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February 25, 2007

True Account Shorts

No, I am not seeking true accounts from people who have had unusual experiences with shorts (there are likely other web sites out there for this). What I am referring to is the addition of True Accounts Deemed Too Short to Post. Up until now, I have rejected many True Account submissions solely on the basis that they are too short for inclusion in the listings. I realize that not everyone has enough experiences with diapers to write an entire page's worth of material, and there were several good gems that have gone unread due to this criteria. While I would still like to see longer and more detailed True Accounts to be submitted, if your submission doesn't make the cut on account of its length but is otherwise within Deekerian Guidelines, rather than be cast off into the Rejected Stories folder, it will be placed in the newly created sub-section of True Accounts called the True Account Shorts.. The layout is very similar to the format that is used on the Sightings pages. I have gone back to December 2004 and posted all the True Accounts that had not been posted due to their shortness (and no other disqualifying criteria). For those of you who submitted such True Accounts and were disappointed to not see them included, I hope you're all still around and I hope you will see that your experiences have finally been brought to light for all to enjoy.

Multiple Underpants Survey Responses/Results to be Posted Next Week

If all goes well I plan to have my Excel sheet for processing the responses and results for the Deeker's Survey for Boys Who Wear Multiple Underpants ready by next week. Thank you to everyone who has participated so far. I inite everyone else who has had such diaper-esque experiences with multiple underpants (including you 40-something-plus folks whose underwear was all white and double-seated) to participate.

Happy Birthday to Me

Yours truly turns 37 today. I spent the afternoon with my family to celebrate the occasion. We had a dinner of chicken, roast beef, green salad, rolls, Jell-O and veggies. For dessert, of course was a cake. I got some fine gifts from my family, including Season 6 of MacGyver (just one to go and my collection will be complete!), a $25 gift certificate to Radio Shack and some good old-fashioned hard, cold cash. It was a great day indeed.

* * * * *

Have a good week, everyone! Stay happily and thickly diapered!

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