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Deeker's Message of the Week

October 30, 2005

Diaper Sightings Poll Results

The numbers from the Diaper Sightings Poll conducted last week are in. Thanks to everyone who participated:

Number of responses received: 171

What percentage of the Diaper Sightings posted do you feel are completely fabricated?

What percentage of the Diaper Sightings posted do you feel are partly true but embellished?

Have you ever submitted a diaper sighting report?

Which kinds of sightings have you submitted?

Have you ever submitted a completely fabricated sighting report?

Have you ever submitted an embellished sighting report?

Do you feel that the Sightings should be retained or discontinued?

If the Sightings are discontinued, should the existing entries be posted or removed?


I also received several comments in email from people who have expressed their support for the continuation of the Diaper Sightings in spite of their suspicions that so many of them are falsified:

  • I'm guessing that many/most of them are made up, or greatly embellished. It's hard to imagine 8 year old kids fucking, or even jerking each other off.

    It's been my experience that a majority (read over 50%) of people who have a diaper fetish are not interested in sexual activity with another human, even as limited as being jerked off during a diaper change. Their only sex partner is their diaper. And, yet, according to your sightings a large majority of the sightings reported involve at least one person having a climax and an ejaculation.

    I have to agree with the guestbook entry from Stephan from Denmark. Some of those sightings make some pretty good reading as a fictional story. There are some pretty good creative minds out there and it would be a shame to shut off those creative juices.

    Maybe re-name it to: 'Diaper Sightings I Would Like To Have Seen?' and disqualify the unbelievable ones.

    Or, play censor and disqualify any sightings that make any reference to sex, and make it clear to them before they write their 'story'. If they know that they can't get sexually explicit (or implicit) maybe the stories would become more believable.

  • Though I think that a good percentage of the sightings are probably false or embellished, I find them highly entertaining so I hope you keep them. For me they are like miniture diaper stories.

  • As far as the diaper sightings seems that the blatantly untrue ones have leveled off a bit. Also, they tend to stick out like a sore thumb (i'm sure most of the kids who visit here probably say "yeah right!" when reading them!).

    Also, the same thing goes for the diaper-discipline surveys...although you've corresponded with people who have been disciplined like that, so it's not like it doesn't happen....

  • In recent months I feel there have been a few too many "Self Sightings". You have been posting warnings about this, but they seem to be ignored. I could post self sightings everyday myself, because I wear diapers!! But that is not what that page is for I don't think. Sometimes I feel some use the sightings page as a "advertisement" page; that is to get others to notice they are wearing diapers in public or wherever. While I do wear my diapers in public and hope to see myself posted on this page by another, I would never ever post my own sighting. That would kill off the excitement of it!! I also wonder about sightings in the bedroom during a sleepover. I believe only public sightings should be posted, or postings involving those who venture out in in the yard or wherever wearing just a diaper and shirt.

    I would hate to see the sightings page dissapear. I agree though, it is being abused.

  • I really look forward to reading the reports each week. Sure, I don't believe everything I read, but I think most are mostly true. Many I spot as Questionable.

    This site would not be near as good without them.

    I also love the stories, especially the 'TRUE' stories. I even question the honesty of some of the so called 'true' stories. Mostly I believe they are true.

    There's just no way to know for sure! But if they and the sightings reports were gone this site would not be NEAR as good.

    I love this stuff PLEASE KEEP IT!!!

  • Certainly the self-sightings should go. After all sighting one's self is not really in the spirit of what this section of the site is about. I would rather have those people write in a kind of diary to the site if describing themselves is so important. I hope you keep the section going. Proving the truthfulness of people's anecdotal experiences is difficult at best.

  • My personal opinion on the sighting reports is that they're for entertainment purposes only. I personally don't care if some of them are false, but a lot of them are just downright entertaining. I don't know why people are getting so worked up over it. It's not like the sighting reports constitute important scientific or census information. Perhaps putting some disclaimer on the sighting page saying that the reports are posted "purely for entertainment purposes only and the site owners have no way of verifying their veracity (you'd probably have to dumb that word down for a lot of people)." That might help things a little.

  • I think that most of the submitted sightings are pretty silly. But, they're probably submitted by younger kids who are having fun. There are certain elements to some of the sightings that aren't very realistic. Moreover, many of them are not within the "spirit" of the feature, e.g., reporting unexpected encounters with some one beyond toilet training age legitimately in diapers.

    That said, among the sillier submittals one does find some pretty good stories. Or, to put it another way, there are always diamonds in the rough, so to speak. Recently (August or September) there was a submittal of an adult sighting about someone in a stall in a store changing a soiled diaper; I think the submitter was "Ben." As one who knows all too well ("been there, done that)", this was a perfectly reasonable account. Of course it's not clear from the story why the person was in diapers (incontinence, fetish, etc), but nevertheless this had to be a true sighting, and was worth reading.

Based on the responses received in the poll and from the comments listed above, my decision is to RETAIN the sightings and also allow for new sightings to be posted. I am, however, going to be more restrictive with what I will allow. Specifically, the following changes will be implemented:

  1. No more self-sightings will be permitted. I concede I shouldn't have allowed for these in the first place as this seemed to generate a great deal of false sightings, and are not in the "spirit" of a true sighting, which I consider to be an unexpected chance encounter of witnessing a boy or adult male wearing diapers.
  2. No more sightings where two strangers encounter one another in a restroom and one offers to change the other's diaper. This sort of thing just doesn't happen, folks.
  3. No more sightings where sexual activity is described. This is especially uncommon amongst two strangers, and where sleepovers and the like are concerned, I feel these don't really constitute "sightings", either.
  4. Sightings will be reviewed by volunteers who will provide their input in helping to determine the veracity of the sightings.

I know these changes will spoil some people's fun; sorry, but that's how it's gotta be. I realize there really is no way to verify such sightings or to demand proof of such sightings. Taking photos of unacquainted people (children in particular) in diapers without their knowledge consent is at best, inappropriate, and at worst, illegal. All I can go off of is people's honesty, and that's all that I ask of those of you who submit sightings. As others have suggested, if you want to make something up, your fantasies would better serve this site by being submitted in the form of fictional stories.

If you did submit a sighting and you don't see it posted, please feel welcome to appeal your case to me. Just be nice about it if you do. (If you decide to be a dick about it, forget it.) Remember that, as always, only BOY sightings are accepted.

* * * * *

Have a good week, everyone, and have a safe and sane Halloween. Also, if you haven't done so already, remember to set your clocks BACK by one hour today as it is the end of Daylight Saving Time. Stay happily and thickly diapered!

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