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Deeker's Message of the Week

May 3, 2009

A Rebuttal to a Complaint

I made some rather harsh comments on the sorry state of affairs last week in regards to the poor quality of many of the stories that were submitted. This is not an apology nor a retraction. I still stand firm on how I felt about these submissions. As predicted, someone sent me a complaint email criticizing these remarks and other things about the web site... and me. As as the case with most of these moronic emails, it contained absolutely nothing of merit whatsoever. See for yourself:
Dude, who do you think you are to critique stories? You have a lot of shit up on your site already so just put up more shit. Honestly, when I suggest your site for stories to tb friends they comment on how its run by a pedo. I don't really give a damn myself and dislike a lot of the site but theres a few decent stories i come back for. You're some old dude with a diaper site for boys that.... yea, the entire thing has a seriously bad vibe to it, just post what people send, with the way the rest of the site is, you aren't one who can talk about grammar spelling punctuation and shit.
And now, let's have some fun and pick this one apart to point out how incredibly stupid these remarks are.
Dude, who do you think you are to critique stories?
I'm, Deeker, that's who. And it's my site, so if I want to critique stories, I have every right to do so. I value the quality of the material I post here. That means something to me and it means something to my readers. I'm sure they appreciate the painstaking time and effort I have put into making the stories that are in need of editing more presentable.
You have a lot of shit up on your site already...
Yes, I do; thank you for the astute observation of pointing this out. just put up more shit.
You do realize that if I took such a lackadaisical approach to posting submissions (or "shit" as you so colloquially refer to them as) with no care nor concern for their content, that there would be twice as many stories listed, and that listing these stories would dilute and dimimish the overall quality of the web site. It would be the equivalent of having a city with no planning and zoning commission where people could just build any ol' hodgepodge structure painted in fluorescent day-glo colors adorned with Vegas-esque signs as they pleased. Can you imagine the ugly mess that would result from this?
Honesty's a good thing. I must give you some credit for that.
...when I suggest your site for stories to tb friends they comment on how its run by a pedo.
Ah yes, you're playing the "pedo" card, too; classic. I'll try not to belabor too much of the argument of countering such a ludicrously brash and unfounded accusation because I know most of you who are inclined to jump to such an ignorant conclusion cannot possibly be bothered to listen to any semblance of reason and will not be swayed to give any iota of rational thought, but here it goes, anyway.

Perhaps Mr. Bittergrey put it best on his resourceful web site where he compares adult babies and diaper lovers to pedophiles by using the analogy of comparing cross-dressers to womanizers. Much as I am put off by cross-dressing, his analogy is quite valid:

Associating infantilism and pedophilia is like equating transvestites and womanizers. Both do involve skirts, after all. Simply put, a womanizer is a man who likes to stare possessively at women. More specifically, he likes to stare at women's private parts, such as those covered by skirts. In contrast, a male-to-female transvestite likes to wear skirts himself. Once this difference is understood, it is clear that womanzing (sic) and transvestism are not related.

Simply put, pedophiles are sexually attracted to children, infantilists wish to be babies themselves for a while, and diaper fetishists are attracted to diapers. The presence of one does not imply another.

Next time one of your friends is quick to judge me as a pedo, do me a favor and refer him to the aforementioned web site, or if you want to remain in perhaps more familiar territory, Wikipedia has an article that addresses this very concern amongst us diaper lovers, as cited below:

Confusing infantilism with pedophilia is a common misunderstanding. Pedophilia is a sexual preference for pre-pubescent children. In contrast, infantilists have a desire to be infants themselves, and those with a diaper fetish have a sexual interest in diapers. Generally, they have ordinary heterosexual or homosexual sexual experiences otherwise. Inside the AB/DL communities, a sharp distinction is observed. Most AB/DL organizations will expel child molesters.
If you and your friends wish to continue labeling me as a pedo and you're smugly content to believe that, then so be it. There's only so much I can do to convince people like your friends (and perhaps you) to reconsider your ways of thinking. Ignorance is a very tough battle to fight, unfortunately.
I don't really give a damn myself and dislike a lot of the site...
So why in the blue holy fuck are you even here?!!!
...but theres a few decent stories i come back for.
Okay, if some stories posted here float your boat, great.
You're some old dude with a diaper site for boys...
Old dude, eh? Okay, maybe I am past my prime, but I'm not on AARP's mailing list yet, and I certainly won't be receiving any social security checks for quite awhile still (if ever, but that's another topic I'll stay away from). A lot of boys, including preteens, have benefited greatly from my web site and I have earned their trust and their admiration, along with many adults (including parents of boys who wear diapers and may or may not wear diapers themselves) who enjoy reminiscing about their halycon boyhood years when they first discovered how wonderful diapers are to wear.
the entire thing has a seriously bad vibe to it.
I have given thought to this concern. Sadly enough, I know the day will come when, because of overall perceptions by ignorant people, I may have to relinquish this web site due to my age in relation to the web site's target audience and pass the torch on to someone younger with whom the general readership would identify as one of their own, for I will one day be an "old dude" in the eyes of most people. I don't look forward to the day that my advancing age will eventually force me to discontinue the web site, but I know it will one day have to happen.
Just post what people send...
Perhaps I need to furnish some concrete examples to illustrate just how badly written some of these stories really are. it isn't just a typo or two or an inadvertently omitted period that gets me all riled up. See for yourself and then tell me what you would think of these submissions. The following are raw excerpts (some are whole submissions copied as is) taken from various submissions rejected primarily due to the quality of their writing. I have selected excerpts from last year's submissions so as to not step on anyone's toes from recently rejected submissions: [Skip]

