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Deeker's Message of the Week

January 28, 2007

New Diaper Boy Drawings Posted (Set #106)

Drawings Set #106 of the Diaper Boy Drawings has been posted. I invite everyone to check them out, save them, print them and share them with your friends and families, or post them to your own site if you have one (just don't try selling them).

Open Letter to Kurt Bassett

I really don't like to call out individuals (and I really try to refrain from flaming people who are complete assholes, even if they richly deserve it-- and always do). I'm not flaming Mr. Bassett here, but the situation he has created leaves me no choice but to address my concerns with him publicly as he does not provide a valid email address.

Mr, Bassett,

I'd like to thank you for your interest in my web site and your participation in its various sections, such as the surveys. Your responses have been posted along with all the others (except for those whose responses are rejected due to inappropriate or incomplete content). What I am kindly asking of you is this: Please do not keep re-submitting your responses!

I also need to bring to your attention your story that you have, since the first of the year, submitted to me 95 times! This is just a tad bit excessive, don't you think? Perhaps this is your way of telling me that you would like for me to post your story. If you're wondering why I have not posted your story, quite simply, it is in very dire need of editing and correcting and I just do not have the time or the patience to deal with it. I have painstakingly corrected other people's stories, at the risk of making my head explode. I understand that writing is not everyone's forte and the people who submit stories are sometimes young boys or perhaps adults who have not received proper education. I am graciously forgiving of this and I will strive to make a reasonable effort to turn even the most poorly-written story into something that most people can follow more easily. To be honest, your story is beyond my ability to understand what you are trying to convey. I have tried, really, I have, to make your story into a readable piece, but as it is written, it is too vague and too ambiguous to hazard a reasonable, reliable guess. You're not even consistent with the spelling of your name (which, among the 95 submissions received thus far, occurs in three variants).

Furthermore, it's not like you're submitting the same text each time. The story submissions I have received from you range from 6K to 13K, so with so many different versions, I have no way of knowing which one you want me to post. I just cannot make any sense of what you are writing, I'm sorry, but I can't. I am going to present to the other readers an example of what I would have to plod through in order to make your story into something presentable for my site:

