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Deeker's Message of the Week

March 9, 2008

New Diaper Boy Drawings Sets Added, New Layout Introduced

In addition to posting several new sets of Diaper Boy Drawings, I have also updated the layout to show thumbnail images of the drawings. The old layout just listed the filename and the file size, which in this day and age of increasing broadband use and the widespread availability of storage media capable of holding several gigabytes, isn't really that important anyway. The filenames can still be seen if you hover the mouse over the image (though it only works this way in Explorer AFAIK, not in Firefox; other browsers such as Opera not tested) or if you have your browser set to not load images.

While this change to a more visually friendly layout was a formidable yet ambitious undertaking (hence the reason no new drawings have been posted since November 2007), it represents a scaled-back representation from what the original plan called for. The original proposed layout would have included, in addition to the thumbnails, a detailed description of each scene along with content codes similar to those used with the file listings, a description of the scene and content codes similar to those seen in the story listings. Upon realizing that competing the information for one set of drawings took about 30 minutes on average (that's about one minute per drawing), I came to realize just how agonizingly slow of a project this would be to complete. With 125 sets to process at this rate, I would have devoted a total of over two and a half days just to this project. At the rate of two hours per day it would take an entire month plus, and I just don't have the patience to devote myself to such a demanding routine over that much time-- not unless you don't want to see any updates at all on this site or receive any email replies for an entire month.

While I could have probably eventually finished the original project (I did have 48 sets, or over 40% completed before putting the kibosh on it), I also decided that there was really no need to do this anyway, as the thumbnail image should sufficiently present what you can expect to see once you open the full-size file. A content code indicating a butt shot isn't really necessary if you can see a big round white spot with bare legs beneath it in the thumbnail. The descriptions would have resembled a typical narration of someone's vacation slide photos ("... and here's a scene showing...")

As a bonus, I am adding all of my newly completed sets to date, bringing the total shown to 12 sets (that's 11 new sets!) More are on the way as always, so just be sure to check here in the Message of the Week for announcements for new drawings sets.

* * * * *

Have a good week, everyone! Stay happily and thickly diapered!

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