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Deeker's Message of the Week

February 24, 2008

Preteen/Teen and Sister Surveys Updated (version 3.0)

In an effort to focus more on the Deekerian aspects of diaper-wearing, I have once again revamped (hence the 3.0 version number) the Survey for Pre-Teen and Teen Diaper Boys and the Survey for Sisters of Diaper Boys. In addition to implementing the newer and more advanced developments in the creation of surveys as seen in the Diaper Changer Survey, Survey for Boys Who Wear Multiple Underpants, Tighty Whities Surveys for Girls Whose Brothers Wear Them, and the Thong Survey for Girls (which are counted as 3.0-level surveys), the revamped Preteen/Teen and Sister Surveys ask questions that focus on the essence of Deekerian elements: thick, multi-layered white diapers (preferably cloth), full-time pantslessness, zero toilet usage, and perhaps most significantly, the presence of sisters with the Deekerian attitude. The questions regarding sisters and their roles in the lives of diaper boys are quite expansive and in-depth.

Previous versions of the surveys focused on a more broad range of answer choices and included things that are of lesser interest in a Deekerian sense. For example, in the old surveys I would ask what a boy's brothers all wear around the house. I decided that I really don't care if they are wearing jeans or sweatpants and I really should only hope that they are wearing no pants at all, either. Likewise, if the diapers aren't all white, I shouldn't really care if they are solid colored or with prints and patterns on them.

Likewise, I don't really care that a girl wears dresses or skirts amongst her choices of clothing. All I really want to know is if she wears jeans, shorts, or goes around in her underwear, with each of these choices of attire serving in different ways as means of expressing in a Deekerian way a girl's non-need for diapers to her brothers as well as to increase the sexual tension in the boy. I do like to know what kinds of underwear a sister wears, as different kinds of underwear communicate to her brothers her cleanliness, hygiene, maturity, sexuality and other Deekerian forms of a sister's self-expression in different ways.

The structure of the questions has changed. For example, the following question:

What colors of diapers do you wear? (white, white with colors/patterns, colored, colored with patterns)

Would appear as:

How many of your diapers are plain white? (All, most, some, few, none)

I just want to know if the boys wear white diapers, and if so, how often.

The only reason I ever I really asked these questions on old surveys is so that I could know for sure if the boys were wearing their diapers the Deekerian way or if they were wearing their diapers to a less Deekerian degree. If a boy says he wears diapers, how can I know if he is wearing Deekerian-esque diapers?

Also eliminated from the new surveys are speculative or hypothetical "what-if" questions. I decided there was no need to put forth so much effort into wondering what *could" happen or how people think about situations that don't exist for them (i.e. asking a boy "Would you wear cloth diapers?" if he doesn't) The new surveys are based on seeking out facts, boys who DO wear cloth diapers, boys who DO wear multiple diapers, boys who DO wear plain white diapers, boys who DO NOT wear pants, boys who ALWAYS pee and poop in their diapers. No asking, "Do you wish you could wear pants more often?" The boys who are sought to participate should be the ones who DON'T wear pants and can do nothing whatsoever to change that fact and accept the fact that their diapers are always on full display.

The new surveys cater to the upper echelons in the Deekerian world, the elite, the cream of the crop, boys who earn the DDBRA award. These are the ones I am especially interested in getting their participation.

Lest I alienate the more "conventional" diaper boys who have not attained Deekerian-level diaper-wearing and don't feel qualified to answer the 3.0 survey, rest assured you can still participate in them and be able to answer most of the questions.

Also, to focus on other areas, new and revamped "specialty" surveys (such as the existing Diaper Discipline Survey) will be added periodically. Some of these will borrow from the Questions of the Week, but with the individual responses posted along with the summary graphs.

As for what will become of the Adult Survey, it, too, will likely be revamped with greater emphasis on how adults wear their diapers in their present-day adult lives. Those whose boyhood was Deekerian will be encouraged to participate in the Preteen and teen survey and indicate that their answers are applicable to their boyhood years.

* * * * *

Have a good week, everyone! Stay happily and thickly diapered!

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