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December 11, 2005

Updates Moving To Sunday Evening

Beginning Sunday, December 18 (that's next week for those of you who are keeping score), updates for this web site will be posted in the evenings on Sundays instead of during the afternoons as I have been doing for the past several years. This is due to my work schedule changing, plus the fact that on Christmas Day (which is on a Sunday this year), I will be busy with my family for the day's festivities and won't be home for much of the day to update the web site. I see two advantages to this change:
  1. This will allow more time for last-minute submissions for stories, surveys, sightings, QOTW responses, etc., especially for people in United States and Canadian time zones. Those in European time zones will also benefit from having all of Sunday to get in their submissions.
  2. I won't feel like I am held to such a strict, self-imposed deadline to get updates posted. Since it's too difficult for me to predict when the updates will be done each week, it will be easier just to let everyone know that the updates will be posted by late Sunday evening (certainly before midnight Mountain Time).
I realize there are disadvantages to this change, mainly that many of you look forward to getting most of your Sunday afternoon to enjoy the new materials posted to the site and will now have less time for this, assuming you don't work that day or have other obligations to tend to.

If, for some reason, Sunday evening updates just don't work out I will move them to Saturday afternoons instead, but this remains to be determined.

Add Your Marker to the Frappr Map

Put Yourself on the Frappr Map

As a visual counterpart to the Guestbook, I have set up a map at Frappr where you can point out where you're from and leave a message. Think of it as a "guest map". The map view (which is based on Google's mapping system) defaults to the United States and Canada, but it can be moved and expanded outward and re-zoomed in to your locale, so that no matter where you live in the world you can place your mark.

* * * * *

Have a good week, everyone. Stay happily and thickly diapered!

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