  • hi my name is chris and my girlfriend name amiee and we both go to the same school we are almost 18 and just finish high school and when the weekend we like to have a drink well one week end we did our usal I got a bottle a jim beam and got a slab of vodulka crusiers and how off stuff to eat (this, by the way, was the entirety of this submission!)
  • He codent beleve what was happening. as birds flew and light pols talked he could see people in diapers in carigis being rode down the street. He was wondering what was gowing on realy. He also saw that they where akting like babys. some where about 18 and it was strange.Then some charicters paraded on the street i saw big bird in the lead with other sesimestreet charicters. theen i saw blue and steve. then some othercharicters like dora. the weard thing was they looked realistic they wernt cartoons either. AS i wached i relized there was some one missing on the sesemestreet float. Then a shado drew over him. He knew this shadow from the shows his brother wached. he turned to see in shock....elmo. my name is billy i am 13 years old an i am ablound cute boy i play soccer an i allso where daipers. an my team helps me get changed all the time they like it after the game when we are all smelly an sweaty . it is the best all of the sweat dripping on each other the smell is so good. it is the last game of the season. in the mornning i wake up with poop in my daiper an i think nuthing of it an i got dressed in my sweaty cloghs an i go to the looker room an meet the team an they smell poop an i tell them iam sick an have diarear and they i wate after the game for them to chang me all thruo the game i go poop an on the bench they all fight to sit next so they can hear me fart it turns them on. at half time we go to the looker room an wate for coach to come he walkin all mad an say s what is that smell an me my friand ssay i pooped in my daiper. he come over to me and slapped my sweaty hot face an is tart to cry an my friand braddly comes over to huge me an ilove the smeell of his bo his red head freakel face prest up on my red face from the slapi got from coach an the coach pulls bradly from me an slapped him inthe face an said what are you brats doing an all of use say we are trying to win so coach call to line up an he slapped everybody in the face me and bradly get it twicc an then we go out to win the game an we go back to the loooker room an my team chges my diaper an then they pull there smelly shorts down an they smellof teen boy sweat hit the air an was good an i look around at all my friend an see they had diaper on it felt so good to an haha smell them an they all had poop in them so got to change there diapers an they finish tapin mine up because they where the crinkly wons the we all whent to my home for a party an a sleep over an all 10 of us sweaty teens sleeped in the same bed with just our diapers an sneakers on so the smell wasent to bad because teen boy feet is bad. oh ya we had pizza an wea ll like pizza breath to. it was fun later that night we where all stuffed an we all poop it out an whent to sleep an woke up the next mornig whith poop in the diapers we allchanged each other it was alot of fun an we all toke shoes of to give ower feet a rest an boy all 10 of us feet stink but wee got use to it then weput them back on an whent for walk with just our sooccer shoes and diapers an whent to coaches house to say sorry for acting like spoiled brats an he said ok then we asked to spanked an slapped us agen an he said ok that what i was going to do anywas an i got you guys enemas an he did an stuck it up each one of our butts an it hert so bad we cryed an we all huged each other an the smell of our sweat cam back to us an we wher ok then all had cramps so bad an then we pooped an that smelled so bad then said we had to go home an said thank ofr the slap an spanking that we diserved an we went home walking in the poop daipersit was a hot day anwe all where sweating agen an they whent home and lad down on billys bed an got it all sweaty and that was ok with the brat. an then thy stayed for 2 more days
  • it all started when i was 11 years old and i started weting the bed and my mom wasent happy about it at all and one day i was in my room and i was bourd and i whent to my mail box and you know what i found i found a small little box in there and i whent in side my house and opend it then it was a diaper???? i was woundering what the would send me a diaper for so i whent in my room and stared at it and then i wonderd what it would fell like to wear a diaper so i tried it one and all of a souden my mom came in and said what is the baby doing now i said nothing then she said why are you wearing a diaper i said that since i wet the bed then i could wear a diaper and she said ok??? the she said here let me take you to the store and i said ok the she fix my diaper and said wait write here then she went down stairs and came back up with a car seat and i said why do you have that car seat she said you will see then she tock me down stairs and put me in it next thing you know i was in a diaper siting in a stroller and then i was in the car and i said i have to pee and poop and she said your wearing a diaper so use it i said no she said to go in the diaper then i started to cry like a baby then i whent inside the house still crying with a wet diaper and mommy said ow duse the baby need a diaper change and i said no then she tolk me in my room and there was a changing tabe bouncy seat and a crib and then she put me on the changing table and said we are going to the mall later i started to cry and then mommy said all done then she put me in a bouncey ting and said she said that she will tret me like a baby then i said mommy i pooped she said ow is the baby smelly then i hade a tuntrum and she gave me a spanking in i wet diaper
