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Deeker's Message of the Week

September 14, 2008

No Stories Posted This Week

Since only two (count 'em-- two!) legitimate* stories were submitted in the past week I decided to forego the posting of these stories and add them in with next week's batch.

* I stated "legitimate" because some of the stories were NOT suited for posting. In fact, going back to the beginning of this year, I have tabulated the reasons for rejecting story submissions. In decending order of reason, here they are:

Reason for rejectionCount
Too short54
Female characters wearing diapers21
Too strong of sexual content or inappopriate sexual content12
Too poorly written7
Doesn't count as a "story"3
No mention of diapers3
Implausible true account2
Transgenderization, crossdressing, etc.2
Storyline was deemed too stupid to post1
Too formulaic (been done too many times)1
Too much focus on watersports/scat fetishism1

A total of 98 stories have been rejected to date this calendar year. Some stories were rejected for more than one reason, which is why the numbers add up to higher than 98.

I realize that these criteria are mostly subjective, but I do strive to maintain as consistent of judgement as possible when deciding whether or not the story is good to go or not. As most of the stories are rejected simply for being too short, a lot of potential is lost by this. Just put some extra time and effort into your story and make it into something that will be worthwhile for others to read.

Oh, and in case you're wondering if I still have any of these stories, sorry, they went straight into the bit-bucket once they were deemed to be unfitting for inclusion on the site.

Mini Poll Results

Last week I posted a mini-poll that focused primarily on wearing diapers to school. The poll was limited to people who are currently attending school (i.e. this academic year), not counting college. While I may update these results periodically, for the most part I have received about as many responses as I can expect to receive at this point, so here it is, based on 19 responses. A big thank you goes out to everyone who participated.

What grade are you in this year?

Kindergarten 00.0%
First 00.0%
Second 00.0%
Third 15.3%
Fourth 15.3%
Fifth 00.0%
Sixth 15.3%
Seventh 210.5%
Eighth 315.8%
Ninth (freshman) 210.5%
Tenth (sophomore) 210.5%
Eleventh (junior) 421.1%
Twelfth (senior) 315.8%

Do you wear diapers to school this year?

Yes 1789.5%
No 15.3%

What kinds of diapers do you wear to school?

Disposable 1578.9%
Cloth 421.1%
Multiple Underpants 15.3%

Why do you wear diapers to school? How do you use your diapers in school? How do you handle diaper changes?

Jordan 8I am incontinent. I pee and poop in them, and I change myself
Craig 3Mommy is making me wear diapers to school. I have to use them like a toddler pee and poop. The school nurse does my diaper changes
Jon 10Homeschooled.
Craig 12Due to incontinence, in school i tend to only wet but from time to time i have to pooop. Diaper changes have to be done by either my best mate or the schoool nurse
Alvin 8I wear diapers in school because I am incontinent from injury and have to wear them all the time. Normally I just go to the nurse's office to change myself.
Jason 10no conotrol both pee & poop nurse changes me
Chris 7punishment pee and poop the school nurse changes me
Colin 11comfort, i wet them, and i do not change
Cody 6I wet my pants. I make pee and soe times I poop too. The nurse or my teacher changes me.
Michael 9Because i want to. I pee in them and poop in them. My boyfreind changes me
Jack 11i did it for a bit of fun.
Danny 8I like it. I sometimes pee in them, or do nothing. Usually I don't change the diapers in school, because I don't use them... I don't pee very often…
Ike 7Can.t hold my pee more than a few hours. School nurse and teachers know .bout this
Broc 12I need diapers, poth poop and pee, nurse use to change me but now I'm homescholled
Kenneth C. 12I want to
Andrew 11Pee all time Poop rarely - I can leave class any time as long as going to nurses station and come back with proof from nurse or assnt. have a box with school id # and a key lock in a handicap size restroom in nurse station (several other boxes also)
Bobby 4I can't control my pee. I have to wear cloth and rubber pants so they don't need to be changed until I get home.
(no name) 11punishment for bedwetting
Ramza 9cause i like to. i pee and poo in diapers at school. i just change in stall.

Do you undress for gym class?

Yes 1157.9%
No 15.3%

What do the boys in your school say to you about your diapers?

Jordan 8 
Craig 3 
Jon 10 
Craig 12Nothing, they have known for a while there over it
Alvin 8They like to tease me and stuff. Sometimes at lunch they pour food and stuff down my diaper, or try to pants me. In gym they often take both my pants and my gym shorts away so I'm forced to be in my diaper.
Jason 10nothing
Chris 7i change in a bathroom stall so no one see's
Colin 11 
Cody 6I get teased alot. Some times I get my pants pulled down so they can see my diaper.
Michael 9They think there really sexy.
Jack 11no one noticed
Danny 8i don't wear diapers at "gym days"…
Ike 7Some laugh, but get in trouble if caught, I mostly get harrased after school
Broc 12They think I'm a baby.
Kenneth C. 12They don't know
Andrew 11Only a few know in my class. Dont say much have known for several years. And i get to use private lockers in handicap restroom in locker room (only 10 lockers)
Bobby 4They call me baby names.
(no name) 11 
Ramza 9only my friends know.

What do the girls in your school say to you about your diapers?

Jordan 8 
Craig 3 
Jon 10 
Craig 12Nothing as i have known them for a while they are all over it
Alvin 8They like to ask me if they can change me, or ask if I'm wet or messy.
Jason 10cute boy
Chris 7they dont know i wear at school
Colin 11 
Cody 6They ask me if they can change me some times.
Michael 9They think i look cute and want to be a mommy to me.
Jack 11no one noticed
Danny 8they don't know, neihter do the boys
Ike 7Some find me weird, while some give me a pat on my butt
Broc 12Cute
Kenneth C. 12They don't know
Andrew 11Only few know. Dont say much have known for several years
Bobby 4They call me baby names.
(no name) 11diaper baby
Ramza 9the ones that know thinks its cute.

How many other boys do you know who wear diapers in your school?

None 631.6%
One 15.3%
Two 210.5%
Three 210.5%
Four 15.3%
Five 15.3%
More than five 15.3%
More than ten 315.8%

How many of the boys in your school wear tighty whities?

All 210.5%
Most 315.8%
Some 842.1%
Few 210.5%
None 15.3%

What do you think of tighty whities? What do other boys think of them? What do girls think of them?

Jordan 8 
Craig 3 
Jon 10 
Craig 12I think tighty whitesss are great especially showing off other boys, other guys think that they are pretty comfortable and girls think that guys look hot in them showing their packages off
Alvin 8I think they're a lot like diapers, especially when worn in mulitples. I think that they are a lot better than boxers.
Jason 10never had any thay like them same
Chris 7i like them most boys like them i dont know what the girls think
Colin 11tightys are fine for non wearers, boys have mixed comments, girls love to see them under hanging shorts
Cody 6I think they are cool. Most boys like them too. Some of the girls like to see us wearing them.
Michael 9There ok, but diapers are better. They think the same thing pretty much. Girls like them but prefer diapers to.
Jack 11yeah i think they r ok. im not sure whats the others think. girls, i rekon theyhate them!
Danny 8dunno
Ike 7Dont. care for them love my diapers. It's what they are used to wear. Love them when they are clean
Broc 12There not real diapers.
Kenneth C. 12i like them oter boys think there for little kids i dont know what girls think of them
Andrew 11I do not like them. - Not sure never asked. - Not sure never asked.
Bobby 4I wish I could go back to wearing regular underwear.
(no name) 11 
Ramza 9i think tighty whities are just white under wear. they feel the same. girls think there cute.

* * * * *

Have a good week, everyone! Stay happily and thickly diapered!

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