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June 4, 2006

Deeker's Diaper Page 10th Anniversary

Ten Years and Still in Diapers

It was ten years ago on this very date-- June 4, 1996 when Deeker's Diaper Page made its great debut on the Internet. Some of you weren't even born yet when this site was launched, while many of you were in diapers (come to think of it, that's still the case for just about everyone :) ). I started up the site on a whim, more or less. I didn't have any major ambitions to make the site into what it is today. I just wanted a permanent place to showcase the three stories that I had written at the time: Diaper Desires, The Blue Package, and Brian the Bedwetter. Other stories would follow.

The web site did have quite a humble beginning, and as web sites go, it's still a modest place, designed to serve a small, specific blend of demographics (boys and adult males who wear diapers for whatever reason). I don't make any money off the web site, and revenue has never been my motive and it never will be. I provide this web site simply because it's what I enjoy doing, it reflects what I truly believe in, and I like to share it with others whose feelings and experiences are similar to mine, having gone through my boyhood with an insatiable desire to wear diapers, as well as having a need for diapers, which was only marginally met by the use of several pairs of plain white boys' underpants on occasion. Other boys and adults who wore diapers (real diapers) in their post-toddler boyhood have been fortunate enough to wear them (though some of you, I realize, may not see that wearing diapers necessarily makes you fortunate.)

I've been fond of wearing diapers for as long as I can remember, and that goes back to before I was four years old. Early on I knew I loved to wear diapers, especialy big, thick fluffy white diapers. I loved how they looked and felt on me, and while my two older sisters teased me a lot about wearing them at my age (past the age of four), I enjoyed the attention. I felt a lot more comfortable having diapers on over trying to make it to the toilet and often having uncomfortable and embarrassing poop accidents, which continued fairly frequently throughout my middle childhood, after I was dubiously declared to be potty trained. Having outgrown diapers and having none available, the only thing left to do was for my mom to put a bunch of my plain white boys' underpants on me to serve as diapers. They were thick, too thick for pants, so of course this meant that my thickly white-clad butt was very conspicuous to the eyes of my sisters. Their constant attributing my pooping accidents to my being a boy contributed a great deal to the development of the diaper fetish that I knew had maniefsted itself in me and was here to stay when at the age of twelve I camne to realize how strong these strange feelings about diapers were. That was 24 years ago. I still love to wear and use diapers as much now as I did at that formative age of self-discovery.

I won't repeat too many other details here about my life story and diapers. If yosu want to read more, you are welcome to read the About Me article. Let's get back to the history of the web site itself.

As I mentioned above, in 1996 I started the web site, though I did not have my own domain until 1998. At the time my ISP offered a meager 5 megabytes of web page space (by today's standards that would be woefully inadequate, and it would certainly not suit the needs of my site today). The web site address was (this isn't a valid link, so don't bother). As the newsgroup (which has long since deteriorated into one big spam wasteland) was the main Internet resource for diaper lovers at the time, this was where I let people know about the site. It was well-received, I am pleased to say. The layout was very simple, utilizing very basic HTML (I wish I had thought to preserve the original pages or at least had thought to get screen captures). I only had three stories written at the time-- Diaper Desires, The Blue Package, and Brian the Bedwetter-- and there was little else. I didn't even have any contributed stories on the site at the time. The idea of accepting contributed stories came about when someone sent me a story and asked me to post it for him. That story is Tim and Todd, which is still on the site today.

As the number of stories and other features of the web site expanded, the amount of space required was approaching its capacity. My ISP charged a rather unreasonable amount for extra space. Not being a man of much means, I had to make some changes. Rather than remove stories from the site, I resorted to posting each story as a zip file. For many people, this was an unwieldy and inconvenient measure to take (some of you veteran visitors might recall this), and several people were not even familiar with what a zip file is or how to view its contents, even with explicit instructions on viewing them and providing links to various unzipping utilities. Something had to be done to overcome the space limitations I was facing, so in November of 1998 I moved the site to Geocities (or, Geoshitties, as it turned out, which I will explain later). For a small monthly fee I had 25 megabytes of space at my disposal. I even had the domain name established by then (though it was still just a redirect to the Geocities link). At least people could once again view, print and save the stories without the cumbersome task of having to open a zip file for each one. Life was good again.

In August of 1999, however, that changed. For reasons not known to this day (though I do have one suspect in mind) Geoshitties shut my site down and could not be bothered to offer an explanation, even when attempting to seek such information (all I got was an auto-reply). Whatever. That's when someone came to my aid and offered to host my site for a nominal fee. I took him up on the offer, and to this day my web site still resides in the same location, complete web address and all.

In the past ten years the web site has evolved greatly. It's more than just a collection of stories. I have since added a variety of Surveys as well as Diaper Sightings. The most recently added features are the Diaper Boy Drawings and the Question of the Week. The web site currently boasts a collection of over 1,100 stories, and this collection continues to grow as many great writers contribute their works. For all the work I have put into the web site, I really feel that the site would not be where it is today if it weren't for the contributions of others. Once again, I would like to sincerely thank all of you for your fine efforts.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of all that I have gotten from the web site is that I have made many, many friends over the past ten years. Many have come and gone, but I do hope that they continue to visit the web site regularly, even if they have nothing more to say to me personally. You are always welcome to drop me a line. A few have maintained contact with me all this time, and some I have had the opportunity to meet in person. In fact, one friendship that came about as a result of this web site developed into an adopted brotherhood. He now lives with me. While everyone's experiences, feelings and thoughts about wearing diapers and their reasons for wearing diapers are very widely varied, they are all nonetheless very good people. For me the world is a much better place knowing that I am not alone in my feelings towards wearing diapers. Likewise, I am pleased to know that I have made this big, positive difference for others in their lives.

While the past ten years have been great to me, putting me in contact with such interesting, fun, friendly and talented people, this is not to say that everything has been all good. I've dealt with my share of narrow-minded, unthinking assholes who are quick to assume the worst about me and dismiss me as some sort of sick whackjob who poses a threat to society, as well as others who do not agree with the content of the web site but cannot keep their unsolicited opinions to themselves. I've chosen to ignore the vast majority of these morons. Their criticisms are few and far between and have no impact on the continued success of this site.

I wish I could say that I had something big planned for this day, especially being that the date of the update falls right on the anniversary date of the web site. Unfortunately, due to time constraints and technical issues, I have not had ample time to prepare anything extravagent for the event. It's just business as usual this week. Still, I hope that you all took a moment to read this look back on the web site and what I hope will lie ahead in its future.

So here's to ten great years of Deeker's Diaper Page. I hope the next ten years will be just as fun and fulfilling, if not more. As always, stay happily and thickly diapered!

* * * * *

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