  • billy had blond hair mid hight cute round bum shaved legs an shaved area cuz of his diapers an robbi was blond to short bony bum shaved legs an area he to wore diapers when we where geting our clos for the game out our room they still had our sweat from the last game an it smelled. we actuly put each others stuff on we liked to do it an we eached diaperd each other an then we went to the feald to meet with the rest of the team they all new that billy an robbie wore diapers an we went to the looker room to talk to our friends an robbi coudent poop so he had to get an enama in the looker room it was fun to watch him squrim an move cuz of the un comfortibelness of it an then we took it out of him an his belly was hurting an he squated if frount of every boy an poopan the cuteness of his face straining of his face was so cute an billy had to poop to but he could do it on his own so he went to the stall an everone watched him go cuz there was no door then he pulled his diaper up an then his pants an we all went to the feiled an sat on the beanch an roobi squshed his poop in his pants um robbi an billy basicly staed in the game the hole time cuz they where good to have in the games so coach mad them stay in an on half time robbi got is daiper changed by one of the team members jhonny he was cute an he smelled good so robbi enjoied him getting close to him an we went back out an play the rest of the game an won an we went to my house in my van so the hole team could come an robbi an billy took of the uniform an all they had on was there diapers socks an there foot ball sneakers an they where fine with it cuz all there friend new about it an me there older bro liked to see the hole team in diapers so in saport of them the hole team ut diapers on when we got home an we wached move in our room an the smell of teen boy sweat poop an pee filled the room anwe all liked to be spanked an slaped in the face so we all did it to see how hard somone could do it i got billy good in the face it mad him cry his face was red an the i huged him an he was fine then it was midnight an we went to sleep in our uniforms cuz we had a erly game the next day an we had no time to change our diaper so we all plaed in them it was fun
  • davis arter a humlating day at the park ran up to his room, looked at him self in the mirror and started to cry, even tho inside he like the diaper so he went out back and started to play in nothind but a barney diaper, and because his parents were out of town for 3 days he slept in his old nursey that was still in the house, but before he went to bed he walked around in his house in nothing but a diaper and put two more diapers on and put some sleeping pills in a baby bottle and snuck into his barney sleeper and drifted off into sleep, only to awake the next day and climb out of bed and take a bath, after that he put a him slef into a play pen a gave him self a bottle of milk and played in his crib for an hour watching barney, elmo, and teletubies. then he decided to take a trip to to park but then the phone rang and the girl said to be out side in a diaper. then she pulled up in here car took the boy inside and changed his soaked diaper and got him dressed and put 4 diapers on him and put a paci in his mouth and took him out side and walked him thro the park in the srtoller, then a idea poped into her head and she rushed home and put him in the car and drove off to the zoo were she changed him in plubio twice and the second time didnt give him his shorts back and said no one would care but then i started to cry and she put him in the stroller and walked him to the car and drove to mcdonalds put him in a baby seat and feed him and then drove home changed his diaper and left me in my crib.
  • my mom wakes me up and i take a shower and get readty for school. I get all my stuff and get on the bus and then go to school. I get there and go to class and sit there bored and then the bell rings for lunch. we go and eat lunch and go outside for a while. we are outside when i have to pee bad. I hold it and then a friend comes up and tickles me a little and that was too much. suddenly i felt a warmth going down my leg. I looked and seen that i wet my pants... I got to class and the teacher sent me to the school nurse. I got there and i did not have to say anything she seen what i did, she handed me a goodnite and some sweat pants. I took off my wet jeans and put the goodnite on and sweat pants and had to go back to class. I was sitting in class and had the urge to pee, I slowly let some out and then it just kept coming. I did not leak but my goodnite was very wet know. I walked home from school and got home changing my sweat pants to jeans. I went to the computer and just had on the jeans and undies. I was surfing and found deeker. I started to read a story when i felt my crotch getting warm, i looked down to see i was wetting my pants again. o no i thought and then my mom came home. She seen my wet jeans and said what r u doing. she took me by the hand and spanked me hard. She then said take a bath and i am going to go to the store. she left and came back i was in pjs on the couch watching tv she took out some pampers and opened it and took one diaper out and said u r going to wear these to bed.
  • One day i was walking in the hall to the nurses office (with a full diaper). Then in the middle of getting changed some one walked. IT WAS A GIRL! she saw me and the next day (Saterday). My mom told me a 8th grader from my school was going to babysit me for the day ,and guess who showed up!YES her ! and if thats not bad enough she ha d to change me. I was sooo imberised!! (and that's all he wrote)
  • The boy woke up and felt the erge to pee but he told him self " im tired as hell im going back to bed" and gose back to sleep and he wakes up again with bad peeing need and he said "f*ck this im going pee now" and pees and falls back to sleep and gets woken up by his mother "aw honey did u wet the bed?"he was awake good then and thought that was a dream and saw he wet and said "aw crap i wet my self!"
  • hey what should we do im so bored, yeah me too, you want yo go through my attic, sure. so me and brandon climbed to the attic and thats were i found the toddler clothes, diapers, cribs, and toys, so brandon you want to wear diapers, sure but are we going to just walk around in diapers no lets go to the next door park and act like babies. so me and brandon both grabbed three diapers and i got a barney shirt and wore no shorts and brandon wore the diapers and a Bob the builder shirt, then i grabbed us two pacifiers and we started walking to the park were we saw some 5th graders playing and some other kids that we didnt know, when we first got there no one looked at us twice we both looked like toddlers, but if you didnt know us i looked like the slightly older brother, so we both went on the slides a couple times and played on the playground a little more then we went to the sand box we i took a dump in my diaper and i could smell brandons to, then i was getting late and since we were home for three days alone we started walking home and when we got in we talked a little and decided to be babies for the rest of the weekend, so i took off my wet diapers and changed my self then brandon, and then i brought all the baby stuff down and grabbed two baby bottles and filled them with milk and gave one to brandon were we both took a bath then i feed brandon and then he feed me, we both finished our bottles and then i gotr in my crib and brandon got i the one next to me and we both slept for the rest of the night