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February 8, 2009

Simple Rules for Diapering a Teenage Boy (Or Any Boy)

Two new articles appear this week: The items were sent to me at separate times and from separate contributors. The latter item, “More Rules", was actually sent to me first (October 2007, in fact). I was going to add to the first list of rules to the web site at the time after adding some enhancements of my own, but since it is going to be awhile before I complete a similar project I have in mind I decided to go ahead and post it as it was submitted at the time to complement the latter-received submission. I decided to title the first set of rules received as “More Rules for Diaper Boys" since it covers more specific points and it would be most sensible that someone read the Articles in this order.

One possible point of conflict between the two lists concerns wearing shirts, since there are two schools of thought with regards to wearing shirts. It is up to the individual wearer and/or his superiors (e.g. mothers, sisters) to decide what works best.

Mission Implausible

Some of the stories posted in the True Accounts have come under fire recently as shown in the comments being left by readers. Below is a table of the stories that have been accused of being false along with recent comments

Story TitleRemarks
Becoming a Baby Again
  • (NRG) This is supposed to be a TRUE story! Pur your stories in the correct category. This is NOT true.
  • (1) fantasty does not belong in the true accounts section
  • (1) no way
Justin #4
  • (1) LOL good to see this made the "True" Accounts section.
My Friend Decker
  • (2) sounds fake
A New Surprise
  • (1) this is supposed to be true?
Peeing My Pampers
  • (3) I think this belogs in the fiction category. Just about anyone should probably be able to discern as to why.
Tim Forced Back Into Diapers
  • (NRG) fake
Where Are You?
  • (1) This is not true
Number in parenthesis denotes rating given with this comment. NRG="no rating given".

A few other comments indicative of peoples’ suspicions of the veracity of these accounts were also given:

  • One of the few stories in "True" stories I might be able to beleive" in one of the comments.
  • finally a story that while potentially made up seems believeable and not something out of a fantasy novel, thank you very much

Lest anyone actually think that I believe the stories in question are true, I’m just as apt to call “bullshit" on them as you. So why do I post them? Because I’m a nice guy who likes to give people the benefit of the doubt. I’ve traditionally been in the “no child left behind" camp, the place where everyone’s a winner and everyone gets a prize for participating and giving it their all. It’s time for me to change that thinking.

Moving forward, if I personally deem a story to be too implausible to possibly have any iota of veritable merit I won’t post it. I mean, really, come on, how likely is it for someone to get caught with diapers ONCE AND THE FIRST TIME by their mother, and then, completely without hesitation or forethought, have her immediately turn around, go out and spend hundreds of dollars to buy a bunch of baby things and make her son into a little boy? Sorry guys, it’s a nice fantasy, and I might have let you get away with passing your stories off as true accounts because I don’t like sending people home without a gold star on their papers, but when my bullshit meter is pegged harder then Hank Hill’s penis pressing up against his trousers every time he hears the word “propane", it’s time to get out the red pen and mark your story with an F, for “false".

I have also considered adding a plausibility rating to True Accounts. If implemented, the proposed ratings would appear as follows:

  • 4- Likely to be completely true
  • 3- Mostly true but may be somewhat embellished
  • 2- Partly true but may be moderately embellished
  • 1- May have some truth but is likely to be greatly embellished
  • 0- Completely made up, not true at all
A blank would also be provided for you to explain why you think the overall story is or is not true and which parts you suspect are false and why. Stories that are rated as being likely fabrications would be removed from the web site.

I feel that these measures would help to stem the tide of negative remarks I am seeing on the True Accounts and increase the quality of stories received with the intentions of being posted as True Accounts.

Thirteen Summer Days

Several of you reported the link to the new part not working, so I am still presenting the story this week as an updated story.

* * * * *

Have a good week, everyone! Stay happily and thickly diapered!

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