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Deeker's Message of the Week

January 4, 2009

Looking Ahead in 2009

2008 was, for the most part a good year for me. In spite of tough economic times I have remained gainfully employed, and I am still in good health (granted, I could probably shed about 50 pounds). The only bad thing to happen was my father passing away on September 15.

The web site has undergone some changes and improvements, which is an ongoing process. As I look ahead into 2009 here are some of the other things I project having on the web site:

  • Developing more Questions of the Week based on participant suggestions (some of which I already have done).
  • "Mixed bag" QOTWs that may contain several unrelated or loosely related questions.
  • Off-topic QOTWs (e.g. favorite music, movies, mostly pop cultural stuff).
  • Modifications to the Sister's QOTW, perhaps integrating these questions into separate surveys.
  • Upgrading the Adult, Brother, and Diaper Discipline Surveys to conform to the 3.0 model seen in the Babyitter, Multiple Underpants, Preteen/Teen, Sister, Thong and Tighty Whities for Girls Whose Brother Wear Them surveys.
  • Employing stricter criteria on what is accepted in the stories. Already I have been doing some of this, mainly screening out the poorly-written two-paragraph "stories" that contain pitifully little in the way of substance or originality.
  • Deleting stories rated below 2.00 with ten or more responses.
  • Posting more of my original stories.

As always, your suggestions are always welcome. Please keep in mind that these are only projections and not all of these things may ever see the light of day. It should not be seen as a list of "coming attractions", so to speak.

New Diaper Boy Drawings Posted (Set #131)

Drawings Set #131 of the Diaper Boy Drawings has been posted. As always, I invite everyone to check them out, save them, print them and share them with your friends and families, or post them to your own site if you have one (just don't try selling them). If you do wish to post them to your own site please go ahead but just give proper attribution to their source, and please let me know where you have posted or will post them as I would like to know how widely distributed the drawings are.

If you have an idea for captions or speech balloon dialogs, I would love to see your suggestions and ideas. Please submit them here.

Diaper Boy Drawings Mini Survey

Now there is a permanent Diaper Boy Drawings Mini Survey online. Please take a moment to fill it out.

* * * * *

Have a good week and a good 2009, everyone! Stay happily and thickly diapered!

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