and woke up to brandon saying ooo look at my little brother and i was suprised but didnt really care but he picked me up and put my arms around his neck because i was really confused and he layed me down on the changeing table and took my soaked diaper off and said i would be his little baby brother and he was going to take care of me, when he finished changeing me he put me in the high chair and spoon feed me some baby food and then gave me a bath and i was haveing a great time so he put a baby shirt on me and took me to his back yard and put me in the baby swind and pushed me and for awile, then put me in the sandbox were i peed my diaper and then he changed me and said were going to have a lot of fun so he took me inside took my shirt off and gave me a baby bottle and put me in a play pin were i watched teletubes and then said were going to a moive and he put me in about 5 diapers and gave me a barney t-shirt and stuck a pacifier in my mouth and put me in a stroller and a bottle with a diaper bag and when we arrive i was put in my seat and after the moive, then this hot girl came over and said what a cute baby i was and brandon said he could have her over and then they took me home put me in my cirb then i woke up to brandon said the girl left and if was time to eat and so he put a baby bib on me and spoon feed me again and i got really messy with the baby food and tood me what a cute baby i was and i will always be my baby brother and then gave me a bath then said tommorows going to be great. so after the bath he put a couple diapers on me and then a sleeper on me and set me in my crib. good morning my little baby brother i have a really fun day set up for us and i didnt know what to execpt, we changed me, then gave me a bath then feed me again. Then he took the diapers off even though i wasnt wet he put a little swimmers on me and took me out back to a baby pool and put some floaties on me, we swam for awile and the played in his back yard for awile and us of put some sleeping pills in my milk so i fell asleep on the floor were when i was sleeping he put me in my crib and when i woke up he got me dressed and then said he signed me up for a child care center on saturdays and sundays because my mother is always working or out of town so i guess it would work, and told me i would be going there today, i arrived around 12 and i was took to a baby room for three year olds and i sat in there then went out side till brandon was done talking to the manager which was ok with the set up, and would be dropped off at my house and can come in any day, so i was put back in the stroller took home and were he said he took some of the diapers from his attic witch was about 500, and put them im the nursey in my house which was never used and no one went in to ever, so brandon said he would take care of me when ever he was over.
  • I was playing my Wii and then got a phone call from my friend and he said that he wanted to play so i grabbed some clothes and was dropped off at his house. rate when i walked into his room he was wearing a diaper and i thought this was strange he said he just found it and a couple more so i grabbed one and said it felt good, then we got tired of playing his Xbox so we went to grab something to eat the his brother saw us and called us big babies so i grabbed him and cole got a diaper and we put a diaper on him and said nows whos the baby so we pleyed some bord games and around lunch we all changed our own diapers and watched some Tv and went out side and rood on his scotters and, then wejumped around on his trampline and me and jake both took craps in our diapers and would jump up then land on our butt to make a diaper mess, i went inside changed myself and came back out and cole said we should go swimming and he had some little swimmers so we had a great time i pants coles brothers swimm suit and then we got out and just walked around in nothing but the little swimmers and, since cole could drive we all decided to go see a moive, and since me and his brother had no money to get in and toddlers get in free me and coles little brother dressed up in like 5 diapers on me and 5 on him, and i took the teletubies shirt and he took the power rangers shirt and we both look like little babies and then, when we got there cole had 3 diapers on and i got a bottle and filled it with coke and so did cole and his brother and about 3 people came up two us and told us how cute we looked, and when we got back we all took showers and put some new diapers on and just slept his basement and fell asleep to a movie and when i woke up i was soaked so was cole and his brother.
  • So beau you want some popcorn, sure i come with you t oget some, so me and beau are at the movies, so as we are walking back i bent over to pick up a penny and as i bent over beau see my diaper and when we go set our food down he asks me why im wearing a diaper and i say it feels good and follow me, so i to into a stall and he goes in the one next me and i take off one of the dry diapers i had on and toss it to him and we meet up at our seats, wow this feels good, i know, yeah when we get home we can wear some diapers that i found in my attic, ok, so we watch the movies with out any problems and when we get to his house his parents are gone for the entrie weekend which is four days so im there all weekend, so we both go into his attic and we both grabb like 20 diapers, some baby clothes and 3 baby bottles, here ill go in the bath room to put my diapers on and when i got out he had his on too and we went int ohis basement where his brother was and he laughed at us and then we put a diaper on him, and we played call of duty for awhile and then i changed my diaper and put it into a diaper pail, then we went out side on his trampoline and bounched around for awhile and when we were done it was about 5, so we went in made a pizza and then filled all three bottles of milk and drank it while watching Tv. after wards we got bored and went in his hot tub in little swimmers, then i grabbed 9 diapers 3 for me and 3 for beau and 3 for his brother and we al changed and went to bed downstairs, so the next day, we all desided that wed play baby and his brother was first so we took him gave him a bath and changed him then feed him and took him out side and put him in a play pen while we played on the trampoline, and later around lunch we changed him, but still me and beau wore diapers while we babyed him, and his brother was fine all day and we put him down for a nap, after that we put him in a stroller and walked him around town, we went to the park and he went down the slides a couple of times, then we went home and got some sleep,
