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Deeker's Message of the Week

October 15, 2006

The Jury's Still Out

Last week I asked readers to identity the diaper shown above. The response wasn't exactly overwhleming (only four legitimate responses came in-- and I say "legitimate" since one particular jackass with a sorry excuse for wasting oxygen chose to use this as an opportunity to share his negative opinion of my site, and to him I say, "Go get bent if you don't like my site!" For the four real responses I received, this is what came in:

  1. Depends with plastic pants
  2. Euro-Brief
  3. Kendall Supreme Fit Extra Absorbancy
  4. Molicare
Clearly there is no consensus whatsoever, although I think we can safely eliminate Molicare as they are tinted purple. If you still want to submit a vote, you are welcome to do so. Just go to the link that appears in the 10/08/06 MOTW. Thanks to everyone who particpated and gave their input.

Late Update

Once again the update is late. Time just got away from me on Sunday. I really pushed myself to get the updates out, but at 3:30 AM I realized there was absolutely no way in hell this was going to happen without me getting some sleep. I am thinking about moving the official update time to Monday. If I do make an official change I will probably do so at the beginning of the year.

* * * * *

Have a good week, everyone. Stay happily and thickly diapered!

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