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May 6, 2007

In Memory of My Grandfather

I am sad to say that my grandfather passed away last Monday, May 1, 2007 at around 3:30 PM Mountain time. He was 91 years old and would have turned 92 on July 3. He was a very great man with many wonderfully entertaining and enriching stories to tell, and lots of wisdom to pass down. He loved his family, he loved his wife, and he loved his church. He leaves behind a legacy filled with memories of fun times and visiting beautiful and interesting places. His presence at holiday gatherings made the days even more worthwhile. He was a man who never lived beyond his means. He truly knew the value of an honest hard day's work, especially having lived through the Great Depression. He was a frugal, yet generous man, always willing to give you his time if nothing else. His love for photography and carpentry will always be remembered and treasured for generations to come. He touched many lives beyond those of the family he loved so much. He will surely be missed.

The family all knew the day was coming and he hadn't been feeling well for several weeks, so it wasn't a big shock to any of us. If anything, it was somewhat of a relief as he was in pain and not really living. He did not suffer for long and he is Home again with the Lord.

Grandpa, I just want to say thank you for all the wonderful times we had together. I wish that I could be a grandfather myself someday as I would draw much inspiration from you. You were always kind, gentle and patient. In my mind you were truly the world's greatest grandfather and I could never have asked for any other. For your role in our family, I felt quite blessed indeed. I know you are in a Good Place now and I will think of you often.

The picture above was taken of my grandpa at his 91st birthday celebration last summer with my grandma, who turns 89 this May 24 (she has Alzheimer's but she is doing okay). If you click on the photo you will see more. That's me, of course, in the red shirt, with my two sisters.

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