  • Can me and william go to the bath room, sure just fill out a pass. so me and josh walk to the bath room and we cant hold it any longer so i first wet my pants then william wets his pants and were standing there in the hallway with our pants wet so we decide to go to the office were we go into the nureses office, and she tells us we need to wear diapers the rest of the day and william startes to argue but it goes no where so i get 3 barney diaper with barney cartoons and a barney shirt and william gets 3 elmo diapers with elmo cartoons and a elmo shirt and we both get pacifiers in our mouth, so then she grabbs our hands and walks us to the toddler class room, wit hno pants and then we sit down and listen to the story, then are put down for a nap, then let out for playtime and me and william go to the playgound and go down the slides and then we both meet at the end and poop our diapers and then run back up to the slides and mess our diapers then on my way down i start peeing with out warning and than tell william and said he did the same thing and we should just act like babies for the rest of the day so we did, we talked like toddlers, and behaved like some and, them it was rate before lucnch time were they took me and william and stripped us and tickled us while were naked and then put the diapers one us and sent us out for lunch were we are spoon feed, and then put down for a nap, and then it was playtime again, so me and william went out and acted like babies, then just as we were playing in the sandbox, the teacher came by and took us to the gym class where me and william dominated innothing but baby clothes and diapers and then our parents came by and said thed love to diaper us and carried william off. and the next day at school wiliam showed up and was wearing a diaper and said he had to wear diapers, so i purposely wet my self and so did william and we went back to being babed and did this about twice a month
  • O mom, copper wet the bed, copper get in the shower now, so i got out of bed and went in the shower, then when i got out my mom was there holding a diaper and said to put this on, but i replied no im not a baby, so she came in took my towel off and put the diaper on me, then sadi, since you wet the bed you are the new baby in the damily, then i was taken downstairs where a highchair was and placed in it and feed by my brother, who was makeing baby noises and baby faces, which was really pissing me off and i said stop it but then my mom just came in and took me out of the highchair gave me 5 spankings, and then put me in a playpen and turned on barney, then stuck a baby bottle in my mouth, and told me to drink it all. so i did, then about 40 minutes later i lose control of my bladder and peed in the diaper and then pooped, then my brother came in and said i messed my diaper and picked me up and placed me on the changeding table and then mom came in and changed me, then gave my brother a baby bottle and to him to feed me the mil so he picked me up and held me and stuck the baby bottle in my mouth, and i sucked and fell asleep, then woke up to some baby music, and a really wet diaper, then mom came in changed me and put a pacifier in my mouth and put a elmo shirt on me and told my brother to take me out back to play, so i went i the sandbox and got pushed on the baby swings and then i took a dump in my diaper and but my brother didnt notice, so i went down the swings a couple of times and made the poop spread out and made the diaper really messy and told him i messed my diaper, and since mom was goon, he had to change me, so we went inside and this was oblivessy his first diaper change, so he set me down on the changeing table and started untaping the diaper and when he opened it he started wipeing it and added some cream to my butt but added to much so i just thought lets make this worse, so i started crying, and made it really loud too, after he changed me he held me and stuck a bottle in my mouth and i started sucking and drifted asleep, only to wake up being carryed to the highchair and being feed by my brother and then taken to the bathroom and given a bath by my mom and then i, i was was given a bottle in my crib and then i fell asleep and woke up the next day i about 5 diapers and a barney sleeper, with my mom standing over me.
  • so our basketball pratice was at a Elementy school, and they had baby classes and i was walking by one and saw my friend cole putting a diaper on, so i walked in and hes like this is not what it looks like, and i said its ok, and told him to lay down, so i strapped the diaper on him and then, after pratice asked him to come over, and since it was friday we walked t omy house dropped our stuff, and i said i love babying and diapering people, so i asked if i could diaper and baby him, and he said sure, so i told him to strip down and he did, and i grabbed a diaper, since my little sister was 5 and had some left over, so i powered him then used some oil and rubbed his balls, then stapped the diaper on him, and said come to the kitchan, and told him to sit in the high chair, and t omy suprise he did, and i put a bib around his neck and feed him, but he was all messy so i gave him a bath, then put 2 diapers on him and feed some milk to him from a bottle. Then i took him and we sat down and watched a movie, then i put him in a crib, then i woke up the next day and changed him then, gave him a bath. Then feed him and put him in a playpen with a bottle, then watched him play for awhile and then we both played on the Xbox then he pooped his diaper an di wiped his messy poop down then, we wen out back and i pushed him in the baby swing, then he went down the slide a couple of times then i changed him inside and then we decided to go to the a movie so i put a barney T-shirt on him then, a 3 elmo diapers and put a pacifier in his mouth, and said you look like a baby and we walked to the movie and i bought some tickets and then changed him and when we got home it was 3:00 and i put him down for a nap, then feed him, bathed him, then changed him and put him in a sleeper, and put him in the crib. It felt good being a father of the baby, and treating him like a baby and i didnt want it to end but he had t ogo home the next moring so, the next monday at school i saw him in the bathroom and took a diaper out of my bag and diapered him then went back to class and couldnt wait to change him again
  • yes i was 12 years old and i went to this swim camp. it was the seconnd night there made a couple freinds the first night. the next day was great alll the fun we hade and all the food and pop you wont.we were all getting ready fore bead whean i had to pee it was just thean called forelights out. so we alll got in bed and we all fell asleep talking.

