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Deeker's Message of the Week

April 26, 2009

No New/Updated Stories Posted

Out of the ten stories submitted in the past week, only three were eligible for posting (and one of these is dubious due to its writing quality). Just about every common reason for not accepting a story was found amongst the rejected submissions, and several of the submissions had two or more of the following issues:
  • Too short. Nearly every story rejected was only a short paragraph or two in length.
  • Craptastic writing. I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but come on, just because I'm not your English teacher doesn't mean I don't expect a reasonable level of proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.
  • Stories about girls wearing diapers. Really, shouldn't it be clear to everyone by now what this site is about?!!!
  • Stories about boys being treated like and dressed like girls. I invite you to read my response to one of the Ask Deeker questions to understand how I feel about this.
  • Plagiarism. It was brought to my attention last week by the original author that the person who submitted the story called "Snuggles and Tears" was lifting this story from another site and passing it off as his own. For this reason, and at the request of the original author, this story was removed from the site. The original author also advised that such a story would not be fitting for this site due to its non-Deekerian content anyway. Plagiarism's bad... mmmkay?
All the other regularly updated features, of course, have been updated. The three stories that actually passed muster this week will be posted next week.

* * * * *

Have a good week, everyone! Stay happily and thickly diapered!

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