hi kurt and use to ware dipaer just like a baby my room was the baby crib with moble and babu diaper baby clothes i was so much fun are my dipaer at home mom called her little baby and treate dlike on and would get changed just a babt run around with my diaper all day all mom fed a bottle and breastm me just like a baby i t so much fun to ware my dipaer like ababy and wore to school jjust lke a babt o all my classes and most of my f. wore diaper to school and it was so much fun wore dipaer together we would have so much fun in are dipaers during school ans we fart in are dipaer i sounds so good to to do that abd they dose homework to and wore dipaer under baby clothes from home and had pacifer in my ,mouth itwas much to paly with my f. we wemnt o luch together we had so much in are dipaer and took of are clothed in was just in are in schoool and we got in big trouble of do that we had so much fun we sat mean to are teacher in in are dipaer and thwo stuff in are dipaers in was so much fun together in are class together andsent the night at my house just in are diaper and we so much fun in are dipaer went outsid and teeped other p, house in are diapers i nwas fun we get so much to wrae my diaper we had so much fun imn are diaper in we got in to fight with other and put in dipaer it was much we got so much t. in are diapers and got kick out of school for a week in our diaper mom so mad art was gr. fto i mouth in my dipaer witch i wass ok with well mom was at wotk wore my diaper around the house and so much fun in my ru naround in my dipaer and mom stay mom with take care of her little baby and watch baby shows allday in dipaer in wasso much fun she fed and oput in crib for nap time a love to kick out of schoolfor the whould take to go shoppig in my diapers for cltohes for school went fremot and got levi jeans and shirts and tons shorts and when to oshkoshbgosh to give my oshkosh overals in my shorts k. o. and sheatsh. for school and jean and f. to and went home and so changed my dipaer and went had supper and my bed time was 8:00 time for baby go to slep and put a pacifer in my mouth go to sleep in my dipaer to got up and mom and changed me and we had b together andto to to school again are kicj out date was over but need care beacvuse coughgt help so much i miss and my wre back in school with and we so much and tried to stay out troble in are dipaer and blake and both wore diaper to school and hange out together and to for summer most time go on trips with my diaper mom whould changed on trip and put me in a car sit wih my dipaer wentr every in my dipaer and it was so much much ware my diaper on trip are just at home awore when my freind come and wentr compny over i run around in my dipaer like wild man all summer along it the most i had in yaers tons a. on the floor mom would get so and d dipaer in my hugggis and st. so hard a the n gave good baby and to ware huggis they fit so on my bottom and wotre ot school blake and held back e, school most ofg are freinds are in 5gr. i was 4 with blake andit so much we wore the same dipaer and the same levi jeans to schoool we had so much fun to together i love to be held back because a love to wore diaper to school with blake we di every to together we had the same bs and selpt in crib and both ware are diaper now we in 5grade still in my diaper and stiil my levi jeas to school we had so much fun and mom still put in baby c. but still myt big c. to school with had all are class together allyr long and now hwe in jrhigh in 6grade ands stiil in dipaer we had so much alway my slivertabs jeans with old navy f.shirt and ware the same and love to ware dipaer to class in peed in are levis doing math class kyle was in are class and worr and levi to so we had hanged to together to school and afert schol and sent the night to together at each other in are huggis and had pacifer in are muthe and slpet in crib and got fed baby food for supper she would changed me and blake and kyle to gette we sop much fun doingwe would go trip togethet with kyle;s fam and we had so much fun we out oshkosh short and huggis and would ware the sme thin so di blake and we so much and we got are dipaer changed and so much fun in are dipaer on the trip rode the baby ride together we had so much fun and to good back to school in are dipaer my oshkosh overals and wore then to school under mt blake and kyle the same and try out pee in diapers during wore pullup under overalls and try fro the football tame we mad andwore diaper allseason all and wore oshohkosh on awawy games we so and football was over did our homwork with are dipaer safter school we had so we much ands peed are pants we slo mucj togerther in are dipaer we ahd so fun how 8grade stiil in my diaper and kyle and blale t potting trainn bt was not me stil had i in my bed at nifgt still wore huggis to school and blake and kyle now potting trannin in underware my was stil my at school but tehy still be freind blake's mom down his crib and kyle and stil in diapaer and nto pt . so habge to and kick blake out the group for good weand kyle and andwoud hange out are after schol doing school hangee so much in jrhiight in are dipaer we fun are day at jr, at end now high s, stil in diaper and still slep in a crib and wore baby to school and stil had pacferi in my mouth and so kyle and sitll are baby cl oth at hight but stil are big boy clotheds to school andt all my school and i have speech and peed in my dipaer during my speecj a so made went to the n. s. to get my diaper changed she put in my oshkoshoverls kiki overlas and then went bac kto and my overalls all day andat home stil and a. in the house mom d. dipaer em and put back in my cribs and d, dipaer agian mom changed on all the trips and wore my dipaer on bus ride to school andmom baby cant's drivre whould the bus with levis on mom brought a car sit just like baby a had baby sd, watch to changed my diaper and to fed just like baby and watch baby shaow like baby e. all night all mom and go t home they piut in my crib and wore my diaper all the at home and at school did my diaper in m! y diaper it now all day sunday was diaperday run around in my dipaer and went bed to go the school and on my levie and tshirt under my diaper and kylewore the same thing to school to we in choir togehter in we in lots at school and we so much together in are levis in are nowe j. stil in are dipaer and are overalls during fammer dat in oshkoshbgosh overalls we ahd so much fun are class d. and farm s. and wo nhew ahd so much we overalls to school and on the hayride and camping trips togethe to play b to together just fun are dipaer we wore diaper all are last yr hight schoil witch the day of life we so much in are diaper wore dipaer under levi to all of are class to to and to luch and thsirt and levi jeasn to school it was so much fun still wet the bed and wore diaper to goodnight wore unstil in of high out finall got pt, and nowe grow out ogf of the n it mad bette and cna help you ok kurt

You either need to have someone help you write your story, or stop sending multiple submissions ad infinitum, ad nauseum. Continuing to send me multiple versions of your story will result in being added to my auto-delete filters. Thank you for your time, if you have read this.

* * * * *

Have a good week, everyone. Stay happily and thickly diapered!

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