    the next moring i woke up cold and wet i relized all this before i opend my eyes. i wass so embarsed taht i wet my bed what if the ohter kids find out what if are cabin guide found out.

    So i opend my eyes and to my surprise everyone was around me potting and lifeing so the cabin consuler came grabed me by the hand and drageed me out of the cabin in my soking wet longjones strighht to the nurase tent where she put me into a pullup and siad you young man wet your bead like a litttle boy. so if you are going to act like a little boy you will be punished like one. your punishment is to wear a pullup with learing desings thaty fade whean you go peepee and a white shirt and that its it everywhere you go if you have to go pottyyou use yopur diaper ok babbykenny, if you are to go siwmming you have to wear a babby swimming diaper, and water wings and stay near a aadlt and whean you eat you will sit in a boster seat and wear a bib the rest of your summer break take naps you might be 12 years old iin age bout everyone here is going to treat you like a little 4 year babby boy.

  • All dl git thare start some ware. Well mine is way back wen I woz 7 or 8 in day care and a kid 3 to 4 woz in diapers. Dont ask why i rember this i just do, but eney way the kid had "pooped" in his diaper the mom of the kid ran the day care and told him if he did not git his diaper changed he wood git diaper rash well she chased him arond the house and fond he did not "poop" in his diaper he had farted well that never hit me for a long time i stold a diaper or 2 from that day care well that day care moved and i went to a diffrint day care and OMG diapers for all the little kid wer on a wall and in the bathroom one day i seen a pack and took a diaper lock the door put it on and peed in it at the age of 9 my diaper love exploded the one thag woz the pack of diapers wer in the adult bath room so i wood go in and take one run to the kids bath room and put it on aned pee in it well this wnt on day after day intel the age of 10 wen i played with gas and got burnd over 75% of my body well i got put i the hoapital and kockout for 3 months wen i woke up i did not have to pee for 3 days so i look down and omg i had a diaper on and a cathader i never liked it but wen i got out fo the hospitel i went back to my old daycare and slowley got back in to diapers but one day i wose laying in bed thinking of my diaper and it hit me cathader so i got out a iv line and atemped to put it in it hirt like hell so i stoped but one day i got in to cb radio and let off the diapers for a wial at 12 i put a chathader in i wose nice i cod not control my blader wen i wonted to i did this for some thim with cathader and diapers but i wood git blader infatons so i went back to diapers my parent know i like diapers but dont approve so i keep doing it i 15 know and in a diaper as i type this
  • Now, my parents are rich, and our house is huge, and has big screen Tvs, and a bunch of other great things. But i was still bord out of my head. It was the 1st friday of summer vaction. I took a 20 minute shower, then walked around in the house in a towel. I just thought no one would see. Then i came across a room i havent been in awhile. So i went in and i saw a nursey, with diapers, a crib, and other baby things. I havent tryed diapers, but a friend wore them, so i decided to try them, so i took one and stuck it on my penis, then taped it shut, it was a perfect fit, then i walked back to the bathroom and took my clothes to the landry room. Then went in the kitchan and started eating breakfeast. When i was finished, i had to pee, so i just started peeing and then went in and changed my diaper and threw the wet one in the diaper pail. Then i wanted to play baby, so i sat down in the nursey and started playing with some toys, then about 10 minutes later i sat down in the living room and turned on a cartoon and watched it. when it was over i decided to go out side, so i grabbed one of the baby shirts and went out to my backyard, and went on the swings, and played in the sandbox for ahwile. Then went out front to play on a tricycle. when i was doon i went in and eat some hamburgers for lunch, but after i ate i had to poop so i started pooping in the diaper, afrid of the mess it would make, but i did it anyway, then went and cleaned myself up, and then took a baby bottle and put some milk in it and by that time i was a bit tired so i took the bottle and layed down in the crib for a nap. When i woke up i had a wet diaper but layed in the crib and rubbed the front of the wet diaper because it felt good. Then changed myself, and watched a movie till i order some pizza, and i eat about half of the pizzza, then i was full so i just layed down and watched Tv. Then around 7:00 i put a baby sleeper that was meant for toddlers that still fit on, and curled up and rate before bed i crawled around the house and then changed myself and layed down in the crib. And woke up in the morning with another wet diaper. So i changed myself and took a shower. Then eat some breakfeast. When i was done i took a play pen, and some toys and put them in front of some baby shows. Around 10 i put all the toys away, and played baby the rest of the day without any problems.
  • So, me, corey, kyle and his mom arrived at the park and i had to go to the bathroom and all the urnalis were being used so i went in one of the stalls. I then relize i was peeing my pants i didnt know why but i couldnt hold it. Then i walked out corey and kyle were buying tickets, but there mom exploded she took me to the womans bathroom and told me to stay in the stall, so i did, then she came back with diapers and a t-shirt. Then she made me take off my clothes and took one of the diapers and stuck it rate on my penis and taped it on and put 2 more on me. Then put the elmo t-shirt on me and stuck a pacifier in my mouth then took my hand and walked me ot corey and kyle who asked who the little kids was and she told them it was me and they just broke down laughing and coreys mom took my hand and we walked to a swing ride and after that we went past a train and coreys mom put me on, i rode around feeling like a idot. After that we rode some more lines and then went to get lunch and coreys mom made me sit in the baby chair and feed me. Then i had already wet my diaper now i took a poop in it and coreys mom smelled it and took me to a bench and changed me then, said it was time to go home, she put me in the baby sit that was in there before we left. When we got home she told corey to unbuckel me and take me inside and he did, then kyle took my shoes off and then his mom told corey to take me to the nursey, i was suprised she was going this far and when i got in the baby room kyle laid me down on the changing table (now Kyle is in 5th grade and im a freshman) and wiped my penis then powered it and spread some oil on it then taped a fresh diaper on me then left and corey came in a laid me in the crib, and told me it was nap time. I woke up to corey lifting me out of the crib and i look at the clock and it was 3:00. Corey took me to the family room and pit me in a play pen that was set up with toys in it and barney was on Tv and i played in there for an hour. Then kyle took me out of the play pen brought me back and put me in the sandbox and then pushed me in the baby swing.
