicity, or using several diapers at a time.
H- Poop3If a boy is going to wear diapers he is going to use them for pooping in, too. There is no toilet usage allowed, which also means the diaper changer has to be willing to handle poopy diapers.
I- Exposed diapers2When everyone can see that the boy wears diapers and is not allowed or able to wear pants, this draws yet more attention.
J- Multiple diapers2This serves a number of purposes: makes the diapers bigger and more conspicuous, prevents the wearing of pants, gives the diapers more capacity, and makes diaper changes a more involved process.
R- Sisters, other girls7This one scores seven points since a sister or other girl's intimate involvement in seeing a boy in his diapers and diapering him up lies at the very foundation of Deekerianism.
1- Female Domination1This one falls in line with sisters and other girls and their involvement in a boy's diapers, but it may also come from a mother, an aunt or adult female babysitter. Not all sisters necessarily need to be mean and domineering, but girls who are vindictive, assertive and authoritarian do tend to drive home the point that the boy is in diapers and she is not.

While some elements may potentially increase a story's Deekerian recognition, they are not included in the score because of the non-Deekerian variability that these elements may also include:

S- BabysittersNot all babysitters are girls, and some are adults. If the babysitter is a girl under age 18, code R should also be selected.
T- MasturbationWhile boys diapered up extra thickly without any pants on and are forced to poop in them all while in the presence of their sisters may result in extreme sexual arousal that leads to masturbation, the boy may not necessarily feel this way about his situation.
U- Sexual situationsIn general, it is not appropriate for sisters to be directly involved in sexual activities with their brothers, but if there is, say, masturbation involved, it is not necessarily recognized as a Deekerian activity.
W- ErectionsAgain, while a Deekerian scenario may intensely sexually arouse a boy, the boy may not respond in such a way.
Z- Punishment/Diaper DisciplineNot all punishment/diaper discipline scenarios involve Deekerian elements, and not all Deekerian situations may necessarily involve the use of diapers as a form of punishment.
6- HumiliationNot all humiliation scenarios involve Deekerian elements, and not all Deekerian situations may necessarily involve the use of diapers as a form of humiliation.

May 10 QOTW to Remain Posted

I am keeping last week's Question of the Week up for another week in order to gather more responses.

* * * * *

Have a good week, everyone! Stay happily and thickly diapered!

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