  • So when i arrived at kevins house his mom went thro the rules and then took me to kevin a 7 year old nieborhood kid that leaved across the street. I had the plasure of babysitting him for saturday and all of sunday and into the beginning of monday, since it was summer. I watched him play for awhile, then he said he wanted one of his friends over, but he couldnt and i told him that so i said id be his friend so he said i had to be his age so i went into his room and grabbed a pair of underware and put it on then took a small t-shirt and put it on then said ok now i look like your age, but he said i want a little brother, i said fine what should i wear. I followed him to a room down the hall he took me into a room that was meant for babies. Then he grabbed a pokemon diaper and handed it to me, and said wear it. I said he wont tell his mom who cares, so i went in the bathroom and took the underwear off and taped the diaper on, then walked out and said im your little brother now, and asked him what he wanted me to do. He wanted to go out bask so we walked out back and he went on one of the swings so i went t opush him and he said no you sit in the baby swing and ill push you because im your big brother, so i grabbed a chair and sat in the baby swing, and let him push me, then when we went in it was around 6:00 so i said time for your shower, so he went into the bathroom and filled the tub up and then said its time for my bath and since i was already wet i said why, he answered your my little brother, so he left the bathroom and it striped down, and went in, then kevin stromed in and i tryed covering myself but he said i had to give you a bath, i rusfused saying i was older but he said hed tell his mom that i was mean, so i let him wash me then put another diaper on me, then after he was done with his shower, he came out of the baby room with 4 more diapers and a tomas the train sleeper and said it was time to get ready for bed. So i went along with it and let him put the diapers on me then the sleeper.
  • So at this sleepover on saturday, it was me, chris and josh and we where at chris's house and we were having a great time and i we to go and get a new t-shirt since this one was dirty and my bag wasnt there. I searched the room and found nothing. Then told chris's mom about the bag problem. She told me to go home and grab clothes, but my mom was gone, so was my dad, so the house was locked. She stood there for a minute. Then told me to follow her. We arrived in a babies room, since chris had a little toddler brother, she said the only option is for you to wear little jons diapers, and clothes. (since chris's size didnt fit me) I protested and we arrugued but in the end i ended up on a changing table naked with a diaper on, then she took a winne the pooh t-shirt and put it on me. And i went outside to chris and josh, who fell over laughing, then made jokes. So i started crying, and chris's mom came and took me in side and i put my arms around her neck and she held me up with her hand on my diapered butt. Then i woke up, looked at teh clock and it was 6, and i was hungry. Then chris's mom carryied me down to the table and sat my in the baby chair and put a bib around mey neck and spoon feed me. Afterwards she took me and little jon and gave us baths. After diapering us she then put 3 more diapers on us and then a sleeper over that, and sgave us boh bottles and i fell asleep in a baby crib. Then i woke up the next day with a soaked diaper, and poop in it too. It was getting uncomforbal so i started callling for chris's mom, she didnt come, so i just let out a big cry and kept it up for about a minute till chris;'s mom came in and picked me up like before and said o, sweetie it all right, and changed me. Then feed me like the day before. Then after breakfeast she put me and little jon in a play pen and we paled, and watched a episode of barney and bob builder. After that, i went out to chris and josh, who craked some jokes, but his mom took me inside and feed me lunch. Then changed me and gave me my clothes back since my mom arrived and said for most of the summer weekends you will come here, and i got a suprise out of that and we drove home. Once i got home i quickly ran to our old nursey and stripped down and grabbed the biggest diaper there and taped it on.
  • well hi my name is edward I'm 9 years old and i go to school like every other kid my age but i don't do everything like other kids. well i was walking home from school one day and i say this older boy {Matt} and he was just sitting on the curb. i said are you alright and he said I'm fine well we started to hang out then my dad asked his help to move and Matt said okay. well since that day whenever my dad goes to work Matt watches me overnight and weekends. well my dad dropped me off on Thursday and said he will be back on Sunday. well that was nothing new he always has to work allot. well once he took me to Matt's house he was the only one home because his parents were on vacation because it was summertime. well things started off really fun we played outside for awhile then we went inside to rest for awhile. well every time i go to sleep i pee because i don't wake up. well Matt got up before me and i was sleeping beside him nothing sexual. well when he got up he felt the bed and said ed why did you pee the bed. Matt said your a big boy you should not be doing this. he said well its okay and he took me by the hand and walked me downstairs. well what i did not know is that he was going to make me pee my pants all day and i was wearing jeans and briefs sponge bob. well we were sitting on the couch and i said can i use the bathroom and he said no i said well i need to pee pee he said do it here so he stuck his hand under my pants and felt my wee wee and played with it till i started peeing then he kept playing with it. then he said to come over to his lap and sit down i did. he then told me to pee some more so i did it leaked all on Matt's lap. he then started to move my but up and down on his dick. he then said for me to get a huggie i said k he then pulled down my pants and my wet sponge bob briefs were so cold. he then began to rub my little wee wee and balls. he then got off. he then removed my wet briefs and put a laxative in my but then game me some oil to swallow i did not know what that was till later. he then put me in his arms. he said if i need to pee or poop just to go ahead he wont be mad and don't tell him i need to just to go. well about a half hour into laying down in his arms my stomach felt weired i then farted then made the poop of a lifetime i pooped so much it came all over my butt and wee wee he then bounced me on his lap and made me go to sleep with pills. i woke up with a messy and wet diaper and i like it ad that continued for all summer.

There was a time when I was a more forgiving and generous fellow and I'd take the time to polish up these stories and post them, but as time went on I found myself becoming increasingly irritable, losing my patience with submission after submission being chock full of glaring errors that I could not let pass. When the task of approving stories for posting became more of a burden that was having an adverse effect on my blood pressure than a pleasure I realized that I had to take a stand and draw the line somewhere. I find it to be such a pity that many of these could be great stories if only they were written better-- and longer. A lot of rejected stories were written decently, but were simply too short. Size matters, at least length does. A lot of stories that are posted are still rated down simply because they are deemed to be too short.

Think of it this way: What if your favorite restaurant that serves the best damn bacon double cheeseburger in town just threw the condiments together haphazardly and they tossed the fries on the plate with no care or concern for where the fries landed? The food might still taste good (though grease from the fries may soak into the bun and make it less palatable), but a poor presentation of it would certainly affect your feelings about eating there. What if they cut the portion size way down? The appetite must be satisfied, whether it be food or diaper stories, and most people are not going to be content with reading a "story" that amounts to little more than a couple paragraphs.

If you're still reading, ask yourself this: If I ran this web site, would I accept stories written like this?

With the way the rest of the site is, you aren't one who can talk about grammar spelling punctuation and shit.
If this is an attempt to call me out as a pot calling the kettle black, it's a really lame and pathetic attempt at best. For starters, you should have separated the items in your list (grammar, spelling, punctuation and shit) with commas. I will acknowledge that my own writing isn't 100 percent perfect, but at least I put forth the effort to make my communications clear and presentable in such a way that does not distract readers with numerous errors. I can handle a wrong note here and there when listening to a live performance, but if I went to a rock concert to enjoy an established band's music and they sounded like a garage band having its first hangover-laden rehearsal, it would greatly diminish my enjoyment of the performance.

Are you suggesting that the web site itself is riddled with such egregious errors such as the ones you see in the examples provided above? If there are such errors, then someone get me some coffee and wake me up because I'm not seeing them! You can't say that the typos I might make here and there are on par with the low level of quality shown in the excerpts I presented.

And finally, what gall you have in saying that I am not one who can talk about grammar and "shit"! Who the hell are you to make this judgement? This is my web site, and if I feel that there is a need to address my expectations for the writing quality to meet certain standards, that is my prerogative! I don't claim to be an authority on the English language, but I am sufficiently educated to recognize how a casual, leisurely piece of writing such as a diaper story should be written. A diaper story may not be a college thesis, but it still deserves to be held up to a reasonable degree of standards when it comes to the quality of its writing.

* * * * *

Have a good week, everyone! Stay happily and thickly diapered!

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